FGL Indie Showcase Apps

Incredible Dot 1.0.8
How far can you jump? Incredible Dot isaunique endless jumping game. Jump and fly your way throughcolorfulworlds and always try to reach the next higher row.Unlock and discover new worlds and character costumes,collectcoins and keys and open doors to hidden bonus levels.Have fun and thanks for playing!Follow us on Twitter: @IncredibleDot or join usonfacebook.com/incredibledot
Mahjong Spring Flower Garden 1.0.3
What are you waiting for? It’s time to celebrate Spring with all ofits beauty and changes in the Mahjong Flower Garden! This flowergame will take you the countryside flower fields tended to by theloving flower farmers, Kathy and Ann. Mahjong Flower Garden is acharming floral take on the worldwide popular free Mahjong puzzlegame. Enjoy a set of 400 Mahjong boards with some beautifullycrafted garden mahjong tiles and help Kathy and Ann plant all theflower bulbs and flower seeds in the garden. This is definitely thebest free Mahjong game of the season! MAHJONG FLOWER GARDEN GAMEFEATURES 100% FREE to play! More than 400 boards with new boardsadded regularly! Play the garden boards and match tiles plant allthe flowers! Unlock 20 floral gardens and discover new boards toplay! Play the Daily Challenge with a new free floral board everyday! Simple controls with zoomable boards! Relaxing music and gameplay! Color your backgrounds as you like! Mahjong Flower Garden isthe best free Mahjong game! Please help spread the word and supportus by leaving a review in the App Store and telling yourflora-loving friends! http://facebook.com/mahjongflowergarden
Funny Monsters- Fun Match 3 1.0.3
Are you a HUGE fan of addicting MATCH3games?Match adorable monsters in Funny Monsters - Match 3! Create andbuyspecial boosters! Win 3 stars on each level! Join and share thefunin Funny Monsters!Funny Monster Match 3 Features:• Six colorful monsters!• Move monsters to make matches!• Match at least 3 same colored monsters to burst!• Make special combinations to get special power-ups!• Buy power ups with the coins you earn!• Play all 40 challenging levels!• Try to get 3 stars on each level!• Match a pig fire monsters to remove all the monsters thatarehorizontal or vertical!• FREE funny match-3 game!Watch out for• Rocks!• Monsters in ice!• Monster in chains!• Bombs (these are helpful!)• Sand upgrade (backgrounds on powerups page and gamepage changestoa sand after 20 level)Different level tasks: (or combination of this tasks)• Get all the points to complete the level with 3 stars!• Remove all the jelly from the grid!• Put down special items (crown and cup)!• Limited moves and timed levels!3 Powerups:• Help: (shows you where best combination is if you getstuck)• +5 moves: (adds 5 moves or 30 seconds if the level istimed)• Electro: (removes items of the same selected color) (appearsifyou collect 5 items, or you can buy it before levelstarts).--- Best Match 3 Games ------ Best Matching Games ------ Best Match 3 Games Free ------ Best Match Games ------ Best Bejeweled Game ------ Best Funny Games ---
Island Oasis Idle Tycoon 1.2.5
SHIPWRECKED! Your long voyage has come to a sudden halt when astorm washes your ship onto an abandoned (or so you think!) Island.In Island Oasis Survival Garden, you have to tap to grow yourgarden from the ground up to survive to escape. Tap tap to growyour vegetables, harvest your garden, and prepare meals to getready for real Island exploration! Are you prepared to survive theIsland? - MANAGE your own small summer vegetable farm. - GROWPLANTS in the veggie garden. At first, it is necessary to dig up orplow the garden bed, then choose a plant. In no time at all, yourfood will be ready to harvest! Growing plants in the game is mucheasier than farming in real life. - Reach new levels and unlock newplants! Every next plant is more interesting and valuable on theIsland. - COOK different dishes with your summer garden vegetables.Everything that you have grown could be used! Cooked dishes havehigher value than ingredients alone. - EXPLORE the tropical islandoasis! For survival it is very important to know what is around.Turn prepared dishes into food sets so that you can easily takethem away. - GO ON EXPEDITIONS and practice your scavenger huntskills to find necessary objects on the island. Food can be notonly grown but also found! - PRACTICE your survival skills! Willyou be the ultimate island survivor? - Collect recipe pages tolearn how to cook new dishes! - UPGRADE YOUR GEAR! Use the power ofscience for the good of your farm. Increase plant value and thefullness of cooked dishes will grow too. - TONS OF LEVELS! Yourfarm will help you to survive and escape this island! How far willyou make it? Everything depends on food on the island. Plant, pickthe crop and explore the island more and more. Play "Island OasisSurvival garden" TODAY! Best Tap Tap Clicker Island Garden game -Amazing Idle Scavenger Hunt Escape game - Awesome Tropical SurvivalClicker Idle Tycoon game -
Bingo Quest Winter Wonderland Garden 1.56
IMMERSE YOURSELF IN THE SEASONS Free Bingo Quest will take you onanadventure through all four seasons featuring beautiful artworkandrelaxing scenery. An excellent free and fun bingo gamefeaturingoffline play! ADVENTURE THROUGH BEAUTIFUL LANDS WITH 80LEVELS OFFREE BINGO As you progress through our free bingo gameadventure,you’ll have the chance to explore new areas in the landof fourseasons. Meet Jack Frost and Spring chicks to have fun withon yourbingo journey and, with 80 levels of free bingo waiting foryou inthe gardens, you’ll have hours of fun in this beautifulgarden land!You can even play offline! UNLOCK STUNNING FREE BINGOQUEST: WinterWonderland Garden ADVENTURE ARTWORK Collect puzzlepieces as youplay bingo with the the spring babies – use thesepuzzle pieces tounlock beautifully illustrated artwork of theotherworldly gardenrealm. Collect graphics of detailed, beautifulsnowy landscapes asyou progress through the game. Can you collectthem all? SPIN THEMAGICAL WHEEL OF FORTUNE Every day you can visitthe Christmas wheelof fortune – rumored to give those who spin ita free reward every24 hours. Receive extra daubers, coins, keysand more, so be sure tovisit every day and claim your freeprize!