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Evrotrust 2.0.284
Evrotrust is a unique mobile app to make your work withe-documentsas technically and legally secured, as it is in thepaper world. Itallows you to remotely identify yourself beforebanks, telecoms,the state, or just to password-less login towebsites. Use it toremotely sign any kind of e-documents withqualified e-signature,having same legal effect as handwritten. Oncesigned, documentscould be sent for qualified secure delivery toothers as it wasdone by the well-known courier services. MAINFUNCTIONALITIES •Remotely identify yourself through a newgeneration remote videoidentification, to avoid face-to-faceappearance. The systemsecures automatic face recognition based onnational ID documents(where such integration is in place) or by anoperator. • Remotelye-sign. Get free qualified certificates fore-signatures ande-seals, valid for 2 years. Use these to remotelycreate legallybinding qualified e-signatures and e-seals. •Securely send andreceive e-documents from your mobile or fromInternet. Thequalified secure delivery service proves the sender,the recipient,the time and the integrity of the documents sent.SELF-SIGNING •Self-sign your own documents and send to others inseconds; •Access to Evrotrust web-platform for uploading andsendingdocuments to others for signing; • Secure encrypted storageof allsigned and received documents; • Profile access from multiplesmartdevices. INTEGRATED PARTNERS • Remotely enroll as a clientande-sign at no cost with our integrated partners - banks,telecoms,etc.; • Enjoy remote signing of documents fore-governmentservices; • Password-less login to many websites andcontrolintrusive events. SECURITY • Sign with Touch ID or by yourface; •Create legally binding e-documents, remotelysigned,delivered andtime-stamped with evidential value.SUBSCRIPTION PLANS For personaluse make choice of among threesubscription plans: • Free o Try theEvrotrust remote services freeof charge; o 3 free remotesignatures/identifications and receivedocuments from others; oRemotely request and get free qualifiedcertificates, valid for 2years and create legally binding qualifiede-signatures. • Plan 5 –Available at the application as an in-apppurchase. It includes: oAll features from the Free plan; o 5remotesignatures/identifications per month. • Plan 100 – Availableat theapplication as an in-app purchase. It includes: o Allfeatures fromthe Plan 5; o 100 remote signatures/identificationsper month. Allsubscriptions are charged to user’s Google Play Storeaccount andare automatically renewed until cancelled by user.Downgrade tolower plan is allowed at any time. It takes effect asof the momentof expiry of the current plan. Same applies tocancellation ofsubscription. For enterprise packages, pleasecontact us. COUNTRIESCOVERED • Checklist:http://www.evrotrust.com/doc/eIDAS/Countries_en.html LEGALSTATUSAND COMPLIANCE • Legal status. Evrotrust Technologies JSC isaEuropean Qualified Trust Service Provider according toRegulation(EC) 910/2014, listed at the TSL of the EuropeanCommission. •Compliance. Evrotrust is subject to annual conformityassessmentaudits. It is compliant with: o Regulation (EC)910/2014,particularly with ETSI EN 319411-1, ETSI EN 319411-12,ETSI EN319421. o ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 20000-1:2018,ISO22301:2012 related to electronic identification and servicesunderRegulation (ЕС) 910/2014. • Insurance. Evrotrust keepsinsurancefor professional negligence, meeting the coverage and allstatutoryrequirements. ADDITIONAL INFO Users often confuse the namebytyping Eurotrust with (u) instead of (v). Български език: можетеданамерите приложението като изпишете Евротръст в полето затърсене.