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Massive Monster Mayhem Match 1.1.2
Prepare to Match-down! The Earth is under attack by MasterMayhemand his league of monsters from the hit TV series, MASSIVEMONSTERMAYHEM! Quickly match tiles to defeat massive monsters andenterMayhem Mode to unleash total destruction! Experience theultimatepuzzle brawler, throw down with giant space monsters,destroybuildings, shoot lasers out of your eyes, fightangrycheeseburgers, and unleash MAYHEM! Do you have what it takestodefeat Master Mayhem and save the Earth? Because if you lose,weare all doomed! FAST-PACED MATCH 3 MAYHEM: • Match tiles topowerup, damage, and defeat giant alien monsters in epic battles!•Switch your Champions and Monsters mid-battle to perfectyourstrategy! • Enter Mayhem Mode to unleash total destruction! •Equipand use special powers and abilities in battle! BATTLEYOURFAVORITE ALIEN MONSTERS FROM THE MASSIVE MONSTER MAYHEM TVSERIES:• Throw down with all your favorite 600 ft tall alienmonstersincluding RoBro, Me-ouch!, Eye Eye Eye, Teensy theTri-Terror-Tops,Dome Diddy Dome, Major Disappointment and MachoCheese! • Battleunique monsters only found in the Massive MonsterMayhem Matchgame, like Treevenge, Ink-E, Buzzerfly and more! •Tussle with evilmini-monsters exclusive to the game including DumbBill, CheeseWhomper, Yarn Baller, Bun Bun and more! • Defeatmonsters, recruitthem to join your team and build the ultimatefighting squad ofboth Champions and Monsters! COLLECT THE RARESTCHAMPIONS ANDMONSTERS: • Discover rare and epic loot by openingcrystals! •Collect, level up and manage your team of Champions andMonstersand use their powers strategically in battle! • The morepowerfulthe Champion or Monster, the better their stats, powersandabilities will be! • New Champions and Monsters are added allthetime! ASSEMBLE YOUR DREAM TEAM: • Build your dream teamofChampions and Monsters and bring them into battle! • Improveyourteam’s offense, defense and powers by recruiting 5-starChampionsand Monsters! SAVE THE GALAXY, SAVE THE EARTH: • Fight itout inexotic locations across the galaxy like Mega City, Scumball5,Planet Waaaah!, UncleArctica and more! • Train your team’sskillsby fighting in Quick Play! • Save the Earth… So we can allcontinueto live!
Slugterra: Slug it Out 2 4.4.3
Build a mighty army of furious slugs to beat slingers and becomeking of the arena! Slug it out 2is an adventurous slug shooter gamethat will blow your mind with a pack of fun and intensivechallenges. Solve puzzles, raise slugs, and play ignited wars withslug masters in different caverns that seem like different planets.Slug it out 2 creates dual fun with a super cool appearance andchallenging missions which help to test your skills. Come beneaththe surface to meet the creatures that inhabit Slugterra, Slugs! Inthis luminous, high-tech, underground world, explore every nook andcranny of the 99 caverns to see what awaits you. Make sure tobefriend as many slugs as you can along the way; they all have aspecial talent where they can transform into powerful magicalbeasts! Harness the power of your slug friends, train them, andevolve them to their epic Megamorph form! 🐛 Have you ever wanderedin the arena of slugs? 🐛 Have you ever battled in combat withslugs? 