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------BingoQuest Winter Wonderland Garden- FOUR SEASONS ADVENTURE–HIGHLIGHTS---------------------------------------------------------------------------------★Fun, free bingo game for all ages ★ Play through 80 levelsoffantastic free bingo ★ Explore different parts of thebeautifulgarden worlds, each with their own dauber ★ Unlockstunning artworkof the wondrous gardens and flowers ★ Spin themagical wheel offortune for free bingo prizes and rewards ★ Collectfree coins anduse them to buy power ups to help on your bingoadventure ★ Useyour keys to unlock treasure chests at the end ofeach level – whatcould they contain? ★ Change the bingo callerspeed ★ Play BingoQuest offline – no internet connection required!For a refreshing,fun and free bingo experience, look no furtherthan Bingo QuestWinter Wonderland Garden. Full of beauty andadventure, you’ll havehours of fun playing bingo in the beautifulgarden paradise. Whyplay anywhereelse?========================================================================COMEAND PLAY BINGO IN THE SPRING GARDENS – DOWNLOAD BINGO QUESTFOR FREETODAY!========================================================================
Bingo Quest - Summer Garden Adventure
AYOH - Shout out a cheer! Bingo Quest SUMMER Garden ishere!Featuring ALL NEW artwork showcasing the beauty of theseason!Travel along the map into 4 picturesque Summer worlds. Walkthroughmanicured flower gardens, unruly and mysterious forests, andevenwith the occasional beautiful beast! Are you ready to discoverallthat the newest Bingo Quest has to offer? IMMERSE YOURSELF INTHEBLOOMING WORLD OF BINGO QUEST - SUMMER GARDEN ADVENTURE!BingoQuest Summer Garden will take you on an adventure through thehotsummer sun featuring beautiful artwork and relaxing scenery.Anexcellent free and fun bingo game featuring offline play!ADVENTURETHROUGH BEAUTIFUL LANDS WITH 80 LEVELS OF FREE BINGO Asyouprogress through our free bingo game adventure, you’ll havethechance to explore new areas in the land of four seasons. Adorethesummer birds and waterfalls along your bingo journey and, with80levels of free bingo waiting for you in the gardens, you’llhavehours of fun in this beautiful garden land! You can evenplayoffline! UNLOCK STUNNING FREE BINGO QUEST: SUMMER ADVENTUREARTWORKCollect puzzle pieces as you play bingo with the the summerbabies– use these puzzle pieces to unlock beautifully illustratedartworkof the otherworldly garden realm. Collect graphics ofdetailed,beautiful gardens and flowers as you progress through thegame. Canyou collect them all? SPIN THE MAGICAL WHEEL OF FORTUNEEvery dayyou can visit the wheel of fortune – rumored to give thosewho spinit a free reward every 24 hours. Receive extra daubers,coins, keysand more, so be sure to visit every day and claim yourfreeprize!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------BINGOQUEST SUMMER GARDEN ADVENTURE –HIGHLIGHTS---------------------------------------------------------------------------------★Fun, free bingo game for all ages ★ Play through 80 levelsoffantastic free bingo ★ Explore different parts of thebeautifulgarden worlds, each with their own dauber ★ Unlockstunning artworkof the wondrous gardens and flowers ★ Spin themagical wheel offortune for free bingo prizes and rewards ★ Collectfree coins anduse them to buy power ups to help on your bingoadventure ★ Useyour keys to unlock treasure chests at the end ofeach level – whatcould they contain? ★ Change the bingo callerspeed ★ Play BingoQuest offline – no internet connection required!For a refreshing,fun and free bingo experience, look no furtherthan Bingo QuestSummer Garden Adventure!. Full of beauty andadventure, you’ll havehours of fun playing bingo in the beautifulgarden paradise. Whyplay anywhereelse?========================================================================COMEAND PLAY BINGO IN THE SUMMER GARDENS – DOWNLOAD BINGO QUESTFOR FREETODAY!========================================================================
Mahjong Solitaire Cupcake Bakery 1.0
Your two favorite Mahjong solitaire masters are back with theirnewCupcake Bakery store! Kathy and Ann’s garden (from MahjongSpringFlower Garden) grew into a successful flower farm businessand theyhave decided to expand to include an onsite bake shop!Follow theirnew Bakery story, Match tiles, and mix up a batch ofyour favoritesweet treats. Cookies, cakes, and cinnamon rolls areall beingserved up with decadent icing and homegrown goodness!Everything issweeter in this modern Mahjong game for bakers! Mixcake batter andmatch wood tiles from handpicked Mahjong boards thatbring a sweetchallenge to the game. Master each Mahjong level tounlock newbaking recipes and bake the most delicious cakes in town.Traveldown a sweet road filled with adorable bakery designs! You’llberunning the city’s new favorite sweet Patisserie on agorgeousflower farm venue in no time at all! Invite in guests witha cup ofcoffee, tea, or hot chocolate. The Cupcake Bakery is evencompletewith a Mahjong tile board for guests to relax andindulge!-----Mahjong Solitaire Cup cake Bakery Story Features------ Playwonderful handpicked Mahjong boards. - Match tiles to unlocknewrecipes - Large growing game map to explore. - New boardsandworlds will be added regularly. - Play all the levels andunlocknew recipes. - Find baking ingredients and collect specialCupcakes. - Use different Power-Ups to help you find a match whileyouplay. - Play the Daily Tasks to collect a bonus. - Collectbonuscoins on the Daily Bonus Challenge. - Spin the Bonus Wheeltocollect Power-Ups and more. - Open and unlock new Bonus Cheststoget useful Power-Ups. - Simple tile match controls andrelaxinggame play. - Create your own sweet Bake Shop Story! -Relaxingmusic and sound effects. - Unique Mahjong Solitaire BakeShop Game!We hope you will enjoy matching tiles and baking gourmetbakedgoods in Mahjong Solitaire Cupcake Bakery Story. If you haveamoment, please help spread the word by leaving a review andtellingyour friends! Thank you! :-) Join us onFacebookhttp://facebook.com/MahjongCupcakeBakery
Knight Joust Idle Tycoon 1.06
