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2048 PvP Arena 1.6
2048 PvP Arena addictive Player versus Player(PvP) strategy game.Take over opponent tiles. Challenge your friends, proof your skilland became King of the Hill!Game rules:Gameplay is similar to original 2048 Number puzzle game.Two players tiles are divided in Red and Blue colour. Each playermake one move per turn.Tiles with same numbers merge into one. Take over opponent tiles toget best score. Make best score to win opponent.Game Highlights+ Online Multiplayer+ PvP mode: play against friend or random opponent+ PvP Quick mode+ Offline PvP mode: play with friend on one device+ Classic 2048 mode+ Day & Night themesHave great idea for improvements? Send us feedback to [email protected] is updated frequently based on your feedback!Enjoy & Good luck & Have fun!
Dot Munch Fight Club Classic 1.01
Dot Munch Fight Club Classic - all fun in yourpocket! Don't miss it!While we are working on fix for new update, we giving you backClassic version of Dot Munch game - so you can continue playinggame you loved so much.Game highlights:+ Highly addictive game+ No internet connection needed, play offline+ Smooth and funny gameplayStay tuned!
Arrow Hero 1.12
Arrow Hero is incredibly simple game, yet iteffectively puts your fingers to a worthy challenge. Test yourreaction and agility, and most importantly - have fun!Your goal is to match your inputs with an unstoppable continuousoverwhelming flow of arrows.Features:- Easy to learn, hard to master;- Challenging gameplay;- Minimalistic visual design;- Easy on battery!Special thanks to Jérémy Graziani for the game concept.
Game about Squares & Dots 1.4
How addictive you can be to squares? Let'scheck?!Cute and challenging puzzle game: Squares and Dots.Follow simple rules: Tap to move box.Move all your squares on their corresponding dots to win thegame.Use your brain power before move or start again. Challengeyourself!Have fun!
Viber River Jump 1.0.2
In the realm of River Jump it's all abouttheriver and, obviously, the jumping.Therefore there was no surprise when the king announcedthatanyone who successfully jumps over the river 100 timeswithoutgetting wet will become the new ruler of River Jump. Seemstough?Oh, no worries!During the upcoming challenge, you will be properly motivatedbytwo coach bears with rather harsh training methods, so you'llgetthere in no time. Good luck!
Dot Munch Fight Club 2.4
Dot Muncher Fight Club smooth and relaxing game based onosmosisprinciple. Eat smaller dots avoiding being eaten by biggerdots tobecame biggest dot in the game! Gameplay Tips: Eat smallerdots togrow in size and became biggest blob in the game. Smallerdotsmoves faster then big one, take advantage of it while growinginsize. Game action happens in agar galactic with simple osmosrules:"Eat smaller dots or became food for others". Became biggestdoteater. It's great game if you are fan of nebulous, mitosisgenregames. Controls: There is several different control optionsforyour preference: * Tap desired direction to move dot * Holdanddrag around dot like cursor to move dot desired direction *Usejoystick in predefined place to control blob * Use customjoystick,which can be placed anywhere on screen Check for moreoptions ingame settings. Game functionality highlights: *Relaxing&smooth gameplay *Small application size *Relaxing sounds*Night& Day theme *Funny skins *We care about user experience*Noextra permissions needed *Frequent updates based onplayersfeedback Leave your feedback with features your would liketo havein the game. Became best dots muncher in Galactic! Good LuckandHave Fun!
2048 Number puzzle game 7.05
2048 Number puzzle game is free classic 2048 game. Slide tilesandmerge them to reach 4 .. 8 .. 16 .. 128 .. 1024 and finally2048tile! 2048 Number puzzle game is free brain trainingworkoutdesigned for you. - Possibility to Undo your last moves incase youmade mistake - Different difficulty boards: (4x4), (5x5) -Continuethe game after reaching 2048. - Multiple game modes -Dailychallenges - You can play without internet and offline-Achievements and Leaderboard Game can be easily customised:-Change animation and movements speed - Select Day or Night theme-Change swipe sensitivity - Select new 2048 super modes to play-View your games statistic Enjoy the best free 2048 original game!
2048 Number Puzzle Premium 7.0
This is No Ads version of most popular 2048 game in the world!Funand addictive mobile version of 2048 game and most perfect2048number puzzle game for Android! Explore deep challenge foryourmind! -HOW TO PLAY- Swipe to move the tiles, when two tileswiththe same number touch, they merge into one. When a 2048 tileiscreated, the player wins! 8 .. 16 ... 1024 .. 2048 [GAMEFEATURESAND ADVANTAGES] + Super 2048 Multiplayer mode + Gameisautomatically autosaved + Three unique game modes + UnlimitedUndomode + Survival Time mode + X-tile mode + Night theme forplayingin bed + Leaderboards & Achievements + Crispy soundsandsettings + Animation controls + Beautiful and simple UI +Easyshare with friends option + Keep playing for High-scoreaftercollected 2048 tile + Game supports all android 2.2+ andabovedevices + Best 2048 Android version implementation! + Frequentgameimprovements based on your feedback Permissions FAQ:Externalstorage permission asked for storing game cache Internetstatepermission is needed for 2048 Multiplayer mode. ...We'reListeningTo You... [Improvements history] +Noticeableperformanceimprovements on all devices +Added Google PlayLeaderbooard +Addedoption to save game state and continue later on+Added possibilityto continue game after collected 2048 tile +Added2 Game modesPro/Beginner +Added Sounds & Music +Added Nightmode Enjoygame! Thanks to Gabriele Cirulli for such amazing gameidea!