Droidhen Casual Apps

Ultimate Cave 2.0.0
Ultimate Cave is a simple but addictive cave style game. Controllittle ribbon to avoid cave wall. Clean graphic, global score, andspecial U TURN design! Simple rule: Touch screen to make ribbonmove up, and release to move down. Record Holder: Dan W. 2381 #Fixed casual crash on 1.5. Thank you for bug report!
Racing Moto 1.2.20
Fast paced racing game! You never dare drive so fast in the realworld!
City Jump 1.2.0
City Jump is executing mysterious task, jumping betweenbuildings,to avoid obstacles on the wall, to kill monsters, birds,and otherenemies on the way. * Tap screen to jump * Kill enemy byjumping inthe air * Avoid hurdles on walls * POW UP when killing 3enemies ofthe same kind.
Jewels 1.0.3
The most popular and classic jewels game comes to Android withmanyexciting features. Both action mode and classic mode aresupported.# Match 3 to eliminate jewels. # Match 4 to create SUPERjewel. #Match 5 or more to create HYPER jewel. # Hidden AWARD inactionmode. Notice: Switch Hyper with ANY COLOR JEWEL to explodesamecolor jewels. Enjoy the most addictive JEWELS!
Basketball Shot
Basketball Shot brings the most popular street basketball machinetoyour mobile. Tap as fast and accurate as you can in limited timetomake a high score. Especially fun to challenge your friends inaparty. Cleared hacked score for fairness.
Car Conductor: Traffic Control 1.2.2
Traffic rush hour is coming. It's your time to be a goodtrafficconductor! Your mission is to guide cars to the right laneto reachdestination safely. Drag cars to switch lane, and tap oncars tostop/resume moving. Watch out road block in some places!Greatgraphcis, audio, and also coming along with many themes: *Beach *Town * City * Village * Dessert * Glacier Game modes: *Classic --Guide cars to destination in limited time. * Challenge --Score asmany as possible in 3 minutes. You have to finish classicmode withfull stars to unlock challenge mode.
iRunner 1.2.3
iRunner is a fast paced running game, with great HD graphicsandspecial game play. Mr.i, as the hair shows, is running as fastaspossible to the mysterious destination. You need to keep goodtempoto avoid all obstacles on the way. Trying to collect asmanybatteries as possible while running. Collect gifts to turnintofever state - cooler dress, exciting tempo, and doulbescore!Intrusive game rules: * Tap "Jump" button to jump. * DoubleTap"Jump" for sequential jump * Tap "Slide" to avoidobstacles.Highlighted features: * HD graphics, fully large screensupportincluding tablet. * Very good and fast tempo, and awesomesoundtrack. * 16 glorious achivements to be unlocked. and manymorefeatures are waiting for you to explore in the game!
CJ: Strike Back 1.0.9
Aliens are invading, the city is in danger - It's time for humantostrike back, to defeat aliens invasion! Jump to fightagainstmechanized troops, kill the boss of aliens, and achieve alltasksto save the city! # Tap screen to jump to kill enemies. # Kill3 ofthe same kind enemies to POWER UP. # Kill the boss for extrabonus.# Achieve appointed tasks to get higher score. It's time tosavethe city now! Don't forget to rock global 24h leaderboard,HERO!
Fruit Slice 1.4.5
The BEST FRUIT juicy game on MarketPlace, and it's FREE! Slicefruitby your finger, and enjoy fruit juice! Can you be MasterShifu ofFruit? * The best performance, run well on low CPU phones.* Thesmallest app size with very high game quality. * Swipe toplay game.
Cloudy 1.0.5
"Creative puzzle game -- perfect combination of puzzle, mathandaction!" -- by Android Puzsite Cloudy is a creative puzzlegame.Your mission is to guide paper plane to destination byfindingproper route. Enjoy the beauty of curve, the challenge offindingthe best route and paper plane! Intuitive game rule: # Dragcontrolpoints to design a route. # Avoid all kinds of clouds. #Collectall stars in the sky. 50 levels are available in thisversion. Morelevels are coming soon! Special thanks to Yailenko!
Forest Runner 1.0.5
Run, Run, Run! Forest Runner is a fast paced jumping game.Tapscreen or trackball to jump to avoid obstacles in yourforestadventure! Simple game rule but it's surprisinglychallenging.Enjoy to be a Forest Runner!
Tile triple match 1.0.14
Fresh new match-3 game