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Storm Persuader 3.0
is a Japanese stylized fantasy 2Dturn-basedaction mobile game that combines several essentialelements of afantasy world with an addictive storyline andcharacter setting.Thus bringing out an attractive magical fantasyworld to theplayers. This game retains the traditional style ofturn-basedbattle while it also introduce many brand new gameplayelementssuch as exquisite heroes, refined ancient god’s suit,havinglegendary creatures as mounts and more. Mythical beasts,unearthlymagic, and goddesses are all waiting for you to discover!◆◆◆Introduction◆◆◆Are you a fan of magic and fantasy? Do you dream of a day whereyouwould have a drink in a bar full of beauties and swordmen, or goanadventure in the world of dragons and demons, unravel thesecretsof the Gods, enter the ancient ruins, you could even ventureon thejourney to become a God yourself! The most exciting fantasymobilegame in 2015, , is yours to have it all!◆◆◆Updated Functions◆◆◆Relieve your fingers from excessive tapping while playing thegame,think through your strategy and plan your team formationwithingenious tactics to take down the enemy! We believethatauto-fighting skills without any strategy are no fun at all,that’swhy in this game, players need to know when is the right timetoactivate certain skills to win the battle! Its the key todecidebetween victory or defeat! It’s time to show your skills asaplayer!◆◆◆Unique Gameplay◆◆◆9 Events and 6 Battles, full schedules of activities everyday!Teambattle, PVP, Server Boss, A personal adventure and so on. Wearealways coming up with new ideas to how to enhance gameplay forourplayers.◆◆◆Instance Interaction◆◆◆You can now send voice messages to friends, send flowers tosomeoneyou admire and even propose to your soulmate! A wonderfullifeawaits you in Storm Persuader!For more details, please visit us at:✍ Facebook: facebook.com/eyousp✍ Instagram: eyougame_sp✍ Email: [email protected]
Deity Fallen 5080
Cry or fight? In Deity Fallen, only the strongest survives.Battle,is an instinct that lurks in the blood. When the darknessbefalls,will you hide in the corner or stand up to fight? This isabattlefield for true warriors, a dark world in chaos. You willseekfor truth, meaning and redemption. You will get to meet somenewfriends, partners, or even revengers. We strive to create apurehardcore battlefield. Most of the time, you just fight alongtheroad without any worries. Dragon, monster, maze, treasure,hero,demon, everything an epic game should have is in it. Do youhavethe ability to save the world in darkness? The world, iscallingfor its hero. Deity Fallen is a revolutionary ARPG mobilegame thatprovides you a brand new gaming experience. Huge game mapswilllead you to a western mysterious dark fantasy land. Variouskindsof PVP matchup and PK will immerse you in the real fightbetweenlight and dark. The combat mechanism of Deity Fallen isdynamic,you can now say goodbye to brainless mechanic. Enjoy theperfecthitfeel and strategy gaming, it feels completely likefighting IRL.【All Hail to Darkness】 Unlimited combination of gears,gems, runesand skills can be found in the game. Cultivate your ownmount andpartner, level up and challenge the next level, everyplayer iscompletely unique. Grow in war, what doesn't kill youmakes youstronger, lead your hero and become the legend of themagical land.【Rise to the top】 Deity Fallen strives to bring outthe best PVPexperience. Matchup with opponents on the ladder,climbs to the topof everyone. Brand new pairing system guaranteesthe absolutefairness. Various kinds of game mode are ready for you.Single 1v1,multiplayer 3v3, real time synchronize, cross serverchallenge,endless fun. 【Fantastic Visual Enjoyment】 Masterpiecefromprofessional artist, strong painting style and the classicdarkelement have made up Deity Fallen. We choose only high qualityartworks and create unforgettable design. Full screenblood-boilingexperience with awesome skill effect will immerse youin the worldwe built. Use your passion to create your legend.【Transformation】Warriors transform their soul, breakthrough theirlimit and takeover the battlefield! Transformation includesthunder, fire, iceand more elements with both advantage anddisadvantage. When thetransformation ends, player will turn backinto main character andrevive in full HP! To win, is to change.【Fast leveling】 As a newgeneration highly-interactive ARPG mobilegame, player can easilyblend into the in-game community. Player canchallenge offlineplayer to win massive rewards. In Darknesis, onlythe strongersurvives, and the strongest becomes the king. Get yourfriends withyou, accept the challenge of Deity Fallen.