🐛 Do you want to enjoy puzzles in a fighting game? Now it’stime to take charge of the world of slugs. Let’s become a proSlugterra Slugslinger! Once you become an experienced Slugslinger,you’ll be able to control the power of Elementals, the legendaryancestors of all Slugs! Will you discover new friends, new rivals,or simply new information to piece together the history of Slugterra? How To Play Slug It Out 2? • Move into the field and take onchallenges to double the fun • Match 3 or more of the same slugs inthe puzzle to charge them • Shoot the furious slugs on theopponents to beat them • Defeat your rival and take your game tothe next level • Complete the initial levels to increase your slugcollection SLUGTERRA SLUG GAME FEATURES: ===HUNDREDS OF FUNPUZZLES=== Slug it out 2 brings hundreds of cute puzzles withintensive challenges where raised slugs become your real weapons.These are based on one of the best TV series ever, Slugterra!===EXPLORE MULTIPLE MAGICAL WORLDS=== From story mode caverns tothe Slug Hideout, where your slugs can hang out and interactthrough various activities with one another – and you! ===COLLECTCUTEST SLUG CHARACTERS=== With your evolution stones, you can buildand level up a team of Megamorphs, which are the slug's fastest andstrongest form with more to discover! Combine these with ElementalSlugs, who are the ancestors of all slugs found in the world ofSlug terra! ===MULTIPLE MODES=== Enjoy the different modes ofSlugterra game such as Story, Multiplayer, and Duel. Each modebrings a new face of the game that keeps you engaged with thecharacters. ===GRAPHICS & BACKGROUND MUSIC=== Slugslinger gamehas clean and colorful graphics that produce a great crunch in yourgaming experience. A special thanks to the relaxing backgroundmusic that also keeps your interest alive. ===PLAY DAILY EVENTS===Win new rewards daily and receive awesome shop upgrades, coins,gems, and gifts! ===STAY TUNED=== Keep an eye out for monthlyupdates with newer slugs, challenging levels, and exciting rewards!Play the most fascinating slugterra games to conquer your boredom!Like Slug it Out 2 on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Slugterra/Follow Slug it Out 2 on Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/slugterra_slugitout2/ Join the Slug itOut 2 Discord community https://discord.gg/ujTnurA5Yp
Ben 10 Heroes 1.7.1
Use the alien powers of the Omnitrix to save the Earth inthisfast-paced match-3 battle game! Collect an arsenal of aliensandupgrade them, unlocking special powers abilities that can giveyouthe edge in battle. Choose your team of three aliens and usetheirpowers strategically to defeat your opponents in real-timebattle!Match tiles on the battle board to charge up your alienpowers!Brace yourself and unleash fire storms, uppercuts, crystalswords,laser beams, stink blasts and so much more! Battle allyourfavorite villains across epic locations from the Ben 10 TVseries!Unlock the alien power of the Omnitrix and save the Earth!IT’SHERO TIME! FAST-PACED MATCH-3 BEN 10 BATTLES: • Power upandunleash epic alien powers in battle! • Use your favoritealiensfrom the TV series like Four Arms, Heatblast,Diamondhead,Cannonbolt, Wildvine, Overflow, Grey Matter, Stinkfly,XLR8,Upgrade and more! • Switch your aliens during battle toperfectyour strategy! BUILD YOUR ARSENAL OF RARE ALIENS: • Discoverrareand epic rewards by opening Omnivaults! • Collect, level upandmanage your aliens – each with a signature play style and setofpowers! • Use alien powers strategically in battle! •Earnexperience and level up your aliens to unlock their truepotential!• New aliens are added all the time! BATTLE YOUR FAVORITEVILLAINSFROM THE BEN 10 TV SERIES: • Battle all your favoritevillainsincluding Vilgax, Hex, Dr. Animo, Zombozo, Steam Smythe,Maurice,Sydney and more! • Discover Vilgax’s ultimate plan and stophimbefore he gains control of the Omnitrix and conquers the Earth!NEWEVENTS AND CONTENT ADDED REGULARLY: • Compete in special eventstoearn epic Omnivaults and unlock powerful new aliens! •Completedaily, weekly and monthly quests to unlock rewards! • Newaliens,adventures and rewards added regularly!
