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Easy Currency Converter
Currency Converter for over 180 currencieswith live exchange rates and offline mode. Setup your personalcurrency list and see all the important currencies at firstglance.'Real time exchange rates and offline mode saves you money whileabroad' Cosmopolitan Magazine 2014★ 180+ world currencies and 4 metals★ Live exchange rates★ Offline mode (no roaming fees)★ Convert multiple currencies at once★ Historic graphs (1 day - 5 years)★ Search function to quickly add a new currency★ Bitcoin★ App2SD★ Live rates & graphs provided by Yahoo.comNOTE: Click the ‘All currencies’ button below your personalcurrency list to add a new currency.
Super Androix
Retro jump and run game with an endless supplyof levels. Simple gameplay - challenging tasks. All worlds aregenerated randomly, you won't get the same one twice.- 80+ randomized levels- 8 worlds- challenging boss fights- increasing difficulty- customizable gamepad & keyboard- 8 bit retro graphics- worldwide rankingsTips:Far Jump: run fast (by pressing "S" button) and move your fingerover the "J" button (without leaving the screen)If you stomp a ladybug, it will leave its shell behind. Keep "S"pressed to pick it up.No secret pipes - don't waste your time searching.You can change the size, position and alpha value of the touchcontrols or assign personal keys (only if your device has aphysical keyboard).Acceleration controls:JUMP: touch right half of the screenSHOOT/SPRINT: touch left half of the screenCROUCH: swipe down (left half)This game is powered by libgdx.
Win Solitaire
Solitaire - the classic Windows card game nowon Android. Also known as Klondike or Patience, Solitaire isbeloved by millions of people around the world. Crisp HD graphicsand intuitive touch controls create a realistic game experience -you can almost feel the cards.+ HD graphics (supporting tablets)+ Simple intuitive controlling+ Customize the game with images from your gallery+ Draw 1 / Draw 3+ play Left or Right HandedThis game is powered by libgdx.
Simply 21 - Blackjack
Simple card game. Place the poker cards on 4stacks - each stack must have a value of 21 (similar to BlackJack).Jack, Queen, King: 10 points.Ace: 1 or 11 points.This game is powered by libgdx.
Easy Currency Converter Pro
Currency Converter for more than 200 currencies with liveexchangerates and offline mode. Setup your personal currency listand seeall the important currencies at first glance. • Supportsallcurrencies of the world, some metals and cryptocurrencies(Bitcoin,Ethereum, Litecoin, ...) • Our exchange rates are updatedonceevery second • Offline mode: While offline, the app uses thedatafrom the last connection • Historic graphs: display theexchangerate development since 2011 • Search function to quicklyfind acurrency NOTE: Click the ‘All currencies’ button belowyourpersonal currency list to add a new currency.