Fairy Legends 1.10.05
◆◇Top the Korean Mobile Game Rank List◇◆Classical love ARPG, 2015 Grand English Version is officiallyreleased!Features:◆Particular Bidirectional Skill Tree System—Four professions andeight sides of growth◆Hundreds of realistic magic scene: From glacier to volcano,fantastic scene with super strong sense of immersion leads you toexperience extreme magic.◆Heart-shaking stereo: Different scene matches with different styleBGM. Put on your headset, or miss the surround melody.◆All kinds of Map with powerful Boss: Volume Maps + Legendary Boss.Extreme PVE to challenge your own limit◆Multiplayer In-Progress Battle: 100VS100 without any pressure!Multiplayer In-Progress Battle. Never stop fighting!◆Amazing Tower Defense Fight: Monsters come wave after wave.Survive for 100 waves and you will be the real man!◆Fresh across Server PK: Invincibility in your server already?Fight cross server with other stronger to become the finalKing!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------【Profession introduction 】▼Knight Weapons: sword Defense system: with the highest HP and defense capability Fury series: strong attack output, become invincible equipped withcrit▼Ranger: Weapon: fist Defend series: control the field in a short-distance war, providethe powerful BUFF help. Assassination series: broke out in a short-distance war, has theoutstanding personal abilities.▼Master Weapons: sickle Elemental series: Remote outbreak, groups Terminator Evil series: use voodoo curse to torture the enemy to death▼God messenger Weapons: short stick Divine series: a center providing cure and supply for a team Arcane series: emphasis on destruction, can control the fieldremotely-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Large-scale magic MMORPG mobile game, sweeping around Asia, hasthe most beautiful scene and super cool PK system! HD Particle FlowTechnology presents the wonderful frames to challenge your visuallimit. Colorful Mount, Novel Map, Fierce Battle Fight and ArdentTeam War are waiting for you! Particular Bidirectional Skill TreeSystem, Four Professions, Eight Sides of Growth, Different Activeand Passive Skill Formation help you to forge your own king! Stopthinking! Action right now!Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/413574668818709Customer Service E-mail: [email protected] having any business cooperation purpose, please feel free tocontact us via: [email protected]
Bomb Me 2.0.3
★New version and new sever are coming. Comewith us!!!★★There's no doubt that playing such a nice game on summer holidayis very fantastic!★★Come and join Ranking match for iPhone5!!!★Who's ready to pass through the Fairy tale trail (witch, princess,King, Frog prince and Snow White… )?Have you ever wanted to play DDTank on your smart phone? Join us inBomb Me!Girls love this game. Show off your shooting skills and make girlsgo crazy!New version coming! Why not join us to have fun and enjoy some coolstuff at a great discount for one crazy day?What people are saying:It is an amazing game; It is the best shooting game that I haveever played. I love it! I got very nice, addictive and thrillingexperience.It is no doubt a very good time pass. One of the best game and oneof my favorite time pass. RF.I love this game!!! It's amazing!!!Bomb Me and my phone are like peas and carrots. They're delicioustogether.Features:★Amazing-looking and special attack with terrific graphic andeffect.★Over 1000 types of sweet weapons.★Play and date with beauties and get married.★Easy and fun to play and the graphic is very amazing.★Recommended by over 100 casual game sites.HOW TO PLAY:1. Tap on the screen and drag to aim your shoot, and release toshoot.2. Tap right-bottom button to set the power and release toshoot.3. Gear yourself up in the shop.Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for the latestnews:http://www.facebook.com/vsplaybmhttps://twitter.com/BombmeMeFor business cooperation, please feel free to contact us [email protected]
★★2014业界最期待手游大作——真动作武侠卡牌《大侠总动员》震撼出击!★★★★登陆即送超多丰富好礼!更有全新iPhone 6Plus等你来拿!★★真武侠卡牌降临,伪武侠退散!还在无脑卡牌对撞,看数值战斗?Out了!马上加入真功夫世界!手动释放武功,掌控出招时机,轻功闪避,借力打力,完美呈现你的宗师级武学境界!武林群侠完美收录,最强侠客阵容由你打造!在这里,没有最废的大侠,只有最强的掌门!立即下载,再现心底最真实武侠世界!● 数十家权威媒体鼎力推荐,资深团队巨资打造创新武侠卡牌!● 打断,控制,反杀!手控大招告别无脑卡牌!真实还原武功精髓!● 武林群侠最全集结,你想到的武侠人物都在这里!穿越混战一“触”即发!● 专业配音团队倾情制作,精致音效,全方位改写你的游戏体验!● 最丰富炫丽招式特效,真实呈现一招一式,拒绝千篇一律战斗特效!业界年底收官大作,《大侠总动员》开创武侠动作卡牌新时代,真功夫就在这里!不服来战,手下见真章!更多精彩玩法,请关注官方网站:http://kungfuclub.efunen.com官方FaceBook入口:https://www.facebook.com/EfunDXZDY客服邮箱:DXZDYCS@efun.com--------------------------------------------------------------------海量玩法震撼开启:✸ 经典关口谁能突破:传说黑木崖、幽幽古墓、神秘百花谷,所有邪教人物坐镇守关!✸ 新颖任务战斗提升:战斗经验值+装备绑定突破设置,多方助你提升队伍战力!✸ 战斗系统自排法阵:除自动战斗,玩家可以自排侠士法阵,手动战斗,更有临场感!✸ 勇闯普通/精英副本:众多大侠齐聚,故事将如何展开?快来一探究竟!✸ 血战武林:即时匹配,残酷车轮战,谁能战到最后!✸ 探索古墓:海量宝藏等你掠夺!★★2014 hand travel industry's most anticipated masterpiece - realaction martial arts card "heroes Story" shock attack! ★★★★ login Jisong over many rich Gifts! The newiPhone 6Plus more waiting for you to come and collect!★★Cards come true martialarts, martial arts pseudo Tuisan! Still no brain card of thecollision, see the numerical fight? Out it! Join now Kungfu world!Manual release martial arts, moves to control the timing, dodgedodge, leveraging the power, perfect presentation of your realm ofmartial arts master class! Martial arts Heroes perfect collectionof the strongest line-up to you to create a knight! Here,most waste no heroes, only the strongest ofthe head!Download now reproduce the heart of the most real world of martialarts! ● dozens of authoritative media fullrecommendation, senior team heavily to build innovative martialarts card!● interrupted, control, anti-kill! Hand control big move for nobrain card! True to the essence of martial arts!● Martial arts Heroes of the whole assembly, you think of martialarts people are here! Through the melee a "touch" that ismade!● professional dubbing team portrait production, refined sound,comprehensive rewrite your gaming experience!● richest dazzling moves effects, real show one by one, refusestereotyped battleeffects!industry end endingmasterpiece, "heroes Story" to create a new era of martial artsaction cards, real skill here! dissatisfied to war, menpinpointing!More exciting games are played, please pay attention to theofficial website: http: //kungfuclub.efunen.comOfficial FaceBook entry: https: //www.facebook.com/EfunDXZDYCustomer Service Email: DXZDYCS@efun.com--------------------------------------------------------------------Massive play shocked to open:✸ Who classic mark a breakthrough : the legendary black woodCliff, faint tombs, mysterious Baihua Gu, a cult figure all sit offguard!✸ new task fighting enhance : combat experience breakthrough setvalue + binding equipment, multi-team help you enhance combatcapability!✸ fighting system since the row circle : In addition toautomatically combat, players can customize row paladin circle,hand fighting, more immersive!✸ Rebel General / elite copy : many heroes gathered, how the storywill unfold? Come and find out!✸ bloody martial arts : Instant Match, wheel brutal war, who fightto the last!✸ Exploration tomb : Massive plundering treasure waiting foryou!
