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Restaurant Live 1.1.1
Restaurant Live is a game for restaurant lovers to play with theirfriends.Establish a five-star restaurant of your dreams and build up thereputation of your restaurant to bring in more customers and unlockbigger and better items!Customers will bustle around your restaurant, finding theirseats, eating their food. Don't forget to make sure your customersare happy and well-fed by choosing stunning decoration and tastynew dishes!Game Features:- Design and build a five-star restaurant with visually stunningdecoration- Visit friends' restaurants and leave them tips- Earn coins in real-time, even while away from the game- FREE updates with new dishes, decorations, themes and more!- It's FREE!Please note: A network connection is required to play.
Dumb Run 1.0.3
DASH as fast as you can in this #1 endless runner game! Dumb Runpushes your skills to the limit as you jump, roll and dash your waythrough uncharted territory.Join the tribe of prehistoric hunters trapped in the center ofan ever changing deadly maze. Run for the future of your tribethrough dangerous passages and spiky obstacles. With crisp touchcontrols, unpredictable courses and an incredible sense of speed,this new action platformer is completely irresistible. Choose yourrunner, use the 'RUSH' button wisely, and race the clock to escapenow!Game Features:- Lots of levels with unique soundtracks in Adventure mode- Challenge yourself or your Google+ friends in Arena mode- Colorful and vivid HD graphics- Multiple characters and well designed crazy power-ups
March for Glory 1.2.10
March for Glory is the #1 interactive ActionStrategy game available on Google Play. Build massive cities andkingdoms, train elite troops, and fight against players all overthe world!Join the ultimate battle for dominance in March for Glory now!Assemble the greatest troops for strategic victories! Build yourkingdoms to fend off raiders, battle against millions of playersworldwide, and forge a powerful alliance to eliminate your enemykingdoms!Game Features:- Build your city and train powerful army- Conquer the world with your alliance- Explore the world full of dungeons- Tremendous equipment to wear and upgrade
Monster Crush 1.4
Monster Crush is #1 popular monster themedgame which takes classic defense games to a whole new level.Since the very first bedtime, children have known that oncetheir parents tuck them in and shut off the light, that there areMonsters hiding in their closets, waiting to scare them! It is yourjob to protect the children from evil monster scarers. Build towerswith special weapons to hold your defense against endless waves ofmonsters in the children's bedrooms.With irresistible gameplay mechanics and excellent sound andvisuals, Monster Crush is spectacularly entertaining, making iteasy to lose track of time while chasing scores and smashingmonsters.Game Features:- 48 challenging stages in Adventure mode- 12 additional stages in Escape mode- Feed and take care of good lovable monsters, and watch themgrow!
Driving in Car 1.9
Driving in Car offers you the unique driving experience that youcan choose your own driving style. It can be calm and safety fordriving in traffic flow or furious racing in illegal extremes.Barrel through traffic packed streets, hurdle off parking garages,and tear up the streets in the hottest car models now! Drive yourcar in cockpit view to wherever you want in the realistic cityenvironment in FREE DRIVE mode. Or steer onto the streets, drivingreckless and juiced as sparks fly while shuttling customers totheir destinations in TAXI mode like an Uber driver. Game Features:- First person camera view or third person perspective view -Stunning 3D graphics and smooth fast car handling - TAXI mode, FREEDRIVE mode and QUEST mode - Choose from Low-power cars, sportscars, muscle cars and huge SUVs
Tank Strike 3D - War Machines 2.0
Defeat the enemy combat vehicles, capture their bases and conquerthe world in Tank Strike now! Tank Strike is the #1 epic andexplosive 3D tank shooter battle game available on Google Play.It’s a time of war, pilot! Enemy forces are swarming across theborders, and their nefarious fleet of tanks is everywhere in ourcountry. Jump into a tank, roll into the battle fields, fire fromyour tank gun and blow away anything in your sights! You will needstrong courage and careful strategy to rule in each lighting fastbattle. Game Features: - Stunning 3D graphics and intuitive touchscreen controls - 12+ powerful tanks representing the UnitedStates, Germany and the USSR - 60+ challenging levels spanning fromsnowy mountains to desert caves to rural countryside
Piano Dance Beat 1.5.0
Are you ready to rock? Piano Dance Beat is the No.1 rhythm anddance genre game.
Star City
Star City is the most realistic city builderon Android with countless buildings and stunning 3D graphics. Buildyour own beautiful, bustling city in #1 city-builder gamenow.On a mission to explore the wormhole, your spaceship crashed on anunknown planet, T-72. Now you need to transform your role fromcaptain to mayor to build a star city for all your crew members. Ifyou ever daydream about designing and building a metropolis on yourown, you can now bring your dreams to life in this realistic 3Dexperience. Vivid graphics, intuitive controls, and addictivemechanics make the experience truly extraordinary.The game is life ruiningly fun! Now it's up to you to build a brandnew city on T-72.Game Features:- Awesome realistic 3D graphics- Different buildings and decorations you can use to create yourdream city- Trade with other players and friends through your teleport andspaceships- Play with your Facebook friends or make new friends in the gamecommunity!
Snowboard Master 3D 1.2.5
Snowboard Master is the most realistic 3D winter extreme sportsgame on Android.
