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ETheme Launcher - Boost&Lock 2.2.9
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ETHEME LAUNCHERNot the best, but you must get!HIGHLIGHTS♥ 3S: Simple – Slight – Style♥ 2000+ styles (theme & wallpaper) to beautify yourphone♥ 0.2s to speed up your device♥ 2 touches to change theme♥ FREE themes& wallpapers weekly updateWHAT’S NEW♥ Theme maker: Make your very own theme with robust icon andthousands of amazing wallpapers in the way you love with only 3steps.♥ Booster: Easily free up more storage from your phone andSD card, boost game and device memory up to 200% enhance speed andextend battery life.♥ Funny Lock: Stable, highly compatible and attractivelocker. Enjoy new experience of phone lock with super funnyanimation as ever before.♥ Quick search: New experience with fast and smart trendingsearches. Support searching apps, SMS, contact, etc.eTheme Launcher – NOT THE BEST, BUT YOU MUST GETFeatures♥ Flat design:flat UX and UI design make your home screen elegantand pro♥ Theme and wallpaper:2000+ themes and wallpapers in varioussubjects: landscape, cute, art, animal, lifestyleApply themes with eTheme is easy as pie!♥ Font: 200+ creative fonts to freely mix and match.♥ Smart folder: group similar app in a folder automatically, youcan freely add apps, remove apps, hide apps or rename folder justin the way you love.♥ Friends connection: Share your home screen with single touch viaFacebook, Twitter and Google+♥ App Priority: automatically put primary app on workspace that ucan easily find for faster app starting.♥ Notification: All notifications are now right on lock screen.Never miss any messages, missed calls or social networkactivities.♥ Utility toggle:Many instant switches such as flashlight, Mobiledata, Wi-Fi. Just touch and feel your phone run faster.♥ Widget: Essential tools for daily activities such as: clock,weather and utility bar♥ Lock screen: Powerful security lock with patterns/pin number anduse with ease!People talk about eTheme♥ Android Tapp: eTheme Launcher is a speedy yet slick lookinglauncher and locker app with convenient shortcuts for Androiddevices. It’s packed with various features to help you quickly andeasily customize your phone or tablet (♥ Androidheadlines: This is easily one of the fastest launchersthat I’ve ever used, especially one that has so many featuresincluded. With a file size of just 2MB or so, it’s not hard to seewhy it’s so quick (♥ Techlomedia: If you’re willing to try something new, if you’reeager to experience the uniqueness of a simple, style and stylishAndroid launcher, apply eTheme Launcher and open up your themeworld! ( are young and enthusiastic developer fascinated to chasingour dream – constituting a smart launcher not only to customizeyour phone but also to fulfill everyone’s needs. We will never backdown from challenges to pursue these objectives!STAY CONNECT!Website: [email protected]:
MoMo Pet - ETheme 3.0
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Amazing MoMo for ETheme Launcher virtual pets game is the first inthe world to allow themselves to create their own pet!Property Momo, uncle pet from 7th galaxies in our solar systemwill make your life very interesting. Momo likes to eat apples,pineapple juice, bathrooms 3 days. Momo will deeply miss you if youdo not play with it everyday.MoMo is your friend when happiness and sadness, loneliness. Inaddition, you also have the opportunity to own hundreds of otherlovely pets and other mercurial!The uniqueness:- Momo has over 30 emotions vividly realistic- Bring meaning higher education through foster care Momo: feeding,bathing, healing, and teaching Momo smarter- The number of PET and the specific characteristics createcompelling discovery continuous- Challenge your friends to win the game fun mini series: highjump, shot egg, drum band ...Please download and own even one note PET lovely family MoMo youoffline!Website: http://egame.vnEmail: [email protected]:
eChat 1.6