Beyblade Burst Rivals 3.8.1
BEYBLADE BURST RIVALS is the official fast-paced match-3 puzzlebattle game for BEYBLADE BURST! Choose your favorite character,become a Master Blader, and enter BEYBLADE BURST tournaments! Userare and powerful Beys with the help of your loyal Avatars and LETIT RIP in epic battles! Collect an arsenal of Beys and upgradethem, unlocking special Bey techniques that provide a decisive edgefor the ultimate battle. Which ones will you master? Use strategyto defeat your opponents and strive for Ring Out Finishes, SurvivorFinishes, and epic Burst Finishes! Do you have what it takes tobecome the best Blader in the world? Grab your Bey and LET IT RIP!FAST-PACED MATCH 3 BEYBLADE BURST BATTLES: • Unleash epic BeyTechniques in battle! • Use your favorite Bey Techniques like RushLaunch, Counter Break, Quake Launch and more! • Switch your Beysbetween rounds to perfect your strategy! BATTLE HEAD-TO-HEAD WITHYOUR FAVORITE BLADERS, BEYS & AVATARS: • Collect and use allyour favorite Beys in battle including Victory Valtryek, StormSpryzen, Raging Roktavor, Xeno Xcalius, Lost Lúinor and more! •Battle all your favorite characters including Valt, Aiger, Rantaro,Daigo, Ken, Wakiya, Xander, Zac, Shu, Lui and more! • Activate yourdevoted Avatars, charge up, sit back and watch their explosiveaffects across the board • Challenge the best Bladers! COLLECT THERAREST AVATARS, BLADERS & BEYS: • Discover rare and epic lootby opening Bey Boxes! • Collect, level up and manage your Avatars,Bladers and Beys and use their powers strategically in battle! •The more powerful the Blader or Bey, the better their stats, powersand abilities will be! • New Bladers and Beys are added all thetime! BUILD YOUR ARSENAL OF RARE BEYS: • Build your arsenal of rareBeys and battle with them in the Beystadium! • Collect 5-star Beysto unlock new Bey Techniques! • Earn experience and level up yourBeys to unlock their true potential! BECOME THE BEST BLADER IN THEWORLD: • Compete in tournaments in awesome locations likeMountaintop, Seaside, and the National Stadium! • Train yourarsenal of Beys by battling in Quick Play! • Compete in specialweekly tournaments for epic rewards! • Defeat the greatest Bladersand earn your place in history! Follow us to get the latest NEWSand UPDATES: Twitter - @Beyblade_Rivals Instagram [email protected] Discord - https://discord.gg/M92MT2J
Slugterra: Guardian Force 1.0.3
Assemble your team of slugslingers and use your best battletacticsto restore order to the caverns of Slugterra! Based on thehitanimated television series Slugterra, this adventure-strategygamelets you command a team of slugslingers as you roam from caverntocavern, battling bandits, raiders, and mysterious travelers asyougo. Something strange is afoot in Slugterra. Townspeoplearegetting sick and acting aggressive, almost as ifthey’vebeen…ghoulled! Someone has been sowing chaos across thecaverns, soit’s up to Eli Shane to track down the culprit and setthingsright. Enter this growing and ever-evolving world and take ontherole of Eli, the guardian of Slugterra. Rally your team andcommandtheir movements as you blast your way past foes andchallengers onyour mission to protect the people, slugs and cavernsof Slugterra.Be sure to return to caverns regularly on patrol—thereare alwaysnew bandits to fight or items to discover! Strategy ismoreimportant than ever in the physics-based battle arenas. Dragandfling your team members into position—use obstacles for cover,butwatch for hazards! Then carefully choose a powerful slug attacktoblast at your foes. Combine slug powers for awesome combo moves!Asyou explore, hunt for slugs! Every cavern is full of slugswithunique powers—even two slugs of the same species might knowtotallydifferent moves! Strategically build your arsenal formaximumfirepower. Features: • Take on the role of Eli Shane andassembleyour team to help protect Slugterra from bandits,ghoulledtownspeople and mysterious villains! • In battle simulationarenas,command each team member’s movements with easy fling-basedstyle ofplay—pull back to fling a character into position, thendrop anattack card on an enemy to fire a slug! • Total of 30 uniqueslugpowers to harness—and try combo moves for even more variety! •Sixdifferent species of slugs to collect! • Each slug knowsadifferent set of powers—even two slugs of the same speciesmighthave totally different abilities!