Joust your way to victory and brag about your idle tycoon reigntothe entire medieval kingdom! In Knight Joust Idle Tycoon,upgradeyour tools and train your warriors to prepare them for theultimatebattle of the medieval ages. Actively grow and manage yourjoustingteam to prepare them for battle. Plan your strategy todefeat youropponent in one on one jousting battles. This free joustidletycoon game features tons of upgrades, special crystals,battleoptions, and more! Are you a fan of our other idle tycoongames?This is the perfect new free game for you! ----- KNIGHT JOUSTIDLETYCOON SPECIAL FEATURES ----- Train your Knights in shiningarmor!Manage your Knight’s characteristics: Attack, Health,Accuracy, andDodge. Upgrade your equipment! Choose your battle gearfrom spears,armor, and horses. Plan your battle strategy! Keeptrack of yourdual statistics to improve your fight! Earn corns tobuy upgradesand boost your training! Use special crystals toaccelerate faster!Unlock achievements! Gain rank on the communityleaderboards!Defeat your rivals to claim victory! Free joustinggames celebratethe strategy of medieval jousting battles! If you’renot willing torisk your life in traditional jousting, this game isa great way tolive out your fantasy. Never stop planning yourbattles, upgradingyour gear, and defeating the enemy warrior! Doyou love the gameplay of Knight Joust Idle Tycoon? Follow theentire FGL Idle TycoonSeries! The Idle Tycoon series features freeidle games where youcan plan a strategy to get the fastest upgradesand build theultimate mine, city, garden, and more! Clicker MineIdle TycoonMake a City Idle Tycoon Island Oasis Idle Tycoon Like usonFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/clickeridletycoon/
Hungry Pet Mania - Match 3 Gems Game 1.1.6
Are you a pet maniac? Race to save all of the pets in HungryPetMania! Create a paradise where you can play with your favoritepetsanytime you want! Throw frisbees, balls, bones, and evenbrushtheir fur. The cute & hungry fur friends can’t wait foryourundying puppy love and affection! This match 3 is truly everyfurryfriend’s dream paradise! HOW TO PLAY Match three pieces of thesametype by dragging and dropping them into a straight line. Youcanmove pieces across the board vertically and horizontally.Keepmaking matches of three in a row or more to collect all thepiecesand earn tons of bonuses! Show of your match 3 skills &savethe day for the hungry babies at the pet shelter! Complete allofthe goals and score three stars on every level to earncollectableitems and rewards for your hungry pet babies! Connect toFacebookto save and share your progress with all of your best petand freematch 3 game loving friends! Save Pets! You know these cutepuppiesdeserve it all! Work hard on your match 3 skills to earnresourcesand give them their dream retreat. Buy the dogs premiumfood, Givethem luxurious grooming sessions, and build beautifulobstacles forthem to play on! The puppies want a pool, and maybe adock on thelake to sun on. Don’t forget their favorite slide. Thisis a greatopportunity to design your dream animal resort! You’renot justsaving the pets… your giving them a life that most othercuteanimals could only dream of! There are NO LIMITS to this freematch3 game! Match delicious sweets, save adorable pets, create adreamparadise, feed them crackers and treats, and receivefreepower-ups! ------Hungry Pet Match 3 SPECIAL FEATURES------NEW!Move kitten sweets and dog treats in a line to match 3 andcreateawesome chain reactions! This unique game mode will blow yourmind!The more advanced moves you make. the more resources you willearnfor your hungry pets. It’s addictive! SAVE CUTE PETS AND STARTAPET CAFE Clear levels to save the adorable pets! Visit the cafetofeed the hungry pets and they'll reward you with FREE power-upsandcoins every day! The pets will soon adore you because they knowyoubring home the bacon - I mean, delicious puppy chow! DIVERSEGAMEMODES Milk the cows, help bees collect honey, spread themarmalade,uncover gummy bears... There are tons of free, fun modesto play!There is a mode available for all types of pet puzzlelovers!DOWNLOAD NOW and start saving all of the cute pets andhungryanimals today! Do you have any suggestions or issues? Wewould loveto hear from you! Contact us at:[email protected] Like uson Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/fglindieshowcase/
Jane's Village - Farm Fixer Upper Match 3 Game 1.0.19
Hey there neighbor! It’s not often that we get to meet newfolkaround here. Our old neighbor and good friend has retired tothebeach and his niece, Jane, inherited his farm and most the ofthesurrounding village he owned. It’s quite the Fixer Upper!Althoughhe was once the top match 3 expert, he hasn’t been able tomaintainall of these buildings and there is a lot of work to bedone! ShowJane around the farm village and her new home. Help herclean outand upgrade old buildings. Use resources you earn tounlock andupgrade more buildings around the Ville. There is much tobe done,it’s time to get to work! Are you up for the challenge?Eachbuilding features new and thrilling match 3 obstacles!Blastthrough barriers. Pick through frozen ice. Move theconstructionpulley for the builders. It’ll be hard to pick yourfavorite! Match3 to Earn Resources! Earn different resources atdifferentbuildings through different match 3 challenges. Exchangeresourcesfor what you need at the town Store. Shop local! Useresources thatyou earn to unlock and renovate more buildings in thetown. Themore buildings that are unlocked, the more free match 3challengesthat are available! This old town is going to be lookingbetterthan ever with you on the loose! Stuck? Blast throughobstacleswith POWERUPS! Unlock and use awesome powerups on themostdifficult of challenges. Earn extra power ups to FREE upstuckblocks! Lost? Complete your task list! Click on the task listinthe bottom left corner of your screen to figure out your nextmove.You can always head over to the well to since if there areanyextra coins ready to collect! The ultimate Fixer Upper match3game! The cows are moo -ing and the sheep are baa -inginexcitement at all of this hustle and bustle. Wow! You’re agreatrenovator and everyone in the town is loving your work. It’sbeen along time since there was this much activity downtown. Thingsarelooking up! Travel and explore Jane’s Village to discoverawesomefree match 3 challenges, buildings, and cute farm animals!You’rejust the DIY renovation expert this old town needed. Like usonFacebook for more awesomegames!https://www.facebook.com/fglindieshowcase/