秦时明月:华人殿堂级动漫正版授权 1.2.1
☆☆殿堂级华人3D动漫RPG钜作!提剑追梦,秦时相逢☆☆华人顶级3D动画连续剧 + 亿元级诚意RPG巨制 = 《秦时明月》。玩游戏,看动画,追剧情,《秦时明月》,最强代入感的侠客世界,有血有泪。全3D可旋转画面,CG级技能特效,创新高自由度侠客培养,江湖冒险随机奇遇,秘境迷宫千层塔多重神秘探索!这里,就是侠客的世界。◆玩游戏,看动画,追剧情,最强代入感!◆全3D可旋转画面,CG级技能特效!◆创新高自由度侠客培养!◆江湖冒险随机奇遇!◆秘境迷宫千层塔多重神秘探索!一 见 钟 秦,为 爱 而 征!1、超高自由度侠客培养,秦时明月所有角色可通过经脉、套装、霸气选择性的提升角色,为自己的战术量身打造期望的角色属性,战斗中不但可通过门客馆,租用特定的门客加入队伍参加战斗,更能和剧情npc并肩战斗。2、百种角色忠于原著,还原经典秦时明月中百余种角色100%忠于动漫原著设定。华丽的技能、专属武器、角色与角色之间的关系等大家熟识的要素,都将100%的在游戏中还原。4、CG技能炸裂特效,要你好看蓄力技、怒气技、组合技,上百种技能特效绝对引爆你的眼球。盖聂的百步飞剑潇洒如斯,少司命的万叶飞花流美轮美奂,秦始皇的君临天下霸气无双。4、极致策略的多元创新玩法体验秦时明月加入诸多革新创意玩法、PVE方面“历练&秘境”“千机楼”“禁地迷宫”等多种难度的副本模式使玩家们在极致策略的多元化玩法下重温经典;而比武场、烽火狼烟,好友试炼中酣畅淋漓的战斗将是每位PVP玩家的最佳去处。霸气、经脉的精密设定则让角色在成长方面变得更具挑战。5、动漫角色原班人马真实配音秦时明月游戏中的动漫角色全部采用原班人马真实配音,演绎活灵活现的真实性格!此外各角色技能招式、武器、人物情感羁绊等元素也将悉数还原!更多精彩,请访问Facebook粉丝页: https://www.facebook.com/efunqsmy官网: http://aqsmy.efunen.com/☆☆Chanticleer Chinese 3D animation blockbuster RPG! Dream put thesword, meet Qin ☆☆Chinese top-level 3D animated series + one hundred million yuansincerity RPG giant system = "qinshiming."Playing games, watching movies, chasing the story, "Qin Shimingmonth", the strongest warrior into a sense of the world of bloodand tears.Full 3D rotatable screen, CG-level skill effects, a new highdegree of freedom warrior culture, rivers and lakes adventurerandom adventure, Uncharted Melaleuca tower maze to exploremultiple mystery! Is the knight in the world here.◆ play games, watch movies, chasing the story, the strongestsense of substitution!◆ Full 3D rotatable screen, CG-level skill effects!◆ high degree of freedom warrior culture of innovation!◆ itinerant adventure random adventure!◆ Fam Melaleuca tower maze to explore multiple mystery!Qin at first sight, for love and sign!1, the high degree of freedom warrior culture,Qinshiming all roles through the meridians, suits, domineeringselectively enhance the role and create the desired attributes forthe role tailor their tactics, fighting not only by Menke Hall,hire specific Menke joined the team in combat, and more story npcfought side by side.2, 100 kinds of roles faithful to the original, restoredclassicsQinshiming months 100% faithful to the role of a hundred kindsof anime original settings. We are familiar with ornate elementsskills, exclusive weapons, roles and relationships between roles,etc., will be 100% of the reduction in the game.4, CG skills burst effects, want you to look goodCharge skills, anger skills, combos, hundreds of special effectsskills absolutely explode your eye. Gagne's chic predicamenthundred flying sword, Ye Fei Wan Siming spend less beautifulstream, the emperor's Harbourside domineering unparalleled.4, diverse innovative gameplay experience for the ultimatestrategyQinshiming join the many innovative and creative play, PVEaspect "experience & Fam" "Thousands of machine building,""forbidden Labyrinth" and many other difficult copy mode allowsplayers to relive the classic games are played at the extremediversification strategy; and the tourney field , flames smokesignals, buddy trials hearty battle will be the best place forevery PVP players. Domineering, then let meridians precisionsetting role in the growth areas has become more challenging.5, the role of the original cast real anime dubQinshiming game cartoon characters used in all the real voice ofthe original cast, vivid interpretation of the true character! Alsoeach character skill moves, weapons, characters and other elementsare also feeling the fetters will be fully restored!More exciting, please visit Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/efunqsmyOfficial website: http://aqsmy.efunen.com/
Hero Dream 3.2.0
PLAY FOR FREE! NO.1 HOT & HIT GAME! Beready to join the fantasy world in Hero Dream! There are gorgeousscenes and various special effects of the battle! Card collection,fantastic hero evolve ways, competition or cooperation withmassively multiplayer, all this factors make the game easy tolearn, but difficult to master! More fun, more surprise! Couldn’twait any more? Let’s explore this mysterious land now!Players' Comments:★ "What an easy to play but not easy to reject game!"★ "Hero Dream is so interesting and lots of unknown things. It’salso made me "I never feel lonely in Hero Dream. Tens of thousandsof players are online at the same time!"THE NEW VERSION FEATURES:★New function: "Combo Skill". Combo heroes will activate comboskill during the battle. More than100 different Combo Skill!★New function: "Cross Server Guild Mine". Conquer the Crystal Minein Demon Battleground to collect Guild Resource.★New function: "Destiny Shop". No more Destiny Spin and just buywhat you want in Destiny Shop!★ New Function: “Jewelry Combination”. Jewelry can be upgraded toSuper Jewelry Card★New System: "Goal System". 7 Days Goals! Complete all the goalsand get a powerful 5-Star Hero.★New Heroes with awesome skill!★ Optimize functions. Unlock 2 Warehouse Slot each Level.FEATURES★ More than 140 heroes★ Rich and engrossing story line★ Interactive communication★ PLAY FOR FREE, vast rewards to claim★ Highly strategic collocation of the heroes.★ Dynamic skeletal animation system makes the battle more vivid andrealNone of any games would be able to challenge this game! As astrategic card game, Hero Dream is full of surprises andchallenges!Not everything is about power, Hero Dream requires quick wit andcareful planning. What you accomplish will only be limited by yourdesire and determination! Come and show your wisdom and courage.You are the super hero in the Hero Dream!Already a fan of Hero Dream? Like us on Facebook for the latestnews: https://www.facebook.com/vsplayhdFor business cooperation, please feel free to contact us [email protected]
Final War 1.5.2
Final War is a Real 3D ARPG mobile game! Three professions for youto choose from: Paladin, Swordsman, Berserker. Join the fantasticQuest and Plot to attack the monsters for the new magical world!You can enjoy 3D game experience and operate on user-friendlyinterface. You can invite your friends to join the battle. Come on!Let's fight together!Features>Slide with finger to fight!Slide with your finger to avoid attack easily and release theUltimate skill!Click the screen to move your character quickly!>Movable BattleYou can move your character adroitly and release skill at the sametime! Players can dodge the monsters' attack flexibly, and themonsters will follow your movement automatically which brings youunprecedented game experience.>PK always availablePk is available all the time anywhere! Enjoy the carefree fightingexperience whenever you see the enemy!>Quest System1. Main Quest2. Elite Quest3. Daily GoalAbundant tasks available for you! Enjoy the continuous fightingeveryday!>Guardian SystemEquip the Gods to help you in the battle!>Fight with your friend online!Team up with your friend to fight the boss together!>Special Equipment SystemUpgrade your gear to top level in Cast System.Gear and materials can be obtained from Dungeon.Collect the gear set to gain extra attributes.Come on! Invite your friends to join the battle together!Facebook:www.facebook.com/efunfwContact us:E-mail: [email protected]
仙国无双 1.6.0
一、新增内容1.仙羽系统2.灭国模式二、优化调整1.斗神场调整1)不再显示玩家等级、强化特效、时装武器2)斗神场内国王被击杀不再发送公告2.比武大会调整:不再允许在开启玉清圣境的情况下报名或者刷新属性,其他buff不受限制。3. 其他调整1)新增vip等级10,之前充值的额度累计有效2)充值消费活动增加一键领取功能3)排行榜增加互动功能三、Bug修复曾て邪魔の乱世,昏君は当政!三界遭遇天地浩劫,仙界眼看着事态日益恶化,决定将妲己等恶仙人赶出人界。しかし,仙界亦无意再接纳妲己等人。于是,他们在人界与仙界之间创造了新的“神界”,决定将恶仙人封在此处,これから、伝説の「封神の戦」と呼ばれる戦争が始まる!!※ 封神之路,见神杀神、遇魔杀魔,生死由你不由天!太公望、妲己、申公豹、哪吒、杨戬、黄飞虎、雷震子、纣王、李靖、姜太公……史上最华丽的仙魔之战!而你,就是这世界的主宰※ 360°3D场景,全视觉无死角,颠覆你的感官!采用Unity3D引擎打造极致光影特效,全3D唯美写实画风。封神榜经典场景重现,多变场景尽展仙侣情缘,人物动作骨骼Spine绘制,倾力打造栩栩如生的人物角色和逼真的动画效果※ 三国分天下,国王一声令下,千人攻城齐血拼共工、祝融、太昊,三国鼎立。兄弟情义、血脉羁绊,携手共拓疆开土,成就王者霸业。强国弱国,一决分胜负。※ 四大职业,炫酷特效,畅快厮杀爽翻天!最丰富的全景式PVP玩法,营造最血雨腥风的仙侠世界。激情BOSS争夺战、帮派群雄混战、多人团战一触即发。千人混战,強者生出之地!※ 海量经典副本完美重现,珍兽良器伴闯仙域自主造型、绚丽的时装,装点你的仙国之路,做不一样的自己;奇兵异器、威猛坐骑。伴你征战经典副本※踏破铁鞋无觅处,暮然回首,男神女神就在灯火阑珊处独创社交系统,更有仙国宝贝真人秀,各色美人鲜花榜上决高下。诸君可曾梦神功盖世,称霸武林的情景?诸君可曾想腰藏万贯,品一掷千金的痛快?诸君可曾想与万千美人共游,征战江湖?诸君可曾有一统天下,君临八方的誓愿?加入仙国无双,一起建造梦幻国度,为了荣誉而战。※联系我们※Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/efunxgws客服邮箱:[email protected]如有商务合作意向,欢迎邮件联系我们:business@efun.com-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In the Shang Dynasty, King Zhou had been baffled by Su Daji, an evil beauty who evolved from a nine-tailed fox. It makes man's world suffer unspeakably. In order to keep the balance of human, deity and devil, a legend started……※360°fully 3D makes you scream! Epic story, exquisite models, glorious sence and dazzling skills, just like watching a big movie you're making! ※Su Daji, Nezha, King Zhou of Shang, Jiang Taigong, and so on. Who lives? Who dies? It’s up to you!※Multitudinous PVP system, go PK with millions of players, fight to the end!  ※DIY your own character image, dress up and equip your role. Everyone is unique!※Particular social system, thousands of goddesses join the rank. Who is the most beautiful one?Beauties, wonderful mounts and pets, powerful weapons, cool to PK, etc. are all up here! The Most anticipated 3D’s MMORPG of 2014, now is in front of you. What are you waiting for? Let’s go head to head see who is best!------------------------For more details, please click in our facebook: www.facebook.com/efunxgws Or contact us via our customer service Email:[email protected] business cooperation intention, welcome email us: [email protected]
Elves Realm 1.7.2