Galaxy Strike 3D 1.0.3
Galaxy Strike is the No.1 3D space shooting action simulator onAndroid.
VR Roller Coaster 1.0.8
Have you ever wanted to be a rollercoaster conductor? Now youcan!Experience the real life sensation of riding a rollercoaster in#13D roller coaster simulator on Android! Control the speed ofthetrains and be careful to slow down while making tight turnsandpassing steep slopes and inversions. Let the tightly tunedphysicsengine create the most thrilling rides of your life as youdropfrom the skies, make huge loops and whiz throughstomach-turning,upside-down tracks! Game Features: - Stunning 3Dgraphics,intuitive controls, and addictive mechanics - 60+ railroadtracksin different amusement parks and tycoon theme parks - 10+uniquelydesigned roller coaster trains or cars that hooked together- VRmode (virtual reality) which supports Google Cardboard,Daydreamdevices & etc.
Auto Gangsters 1.19
Roll up in the pimped out wheels, pack the most outrageousarsenaland conquer the criminal underworld in Auto Gangsters! Youcandrive any vehicle or fire any weapon as you explore the 3Dopenworld. The streets of the city are in turmoil. A war betweenallthe well-known crime families leads the town to self-destructunderinsolence, deportation, murder and revenge. You arrive in thetownjust before the gang war and now it’s your opportunity torisethrough the ranks of the grand underworld. Steal the cars,punchthe kingpins and even shoot down the godfathers whilegainingnotoriety or just gorge on fast food & obey everytraffic light– it’s up to you. Game Features: - Visually stunning3D graphics,insane weapons and crazy vehicle models - Make your waythroughhundreds of missions in Liberty City, Vegas & SanAndreas - Aunique feeling of freedom: do absolutely anything youwant at yourown pace - Team up with the wildest gangsters from allover theworld to take over the city
Champion Fight 3D 1.9
Champion Fight is the #1 full contact combat 3D fighting game onAndroid!
Pixel Shooting 3D 1.0.3
#1 3D pixel style gun shooter with sandbox crafting weapons andbattlegrounds!
Slots! Slots! Slots! 1.3.1
Join the world’s #1 free social casino with all current-dayfavoriteslot machines! Experience the thrill of REAL Vegas casinoslotmachines – for FREE! There are multiple ways to get Free Coins-Welcome Bonus, hourly coin gifts, level up, ranking bonus +manymore. Pile up the money bags and cash in BIG with 777 VegasSlots!Win MASSIVE prizes on AMAZING FREE high-limit slot machinesandcasino games! So sit down, relax, have a martini and insertsomecoins. Play the best casino slot games right here, right now!TOPFEATURES: - Play tons of the most amazing and satisfyingoriginalSlot games - FREE SPINS and Bonus Games you won't findanywhereelse - Win Free Coins: Collect your welcome bonus and thengrabmore free coins every 3 hours - Wheel of Fun: Spin the wheeloffortune every day to multiply your slots bonuses -Larger-than-lifejackpot wins: Play for spectacular jackpot payoutson free slots -Join other players with our social feature: SlotClubs (create yourown club or join an exist one) Now’s the time tospin the free 777slot machines that everyone’s playing! The slotsparty is justbeginning and you’re invited to join in the unlimitedVegas fun!
Survivor Island 1.1
After your plane crashes on a mysterious island somewhere intheSouth Pacific Ocean, you have to survive on this seeminglydesertedtropical island. But your survival is threatened by anumber ofmysterious entities, including wolves, bears, monsters andevenzombies that roam the jungle! Hunt wild animals, gather fruitstoovercome hunger. Mine for resources and craft weapons andtools.Your survival adventure is about to begin… Key Features: -Fullfreedom, explore the huge island - Craft items and weapons tohuntand survive on the island - Stunning 3D visuals and amazingsoundeffects
Hip Hop Dance 1.0.2
Unleash your inner street dancer with Hip Hop Dance now!
Grand Gangsters 3D 2.6
Grand Gangsters is #1 3D open world action adventure game of motorvehicle theft
Fast Racing 3D 2.4
Burn up the street with the fastest and most exhilarating 3D racingaction!
Doodle Face 1.0.4
Doodle Face is the most interesting game to create cartoon avatars!
Archery Battle 3D 1.3.13
Quick-fire archery duels! Play the most realistic 3D archery gamenow!
Fighting Star 1.0.5
Fight for the K.O.! Fight until the last punch!
Shooting Battle
Test your shooting skills and play in the most competitive FPSshooting game!
Golf Master 3D 1.46.0
Sink birdies and ace the greens in the world’s most authentic golfbattle game!
Sky Fighters 3D 2.5
Rule the skies in the most gorgeous 3D aerial combat!
Dinosaur is a totally new raising experience lovingly handcraftedfor you.
Surgery Master 1.18
Perform operations like in real life in No.1 realistic surgerysimulator game!
Find Objects 2.8
FIND OBJECTS is #1 hidden objects game available on Android.
Fishing Rival 3D
It’s time to go fishing in the fantastic fishing game everybody’stalking about!
Jackpot Cash Casino Slots 1.3.4
Spin your favorite Las Vegas Casino Slots and win Larger-than-lifeJACKPOTS!