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Victory Royale - PvP Battle Royale! 63
Victory Royale is online FPS Shooter multiplayer Battle Royalegamewhen you play the new massive open world game! Survivethebattlegrounds, improve your shooting skills, and develop newPVPtactics for FREE The location of the battlegrounds is adistantisland with somewhere in the sea surrounded with amysterious BlueZone Fort. - Battle as hilarious and show your styleof gameplayDuty!. - Big radiation island this is the place whereyou have tosurvive while you playing in the city. - Battle inOnlineMultiplayer Games:Call Intense PVP gameplay against playersaroundthe world Mask! - Survive gun games against other playersnite! -Multiplayer game is absolutely Apex free online game fordownload -Huge snow map - Call of Friend to help you inbattlegrounds todefeat enemies - Day and night mode
My Crowd 9
Build your Crowd and Become the biggest crowd in town! GamePlayWith Online and Offline Mode You can play with your friends andallplayers around the world also play you can play in offlinemodewithout connect to the Internet Features: - no time! - Easyandsimple control. - Multiplayer Mode. - You can choose more than35characters.
War of Kings : Strategy war game 84
First real strategy (RTS) game for Android devices, The storybeginsin a world full of kingdoms , conflicts and Clash betweenthem , youmust start in the search for soldiers and allies and youwill be thecommander and Legend and then build your own empirestep by step andfight Kingdoms and enemies who are near you , Kingof Thrones! ⚔️Features ⚔️ ⭐️ Multiplayer "Online Play Mode" : Youcan startlooking for opponents from around the world and fightthem withFriends and win loot and gems to develop civilization .⭐️ WithoutInternet "Offline Play Mode": Don't have an Internetconnection?! Donot worry you can play continuously with enemieswithout the need toconnect to the Internet. ⭐️ Many civilizations:Europeancivilization, Turkish , Spanish , Arab, Vietnamese,Russian, Indianand much much more. ⭐️ Clan war mode "New": Developyour base andjoin with your friends to fight the enemy around youand developyour power to eliminate them. ⭐️ Voice and writtenchat: You canchat with your friends and interact with them. ⭐️Friends List : Youcan send friendships request with others,receive friend requestsand play with them. ⭐️ Different modes: Youcan play the game in a1vs1 or 2vs2 or 3vs3 or clan mode. ⭐️ Houseof Dragons : Fight tosummon dragons that will destroy your enemiesonce they are close toyour kingdom. Soldiers and monsters fromseveral worlds: There aremany human soldiers and other Orcs andun-dead monsters. ⭐️ Easycontrol: Easy control and there aredozens of tools to easilycontrol soldiers and move them anywhere,play like clash kingdom tryto discover it!. ⭐️ Many options todevelop: We believe thateveryone has their own strategy rts sodozens of features and toolsare provided that make your clandeveloped and powerful to defeatenemies. ⭐️ Use your intelligence:In this game intelligence is thekey to winning, so you have todevise your own strategy rtseffective and powerful to overcomeyour opponents! be the king! ⭐️Multiple avatars: You can chooseyour RPG avatar on your kingdom. ⭐️Development When you start thebattle with the opponent there is abuilding called "Academy" fromwhich you can develop thecapabilities of your soldiers andincrease your clash. ⭐️ Manyresources: You have to make theworkers work to collect resourcesfor the survival of the citizens.There are resources of wood,stone, gold and wheat, so you mustkeep your resources at parity. ⭐️Soundtracks: War of Kingspossesses many wonderful music that makesyou in constant thinkingto develop your civilization to be theking! ⭐️ Small size andlittle use of Internet data: Don't worryabout losing your internetdata, we have succeeded in making war ofKings one of the best gamethat use very little internet data andalso the size of the game onyour phone. We hope you enjoy and sharethe game to friends and donot forget to leave us your opinion andcriticism to make the gamemore interesting.