ExpertiseNetComs Apps

internet connection 11.0
check internet connection wireless or data connection.
math exercises game 24.0
math exercises game with add and subtract. multiply, power and mathvariables.
Maps With GPS 17.0
maps gps allows you find streets or places.
battery indicator 23.0
application shows percentage of battery life. charge batterypercentage display.
battery in status bar 13.0
this app allows you to see battery percentage on the status bar.
maps with aerial view 22.0
maps with search, favorites and aerial view.
clock game for kids 19.0
clock game for learning time in analog clock.
police lights 17.0
change your phone to red and blue lights.
monthly calendar app 10.0
monthly calendar app. organize your events.
clear memory 9.0
this app cleans memory of applications.
kids math count to 100 12.0
this application is a fun and useful way to learn counting to 100.
show battery percentage 31.0
This application show your battery percentage on status bar.
bottle shoot game 29.0
bottle shoot game allows you to aim and shoot the bottle
Battery Power Saver 11.0
Settings status and memory details to help save battery power.
recording app 19.0
this app allows you recording sounds.
camera front flash
easy to use camera front flash application. with screen light asflash.
compass app 8.0
This app shows direction with compass
magnifying glass with light 21.0
magnifier with light app. turn the lighting on and off. zoom in andout.
mirror app with camera 10.0
check your look and take pictures with mirror app!
senior easy phone 4.0
helps the seniors use the phone simply with big buttons.
save battery life 11.0
Control the parameters that affect battery life time.
Bakery cooking games
This app allows you to play in Bakery cooking games.
wifi on off 7.0
Turn on WiFi with a simple button.
camera flash app 16.0
easy to use camera flash application.