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Weather App - Daily Weather Forecast 1.2.3
☀️Weather App - Daily Weather Forecast is one of the mosthelpfulweather applications to help you know how’s the weathertoday orthe weather tomorrow. Our weather application provides thelatestweather news, real-time weather forecast, accurate hourly&7-day forecasts (up to 14 day in pro version), predictweatherinformation, on time weather alerts and more advancedfunctions. 🌥️Global weather forecast - By allowing our app todetect location,you will get the latest weather information in yourcurrentlocation automatically. - Our weather app supports you toseeweather update and weather report of any location in the worldex:United States weather, France weather, Germany weather,UnitedKingdom weather, Japan weather,.. 🌧️ Accurate weatherinformation:- Detailed weather news: provide all information ofweather:weather temperature, Rainfall change, wind speed anddirection,hourly weather temperature.. in your location. - Moreweatherindex: includes atmospheric pressure, weather’scondition,visibility distance, relative humidity, precipitation indifferentunits, dewpoint, wind speed and direction. It’s alsodisplayweather index like precipitation, windchill, cloud cover,moonphase, humidity, UV Index.. - Realtime weather forecast: minutebyminute forecast that help you get the latest weather forecastnews.- Determine automatically your location for weather forecast.- Ontime weather notifications to update the latestweatherinformation. - Clearly weather widget to show weatherinformationon your screen. 🌤️ Real time Weather Radar - Interactiveweatherglobal map: you can check radar map anywhere you want -Diverseweather overlays: more convenient to view weatherinformation aboutstorm path, wind, cloud cover, wind direction,temperature,lightning rain, river, ocean current, pressure. -Locally detailedforecast: show more local information abouttemperature, rain,sunset, sunrise, wind, latitude, longitude… 🌈Ourapp is freedownload on google play, we want to bring the bestexperience forusers. We hope you enjoy Weather App - Daily WeatherForecast. Ifyou have any suggestions or problems about our weatherapp, pleasedon't hesitate to reach out us.We will try to do ourbest toprovide the best weather forecast application. Yoursatisfactionwill inspire us to optimize product and service betterand better.Thank you very much!
Email for Hotmail & Outlook 3.4.2_68_16062023
Quickly Check Mail from All Email accounts including Hotmail andOutlook.
Calendar: Schedule Planner 4.67.20230623
The Easy Calendar and Planner App to easily schedule your dailyagenda
Step counter - fitness tracker 1.30.0
Step Counter - the most accurate and free weight loss step counterapplication
SMS Messenger
Manager all your message in one handy messages app includingSMS& MMS messages
Quick Notes, Notepad, Notebook 2.5.3_37_13062023
Easily create notes. Make to-do lists, checklists & memos witha note taking app
Daily water - Drink diet log 1.1.6
Drink water on time and maintain water balance in your body.
Voice Recorder - Voice Memos 1.38_38_19062023
Voice Memos App: Easy to use voice recorder for notes, songs,meetings etc.
Office Reader Document Scanner 20230427_1.9_12
Multiple types of documents viewer & scanner, reader for files
Video Maker Video Editor Music
Easy to use video editor and video maker. Add music for shortvideo.
DS Scanner: Docs & PDF Scanner 1.0.0_6_10052023
Professional documents scanner app, share and edit documents easily