Gin Rummy Free! 1.0.16
Play the best Gin Rummy ever conceived the American players. It is100% free. With an amazing artificial intelligence, the Gin RummyAI auto-adjusts to your playing level you are sure to have the bestexperience ever. Playing Gin Rummy will get your brain flying high!It can be relaxing, challenging and far more! Stay sharp! With acrisp clear interface, easy to read cards, a fabulous usability,auto-save and resume and several other cool features you are sureto fall in love with it right away. Special features: - Play forFree - All game experience is 100% Free - No annoying additionalin-app game items - The authentic Gin Rummy card game experience! -Beautifully illustrated graphics - Auto-save and resume - Uniquespecial themes for you to choose from - Most intuitive gameinterface ever - Access your statistics - Drag and drop or tap tomove your cards - No Internet connection needed Install GIN RUMMYFree and play now -- !!
Block Puzzle Blast 1.0.10
Block Puzzle Blast is the best of all classic block games.Welcometo a NEW extraordinary experience, reinvented and improvedtoprovide you unique moments of pure joy. This Blocks game is amustfor those who want to keep their brains sharp and young! Hey!Younew guys coming in… You might wonder? But how do I playBlocksPuzzle? It is amazingly simple, yet not so easy to master.Practicemakes perfect. And be aware: this game is very addictiveand willget you hooked for hours of fun every single day. Your goalis toscore the maximum you can. So, make sure you do not getstuck!Think before placing each of the three shapes on the blocksboard.Be proactive; try to think ahead! You must fit them in such awayevery square on a given line or column is filled. When thishappensthe column and/or the line is blasted away. The more linesand/orcolumns you shatter simultaneously the more points you scoreatonce! Watch the presentation video to witness with your eyes!It'smagical ! Just drag the shapes into the board. Fill up averticalor horizontal line. Or maybe many at the same time! Thiswill blastthem into oblivion and grant you points… The more linesor columnsyou blow away at once, the more points you get Enjoyamazing soundsand visual effects when blasting lines and columns.It is free! Goahead and start playing the best of all free blockpuzzle games.What are you waiting for? Come and play Blocks rightnow!
Gin Rummy * 1.0.38
Play Gin Rummy now!
Yazy the yatzy dice game 1.1.9
Have fun playing Yazy! It is simple, fast to learn and a lot offun!
Dominos Game Classic Dominoes 2.0.36
Dominos is one of the most played board games in the world
Hearts - Card Game Classic 1.1.12
Start playing Hearts now! Download it now and have lots of fun
Hearts - Card Game Classic 1.1.12
Start playing Hearts now! Download it now and have lots of fun
Spades 1.0.47
Play the classic Spades Game! Check what users are saying! DownloadNOW!
Solitaire Card Game Classic 2.0.7
Play the classic Solitaire card game version!
Cribbage * 1.0.18
Play the ultimate card game - Cribbage *
Euchre * 1.0.16
Have fun playing Euchre now.
3 of the Same: Match 3 Mahjong 1.2.1
Tap & Play this Cool Triple Match Game!
Word Universe 1.1.0
Relaxing Word Puzzle Game
Word Universe 1.1.2
Relaxing Word Puzzle Game
Canasta * 1.0.4
Master Canasta, the ultimate card game!
Tile Crush 1.0.0
Tile Matching Puzzle Game to relax, train your brain and have fun!
Word Line Rush 1.0.1
Dive into Word Line Rush! The ultimate blend of relaxation andbraintraining.