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Relax: Meditate, Sleep
Create and dive into your own space of peace, relaxation andcomplete focus.
Life Pro Tips: Guru
Daily tips about life, productivity, and happiness
Crypto and NFT: Hashz 1.0.2
Learn and stay on top of the latest news and videosaboutcryptocurrencies, blockchain, and NFT. With Hashz you canfindeducational videos and news about the crypto market. You'll beableto prioritize your reading by checking the news articles thatthecommunity voted as most relevant. You'll also be able toeasilyshare your favorite news and videos with your chat groupsandsocial networks. Hashz collects and aggregates news fromtheleading trusted sources in crypto, digital currencies, andfinance.The app has a comprehensive focus on cryptocurrencies andthegrowing NFT market. Hashz meets the needs of users who wanttolearn more about NFT to sell digital art, music, andcollectibles,as well as enthusiastic traders looking to make moneyfrom thedigital currency market. We're constantly improving Hashzand willwelcome your feature suggestions and other feedback. Feelfree tocontact us!