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CHOEAEDOL – Kpop idol ranks 8.6.1
💗Ultimate K-Pop Idol app 'CHOEAEDOL'💗 - Vote for your bias bythrowing hearts and rank your bias on the top. NO RANKMANIPULATION. Here, you can also communicate with the fandom bysharing photos or videos. Come and enjoy 'CHOEAEDOL'! ⏰Real timevote for K-Pop Idols. - You can vote your hearts directly to theidol or to the picture/video of that idol. The real-time ranks arereflected accordingly. - Every night (KST), when the voting ends,the rankings are settled. And the rankings are renewed every day.📅Don't miss out your idol's schedule! - You can write in and shareyour idol's schedule. - Share the schedule of your idol with yourfandom, get a push alarm! 💎Support Fundraising Event! - Join forceswith the other fans, and hang a Subway ad, in-app banner, etc foryour idol! - Complete the fundraising of the support event. ☝MyPick? CHOEAEDOL Pick! - Participate in the various polls changingevery week! ex) A face genius idol?! 👥Idol face match: who are yousimilar to? - Who’s the look-alike idol of yours? Share the resultto your friends. 📚Wiki! Everything about my idol. - Show off yourknowledge about the idol here! - Write down & share all theinfo you have with other fans. 💬Real-time Open Chatting! - Chatwith fans around the world in open chat rooms in real-time.🖼CHOEAEDOL exclusive Banner Image! - When the picture uploaded inthe community gets a lot of heart, it becomes your idol's profilepicture shown on the app. - You can make your own 'Banner image(1:3 ratio laterally long image/gif)’ on our app. - Promote yourown idol by making the most beautiful image people can appreciate.🏆Hall of Fame - The daily ranks will be reflected to the cumulativeranks in the Hall of fame. - Make your idol rank higher every dayand participate in the donation as well! 👼Donate with CHOEAEDOL! -[Charity Angel] Donation made by the name of the idol whoseaccumulated daily rank is the highest during the month! - [CharityFairy] Donation made AGAIN in the name of the idol who receivedmore than 55,555,555 votes on the anniversary days like birthdays!- [Miracle of the month] Hang a billboard ad in the Seoul Subwayfor Idol whom gets the most votes among the idols who had abirthday on the same month. [Inquiry and Info] Inquiry:[email protected] Blog: https://blog.choeaedol.com/ Twitter:https://twitter.com/kpopidol_en Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxBGPn5s2NlpPd_LvjFALbw
막톡 - 막 뱉는 톡 (익명채팅) 1.1.5
■자유롭게 막 말하는 "막톡"■ 자유롭게 주제를 정해 익명의 사람들과 채팅해보세요! 익명의 사람들이 누군지는개발자도몰라요~ [회원가입 없이 "막톡"] - 귀찮은 인증 절차 없이 바로 톡 해요. [익명으로 "막톡"] - 말하지못했던모든 말을 남겨보세요. 익명의 누군가가 들어주고 답해줄 거예요. A: 저 고민이 있어요...ㅜㅜ B:말씀해보세요..제가 들어줄게요... [심심할 때 "막톡"] - 여러 가지 대화 주제로 사람들과 대화해보세요. 이슈,취미, 사생활까지!A: 뫄뫄가 누구랑 결혼한다며? B: 대박! 진짜야?? [선택이 필요할 때 "막톡"] - 저녁 메뉴부터드라마/영화추천까지! 선택 장애가 있는 당신을 위해 누군가가 대신 선택해줘요. A: 자장면VS짬뽕? B: 자장면▷"막톡" 공지사항- 회원가입이 필요없습니다. - 익명으로 대화를 나눌 수 있습니다. - 자유로운 주제로 방을 만들 수있어요. (1일1회 톡방 생성 가능) - 톡방은 대화가 많은 순서대로 정렬됩니다. - 24시간 동안 글이 없는 대화방은사라집니다. -톡이 일정 개수 이상 신고를 받으면 앱 사용에 제한이 있습니다. ※선택적 접근권한 : 권한정보고지 막톡은어떠한개인정보도 수집하지 않습니다. ※문의 및 정보 문의 : [email protected] 전화:02-6959-5225 ---- 개발자 연락처 : [email protected] +82269595225