Easy To Use (OnMobi) Apps

QR Code & Barcode Scanner 4.1
QR code reader and Barcode scanner-app. Fast and very easy to use.
Ringtone Maker, MP3 Cutter 7.5
Mp3Cut Pro - Create your own ringtone. Simple & very easy touse.
Fake Call 2 - Call Simulator (Prank) 4.4
In this game you can easily create fake calls, simulate anincomingcall. Make jokes and pranks on friends, relatives,girlfriends(lovers) or anyone ... Guide use Fake call 2: - Touchthe STARTbutton to immediately activate a fake call. - Or choose ascheduleto set a timer for a Fake call. Features of Fake call 2: -Setcaller name. - Set caller number. - Select caller picture. - Setavoice for caller. - Set a ringtone or use the default ringtone.-Schedule (timer) a fake call.
Text on Photo - Text to Photo 1.6
App for adding text to photos. 100+ beautiful fonts. Simple &very easy to use
Recover Deleted Photos Videos 1.4
Never lose your precious moments again with this powerful andfastrecovery app.
Photo & Video Locker - HideF 1.8
Protect and keep your important photos & videos neverdiscoveredby anyone else.
Find My Phone By Clap, Whistle 1.0
Easily find your phone by clapping, whistling. Using advancedAItechnology