A masterpiece of card game! You won't knowwhat fun a card game can bring you before you play Elves Realm.This summer, 1.5.0 version is coming! Elves Realm will take youinto a more powerful world! More challenge, more surprise! Are youready to join the Land Scramble? Do you want your name be shown onWall of Honor to make all the players know? Let’s join the NewVersion! Come on!1.5.0 New Functions:1.Land ScrambleIn Land Scramble you’ll be randomly distributed to Royal Guard orRebel Tribe, and then you’ll be a fighter or warrior of your owncamp. This time you can show your cards and ability here to makeyour opponents know.2.King of kingsKing of Kings is a Player Vs Player battling event. In this eventyou can choose 10 cards of Lv.15 from the cards system offered anduse them to battle with players. If you gather certain points inthe event, you’ll win corresponding rewards.3.Wall of HonorHere you can top players in your server and you can do your best tomake yourself on it. Then all the players can know you.★★"This game is so awesome and unique! Coolest game I had everplayed!"★★"The most addicting and beats all card games the available onAndroid by far!"★★"This game is awesome and addicting! Once you start you won'tstop!"FEATURES★ Over 200 different cards to collect + 250 uniquechallenges!★ Gorgeous graphic design, and user-friendly interface.★ Various Events-Only- Rewards!★ Highly Interactive!★ Interactive Community, create clans for cooperative play andbattle players in epic Clan vs. Clan battles!Like us on Facebook for the latest news:https://www.facebook.com/vsplayerFor business cooperation, please feel free to contact us [email protected]
仙域争霸 2.1.2
>> 仙魔大战 一触即发不是你死就是我亡!!<<****************************************************************************************开混沌,仙魔出,魔潜伏人间;上蜀山,伊人见,回眸一线天。战妖王,天书现,大战玄冥界,比武场,往事间,血洒纷纭前。吾等无所畏惧,吾等踩着弱者的鲜血,吾等终将踏上仙魔的王座。*****************************************************************************************===游戏背景===光明之后必有暗流涌动。接连两次惨遭大败的魔教中人暗中蛰伏,等待时机一雪前耻。二十年前,在新一代魔尊“血神老人”的带领下,魔教狂妄地对正道宣战,开始了浩浩荡荡的正魔第二次斗剑。魔教一败涂地。魔尊欲复原元灵却终被封印。某日。伴随着巨大的爆炸声,一股带着强烈魔气的黑烟飞快往峨眉飞来峰方向飞来。于此同时,一个懵懂平凡的峨眉弟子正在这里练剑。一切的传奇,就在这里开始……===游戏特色===★手机PK,就是这么爽。(注意:游戏太刺激,心脏承受能力弱者勿入!)告别不过瘾的次数限定,在万人大世界,随心所欲地PK厮杀!这是一个发泄压力、释放愤怒的超级大战场,快来挑战吧!谁能踩着弱者们的灵魂与身体踏上王者之路,谁能尊享无上的荣耀!★精致场景,尽享精美画面。惊艳绚烂的战斗技能特效,极致爽快连击的畅快打击感,史诗级的剧情,力与美的完美结合!★摇一摇,女神到。大话筛、对对碰、摇一摇,摇出御姐,萌妹子、一起来双修。让你一键交友,轻松无忧!★仙魔对战,超热血PVP。风云再起,战场厮杀,仙魔对决不死不休!自由掌控,随心所欲,何惧万人厮杀,在这里,你就是王!!★萌宠炫骑人人有最萌宠物、酷炫坐骑,你的伙伴由你决定!实力魅力双丰收,从此王者不寂寞!Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/efunxyzb客服邮箱:[email protected]如有商务合作意向,欢迎邮件联系我们:[email protected]>> fairy magicimminent war is not your death is my death! ! <<< /B>****************************************************************************************Open chaos, out of fairy magic, magic hidden world;Shushan, Iraqis see, Review Yixiantian.Battle the demon king, bible now, war Xuanming community,Tourney field, between the past, die in diverse ago.Wudeng fearless, Wudeng stepping weak blood, Wu Deng eventuallyembark magic fairy throne.*****************************************************************************************=== game background ===After the light must be simmering. Evil human brutally defeated twosuccessive secretly dormant, waiting for the opportunity beforeshameful.Twenty years ago, in the new generation of Mozun "Blood God oldman", led by Evil arrogantly declared war on the right way to starta second mighty magic sword fight now.Evil failure. To recover Mozun spiritual element but eventuallyseal.One day.Accompanied by huge explosions, with a strong surge of magic gassmoke coming fast towards Emei klippen direction.Meanwhile, an ignorant mundane Emei disciples are hereswordsmanship.Everything legend, it started here ......=== Game Features ===★ phone PK, is so cool.(Note: The game is too exciting, the weak capacity of the heart donot enter!)Limited number of farewell is not fun at people big world, want toPK fight!This is a vent pressure, releasing anger super big battle, come tochallenge it!Who's the weak stepping foot on the soul and body of the king ofthe road, who can enjoy the supreme glory!★ exquisite scene, enjoy the beautifulpictures.Amazing fighting skills gorgeous special effects, fun combat fluultimate refreshing batter, epic story, the perfect combination ofstrength and beauty!★ Shake, to the goddess.Westward screen, right right touch, shake, shake out the royalsister, Meng sister, together alike.Let your friends a key, hassle-free!★ fairy magic battle, super blood PVP.Revival, battlefield fighting, fairy magic duel dieendlessly!Gain control, arbitrary, why fear people fight here, you're theking! !★ Meng Chong Hyun riding Everyone hasThe most adorable pet, cool horse, your partner is up to you!Strength charm double harvest, since the king is not lonely!Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/efunxyzbCustomer Service Email: [email protected] business cooperation intention, welcome to email us:[email protected]
Immortal Blade 2.1.3
Are you ready for an exciting brand newrole-playing game experience? Immortal Blade is now waiting for youto join the battle with us! Join millions of players to have a newadventure in here and meet your destiny lovers!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------► A TRULY MASSIVE MULTIPLAYER EXPERIENCE- BATTLE whenever and wherever you like! All your needs can besatisfied in Immortal Blade!► THOUSANDS OF BEAUTY AND HANDSOME, FIND YOUR LOVE!- Just easily shake your phone to talk and play with new friends.To meet your fate in Immortal Blade.- Shake the Liar’s dice and Classic Matching, hundreds of casualgames help you to flirt your love.► WHO WILL YOU BECOME?- A Martial Saint, a deadly Martial Zealot, a super Divinity or apowerful Exalted Demon?- POWER UP yourself with weapons- FOSTERING your unique pets. Dragon, Unicorn, Phoenix, choose yourfavorite pet to be your companion.- UPGRADE magical gear and become the unmatched power.- FIGHT with different monsters and competitors as you are theking!► HOW WILL YOU PLAY?- Epic Fascinating Fairland as in dream- Follow the exiting story to complete different tasks- Lead Millions of Players to cross server battle and dungeonbattle to own the honors you deserve!To find out more fabulous secrets in Immortal Blade now!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------For more details, please feel free to contactus:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/efunimmortalbladeEmail: [email protected]
Ancient Fear 1.9.2
The peak of RPG in 2015 comes to you!With fantastic 3D frames, Ancient Greek mythology will be shown inyour eyes. You will be totally shocked by the new magic world whichis with carefree operation system and amazing battle.〓〓〓One finger to control perfectly 〓〓〓Slide to dodge easilyMove with releasing skills〓〓〓Guardian Fights With You〓〓〓To be Athena, Zeus or Goddess of the Dawn? It’s your choice.Diverse guardians and buff as you like.〓〓〓The normal equipment can be the most powerful〓〓〓The instance gives your equipment and make it stronger.You can obtain additional attribution after collecting set.〓〓〓Group Battle, Exclusive Instance, PVP〓〓〓One on One battle, group of monsters can be beat down easily.Exclusive instance of team and alliance, gather your friends andFight.PVP qualifier, Guardian will fight together.〓〓〓Fashion And Skill As You Like〓〓〓Diverse skills and serial attack as you want.Special fashion system to create exclusive constellation set※※※Warriors! Set foot on the journey to save the world with yourcomrades!※※※Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/efunaf
Transformers: Rising(Official) 1.0.17
Transformers: Rising, provided by Efun and officially licensed byHasbro, has landed with luxury FREE REWARDS!Lead Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and other cool Autobots in the Epicwar against Decepticons to protect Earth!Play with millions worldwide Transformers Fans! Build yourstrongest Autobots team and rule Cybertron! MORE THAN MEETS THEEYE!Worldwide unique official mobile game of TransformersFaithful to original, all characters in transformers includedThe game's story takes place in the original Transformer'suniverse, and deals with new exciting conflicts and enemies.Recruit classic Transformers and combiners to tackle the thrillingcampaign, battle other players, and take down the world boss!Game Features:Elegant Game DesignTransformers: Rising has an impressive visual aesthetic that willimmerse you in the Transformer's universe;All of Transformers: Rising's characters, gear, and backgroundimages are elegantly designed.Classic CharactersRecruit characters from the original Transformers universe andbuild your unique battle team.In addition, some specific Transformers will be able to form intopowerful Combiners, which will greatly enhance your battleteam.Diverse Team Development strategiesDevelop your favorite Transformers, upgrade powerful gear andabilities, and use many other functions to strengthen your battleteams.Exciting CampaignPlayers will be able to experience the classic stories from theoriginal Transformers series in Transformers: Rising's campaign.The fate of the universe is in your hands!The fate of the earth and the universe are in your hands! Join us!Right here! Right now!We would love to hear from you! Reach us at [email protected]: https://www.facebook.com/transformersEFUNVideo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCdYDPsQiyAFor business cooperation, please feel free to contact us [email protected] (R) and all associated characters are trademarks ofHasbro and are used with permission (c) 2015 Hasbro.