Pocket Forest: Animal Camp 1.0.3
An adventure filled with forest friends awaits! Swipe left,right,up, and down to move rows and columns. Combine groups ofresourcesof 3 or more. TAP to upgrade resources in a tile combiningstyle!Groups of 3 tiles will merge and become 1 tile on the nextlevel.Continually upgrade your resources and watch your forestfamilyTHRIVE! Match and merge more than 3 tiles for a higher score.Eachlevel has three super cute resources. Green tiles willtransforminto luscious into trees that will eventually grow intomatureforests. Blue tiles will condensate into water dropletsthathydrates the soils, plants, and animals of the forest! Browntileswill birth Kits (baby foxes) that will eventually start athecutest fox family you have ever seen! Keep your eye on thenumberof moves left each round to develop the best forestingstrategy.Newly merged tiles can be further combined in sets of 3 tocontinueto mature the landscape. Unlock mystery eggs to collectfurryforest friends! There are tons of cute animals to collect andbuildthe biodiversity in your forest. Will you unlock a cutehedgehog orfriendly fox next? There are tons of amazing cute animalfriends towin. Get started on building a growing strategy for yourAnimalAdventure Camp in the forest of furry friends!
Seven Seas - Pirate Match 3 1.9.4
Arr! You’re off and away on the adventure of a lifetime. Aboard apirate ship and befriend creatures who will become your closestcrew members. Swipe to blast through obstacles to make way for thepirates to Sail the Seven Seas. Build your team and learn how touse their skills to make your way through epic Match 3 challenges.Connect 3 or more gems of the same type to blast the barriers. Youcan swipe up, down, left, right, and even diagonally! Build yourcrew with Pirates of different backgrounds and strengths! Collectpirates from 5 different categories: Fire, Water, Earth, Dark, andHoly and use their unique fighting skillsets as you advance throughthe game. Each pirate is equipped with a unique set of powers thatyou will have to use to overcome the challenging battles ahead. Useresources to level up your crew members. There are no scallywagshere! Arrr! Seven Seas is complete with 3 unique Match 3 Adventurechapters! Will you make your way through all of the treacherouswaters, or will you walk the plank? Life’s a Beach! But not always.There is danger ahead. Enjoy the good weather while it lasts! Don’tget Swamped! Things start to get murky as you make your way throughthe swamp! Watch out for the creatures lurking in the water. SnowedIn! Chip your way through frozen ice and snow as you make yourjourney onward. ARR! MORE ADVENTURES COMING SOON! ------ Seven SeasTop Features ------ Connect and Share to Facebook Find losttreasure! Connect longer chains of gems for a higher score Gemconnections can be diagonal Unlock 5 types of pirates: Fire, Water,Earth, Dark, and Holy Fun Music and Sound FX Like us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/fglindieshowcase/
Tower to Space - Clicker Game Idle Adventure
Have you ever wanted to build a sky high tower? You can do it inthis game. The main goal that we had is to make a dynamicidle/clicker. --You can build the tower by clicking on the screen.Building by yourself remains relevant during the whole game. --Youcan hire workers to build the tower instead of you. The workerscould be upgraded. --After building of every floor you will getsome money. And sometimes even crystals and treasure maps. --Thereis a system of micro tasks in the game. Due to it, you will alwayshave an aim. --Built floors could be leased out that will increaseyour income. Many idle games limit themselves by doing only thispart of the game but we've advanced much further --There are lotsof upgrades in the game. You may upgrade workers, improve the towerand there are also many upgrades that speed up the towerconstruction --There is a system of prestige. The tower could bedestroyed and built from the start again. As a reward you will getspecial crystals that could be invested in the improvements. What'smore the crystals by themselves help you to increase the incomefrom every tower floor. --You can search treasures. By the treasurehunting you will get money, crystals, but above all - artifactdetails --You can make artifacts out of details and upgrade them.Artifacts give a big bonus. In addition to that, if you upgradeartifact to 5 or 10 level, they will give you one more specialpowerful bonus. Enjoy our idle game!
Tap a Paca World - Jump the Alpaca! 1.2
Tap the screen to make your favorite alpaca jump from cloudtocloud! Time your taps perfectly so the alpaca lands on thecloudsas the float across the screen. Collect magical stars in thenightsky as you leap among the cotton candy clouds.Use the goldenstarsto unlock every adorable alpaca! Can you unlock every furryfriend?Play for high streaks!! Tap a Paca has addicting game play.Playover and over again to see if you can get the longest streakofanyone. Check the leaderboard to see your rank! Cottoncandyclouds, and fun music complete the jumpin’ Alpaca worlddreamland!This farm animal game is a true test of patience andtiming skill -are you up for the challenge? TAPA PACA ALPACA WORLDSPECIALFEATURES Tap to jump! Move from cloud to cloud! Carefullytime eachleap! How many stars can you collect? Unlock every fluffyAlpaca!Relaxing music! How many stars can you collect? Drift awayon thepink cotton candy clouds! Fun Pixel Art! Fun Facts Alpacasmay looklike Llamas in these fun pixelated graphics, but did youknow theyhave evolved separately over 6000 years? Alpacas are amore soft,gentle and friendly breed, whereas llamas have been breedto bepack animals. The Llama is actually double the size of theAlpaca!Alpaca fur is a coveted luxury item that is used to make thefinestwarm fabrics. They are beloved farm animals who like to liveinpacks. The more Alpacas you unlock, the happier they willbetogether! Will you have the winningest streak of them all?!Wecan't wait to see your name in the #1 spot! LIKE US ONFACEBOOK:https://www.facebook.com/fglindieshowcase/ We love yourfeedback,please take the time to leave a review!