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☆☆ECHAT☆☆Để đáp ứng nhu cầu hỏi đáp trong học tập của các bạn họcsinh,sinh viên, Egame chính thức ra mắt sản phẩm eChat - Ứng dụnghỏiđáp trực tuyến đầu tiên tại Việt Nam.Echat như một bách khoa toàn thư về giáo dục, mọi người đềucóthể tham gia hỏi và đáp, đem đến sự khác biệt hoàn toàn so vớicáchhọc và giáo dục truyền thống.☘ NỔI BẬT:★Nhanhchóng:Với chức năng chụp ảnh được tíchhợpngay trong app eChat, người dùng chỉ cần chup ảnh, gửi lên hệthống,thời gian hỏi được rút ngắn chưa đến 3 giây. Câu trả lời sẽđược hồiđáp ngay sau đó.★Tiệnlợi:Hệ thống hoạt động từ 8h sáng đến11htối, không giới hạn không gian, bạn chỉ cần smartphone và kếtnốimạng, câu hỏi của bạn sẽ luôn có lời giải.★Chuyênnghiệp:Đội ngũ gia sư tại nhà tận tụy,uytín có kinh nghiệm sư phạm lâu năm.Tiết kiệm THỜI GIAN, tiết kiệm CHI PHÍ,tiếtkiệmCÔNG SỨC.☆☆Echat– Hỏi để Giỏi☆☆♥ Tải ngay hôm nay và trải nghiệm tuần đầu tiên miễn phí ♥☎Liên hệ vớichúngtôi: Website: http://echat.vnHotline: 1900 636 444Email: [email protected]:☆☆ ECHAT ☆☆To e & aacute; p needs to ask e & aacute; pinthe study of c & aacute; c you pupils and micro & ecirc;n,Egame ch & iacute; nh official product launch eChat-Application questions e & aacute; p online first TVê n in a b & aacute Echat; ch & agrave big science;nletter of gi & aacute; in Germany, everyone c & oacute;canjoin v & agrave questions; e & aacute; p, offers khá c & agrave distinctive cough; n to & agrave;n thanc & aacute; v & agrave ch; gi & aacute; otraditionaleducation.☘ HIGHLIGHTS:★ Nhanhch & oacute; ng: With imagefunctionis t & iacute; ch right in app eChat, the d ù ngjust take pictures, send l & ecirc; n identicalamalgams, timeask to be r & uacute; t shorter less than 3 gi& acirc; y.C & acirc; u answer would be in d & aacute;& oacute ep soon;.★ TienLoi: The system operates from 8 sá ng to 11pm, kh & ocirc; ng kh & ocirc limit;ngtime, you just need a smartphone v & agrave; networking,c& acirc; u ask of you lu & ocirc; n c óexplanation .★ Chuy & ecirc; kamma: tutor team atnh& agrave; devotedly, uy t & iacute; n c óexperience pedagogy l & acirc;uyears.Savings TIME , saving PH & iacute CHI;,details kiemC & ocirc; NG HEALTH.☆☆ Echat & ndash; AskforGood ☆☆& hearts; Download now hô v & agrave this m; Experience first week ti ên Free ph & iacute; & Hearts;☎ Li & ecirc; n Contactch& uacute; ng t & ocirc; i: Website: http://echat.vnHotline: 1900636444Email: [email protected]:
Clash of Dices - Bubble War 1.0.6
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Clash of Dice – the world of magic dices willbring highly intellectual competitiveness for players. After eachtime rolling the dice, the Game will help you explore differentareas with numerous amazing things.The game's attraction:★ Intellectual Game: Casual combines tactics and intellect. Cardenhancement system and unique equipment are considered as anplayground challenging intellect and logical ability ofplayers.*★Index system: Each character has four indices, each of which has adifferent strength for characters in the arena.★Plentiful card system: Over 10 types of cards with differentstyles.★Original fight system: It has many counterpart interesting , suchas: build a battlefield, rank a battle, provoke a war, search forthe treasure and so on.★ Counterpart system: Counterpart system is randomly formed, inwhich the level ranges from easy to hard.★Competition System: Competitiveness among players will decide theowner of the honorable 1st prize.Contact:★Mail: [email protected]★Fanpage:
eSwipe Gold 1.9.2
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With eSwipe Gold, all your most recentappsused, favorite apps and even utilities is accessible via aquickswipe from the left corner of the screen. ONE HAND and ONETOUCHcan bring all wanted apps to you and keep your hand free todobetter things.HIGHLIGHTOnce installed, you started enjoying these features:♥ Recent Activity Quickly display latest usedactivitieseither applications or contacts♥ Favorite app Cleverly pick up and organise apps basedonyour most precious applications♥ Utility Easily access widgets like Wi-fi,Bluetooth,Flashlight, Mobile DataDownload thousands of themes, wallpapers, free fonts atwarehouseeTheme eStore.Contact us:Website: http://ethemeapps.comEmail: [email protected]:
TEPlayer 1.0
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Ứng dụng được xây dựng giành riêng cho bégiỏitiếng anh,với một ứng dụng riêng biết giúp cho bé giỏi tiếnganhchạy mượt mà,ổn định và không còn vấn đề tương thích trongcácthiết bịApplicationsbuiltexclusively for good little English, with a separate app makesgoodlittle English run smooth, stable and no compatibility problemsindevices