ล่าห้าพยัคฆ์ 2.2.5
มีใครอยากจะเล่นสามก๊กแบบเดิมๆ?ครองอันดับฮิตที่สุดใน Google Play จากจีน ญี่ปุ่น เกาหลี ไต้หวันด้วยกลยุทธ์ชั้นยอด + หญิงงามที่ "ขี่" ได้ +ระบบโซเชียลเชื่อมต่อทั่วโลก มันส์ได้เต็มพิกัดหน้าแดง มีหนวดแล้วต้องเป็นกวนอูตลอด? ทีมงานกราฟฟิกมือเทพกว่า 50ร่วมสรรสร้างเกมมือถือสามก๊กแบบที่คุณไม่เคยพบ!คุณจะได้พบกับความรักที่ไม่เคยเห็น เล่นเกมที่ไม่เคยเล่นได้รางวัลที่ไม่เคยมีเกมส์ไหนเคยให้ได้ที่นี่!อยากเล่นแบบไหนก็ได้ตามใจ เกมนี้คือเกมของคุณ!สมัครตอนนี้จะได้รับรางวัลล็อกอินมูลค่ากว่า 5,000 บาทพร้อมรับเตียวเสี้ยนหุ่นสะบึมได้ทันที แถมหากร่วมกิจกรรม ก็มีโอกาสได้iPhone 6 Plus พร้อมรางวัลมูลค่าสูงอีกมากมาย!===ฟีเจอร์แรงๆ===「ศึกแคว้นมวลมนุษย์ เป็นจ้าวแห่งชีวิต」ศึกแคว้นแบบการ์ด เกมแรกของโลก พร้อมศึกทัพรุกเมืองผู้เล่นทั้งเซิร์ฟร่วมออกสู้ เปิด PK แรงๆ!ที่นี่มีการต่อสู้ที่ไม่เคยหลับใหล อยากได้แบบไหนจัดที่นี่ได้เลย!「ตำหนักเล็ก ช่วยคุณสู่ความเกรียงไกร」นึกไม่ถึงละสิว่าในสามก๊กจะมีหญิงงามเยอะขนาดนี้ ?พวกหล่อนเป็นแหล่งความสำเร็จของชายชาตรี พร้อมช่วยคุณรบได้ทุกเมื่อ!ไม่ต้องอาย ชอบแบบไหนก็เลือกได้เลย!「จัดทัพ จัดกลยุทธ์ระดับเทพ」ขุนพลนับร้อย พร้อมสายอาชีพกว่า 6 แบบ เลือกได้ตามใจ!แต่ละสายแรงๆกันทั้งนั้น ไม่ว่าจะเป็นตัวไหน ก็คุมได้ในมือคุณ!「หนุ่มหล่อ สาวสวย รวมตัวในสามก๊ก คุยกันแบบตัวจริงเสียงจริง」ยังคงนอนไม่หลับเพราะไม่ได้เจอสาวสวยของตัวเอง?อัพโหลดดิสเพลย์แบบที่ต้องการได้ตามใจอยากโชว์ความสวยหล่อขนาดไหนก็จัดได้เต็ม!!แล้วคุณจะได้โด่งดังในโลกสามก๊กเกมกลยุทธ์ 18+ เกมแรกของโลก บุกรุกผู้เล่น นัดเดทกับสาวสวย ที่"สังหารคน" มีสิ่งที่คุณไม่เคยทำแน่นอนหากอยากรับข่าวต่างๆและกิจกรรมคุ้มๆเป็นคนแรกก็ ติดตาม"ล่าห้าพยัคฆ์" ได้เลยเฟนเพจ Facebook: www.facebook.com/efunwhjthWhowants to play the Three Kingdoms old? . Ranked the most popular in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan,Google Play Strategy elite + Female beauty "Ride" has lots + socialconnections around the world. The full gameFlush with a mustache and a Kwnao all? The graphics for the godsthan 50 co-create mobile game Three Kingdoms series you've nevermet!You will find the love that never see. Play never Play Winning hasnever been a game I've been here! I want to play anywhere This gameis your game!Subscribe now to receive a prize worth 5,000 baht log withsplinters Robot Zhang laden immediately. If I had the opportunityto participate iPhone 6 Plus with prizes worth more!=== === Feature strong「regional war mankind.The masters of life ", .France is the world's first trading card game battle with an armyoffensive in the war. Both players joined the server to open alittle PK! This is the battle that never sleeps. What kind Here itis!「smallpalace. Allows you to magnify 」.It was inconceivable that the Three Kingdoms is a beautiful womanlike this? Her success as a fighter. Battle ready to help you atany time! Do not be shy like me choseit!「formation. The strategy I 」.Hundreds of military occupation with a choice of 6! Each of themfirmly Whether it is a It's worth it foryou!「young girls gathered inthe Three Kingdoms. Well, a real Real Audio ", .Still not sleep because I have not met a pretty girl of my own?Upload, display, looking to indulge. I want to show how beautifulit is full !! Then you will have the world famous ThreeKingdoms.The first game of the invasion strategy game 18 players. Make adate with a beautiful girl "murdered" There are things you've neverdone it.If you get good news andis the first track, "The hunt for Tiger," not yet.Stephen Page Facebook:www.facebook.com/efunwhjth
赤壁:一统天下 1.0.6
“二龙争战决雌雄, 赤壁楼船扫地空。”--《赤壁:一统天下》*2015年画面最精美的3D国战策略手游*排兵布阵,兵种相克,英雄组合技,给你前所未有的创新体验!=============================☆只要你来玩,我们就送iPhone6 plus!如此好礼,别说我们没告诉您!XDD=========必玩理由=========1.4 X 8格DIY阵容,排兵布阵,出奇制胜2.26种英雄组合技能,技能连招,千变万化3.弓兵,骑兵,枪兵,兵种相克,考验谋略4.粒子级3D战役画面,刻画恢弘战斗场景5.封地,试炼,战役等海量玩法,乐此不疲=========游戏简介=========《赤壁:一统天下》以三国赤壁之战为故事背景,集武将收集、培养、三国武将排兵布阵玩法集一体。全3D气势恢宏的场景刻画,拥有各种特色技能的三国猛将,结合强大的装备系统,上千种阵容搭配变换,海量的国战副本、3D恢弘战役对决场景,群雄争霸,风云再起!=========排兵布阵 一统天下=========4X8格自由搭配武将阵容。骑兵冲刺,弓兵贯射,枪兵紧随其后,尽显排兵布阵策略能力。运筹帷幄之中,决胜千里之外,秒杀敌人快感更加强烈。三国武将英雄任你挑选! 组建自己的武将阵容,古典美女伴你驰骋江山! 拼武将更拼头脑,没有最强的武将,只有最强的阵容!=========合击大招 全屏华丽释放=========武将缘分互配,触发超强合击大招!技能动画满屏释放,战火连天,冲击你的眼球!赵云、黄忠、马云禄:西蜀良将!典韦、司马懿、郭嘉:魏之鬼才!=========全3D场景 精致而宏伟=========Unity 3D最强引擎制作,全新3D的武将英雄,气势磅礴的战斗场景。犹如亲临战场,一统天下之快感。国色天香的绝代佳人,搭配刚毅无双的三国神将,助你一统三国! 佳人与天下,我都要!=========海量副本 免费抽大将=========海量副本,热血澎湃的三国经典战役,配合全新战斗元素,犹如置身于三国,与历史名将阵前对垒,痛快!关凤,赵云,马超,张飞…乱世英雄武将免费抽取,一统天下,指日可待!《赤壁:一统天下》为你营造一个傲视群雄、夺取威名的三国世界。天下,就在你手中!———游戏服务———如您在游戏中遇到任何问题或有任何建议,欢迎随时联系我们,我们将竭诚为您服务!Email:[email protected]:https://www.facebook.com/efuncbyttx"Two male and femaleneverfought against the dragon, Cliff House Boat sweeping empty."-"Chibi: unified"* 2015 picture of the most beautiful 3D hand travel thecountryfighting tactics* Formations, the arms of grams, hero combos, to giveyouunprecedented creative experience!=============================☆ As long as you play, we send iPhone6 ​​plus!So manners, not to mention we did not tell you! XDD========= will play grounds =========1.4 X 8 grid DIY lineup, formations, surprise2.26 kinds hero combination of skills, skills evenmove,ever-changing3. archers, cavalry, spearmen, arms of grams, theteststrategyThe particle level 3D battle screen, portraying grandbattlescenes5. fief, trials, and other mass campaign play, bored========= Game Description ========="Red Cliff: the dominance of the" Battle of Chibi background forthestory, set generals collect, cultivate, three generalsformationsplay one set. Full 3D magnificent scene portrayed, withall thecharacteristics of the Three Kingdoms Reggie skills,combined withpowerful equipment systems, thousands line withtransformation, thenational war copies massive, 3D grand battleduel scene, anybody'sgame, revival!========= formations dominate the world =========4 X 8 grid free with generals lineup. Sprint cavalry archersshootconsistently, Marines, followed by a full strategiccompetenceformations. Devised strategies, winning thousands ofmiles away,kill the enemy more intense pleasure.You pick any three generals hero! Up his own generals lineup,youride with classical beauty country! Generals to work hardertofight the mind, not the strongest generals, only thestrongestline-up!========= punch big move gorgeous full-screenrelease=========Generals fate with each other, triggering powerful punch bigmove!Skills animations full screen release, war prevails, theimpact ofyour eye!Zhao Yun, Huang Zhong, Ma Yunlu: West Sichuan good will! Wade,SimaYi, Guo Jia: Weiofdevil!Full ========= ========= 3D scenesophisticatedand ambitiousUnity 3D strongest engine production, new 3D generalsheroes,magnificent battle scenes. Like visit the battlefield,thedominance of the pleasure.Aromatic peerless beauty, with unparalleled fortitude of thethreeGod will help you dominate the three! Beauty and the world, Ihaveto!========= free copy of pumping massivegeneral=========Massive copies, blood surging three classic battle, fightingwiththe new elements, like being in the three countries, withthehistorical name sounding confront each other, happy!Guan Feng, Zhao Yun, Ma Chao, Zhang Fei ... troubled herogeneralsfree extraction, dominate the world, just aroundthecorner!"Red Cliff: world domination," for you tocreatea sharper, Wal-Mart of the three countries in the world towin. Theworld, is in your hands!--- gaming service ---If you experience any problems in the game, or have anysuggestions,please feel free to contact us, we will be happy tohelp you!Email: customer[email protected]:https://www.facebook.com/efuncbyttx
进击吧!大王 1.02
《进击吧!大王》首款三国卡牌养成+COC玩法!满足你所有进攻欲望!超容易上手COC玩法升级,首款卡牌养成系统助阵!带兵群殴对手,想进击就进击!随心所欲建立你的主城地盘,打造固若金汤的霸主领土!全新打造超强武将养成体系,几百兄弟帮你打江山!铁血结盟,刎颈之交,军团对战,兄弟之情牢不可破!万事俱备,只欠你啊!大王,进击吧!>> 千军万马一指上手,COC即时战略系统,简洁操控方式,排兵布阵DIY,群殴对手好轻松!>> 随心所欲的主城建设,私人订制的专属军队,互帮互强的铁血联盟,桃园结义的豪气冲天。>> 吕布、赵云、司马懿…无数豪杰,听候大王差遣!丰富养成系统,培养自己喜爱的武将,就连廖化都能当大将!>> 军团模式社交,完美的军团招募,集合志同道合的战友一同进攻,无往不利!>> 战友召集仇敌厮杀,独特的仇敌设定,让你有仇报仇,加倍奉还!仇敌松懈,立刻反攻夺回荣誉!>>火云扇、青龙偃月刀、丈八蛇矛……上千种三国宝物随你收集!资源生产、装备掉落、碎片合成、系统奖励,多样的获得方式让收集控轻松拥有珍稀国宝!》》七星坛、点将台、酒馆、军团、演武场……各式各样帅气建筑随你建造!想做称霸世界的大将军?还是想当富甲一方的大地主?你的三国地盘,当然由你做主!装了枪,上了膛,热了血,开了挂,那就进击吧!大王------------※联系我们※Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GameBQSG客服邮箱:[email protected]如有商务合作意向,欢迎邮件联系我们:[email protected]
将魂online 1.0.43
将魂Online,首创玩家实时对战,与你对战的不再是冷冰冰的系统机器人,比拼头脑策略。君子报仇,只争朝夕,真人PK,所有恩怨线上解决!将魂Online还可自由选择组合超过100位名将、700多种技能、24个特色兵种等特色搭配,打造属于玩家最独一无二的专属军团!【游戏特色】※真人实时PK,即时战场交锋,谁将是征战三国无敌手?※百余位三国名将,猛将升星,备神装,战场上一夫当关!※百变阵型、技能搭配,透过实时技能的选择让你掌握战场节奏!※自由搭配武将和兵种,军团移动变幻冲锋、远攻、截击、包抄,完美体现战场的瞬息万变!※手控大招,炫技出击,先手技能掌握先机,后手大招给与对手致命打击!【主要玩法】群雄逐鹿,抢钱抢资源,剑指富饶之地,挥军直上随机勤勉挑战、悬赏模式,让你免储值也能与土豪一较高下!三大PVE路线: 经验、官职、装备,上百张地图与故事让你目不暇接最强自由组合 掌握克敌先机※最高自由度的搭配让你称霸天下。※武将职业、专属技能、阵型的搭配,掌控胜利,谋事在人!※需要高攻击,回血,辅助?搭配 完全取决于主公的智慧!兵团碾压 排兵布阵玄机妙算※兵种齐全,多达29种各具特色兵种任君挑选※自主加持兵种属性,打造专属主公的无敌阵容※兵种间相互克制,考验你的排兵布阵,逆袭随时发生巅峰之战 真人PK※巅峰之战,实时PK之地,策略对战一较高下,被抢钱、抢粮还能忍? 实时报复只有将魂Online!※匹配对战让你挑战群雄、大杀四方!※朋友间分个高低,你才是将魂中的无双猛将!※联系我们※Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jianghunonline客服邮箱:[email protected]如有商务合作意向,欢迎邮件联系我们:[email protected]