Word Foundry - Guess the Clues - Vocabulary Game 5
Are you a language genius and a terminology expert? Ifyou’relooking for the perfect word game to play - you’ve found it!WordFoundry is one of the most loved free word games on GooglePlay!Word Foundry is a simple and addictive word game where you tapforclues and hints and arrange the given letters to compose aword.You’ll learn how to spell tons of new words and impress all ofyourfriends with your expanding vocabulary! If you’re looking for anewspelling game to challenge yourself with - you’ve found it! HOWTOPLAY On each level you will have 8 letters to arrange intonewwords. Tap on the empty word spaces for clues to each word.Connectletters to build words. Tap the question mark for a hint andreveala letter. If you’re stuck, there are extra hints available.Therewill many different words for you to compose on eachlevel!Challenge your vocabulary and see how many words you canlearn andcreate with a set of letters! Guess a hidden word forextra points!Can you solve every word from the hints provided?Spell the correctword with the letters provided a series of picsthat combine tocreate a word or phrase! ----- WORD FOUNDRY GUESSTHE CLUES TOPFEATURES ----- Share your scores and connect withfriends! Checkyour rankings on the leaderboards! Race to beat thetimer! Spellhidden words for extra points! Replay to beat your highscores!Learn new words and build your vocabulary! Connect letterstomemorize words and become a spelling beechampion!------------------ How many words can you learn in thischallengingword game? This learning game is perfect for all ages.DownloadWord Foundry, the best free word game app, today andstartconnecting the letters to grow your vocabulary! Word Foundrywillhelp you excel in your upcoming spelling bee and mind games!Thesechallenging and fun word connect puzzles will enlighten yourdayfor girls and boys and people of all ages. Play single playerorwith friends, super fun! Test your vocabulary and see howmanywords can compose with each new set of letters! The moreWordFoundry that you play, the more words that you will learn andthefaster you can build your language skills. Free word games areagreat way to make learning fun. Like us on Facebook for updatesandmore awesome games!https://www.facebook.com/fglindieshowcase/Challenging LearningGuess the Word free game - Amazing wordguessing Mystery Challenge -Vocabulary Brain Exercises with Clues- Great Language Terminologyand Vocabulary free game - GreatLanguage Hint and Guess Vocabularygame -
Gramps Got No Brakes! 1.0
Hold on tight, Gramps! It’s going to be a bumpy ride! Oh no-Grandpa’s car has seen better days! But Gramps hasn’t - ol’ Popsishaving the time of his life in this epic car chase!Grandpa’sbrakes have gone out and he’s driving around town like amadman.Tap the sides of the screen to direct the car and navigateGrampsaround town safely. Avoid obstacles, collect coins, &lose thepolice in an epic car chase. Gramp’s Got No Brakes is aclassic runstyle game where you navigate the car along a roadcourse. Grandpahasn’t had this much fun in years! Can you believehe just saidthat?! Have the time of your life getting to knowGrandpa onanother level. Make sure to turn the sound up to hear allof thehilarious things ol’ Pops has to say! Grandpa has quite theawesomevintage car collection! Can you unlock every awesomevehicle? Racearound town sporting your sweet new ride! It’s time toget startedon this epic roadside adventure race! GRAMP’S GOT NOBRAKES SPECIALFEATURES! Tap to navigate the car! Drive all aroundtown! (showdifferent courses) OH NO! Escape the police chase!Unlock yourfavorite vehicles! Complete challenging quests! Earnawesomerewards! Hold on tight, Grandpa! Like us on Facebook formoreawesome games! https://www.facebook.com/fglindieshowcase/
Pogo Puppy! 1.0
Watch out! Pogo Puppy is on a gem-collecting mission! This dogisbreaking free FAST! Can you help Pogo Puppy navigate theobstacles?Test your reflexes and see how far you can make it! Tapto dart thepogo puppy forward to collect gems, but make sure thereisn’t anobstacle you’ll hit! Pogo Puppy loves to race through theobstaclesbut needs your help to get through safely. Jump over &underblocks, fight in battles, and use superboosts to collectextragems! Tap the screen to help navigate this dashing dog ashecollects gems and avoids hitting obstacles. Strategically tapatjust the right second to dart forward to collect gems... butmakesure there isn’t an obstacle you’ll hit! -----POGO PUPPYSPECIALFEATURES----- Complete quests to collect extra gems!REVIVEyourself after hitting obstacles! You’re almost there and -OOPS!You tap tap and dash RIGHT into a pole! Don’t worry, thatdoesn’tmean it’s over for you just yet! Watch a cool video toreviveyourself! Collect AWESOME Gifts! The best gifts your favoritefreegame can provide - GEMS and POWERUPS! Unlock MORE GEMS bywatchingvideos! Can you have too many free gems?? I don’t think so!Playsuper cool BONUS rounds!! Dash your heart out in this puppyracinggame! Keep track of your HIGH SCORES! Can you beat allyourfriends? ADDICTIVE classic tap and dash game play! You’ll lovetoplay this free dash run game for hours! UNLOCK CHARACTERS!Pogopuppy has many bouncing friends to play with! Pick yourfavoriteone! All of the characters are so cute that it’s hard todecide!
