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Lost in darkness 1.1.7
Extra Joy
The game is mainly depend on shooting, horror, and action, with fewpuzzles. The game comes with levels system, where the player mustfind a way to get out of the building by solving some puzzles andfighting some enemies. Each levels ends with reaching the exitdoor. Some of the features: ★ The player can fight enemies bycollecting ammunition and using energy drinks in low healthconditions. ★ The game contains a map system that expands with eachlevel. ★ The game contains an inventory system meaning that theplayer can carry a limited number of items. ★ The player can use,merge or examine some items in order to open doors, solvingpuzzles, or finding some hidden tools.______________________________________ Note: The graphics in thegame may be simple because it was developed by one person. ★I hopeyou enjoy the game★ If you have any questions or problems, you canleave a comment or contact with me on: Gmail:[email protected] Instagram: @extrajoyofficial Twitter:@ExtraJoy_En