KO Fighter 1.0.0
KO Fighter-The hottest 3D fighting RPG! Hey!Come to Challenge the Gangdom of school! Become the King of fighterin school!! Collect all the strong fighters, weapons and powerfulskills. Start your journey and seek hegemony for allschools!!Gameplay & Features:=Awesome Skills=Melee attack, single attack, defense, the most abundant skills’system, upgrade the skills according to your own needs and releasethe awesome skills!! Eliminate your enemies=Fighter Development=Unique spell system, strengthen your power and stats! More than 100fighters, recruit & train your own fighters, build the bestteam for fighting!=Various Gameplay=Different levels and gameplay! Gangleaders are waiting for yourchallenge! Do you want to seek hegemony for all schools? Let’s beatall the opponents!=Ultra Strong weapon=Match the powerful weapons with your fighters for strongest powersand stats!=Fight with beauty=The hero rescues beauty!! Meet the true love with schoolbabe!!Who will be the next king in school? Come on! Fighters!Contact us:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KOFighterGameE-mail: [email protected]
Lolita Crush 1.1.2
Rescue the stunning belles by playingMONOPOLY!? That’s an absolutely amazing and exciting thing!Go after the belles, get the bless of Goddness and fortuna andfight with the beast in the Neverland. Is that real!?Wanna have a fantasy adventure? Here is your chance. Your journeybegins with our game!=Game feature=❤Charming Belles❤There are over 100 belles in the game to play and flirt withyou.After developed, it will become more and more tempting.❤Creative Plays❤Beauty or the beast? Similar Monopoly plays will lead you throughvarious plots and make your journey full of adventure.❤Original Cartoon❤1080P Full HD, gorgeous battlefield and vivid Cartoon! All thesewill give you a wonderful visual feast . It is time to say goodbyeto the old-fashion style.❤Original Storyline❤Four comic, the most interesting and Vivid Cartoon of all!Theexclusive four comic storyline will bestow a different experienceand infinite fun upon your fantasy journey.❤Develop System❤The developing system can give you different ways to learn moreabout your belles and conquer them. You can do whatever you want toyour girls.What are you waiting for? Come and join us in chasing dream girlsand become the master in the world of belles!Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lolitacrush/
官人我要 4.2.3
官人,你听到了来自各色妹子的娇喘呼唤了吗?血脉喷张的你还在等什么!赶快登入游戏征服各路女神吧!你从这里进入,一路向西,最后完成‘扶桑千人斩’的终极目标!《官人我要》是一款穿越题材的奇幻卡牌巨作。现实太过残酷?那不如穿越到梦境里做大官人。携手傲娇悟空,并肩倾城貂蝉,巧识刘关张,智斗白骨精,险救聂小倩,万千妹子翘首以盼,等你脚踏七彩祥云而来,英雄救美!你还在犹豫什么?“大官人”不玩不幸福!===越看越爱的游戏特色===:1. 数百张女体卡牌。万千妹子波涛汹涌,凹凸有致!人物角色更是采用立体感十足的造型,区别于传统的2D卡牌人物设计!2.大富翁式冒险玩法。掷骰子走格子,搞怪随机事件层出不穷。卡牌战斗新体验,玩的就是心跳!前面是美女还是猛兽,那就要看看你运气如何喽!3.热血澎湃的剧情。虾米?!孙悟空,曹操还有桃园结义三兄弟都变成正妹?霸主为你所用了,名將被你收归胯下了,连苍老湿都…唉唷,如此热血、如此天马星空,只有《官人,我要》才能给你!4.著名漫画师操刀四格漫画。精美的画风,突破老梗枯燥游戏模式,爆笑的剧情和KUSO对白让你欲罢不能!温馨提示:笑死人不偿命哦!5. 斗法系统。斗法战争一触即发,谁将会是问鼎天梯赛成为最强霸主!6. 掠夺碎片。女体战队急待你的强化!只有强化了我们,才能‘深入地’了解我们哦!你还等什么呢!官方Facebook 入口:https://www.facebook.com/efungrwyHusband, you hear a callfrom colored Jiaochuan sister yet? Agonistic what are you waitingfor! Login to the game quickly conquered the goddess and thebrightest it!You enter from here, all the way west to finalize 'Fuso thousandsof people cut' ultimate goal!"Husband, I want" is a fantasy card through the theme masterpiece.Reality is too cruel? It is better to do Tai Guanren through to thedream. Hand in hand playfully Wukong, alongside Allure Diao Chan,Liu Guan Qiao know, fry White-Boned Demon, dangerous rescue NieXiaoqian, thousands of highly anticipated sister, so you pedalcolorful clouds come, hero to the rescue! What are you waiting for?"Da Guanren" does not play is not happy!=== === Imagined love of the game features:1. Hundreds of female body cards. Thousands sister rough,convex! Characters is using the full three-dimensional shape,different from the traditional 2D card character design!2. Monopoly-style adventure games are played. Craps go plaid,Funny random events abound. Card battle a new experience, play isthe heart! In front of a beauty or beast, it would be just howlucky you myself!3. The blood surging story. Shrimp? ! Monkey, Cao Cao alsoTaoyuan three sworn brothers have become attractive girl? Overlordwork for you, and you name will be reverted to the crotch, even theold wet all ... Aw, so passionate, so Pegasus Star, only "Husband,I want" in order to give you!The famous comic comic division surgeon. Exquisite style,breaking the old stems boring game modes, story and hilariousdialogue KUSO you let them go! Tips: laughable to attractivenessOh!5. The battle of wits system. Battle of wits war imminent, whowill become the strongest tournament ladder aspirationsoverlord!6. plunder debris. Female body to strengthen your team urgently!Only strengthen us, to 'in-depth' for us, oh! What are you waitingfor it!Official Facebook entry: https: //www.facebook.com/efungrwy
乱世揸fit人 0.7
失控的历史,跨时代的乱战!神级SLG手游《乱世揸Fit人》2016带你穿梭时空,做大佬!!登录7天就送橙色武将:张辽吕布做你马仔!新玩家首周即可获得30000元宝超强福利,轻松揸Fit上位。=========================================*征战失控历史,乱世由我话事!跨越春秋战国、三国、隋唐!*还原乱战场面,内政外交,商品交易,统领三军鲸吞天下!*300多位历史顶级神级免费招募,穿越时空成为你麾下武将!*38种强悍兵种,100+随机副本,超2000中战斗阵型,城战、野战、竞技场、远征西域,决战八荒,巩固自己的地盘,掠夺更多的领土,做真正的揸Fit人!*乱世一向我大晒,我玩晒!劈友最高境界!---揸Fit上位之路:【收小弟为你而战 壮大你的军团】跨越春秋,楚汉、三国、隋唐五千年历史,项羽、刘邦、诸葛亮、吕布、李世民、武媚娘……绝世英雄全部做你马仔!带兵、选兵配将,自由养成!不是好汉不聚头,不是猛龙不过江!【大阵仗 30V30跨时代国战】首创30V30战场,60只部队同屏大战;300多种战斗阵型,兵将自由搭配,合体作战解放双手,单手操控百万大军!【田忌赛马 点将PK 】革新点将PK玩法,出战有策略,多种作战模式,单挑、群殴,见招拆招,用战术压制对手!!【国与国的PK 龙争虎斗】楚、汉、隋、唐、晋、魏、蜀、吴八大属国阵营登场,城战、抢矿、支援盟国、守卫国都、强悍BOSS,万人同屏对战,唔打唔舒服!!龙争虎斗,谁是最后赢家!【统领劲抽兵团】真实还原古代冷兵器战场,骑兵冲锋、步兵近身搏杀、弓箭手远程击杀;多兵种协作,统帅三军,冲锋陷阵。打造超强悍专属军团,38种劲抽兵种,武将兵仔联合作战,一起打江山!【玩转朝政、美人】统领三军增加战力,内政巩固你的统治,外交强大你的王国,谋略手段,助你一统江山;全新红颜收集玩法,模拟真人社交,貂蝉、西施、武媚娘万千绝色美女任你选;个性化养成,亲密互动,你系揸Fit,想点玩就点玩!官网链接:http://smcy.efunen.com/FB粉丝页:https://www.facebook.com/efunls/客服邮箱: [email protected] history,cross-age spared! Level SLG hand of God Tour "troubled times ZhaFit people" 2016 space shuttle to take you, do big brother! !Log seven days send orange generals: Zhang Liao Bu do youcowboys!New players can get the first week 30000 ingot superbenefits, relaxed Zha Fit host.=========================================* History campaign out of control, I was troubled by the wordsmatter! Across the Spring and Autumn, Three Kingdoms, Sui andTang!* Restore spared from war scenes, domestic and foreign affairs,commodity trading, command the armed forces swallowed world!* More than 300 top-level of God free recruitment history, throughtime and space to become your arm generals!* 38 kinds of powerful arms, 100 + random copy, Super 2000 battleformation, urban warfare, field, arena, Western expedition,glorious battle to consolidate their own sites, plunder moreterritory, to do the real Zha Fit people!* I have always troubled big sun, I play the sun! Friends of thehighest realm split!--- Zha Fit upper road:[Radio brother fight for you to grow your Legion]Across age, Chu, three, five thousand years of history of the Suiand Tang, Xiang Yu, Liu Bang, Zhuge Liang, Lu Bu, Li Shimin, Wu MeiNiang ...... peerless hero to do all you cowboys! Troops, soldierswith the election, the Liberal develop! Not a hero not gather head,but not the Raptors river![big parade 30V30 National War Era]First 30V30 battlefield, 60 troops with the screen war; 300 kindsof battle formation, soldiers with freedom, fighting fit handsfree, one-handed manipulation million troops![Tian Ji's horse point PK]PK innovative point play, play strategically, a variety of combatmode, singled, gang fights, adopted piecemeal, with tactics tosuppress opponents! !Enter the Dragon PK [between countries]Chu, Han, Sui, Tang, Jin, Wei, Shu and Wu eight vassal camp debut,urban warfare, grab mine, support allies, guarding the capital,powerful BOSS, people with screen battle, fight Well Wellcomfortable! ! Enter the Dragon, who is the final winner![command] Corps pumping freshTrue to the ancient battlefield of cold weapons, assault cavalry,infantry close fight, archers remote kill; combined armscooperation, commander of the armed forces, strikes. Exclusive tobuild ultra-powerful corps, 38 kinds of fresh pumping arms,military generals Aberdeen joint operations, seized political powertogether![Fun affairs of state, beauty]Command of the armed forces to increase combat power, toconsolidate the internal affairs of your reign, your kingdom strongdiplomacy, strategy means to help you dominate the landscape; newcollection roots play, mimic human social, Diao Chan, beauty, WuMei Niang thousands of stunning beauty no matter how you choose;personalize develop, intimate interaction, you are really Zha Fit,want to play point to point to play! Official website link: http: //smcy.efunen.com/FB fan page: https: //www.facebook.com/efunls/Customer Service Email: [email protected]
