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Never Alone: Ki Edition 1.0.0
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“Stunningly poignant - and quite brilliant. 10/10.” - Eurogamer“Ki” is the Iñupiaq word for “Let’s Go!”, and now you can play theaward-winning indie hit on the go with Never Alone: Ki Edition.Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) is an atmospheric puzzle platformerdeveloped in collaboration with the Iñupiat, an Alaska Nativepeople, drawn from a traditional story that has been shared acrossthe generations. Experience the epic journey of Nuna and Fox asthey search for the source of an eternal blizzard that threatensthe survival of everything they have ever known. Guide bothcharacters as you trek through frozen tundra, leap acrosstreacherous ice floes, swim through underwater caverns and faceenemies both strange and familiar. On over 75 "Best of 2014" listsand winner of "Best Debut Game" at the 2015 BAFTA Games Awards aswell as "Game of the Year" and "Most Significant Impact" at the2015 Games for Change Awards, nearly 40 Alaska Native elders,storytellers and community members contributed to the making ofNever Alone. You'll explore awe-inspiring environments, performheroic deeds and meet legendary characters from Iñupiaq stories —all narrated by a master storyteller in the spoken Iñupiaqlanguage. Features Reimagined for mobile -- Never Alone: Ki Editionincludes every level and all the excitement of the original gameenjoyed by millions of PC and console players around the world.We’ve updated the game for mobile devices, adding brand-new touchcontrols, menus and hints along with optimized graphics and AI thatbring the beauty of Never Alone’s ethereal, arctic environments tophones and tablets. Play as both Nuna and Fox — switch between thetwo companions at any time as you rely on the unique skills of eachcharacter to succeed in your quest. Nuna can climb ladders andropes, move heavy obstacles, and throw her bola at targets to solvepuzzles. Fox can fit through small areas that Nuna can't reach,scramble up walls, and jump to great heights. Explore the harshworld of the Arctic — run under, through, and atop the unstablestructures of an abandoned coastal village. Explore the eerilyquiet treetops of a mysterious, frozen forest. Brave the fiercewinds of the eternal blizzard. Only with the aid of Helping Spiritswill Nuna and Fox have any chance of survival in a land wheresurvival seems impossible. Unlock fascinating video insights —Elders, storytellers, and other members of the Alaska Nativecommunity share stories and wisdom about their culture, values andthe amazing Arctic world encountered by players in over 30 minutesof interviews. Customizable controls — Adjust the sensitivity orselect an alternate layout for the game’s onscreen controls. Forthose who prefer a physical controller, the game also supports theleading bluetooth gamepads. Support for 17 languages includingFrench, German, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese.
Never Alone for Android TV
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Experience the epic journey of Nuna and Fox