Impossible Path 1.0.0
Are you ready for the ultimate mind challenge? The bestbrainteaser? Test your puzzle skills and navigate the ImpossiblePath!Each level presents a mind-boggling 3D structure with a setofblocks on different dimensional sides. Swipe to move yourblockalong the perimeter of the struggle. Find the Impossible Pathbyconnecting every block to solve the mind puzzle! Get stuck? Wealldo - Tap the arrows to reset progress! Perfect for the novicebrainteaser lover and mensa mind puzzle master alike, it’s hard nottoget addicted to this fun brain workout! This 3D block puzzlestartsoff okay - but with every new level you’ll be sure to findyournoggin breaking a sweat! IMPOSSIBLE PATH TOP FEATURES! Swipetomove blocks Navigate tricky 3D structures Combine blocks inorderlisted Unlock new structures Clear every block to win A funworkoutfor your brain Relaxing background music 50 awesome mindchallengesCHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS! Do you have puzzle lover friendslike you?SHARE Impossible Path with them, start from level 1, andsee whocan complete all 50 brain teaser challenges first. Will yoube themind puzzle master or will your friends leave you in thedust?Impossible Path is sure to be your new favorite brain teasergame!Like us on Facebook for more awesome indiegames!https://www.facebook.com/fglindieshowcase/
Story Charmed 1.01
Story Charmed allows you to create avatars that follow you throughthe stories you read. Choose what the main characters look like.Choose what your love interest looks like. Make decisions in thestories that change the outcome. With Story Charmed, the story isyours! Read engaging stories, and make them yours: ✦Create your ownavatar that can be used across stories. ✦Enjoy amazing visualstories written both by our professional writers, and thecommunity. ✦Make choices that guide the story in the direction youwantHave a direct connection to the writers - your feedback helpsimprove the stories! ✦Customize characters in the story to make ityour own - control the race and gender of the main characters soit’s the story YOU want. Write stories for everyone to enjoy: ✦Theeasiest way to create visual interactive stories! ✦Drag and dropcharacters and dialog into your scene. ✦Get a story up andpublished in minutes! ✦Have a direct connection with your readers.✦All art for characters and backgrounds is provided! ✦Ability toupload your own art, if you choose. Whether you’re interested inreading romance, sci-fi, action, adventure, fan fiction, mystery,drama, thriller, horror, comedy, or any genre - Story Charmed isthe best platform for reading. Thousands of stories have beenwritten on Story Charmed. And more are being added by the communityevery day. Also, if you’ve ever wanted to write a book, or a novel,or a short-story, share a funny anecdote, or even create a simpleinteractive game there is no simpler way to do it with high qualityand the ability to make decisions within your story than here. Weprovide great art, easy to create characters, and a drag and dropplatform that makes piecing together a story very straightforwardand simple. You can also put together your story in episodes, orall at once, as we allow writers to publish their stories onechapter at a time. So you can get community feedback as you write!It’s your decision to make your content episodic or release it allat once as an epic tale. With Story Charmed, creating stories is asnap!
Make a City Idle Tycoon 1.5.2
Tap to build a city and develop it! Grow your very own tinytowninto a bustling virtual city! Build houses, earn money,upgradestructures, hire more workers to help, and even constructANOTHERcity in this combination clicker and city building game!Earnachievements create a blooming business; boost your economyandMORE! Become a City Builder, build buildings and upgrades themwithour awesome upgrades! Accumulate money and construct housesevenwhen you are away offline! Log in often to watch yourcity’sdevelopment and head it the right way! Do you like idlegames? Whatabout city builder games? Are you ready to makesomething special?FEATURES: • Click and tap to build a house! •Make it grow into animpressive city! • Hire more workers! • Unlocknew houses and citybuildings and grow! • Maintain the town! Watchthe balance ofdifferent structure types! • Use science and upgradeto increasestructure efficiency! Do away with inefficacies! •Attractconstruction specialists from different fields! • Get starsforeach level you complete. Spend stars on upgrades and to unlocknewhouses! • Make a home away from home! • You are the city builderinthis city building game! • Fun and addictive idle clicker app!•Become the #1 clicker development tycoon! • Beware CLICKERGAMESare very addictive! • Combination City Building and Idle game!•Hire workers to manage the office! • Increase worker efficiency!•Grow another town if you want! Get new stars for movingintoanother town! • This idle and clicker game has everything youwant!Download the best clicker game, Make a City Idle Tap. Playrightnow. If you like City building and enjoy being a citybuilderdownload now! Future updates will include instruments forworkers,researchers, new upgrades and maybe the entire additionmodules.--- Best Idle Tap Game Android --- --- Best Clicker GameAndroid--- --- Best Town Game Android --- --- Best Free Make GameAndroid--- --- Best Tycoon Game Android --- --- Best City BuildingGamesAndroid --- --- Best City Builder Game Android ---
The VideoKid 1.0.0
Are you ready for The Videokid challenge? Test your skills tothemax with this intense arcade style skate game in a retro1980sneighbourhood filled with danger! Survive your video roundwithjust one life... and hundreds of ways to die! Reach yourgirlfriendJessica and beat the game to be amongst the best of thebest! Testyour skills to the max with this challenging arcade styleskategame set in a retro 80s neighbourhood filled with fun anddanger.Avoid being busted by the cops, pull off sick tricks andcompletecrazy combos; all whilst trying to stay alive just longenough todeliver your pirate video round and get to your girl intime!Skate, hitch and grind your way through hazardous streets;dodgingbikes, cars, trucks, trains & more. From arcade stylesoundeffects, to the incredible 8bit inspired soundtrack (writtenby DJSavant), you are fully immersed in an oldskool world inthisintense and rewarding runner. FEATURES: - Unlock & play assomeof your favourite 80s inspired characters - Wreak havoc onthewrong side of the law for maximum score - Pull off sickskatetricks & crazy combos - Laugh at endless ways to bail,slam& fail - Earn cash to buy radical upgrades &oldskoolpowerups - see how many classic 80s characters &vehicles youcan spot - Relive your 80s childhood where playabilitywas king -Free to play
Dragons Match - Actually Free! 1.0.15
This app is certified Actually Free© which means you get thefullgame experience and it has no paid in-app purchases. Learn moreathttp://actuallyfreegames.com Dragons Match is a timedslidingmatch-3 game set in a fantasy world. An evil (and verybadlydressed) wizard has captured every baby dragon and stolen allthemagic from the land! Free all of the dragons and progress tothewizard's lair! Discover rare items along the way to decorateandequip your lair with bonuses to help you advance. Bewareofregenerating ice tiles that encase the baby dragons again,locksthat pin your dragons down and more! Main features: - Capturethewizard and restore magic to the land! - Slide dragons to freethemfrom their blocks before time runs out. - Uniqueslidingmatch-three mechanic. - Beware of regenerating tiles,chaineddragons and more! - Over 100 levels! - Bonus items to helpyou onyour quest. - Adventure and Quick Play mode available. -Integratewith Facebook!