神魔大陆 1.0.4
横扫寰宇秉生死、怒斩乾坤杀仇人,让你踏在敌人的尸首上向天下怒吼:“就凭你能奈我何?有话等你死了再说吧!”仙域争霸2,再续经典,让你一路PK到底!他不死,你就不要睡了!==游戏背景==光明之后必有暗流涌动。接连两次惨遭大败的魔教中人暗中蛰伏,等待时机一雪前耻。魔教一败涂地。魔尊欲复原元灵却终被封印。…………如今魔教逐渐恢复,笼罩了整片魔境二十四年的封印已经濒临崩溃,原本富丽丰饶之地,也随着魔教复苏,彻底沦为荒陲绝境。魔教徒众欲撕碎封印屠戮仙域,正道弟子则死守险关血染碧宵。一切故事还没完,带上你仇人的头颅,让这片土地充满血腥味吧!==游戏特色==★这里没有安全区,小心你脚下的头颅!在万人世界里,随心所欲地让你PK,24小时杀个不停!听说杀人可以转运!践踏别人的灵魂去征服这块土地,成为最强王者吧!★打BOSS还能掉装?!BOSS你来揍,装备归你所有!只要你能干掉BOSS,大量装备就是你的!就怕你干不掉!★兄弟结拜,带上你的帮会一起杀!帮会战!联盟战!武道会!各种帮派约战等你来!只要够兄弟,就能上场杀个片甲不留!★对了!还可以结婚转生!动动手指,美妻到手!让你可以实现荣誉美女双丰收!★坐骑宠物统统都可以拥有!最萌宠物、酷炫坐骑,你的伙伴由你决定!实力魅力双丰收,从此王者不寂寞!Facebook:www.facebook.com/efunxyzb2客服邮箱:customer_s[email protected] Universal Law oflife and death, anger cut heaven and earth to kill the enemy, soyou tread on enemy corpses roar to the world: "? Naiwo alone, youcan have if you die, then we'll talk!"Sin domain StarCraft 2, adjourned classic, so you all the way PK inthe end! He die, you do not sleep!== Background == GameAfter the light must be simmering. Evil Man brutally defeated twosuccessive secretly dormant, waiting for the opportunity beforeshameful.Evil failure. To recover Mozun spiritual element but eventuallyseal.............Evil is now gradually restored, enveloped the whole piece MagicLand, twenty-four years of the seal on the verge of collapse, theoriginal richly fertile land, along with the recovery of Evil,completely reduced to barren frontier impasse. Evil followers wantshredded seal killing cents domain disciples the right way to hangon insurance clearance bloody Bi Xiao.All the story is not finished, bring your enemy's head, so thatthis piece of land full of the smell of blood it!== Game Features ==★ There is no safe area, be careful of your feet head!People in the world, want to let you PK, 24 Xiaoshi kill non-stop!I heard that murder can be transported! Trample on someone else'ssoul to conquer the land, it has become the most powerfulking!★ playing BOSS can swap device? !BOSS beat you come armed with all yours! If you can kill BOSS, alot of equipment is yours! Afraid you can not afford to dry!★ sworn brothers, bring your gang to kill together!Gang warfare! Coalition warfare! Budokai! Various gang gatherswaiting for you! Brothers long enough, you can play to killPianjiabuliu!★ Yes! You can also get married reincarnation!Fingertips, American wife hand! So that you can honor the beauty ofthe double harvest!★ mounts all pets can have!Most Meng pet, cool horse, your partner is up to you!Strength charm double harvest, from the king not lonely!Facebook: www.facebook.com/efunxyzb2Customer Service Email: [email protected]
Super Armada 1
Super Armada! Ayo MenjadiPenguasaLautan!Game Strategi Kapal Perang yang belum pernah adaSebelumnya.Didukung dengan Fitur-fitur Terbaik dan tampilan 3D yangkeren!Bersiaplah menjelajahi dan Bertempur di Samudra iniEfek Spesial Game:1. GrafikDidukung dengan grafik tercanggih, puluhan para ahli yangtelahriset bertahun-tahun untuk menciptakan tampilan dan efekyangsempurna, siap memanjakan mata kalian semua!2. Tunjukkan Kecerdasan Dan Strategi-muSudah bukan zamannya Pay For Win, main pakai uang belum tentuhebatlho, karena disini membutuhkan strategi yang sangat rumit,butuhkomando yang cerdas dan cepat,. Ciptakan strategi terkuatuntukmenjadi Penguasa Samudra;3. Sistem PVP & PVE TerbaruLupakan game strategi yang lainnya, Rasakan teknologi perangPVPyang terbaru, tak peduli perang 1 Vs 1, ataupun perangrampokberamai-ramai dengan klan, yang dibutuhkan bukan hanyastrategi,tetapi kerjasama tim adalah kekuatan yang palingmutlak;4. Equip Tercanggih, SistemModifikasiAksesorisTunjukkan Strategi kamu disini, banyak peralatan danaksesoriscanggih yang siap mendukung kamu untuk mengalahkan musuhdanperompak jahat di lautan luas, ciptakan kombinasi yang unikdancapai kekuasan Tertinggi.Tunggu apalagi, buktikan keberanian dan kecerdasan kamu diSuperArmada, Rasakan dorongan adrenalin paling dashyat![Hubungi Kami]Jika anda menyukai game ini, atau menemukan masalah dansaran,jangan sungkan menghubungi kami dan berikan rating yah!Fb fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/IDSuperArmadaSuper Fleet!ComeBecome Ruler of the Ocean!Warship Strategy Game that has never existed Previous. Backed bytheBest Features and 3D are cool! Be prepared to explore andFought inthis oceanSpecial Effects Game:1. GraphPowered by the most advanced graphics, dozens of experts whohaveyears of research to create the perfect look and effects, readytospoil the eyes of all of you!2. Indicate Intelligence and Strategy-muIs not the time Pay For Win, the main use of money isnotnecessarily great, you know, because here requires averycomplicated strategy, took command of the smart and quick ,.Createa powerful strategy to become Ruler oftheOcean;3. The system of PVP and PVE RecentForget other strategy games, Feel latest technology PVP war,nomatter the war 1 Vs 1, or the robber war abuzz with the clan,whichrequired not only strategic, but teamwork is the mostabsolutepower;4. Equip most sophisticated, ModificationSystemAccessoriesStrategies show you here, lots of equipment andsophisticatedaccessories are ready to support you to defeat enemiesand evilpirates in the vast ocean, create a unique combination ofpower andachieve Top.Waiting for, prove courage and gumption in Super Fleet, themostnotorious Feel the adrenaline rush![Contact Us]If you like this game, or find the problem and suggestions, donothesitate to contact us and give ratings yah!Fb fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/IDSuperArmada
Chaotic Empire 0.5
Chaotic Empire offers a new simulation&strategy game based on Legendary Generals familiarwithglobal-recognized dark tales. Experience human and ghostbattles bytruly in stunning graphics and excellent effects! Thetime has cometo fulfill your eternal glory as the most courageousEMPEROR atyour disposal!Ghosts that summoned from underworld are seeking you out topossessthose cowardly souls!•Legendary Generals!•Recruit Legendary Generals from the Spring and Autumn Period,theThree Kingdoms era, the Sui Tang Dynasties and so on to rewritethehistory such as Guan Yu, Cao Cao, Zhuge Liang even Lv Bu alongtheway!! Use their mighty skills and plow your road tovictory!•Human And Ghost Battles•Four different occupations- Warrior, Cavalry, Archer, andTactician.Enhance your disposal by different collocation to fightagainst theenemies. And you can change and adjust your disposal atany time todefeat the formidable adversary.•ENDLESS WAR•Became a part of history! Finish scenario quests that are basedonevents from the epic wars of classical Chinese history. Ruletheworld of The Haunted Dynasty by defeating new comings-devils,ghosts, demons and zombie.•Godly Equipment•Collect unique and exotic equipment based on mythologicalcreaturessuch as Phoenix, Dragon or Tortoise, each with its ownspecialpowers!•Became the EMPEROR•Think you got what it takes to become an emperor? Recruit talentsofthe whole world to prove your might, and make your own disposalbethe strongest of them all!•Play Together To Claim Big Bonuses•Challenge players all around the world in numerous ways andevenacross servers.Interact with your friends and take part in a variety offunchallenges! More friends equal greater rewards!------------FaceBook:https://www.facebook.com/efunch/Customer Service: [email protected]
三剑豪 1.9.50
