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Bubble Pop Penguin: Bubble Shooter 3.2.2
Start playing the best bubble shooter now! Non-stop fun in thebestbubble games yet! A stellar group of penguin friends areexcited tohelp you journey through unexpected lands freeing thetrappedpenguins and defeating the despicable walruses. Usingcareful skilland wit, you’ll need to pop bubbles, break bricks, andcollapse thewalrus machines to restore order to the penguin world.Oh, andalong the way you’ll get to craft your own amazing home! Butbewary, the Walrus minions are full of unexpected tricks andthesolution to each bubble puzzle won’t always be obvious… PopPopPenguin is a new style of game: an awesome mix of bubbleshootingand brick breaking action. In Pop Pop Penguin you can: •Guidepenguins to pop bubbles and break bricks with careful aim•Collapse the machines of despicable walruses who just won’tbudge!• Free penguins trapped in bubblegum and locked behindpeppermint.• Build your own home and restore the penguinneighborhood • Visityour friends’ homes and challenge their scores• Meet cutecharacters! • Amp up your abilities with special boosterpenguins!If you’re looking for something new, exciting, anddifferent,you’ll love Pop Pop Penguin – happy popping!
Game of Words: Word Puzzles
Relax and focus your brain! Unwind during your breaks with calmingword games
Merge Magic 3D
Merge presents together to help Mittens on a merge puzzle journey!
Wordless: A novel word game
Play an unlimited word puzzle game: use colors to create a 5 letterword guess