Crash Cars: Demolition Derby 1.2
Buckle your seatbelts and rev your engine… then crash into totalDESTRUCTION! Do you have a desire for speed? Would your friendscall you a grease monkey? Do you love racing street, classic, andderby cars? This is better than your weekend morning “Car andCoffee” meetup - this is the ultimate physics epic crashing gamefor you! Adjust your ramp height, put the pedal to the metal andCRASH your car into a beautiful landscape of old clunkers. CrashCars - Driven to Destruction is an awesome car crashing physicssimulator where you can pick from tons of awesome vehicles to gosmashy. Each level presents a new arena with a new stack of cars tocrash into. Adjust your ramp height and speed to crash into thecars and destroy the whole stack!! Unlock and choose from tons ofawesome cars to go crashing with. Master the demolition derby!There are lots of sick cars that will be loved by all gear heads.Drive an ice cream truck, and ambulance, or a classic race car!Wheels up in this crash wheels derby game! So.. are you ready todestress and go smashy smashy with some epic vehicle destruction?!This is not just a demolition derby, this is a destruction derby!!-- Crash Cars Driven to Destruction Top Features --- ★ Crash carsto earn points! ★ Fun crash up physics! ★ Complete Daily SmashyChallenges! ★ Earn coins and upgrade your arena! ★ Pick yourfavorite car! ★ Crash car games offline If you love crashing cars,if you love crashing games, then you'll go smashy for our crashsimulator!
Clicker Mine Idle Adventure - Tap to dig for gold! 1.19
Click or tap to mine for gems in this free mining game!! Sellyourgems, earn money, upgrade tools, hire more help and evenconstructaltars! Upgrade your mining equipment to get more money.Fuse Runestogether to improve your pickaxe effectiveness! Earn morejewelsper tap, up to double or triple! Multiply your earrings! Makeabusiness out of your mine. Hire more workers to speed uptheprocess! Accumulate money and see your bank account grow! Getthebest clicker games! Can you become the Best Idle Tycoon?MainFeatures • CLICK or IDLE the mine to earn gems! • BUY andupgradepickaxes to mine for better jewels! • UPGRADE the mine toget moregems and metals per tap! • USE CRYSTALS! After earringenoughmoney, new opportunities will be presented to you! • BEGINtappingagain to get crystals, a BONUS! • USE your crystals onupgrades orsave them! • PLAY the Runes lottery. Only available whenyou haveCRYSTALS! • FUSE 10 Runes to get a superior Rune! • COLLECTtheRunes and all the Altars in Clicker Idle Tycoon! • ALTERSunlockfun bonuses! • FUN and addictive idle clicker app! • DO YOUlikeclicker games? BECOME the #1 Clicker Idle Tycoon! • BewareCLICKERGAMES are very addictive! • GET READY for the best IDLEGAME! • BEthe best tycoon miner! Tapping is FUN! Download ClickerMine IdleTycoon Idle Tap Game. Play right now. --- Best AddictiveIdle GameAndroid --- --- Best Clicker Games Android --- --- BestTappingGames Android --- --- Best Free Make Games Android --- ---BestTycoon Game Android ---
Ocean Blast: Fun Match-3 Games 6.11.3
A great Match 3 game for women? Ocean Blast for sure! It's a casualpuzzle game which gives you puzzles to solve, with a splashtasticmatch-3 experience. Unique hexagonal board is both challenging andfun. Swipe the fish to create awesome chain reactions to beat alllevels. Bubblesome bosses are waiting for you in various games.Download now for free! Figure out how to eliminate coral, wakesleeping turtles, and free fishies from nets. If you get stuck,boosters like tridents, fishhooks, magic potions, and cross rocketsthat can help you catch the fishies you need before you run out ofmoves. Go fishing for awesome powerups and jewels! Game Features: ●Cute graphics and adorable characters in our games ● Hundreds ofMatch-3 puzzles to solve ● Super addictive & challenging match3 game ● Bonuses, boosters & power-ups add to the matchingstrategy ● Fun Match-3 fishing games ● Match and merge the fish tocreate huge chain and unlock fun powerups ● Rescue the fish to winjewels to buy more powerups Your feedback drives our match 3 gamequality even higher! DOWNLOAD NOW and start catching fishies today!Do you have any suggestions or problems with our match-3 games? Wewould love to hear from you! Contact us at:[email protected]
Treepeaks: Solitaire Tripeaks 0.1.3
TreePeaks! The popular Tripeaks Solitaire free card game - but muchmore cute! Our beaver friend just moved into a new dam. Beavers areexcellent builders, but they sure need help decorating. Thesecritters are no expert home designers! Strangely enough, they areexpert tripeaks solitaire games players. Solve the tri peaksclassic adventure and earn furniture and decoration items for thebeaver dam. Clean, renovate and build! TreePeaks is a classicsolitaire tri peaks adventure card game played with a standard deckof cards. Cards are placed on table and in the deck below them.Only the top row of cards is face up and just one card from deck isrevealed. The goal of this game is to move all cards from the tableto the deck. However there is one simple rule: only cards with onesymbol higher or one lower will fit on the deck card! If nomatching cards on the table, you simply draw another card from thedeck. Enjoy tri peaks classic free games offline!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Download TreePeaks Classic Free and take on the challenge:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------★ Many game Levels! Solitaire Classic Tripeaks challenges addedwith every update ★ Boosters will help you on your way through thefun games ★ Renovate, clean, build and decorate you own dam ★ Matchdifferent items and create a unique interior ★ Unlock over 40different decorations and furniture items ★ Play classic tripeakssolitaire free offline 2021 ★ HD graphics - uniquely designed tripeaks classic card games Ready to build? Download the freeTreePeaks solitaire tri peaks card game now!