**有兄弟,才敢叫嚣**三剑豪---韩国、台湾排名第一的3D竞技+动作武侠手游!非玩不可的江湖,兄弟一起血战到底!武侠单打终结者,独创三侠1体战斗模式,畅快淋漓的车轮激战!拳拳到肉,刀刀见血,真正爆破式打击感,根本停不下来!肆意江湖,即刻开始!《三剑豪》是一款以武侠为题材的即时类RPG手机网游,采用高动态范围(HDR)3D渲染技术,同时拥有国内顶级声优配音,从视觉和听觉给玩家带来立体享受。数百位经典侠客,集角儿扮演、养成策略于一身,体验最真实的江湖刀光剑影。独创双核心玩法——“3侠1体”类暗黑三操作和“自建关卡”异步PVP,让玩家在手机上完美体验ARPG即时战斗的爽快感。◆「独创三侠1体」享受真正的竞技,3组侠客阵容随心换,肉盾、治疗、近攻、远程任意搭,缘分属性组合加成爆增!拳王模式,超强输出,车轮战打Boss!◆「简单操作狂暴攻击」左手精准走位,右手大招绝杀,手动自动双结合,体验多人群攻竞技,真正爆破式输出,刺激爽快停不住手!◆「异步PVP 设计你自己的副本」设计独属于你自己的家园系统副本,设定各种怪物、侠客、boss迎接任何企图攻击你家园的敌人。你也可以冲击别人的家园副本,收获大量经验俘虏超多奖励哦~!◆「紧张剧情搭配副本」剧情丰富紧凑,藏宝图,破解谜团,青蛛猛毒,加上单人团体副本,通天塔,噩梦地窖,邪恶护法,闪电刺客…等你来挑战!◆「天赋系统装备升级」战斗治愈天赋,五行强化系统,额外加成属性,全部都能自由调配!武器内甲护腕皆能装备升级,主角级别金手指全开!◆「单反级别优质画面」Unity官方强烈推荐,顶级产品,超清画质,带给你最真实的江湖,爱恨情仇剪不断!官方粉丝页:https://www.facebook.com/efunsjh/** There arebrothers,dare clamor **Hao swords --- South Korea, Taiwan ranked first 3D actionmartialarts athletics + hand travel! Non-playing can not be dead,brothersbloody battle in the end!Martial arts singles Terminator, the original Romance 1 battlemodebody, dripping wheels battle!Sincere to the meat, knife with blood, blasting strikes realsense,do not stop!Wanton arena and immediately begin!"Swords ho" is a martial arts theme of the immediate classRPGmobile games, high dynamic range (HDR) 3D renderingtechnology,also has the country's top voice actors voice,fromthree-dimensional visual and auditory bring enjoyment totheplayers. Hundreds of classic knight, set the angle ofchildrenplaying, to develop a strategy to experience the mostrealisticarena swords. Original dual-core games are played - "3 Man1 Body"category Diablo III operations and "self level" asynchronousPVP,allowing the player on the phone perfect experienceShuangkuaiganARPG immediate combat.◆ "Romance a unique body"Enjoy real competition, the three groups knight lineup Xpress,humanshields, treatment, recent attack, a remote arbitrary ride,fatecombination of attributes bonus explosion! Muhammad mode,superoutput wheel battle, Boss!◆ "Simple violent attacks."Accurate left to walk, right big move lore, manual andautomaticdouble combination, more people experience the attackathletics,really blasting output, stimulate refreshing not stopStop!◆ "asynchronous PVP design your own copy."Design your own unique copy of homeland system, set all kindsofmonsters, knight, boss greet any attempt to attack yourenemieshomeland. You can also impact a copy of someone else's home,gain alot of experience over many prisoners reward Oh ~!◆ 'tense drama with a copy of the "Drama rich compact, treasure map, solve the mystery, greenspidervenom, plus a copy of the single groups, Babel, cellarnightmare,evil law enforcement, lightning assassin ... waiting foryou tochallenge!◆ 'talent system and equipment upgrades "Fight cure talent, the five elements to strengthen the system,abonus property, all of them free to deploy! Weapon BracersJienengequipment upgrades, the protagonist level Goldfingerfull!◆ 'SLR picture quality level. "Unity official strongly recommended, top products,ultra-clearpicture quality, to bring you the most realistic arena,both goodand bad helpless!Official fan page:https://www.facebook.com/efunsjh/
Maid Sama 1.10
***CLASSIC FANTASY RPG******REAL-TIME RPG BATTLES******HUNDREDS OF HEROES******MILLIONS OF PLAYERS******FREE TO PLAY***GAME FEATURES===Hundreds of Heroes===- With over 500 Legendary heroes to summon and collect!- Power up your heroes and uncover powerful skills!- Assemble your ultimate team and lead them to victory!===Real-Time Guild War===- Join a Guild and share the thrill of combat with your bestfriends!- Epic Guild Wars! 20 vs 20! Assemble the most powerfulguild.- Hire powerful guardian to protect your guild!- With the Strongest Tactics, destroy your enemies!=== Intense PVP Battles===- Arena mode for strong summoners to combat in!- challenge real players to get the champion in ranks!- Receive rare equipment and other rewards!===Unique Town===- Create your own unique town!- Upgrade resource fields and gather different kinds ofresources!- Collect harvest materials and synthesize potions or craftpowerful equipment!
Legendary-5v5 MOBA game 1.0.60
1. New main interface2. Add Player Clan system3. Open Ladder4. More new heroes and skins5.Optimizing other functionsThe best MOBA game in 2017. One minute to become legendary!“First Blood, GANK, Penta Kill, ACE… …”Yes! Legendary is the most popular MOBA game in 2016. Play 5v5battles with the global players. Just one minute, you can becomethe legendary in the game. Do not hesitate to show off yourstrategies and manipulation! GANG UP!! Gather your friends to playtogether! Over 100 heroes’ skins are waiting for you to select. TheGroup Battle is on! What are you waiting for? Come and get theFirst Blood![Game Feature]-5v5 battles10 Man Battles, 5v5 real-time battles against millions of otherplayers! Strategically defeat your enemies on all new interactivemaps!-One minute to become legendary.It’s so easy to play and will not take you a lot of time. You canbe the legendary within one minute. Eight minutes, you can finishthe game.-GANG UP. Fight with your friends.You can gather your friends in a team to fight against otherplayers. Where are your bros? Bring them in!-Over 100 heroes’ skins are waiting for you to select.Mechs, Ancient defenders, Legend heroes… … There are so manygorgeous heroes’ skins are waiting for you-Not just PVP, but also PVE.There are also many combat modes for you to fight. It will never beboring![Contact Us]Offical Website:legendary.efunen.comOffical Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/EfunLegendary/Customer Service:[email protected] Wechat ID:efunyxry
Perang Hunter 1.1
Game Indonesia pertama yang memungkinkan Andamelakukan perang klan secara bersamaan dengan Teman anda! Denganpetualangan yang penuh dengan Kejutan, anda akan dibawa pada duniayang penuh fantasi! Dan jadilah Hunter Terkuat untuk melepaskanDunia Dari Kerajaan Dosa dan selamatkan dunia!!Fitur permainan:# Sistem sosial yang lebih lengkap* Bebas mengganti Job karakter# Bebas melakukan transaksi dalam game* Perang klan secara bersama dengan teman# Kostumisasi KarakterInformasi Fitur permainanKalian bisa melakukan pertemanan, karena Game ini dibekali denganChat window yang memiliki fitur rekam suaraBersiaplah menjadi Raja Hunter dari semua server yang ada, lewatpertempuran 3 lawan 3 dengan para hunter yang lainPara Hunter dapat melakukan pergantian job karakter sebagaiPendekar Pedang, Master tinju sihir, slayer, dan Master senjata.dan semua mempunyai banyak cara untuk memperkuat karakter yang andainginkan.Hunter anda dapat menjadi berbeda lain Dari yang lain dengan adanyafitur kostumisasi yang sangat kaya, dengan adanya jubah, hewantunggangan, senjata yang keren, serta sayap HunterSetiap karakter memiliki efek pertempuran yang berbeda dan akanmembuat anda pertempuran semakin berada dalam dunia pertempuran.Anda akan merasakan Slogan Game Pertempuran terseru di IndonesiaBukanlah sekedar nama. ---------Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/peranghunter/Situs Resmi:http://peranghunter.id.efunsea.com/Email Resmi: [email protected] first game thatlets you perform a clan war simultaneously with your friends! Withadventure full of surprise, you will be taken on a world full offantasy! And be Hunter Strongest to release World Of Sin kingdomand save the world !!Features of the game:# The social system is more complete* Non replace character Job# Free transact in game* War clan together with friends# Character CustomizationInformation Feature gameYou can make friends, because this game is equipped with a Chatwindow that has a voice recording featureBe prepared to be King Hunter of all existing servers, battlethrough three opponents 3 with the other hunterThe Hunter can do the job change of character as the Swordsmen,Master boxing magic, slayer, and Master weapons. and all have lotsof ways to strengthen the character you want.Hunter else you can be different from the others, with the veryrich customization features, with their robes, riding animals, coolweapons, as well as wing HunterEach character has a different battle effects and will make youfight more firmly in the world of battle. You will feel the sloganWargaming terseru in Indonesia is not just a name.---------Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/peranghunter/Official Website :http://peranghunter.id.efunsea.com/Official Email :[email protected]
破晓之战-全球同服多人实时国战MMORPG手游 1.0.3
Dragon Oath is a Free-to-Play MMORPG and with it´s superb 3D martial style the game shows you a legendary world from renowned Jin Yong’s work “Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils”. Vivid moves, classical storyline, various martial art sects, and fierce PVP are waiting for you. Train and equip yourself to be the martial master . Win or Lose are all in your hand! Features:Five Martial Art Sects.Five different martial art sects can be selected. Each sect has relevant specific features. Power Up, Level Up, and Gear Up to prepare your heroes in the challenge for campaigns.Real Time PK and Cross-Server PVP.To protect your honor, Players can challenge other art masters to experience the real time PK in the Martial Assembly. To protect the honor of your server, the Heroes Gathering mode can release your power to be the ultimate champion. Numerous Game Modes.Artifact System: Chasing for the dominating equipment.Partner Mode: You are not alone with the company of partner, beauty and mount.Guild Mode: Cooperate with your guild mates to earn the honor of the Top Guild.Wishing Pond: Huge rebate events for the players. Dive into the world of Dragon Oath and start your Adventure today!OfficialFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/1015806341808505/Customer-service Email:[email protected]
Benua Naga 1.1.2
