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Coin Scout - Idle Clicker Game 1.09
Make zombies great again! Imagine the world where zombies are notadeadly threat, they just want to play. That’s Coin Scout -IdleExploring Game! Zombies were smart enough to organize theirweird,but functioning, form of society, spreading across theworld,having fun and scouting for the coins. People, as usual,areopposite to them and identifying zombies as a classical threatfromhorror movies. This time they are gravely mistaken. In CoinScouttheir pathetic attempts to resist the zombies – is the directwayto join the rotting ranks. Who would have thought that atrivialidle clicker would allow you to do something incredible! Itwas anunremarkable evening for ordinary people, until suddenly, outofnowhere, an insatiable green zombie scout with big eyesappeared!And as soon as he appeared here, the growth and buildingof a bravenew world began! And he longed to mine coins infinitely!Humanitywas amazed at how quickly the new population began to grow!It wasabsorbing new territories and spreading stronger andstronger...Never has the apocalypse looked so cute and sodesirable, evenpeople have a little started to participate...Unfortunately theyare not very good at building this new world… Buteverything needstime and coins will definitely fill our pockets, webelieve. Thiscurious world lives and grows by itself, all the timewhile youwork or sleep, in the best traditions of idle games!Simple,trivial, but still with a strategic part, be on the alert!Sendyour zombies to investigate while you're away. When you getback toyour phone, they'll be richer and ready to build. Gatherdozens ofexperts, each with their own style Unlock new buildings asyourbusiness grows and discover more new territories, and just tapandenjoy to produce more gold! Features: - Simple, trivia andclingytap gameplay - Zombies have never been so cute and friendly -IDLESystem - Beautiful graphics and lovely animations - Closetoinfinite game progression - Iconic locations from zombie-movie:gasstation, highway, supermarket, military camp, hospital, etc.-Build your own zombie paradise - raise, explore, spread,pursueyour own strategy Idle clickers are cool! Join the big familyoffans of this genre! _____________ This game requires aninternetconnection. Coin Scout is completely free to play withoptionalin-app purchases. You may disable in-app purchasing usingyourdevice settings.