Bubble Pop Quest: Free Secret Elven Shooter Game 1.0.22
Embark on an amazing bubble pop journey in the Secret ElvenAdventure world! Use your bubble shooter to unlock amazing upgradesand pop your way across the beautiful elven worlds! Start yourBubble Shooter journey with the Elves of the Mystical Forest,journey along the fairies trail listening for the song of theNymphs! Adventure into the Elf Chronicle, Mystic Dwellings and somuch more! It’s easy to play our exciting new bubble shooter – justmatch 3 bubbles of the same color to pop them and earn points.Slide your finger across the screen to aim, release and shootbubbles from the bubble launcher! The more bubbles you can pop atthe same time, the more points you earn. Aim carefully andstrategically shoot your bubbles to earn maximum points – try andpop large groups of bubbles at the same time to earn huge scoresand gold coins!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bubble Pop Quest: Free Secret Elven Shooter Game - HIGHLIGHTS--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------• Over 75 bubble shooter levels with a forest fairy theme • Journeythrough stunning locations in the beautiful elven worlds • Earngold coins & receive free daily rewards just for logging on! •Replay your favourite bubble shooter levels to earn more coins •Point, shoot and pop bubbles by matching 3 or more of the samecolor • The coin globe fills automatically to give you free dailycoins! • Unlock amazing custom artwork of elves, forests and more!• Unlock and play expert mode for an even tougher bubble popchallenge! Adventure on an epic bubble pop quest wherever you are!Play our bubble shooter game whether you’re in the car, on the wayto work or even on the beach – no internet connection required!SHOOT & POP PUZZLES ON YOUR ADVENTURE WITH THE SECRET ELVES –DOWNLOAD TODAY!
Spark Genies - Match and Blast 0.28
A unique blend of three favorites: MATCH-3 GEMS, MINING andMONSTERBREEDING in a lovely dystopian world. This is the best ofcrittermatch & blast! Dig your way deep down by TAPPING onthecolorful GEMS that are buried underground. Dig upANTIQUES,MINERALS and FOSSILS buried deep inside the ground. YourGeniemonsters will help you! FEED the lovely Spark Genies with gemsofthe same color to FILL their POWER UPS. Use the sparkling powersofyour Spark Genies to smash the rocks on your way. Each SparkGeniehas a different and unique power up. Collect them all forbettergem blasting! Find as many antiques and treasures as you canbeforeyou run out of digging moves. As you improve your archeologytoolsin your workshop, you will be able to dig deeper every timeanduncover new deeper treasures! Upgrade your shovel, get abetterdrill and a bigger BLAST! The digging fun is endless! Meetthelovely MYSTIC, the curator of the local MUSEUM in DragonCity.Donate the antiques to the museum to obtain awesome rewardsandhatch new Genies! Hatch all the eggs to find all genies. Therearemore than 50 different genies to find! Each one is uniqueandlovely in their own way. ** SMOOX the octopus - likes smooching**GARUGA the lovely dragon of Dragon City - it uses anawesomeflaming power up ** TERRACORA the fish - scary and powerful**JELLYPORIA the slug - it has a shell in its back, but it's notasnail ** KINKANI the octopus - tints the gems of the desiredcolor** FOZZY the furry - lovely and explosive and many more!!!With thePower Ups of your Spark Genies, you can dig a tunnel asDEEP aspossible to find PRECIOUS MINERALS and other rare antiques.Howdeep can you reach? You’ll get better each time when youupgradeyour tools! Are you looking for a specific treasure? Themuseum ofDragon City needs another shell or two? Use magical RADARStocreate a temporary EXPEDITION. In the map screen you can seeallthe current available expeditions. Each expedition has acommonantique that you can find very regularly, so choose yourexpeditionwisely. OR PLAY THEM ALL! There are three new expeditionsthreetimes a day. Be sure to come back to play them and progressfaster.There are many museums to fill with all your amazingantiques! Eachmuseum will require more and more special items. Areyou the bestarcheologist who can find all hidden treasure? You willbe rewardedhandsomely! Game features: ** New levels EVERY DAY. **The marketin Dragon City restocks the content EVERY DAY. ** DAILYQUESTS andFEATS that gives EVEN MORE AWESOME PRIZES. ** ObtainGADGETS tohelp you dig even deeper down. ** Upgrade your gadgetsand shovelusing ingots. ** Find buried chests and obtain keys toopen them.What treasure do they hold? ** Recycle! The GARBAGECOLLECTORappears in Dragon City every week to change the garbagefound forCURRENCY. ** The BATTY BANK offers awesome DISCOUNTS tothe bestplayers. ** New Quests EVERY DAY. ** 7 different locations,eachone with unique antiques. ** Each shovel is more powerful thantheprevious one, but they are harder to improve. Want to knowasecret? ** There is a rainbow chest hidden deep inside thelevels.It's the only chest that can give you an egg. So rare! Wewillconstantly update and improve the game. Keep checking back formorelevels, more genis, and more relics! Download the game now andstaytuned for our updates on our Instagram PickingPies!