Game Real-time MMORPG terpopuler dengan Sistem3D dan Semua Pemain VIP!Benua Naga adalah Game MMORPG real-time terpopuler saat ini,dilengkapi dengan grafik 3D yang memukau, Kreatif dan Semua pemainbisa menjadi VIP di Game ini.Login untuk mulai Petualanganmu Sekarang![Fitur]# Pemain dari Seluruh Penjuru Kota Bermain di Server yangsama# Real-time Perang Negara dilengkapi sistem voice chat yang buatPerang semakin Membara# Perang Negara tak Terbatas, buat kalian semua mendapat Pengalamanbaru# Bangun Negaramu, Perkuat penjaga, naikkan Rank Militer untukbertanding dengan Negara lain# Kumpulkan Bermacam Rekan dan ciptakan Kombo terbaik untukpengalaman PK yang Super[Gameplay][Strategi bermain]Login Setiap Hari untuk mendapatkan VIP GRATIS!Ambil hadiah Mewah VIP GRATIS hanya ada di Benua Naga![Perang Negara]Gabung dan rasakan Real-time Multiplayer PK Terdahsyat![Bertualang bersama Rekan]Kumpulkan dan Upgrade Rekanmu dengan skill dan atribut yangunikKontrol 3 Rekan mu dengan Skill Bantuan untuk menangkan Pertarunganyang Mendebarkan![Action Packed Missions]Unlimited tantangan di Dungeon! Misi Menyerang dan Bertahan,Tantang Boss Terkuat, dan Berburu Harta terlangka!Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BenuaNagagameGame Real-time mostpopular MMORPG with 3D Systems and All VIP Players!Dragon continent is real-time MMORPG today's most popular, comeswith stunning 3D graphics, Creative and all the players can be aVIP in this game.Log in to start the adventure now![Feature]# Players from Around the City Playing on the same Server# Real-time State of War include voice chat systems that make warincreasingly Membara# Unlimited State of War, for you all got new experience# Build Your country, Strengthen the guard, Military Rank increaseto compete with other countries# Collect Various Partners and created the best Kombo to experiencethe Super PK[Gameplay][Strategy played]Login Every Day to get a FREE VIP!Download FREE VIP Luxury gifts only in the continent dragon![State of War]Join us and feel the Real-time Multiplayer PK terdahsyat![Adventuring together Fellow]Collect and upgrade your partner with unique skills andattributes3 Controls Partners with Skill mu help to win the fight isthrilling![Action Packed Missions]Unlimited challenges in Dungeon! Mission Attack and Defense, BossChallenge the strongest and rarest treasure hunt!Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BenuaNagagame
Knights Saga-3D Real-time RPG 1.0.9
Knights Saga is the hottest real-timeglobalMMORPG with Superb 3D PK graphics, countless creativegameplay andall players VIP system.Play this online game with the global alliance! Login to forgeyourown saga right NOW![Features]#Global warriors combat in the same server.#Real-time nation war with voice chat could burn up yourbattledesire.#Countless nation wars let you have unprecedented(new)experience.#Develop your nation, enhance the guards and evaluate themilitaryrank to compete with other nations.#Collect various partners and make gorgeous combo for ultimatePKexperience.[Gameplay][Strategic Gameplay]Login everyday to get free VIP!Get huge VIP rewards for free only in Knights Saga![Endless Nation War]Join the real-time multiplayer PK to combat againstothernations.[Battle with Partners]Collect and customize your partners with unique propertiesandskills.Control up to 3 partners with original assisting skills tocompetefor victory in fast-paced fights![Action Packed Missions]Endless fun in dungeons, offensive and defensive missions,convoy,challenges of powerful bosses and treasureexploration!Facebook: www.facebook.com/efunKnightSaga/
Dear players,this game package is no longeravailable after the update of new version in Oct. 28th,pleaseremove this game package manually. Besides,please download the newgame package(version0.9.3; updated in Oct. 28th.2016) at this page.Please make sure you remove the old game package manually.Sorry for the inconvenience,thank you for your support andunderstanding.THE CHINESE HERO is a Free-to-Play RPG mobile game.It is based on the classic sword-play comics created by Hong Kongartist Ma Wing-shing.Vivid moves, classical storyline, various martial art sects, andfierce BOSS are waiting for you. Train and equip yourself to be themartial master. Win or Lose are all under your control.Features:Classic plots based on the original.The CHINESE HERO fans must be familiar with the plots about thestory and the game runs after this, too. Real fans shall beawakened by the memory of storyline which presented as originaledition.Real Time PK and street fighting.To make stronger, Players can challenge different bosses toexperience the real time PK in the Martial Assembly. Differentgroup battles bring you different power, so you have to collectmore heroes to make your team powerful. Street fighting which artsects are based on familiar scene can make you have an immersedsense.Stunt/Ultimate Skill.Classic ultimate skills experience such as "Justice and Honor","Oceanic Might", "Universal Toss" and so on. These skills are themost passionate part of CHINESE HERO. Power Up, Level Up, and GearUp to prepare your heroes in the challenge for bosses.Numerous Game Modes.Artifact System: Chasing for the dominating equipment.Partner Mode: You are not alone with the company of partner, beautyand mount.Hero Mode: Cooperate with your heroes you collect to fight againstthe bosses.Wishing Pond: Huge rebate events for the players.Dive into the world of CHINESE HERO and start your Adventure rightnow!*Contact Us*Offical Website:http://bloodsword.efunen.comOffical Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/TheChineseHero/Customer Service:[email protected]
超级群英传-新马版 找回你过去的战争记忆!
无限战争-新马第一RTS手游 2.0.0
无限战争-新马第一RTS手游Infinite War -MalaysiaRTS first hand tour
Mirage Memorial Global
Global Server launched! Popular JRPG with 5 million+ downloads inEast Asia!
Tales of Erin
Tales of Erin X Blazblue Collaboration, Here comes a newchallenger!
Three Kingdoms: Massive War 1.2.0
Innovative Strategy MMO Game! Endless Combats! NO Cooldowns!
Trial of Fate 1.2.0
Felicia, a world where many species once lived in peaceandprosperity, was struck by the Ominous Gate. The Great One’seffortto seal the Dynemperius, which swarm in through the gate,failed,leaving him no choice but to launch a war to seal theOminous Gate.In the fierce conflicts, the dimension was distorted.Athena, themember of the Great One family, descended on Felicia inorder toguide the Savior to the rescue of the land. You, as theSavior, istasked with this great cause by summoning goddess fromdifferentdimensions and fighting Dynemperius from every front forthe futureof the land. It’s more than just war but also a trial offate.Remember, the fate of the land eventually consists ineveryjudgment you make. Are you ready for the call of destiny?GoddessesAssemble Dubbed by famous Japanese voice actors, Lucifer,Michael,Athena and many other Goddesses are waiting for your call.Inaddition to the gorgeous exclusive skill effects, these heroinesofdifferent races and professions would counter one another, addingalayer of strategy in the customization of team lineup.tostrategize your team in the face of different enemies. TrialofFate Each hero has their own origin and story, and each time[thetrial of fate] will affect the progress of the story. Followyourheart to tell good from bad. This time, fate is for you todecide.Venture into Other Dimensions Travel between human, demonandheaven realms, expel the devil's forces...As thejourneyprogresses, you will fight against various opponents anddiscoverthe truth behind the chaos. Divine Arena Witnessed by God,competewith others in a Level playing field to prove your skill!Challengenow and create your legend! Demonic Palace Greedy monstershavestolen endless treasures. Fend off the demon army and thesurvivorwill earn massive XP and Gold. World Boss Create your ownguild,summon powerful guild bosses and gather allies to defeatthem! Stayalert, the World Boss may strike at any time! Beat it upwith yourfriends as soon as possible! Challenge from Zodiac PalaceEverystep you move in the Zodiac Palace, you have to face endlesswavesof enemies. Anyone who manages to complete all the challengeswillearn mountains of rewards. Contact us:[email protected]
Samkok Z 1.0.17
Samkok Z, Be The First to rule China, Build your empire.
Age of Chaos: Legends 3.9
2021 Next Gen Adventure MMORPG! Free SSR Battle Angel on Login!
REIGN-อาณาจักร3บัลลังก์ 1.2.27
Revolution Strategy Game older! Covers all over the world. Who'sbetter?
媚姬Online-跨服争霸 2.0.0
最具人气的策略RPG手游巨献--《媚姬Online》上线想坐拥江山傲视三国吗?谁说鱼与熊掌不可兼得?!《媚姬Online》就让你江山皆可掌握!你还等什么?!欢迎邮件联系我们:[email protected]
Armored God 1.0.9
Global Server is on. Compete with players from over 100 regions.
千人斩 4.2.3
Tank Storm 1.6.10
Awakening of Dragon 3.0.1
The anticipated Korean AAA MMORPG. A New Storm is Approaching!
CRISIS: S 1.3.6
A 3D FANTASYPUNK MMORPG. Long for Your Redemption!!!
射雕英雄传3D-金庸正版授权 2.3.2
梦回金庸,重铸经典!正版金庸授权,射雕英雄传手游强势登陆新马。 郭靖黄蓉再聚首,华山五绝再论剑!经典大侠重现江湖,武林再次掀起比武风云!