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Zombie Catchers 1.30.24
Deca Games
Catching zombies has never been so much fun! The Best Zombie CasualGame *** TOP 10 game in over 90 countries! *** *** TOP 5 actiongame in over 100 countries! *** Zombie Catchers is a casual actionadventure game in a futuristic world riddled by a zombie invasion!Planet Earth is infested with the undead. But we’re in luck! A.J.and Bud, two intergalactic businessmen, have decided to build abusiness empire! They plan to hunt all the zombies and make Earthsafe once more - while also making a handsome profit selling ZombieJuice. Walk through the undead wasteland where not even plants cansurvive, sipping on delicious Zombie shakes between one hunt andthe next. So what are you waiting for? Don't idle around. Chooseyour weapons and traps & upgrade your character to hunt andcapture juicy zombies, take them to your secret underground lab,and... profit! FEATURES - Hunt down zombies with your trustyharpoon gun and sneaky traps! - Unlock exciting new hunting gadgetssuch as nets, weapons, guns, traps, and jetpacks to help you onyour quest to catch zombies! - Create tasty juices, candies, andawesome snacks from your zombies and sell them to hungry customersin your drive-through cafe! - Build a food business empire bydeveloping delicious new recipes and upgrading your productionlines to deliver maximum profit! - Discover new territories on themap and find unique zombies to collect and squeeze into lucrativefood products! - Dispatch your army of drones around the world tofind awesome zombies to catch! - Lure out special boss zombies andcapture them with your harpoon from your flying ship! - Developyour skill and do perfect catches to climb the hunting ranks to getmore plutonium and exclusive costumes for your character! - Manageand grow your very own underground lab! - Complete fun dailychallenges to get awesome rewards! - Play offline - no internetconnection necessary! REVIEWS Read what people are saying about ourfun and casual Zombie Catchers game! “Zombie Catchers is a reallygood game. The game is entertaining, and the quality of the designand production are top notch.” - Droid Gamers “It's incrediblycharming and accessible, but hunting all the different zombies canmake for a worthwhile challenge as well.” - Pocket Gamer Did youlike this casual zombie game? Did you enjoy hunting them? We wouldlove to hear your feedback! JOIN THE COMMUNITY Share your zombiecatching stories with other fans and be the first to hear about newgame updates! Check out our Website: Like us onFacebook: Follow us on Follow us on GET SUPPORT If you need help with youraccount or have feedback for us, please visit and send us a message!Notice: Zombie Catchers is completely free to play, but the gamealso allows you to purchase some items for real money. If you donot wish to use this feature, change your device's settings anddisable in-app purchases. Zombie Catchers is allowed for downloadand play only for persons 13 years of age or over. Please refer toour Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more information.Download now and start building your zombie catching empire!
DragonVale 4.26.3
Deca Games
Discover the most popular dragon collecting game in the world! Canyou hatch them all Your dragon-filled fantasy park awaits inDragonVale! Breed, hatch, and raise over 500 different mythicaldragons. If you’ve got dragon mania, DragonVale is the game foryou! Features ★ Grow and harvest Dragon Treats, then feed yourdragons to level up ★ Baby dragons to mythical dragons, nurtureyour majestic fantasy animals ★ Enter your dragons in fun races andsend them on quests to win epic treasures and Dragon Cash ★Discover new dragons, decorations, habitats, and activities duringspecial seasonal events ★ Explore space by collecting specialGalaxy Dragons ★ Collect and categorize your city of dragons ★ Keeptrack of all the dragons you hatch and breed in the Dragonarium ★Connect and share with your friends online ★ Team up with friendsin the Cooperative Breeding Cave ★ Send gems and gifts to friendsin DragonVale ★ Dragon eggs! Spectacular visuals and sparklinganimations ★ Impressive and unique art for each egg, baby,juvenile, adult, and elder dragon ★ DragonVale is accompanied by anoriginal soundtrack written by our award-winning composer Legendholds that dragons are fierce, fire-breathing monsters - butDragonVale proves that these fantasy creatures are more than justbreeding beasts. From cute and cuddly, to massive, time- bendingcreatures. DragonVale has it all. Build and decorate beautifulfloating islands in the sky to create your ultimate park. Yourpark, your Dragons, your DragonVale! Play DragonVale today! It’sfree. _______________________________ PLEASE NOTE! Some game itemscan be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use thisfeature, please disable in-app purchases. DragonVale requires aninternet connection to play. DragonVale is brought to you by DECAGames.
Kill Shot Bravo: 3D Sniper FPS 10.1
Deca Games
Welcome to Kill Shot Bravo! Free online FPS sniper shooting game onmobile! Go to war online and prove your sniper shooting skills inthe king of multiplayer 3D sniper games. Arm yourself with deadlysniper weapons, machine guns and the latest military gear tocomplete covert missions! All of this in a free online FPSmultiplayer action shooting game. In Kill Shot Bravo, it’s yourduty to save the world. That means hunting terrorists, killingzombies and waging war on evil armies. Call yourself a sharpshooter with pixel precision? Then put your skills to the test inthe top free online multiplayer sniper game on mobile. *OVER 4000MISSIONS* As a Special Forces soldier your duty will be to navigatesecret missions across the globe, shooting hostile army forces thatstand in the way of a peaceful world. If you love FPS sniper 3Dkilling games you'll love this. • From guerrilla combat in junglemountain ranges, to recon missions on Mediterranean islands, tomodern warfare in city streets you’ll travel the world to gun downterror threats as an elite sniper. • Commandeer vehicles to turnthe tide of battle! Navigate close quarter combat down narrowalleys in the back of a jeep, or take out hostile threats by air inhazardous helicopter missions! • Complete breach missions to enteroccupied buildings and clear them of any threat! Survive a full onenemy attack in multiplayer assault games and shoot more enemiesthan your opponent. • Move through stunning 3D environments to findthe best sniper vantage points and take the all-important KillShot! *GO TO WAR WITH THE ENEMY* • Shoot different enemy types eachwith their own strengths and combat objectives. Prove you can adaptto different shooting game styles. • Unleash your fury and shootdown Flying Drones, Exo-Suit Soldiers, Zombies, Mechs, HeavyGunners, sniper assassin Enemy RPGs, Marksmen, Riflemen, CommandoBombers and finally kill the boss. *LIVE PVP SNIPER DUELS* • Clashagainst snipers in live online multiplayer Player Verses Playershooting matches in PVP mode! • Be the hunter before you are thehunted! • Use your heat meter to zone in on the enemy threat. •Find your target. Take aim. Shoot! • Online Multiplayer shootinggames have never felt this real. *JOIN ALLIANCES AND BOUNTY EVENTS*• This time you won't be fighting alone! Build powerful allianceswith other shooters and help each other to complete the high-riskmissions. • Hunt and collect bounties from enemies. • Take outhordes of zombies in exclusive events. Work with your alliance tostop the Virus and start killing some zombies. New Zombie ShooterGame modes! • Friends can join you in multiplayer missions,spotting the targets and assisting you to shoot enemies. • FullChat function in game to allow tactical discussions with othersnipers. *CUSTOMIZE* • Customize your avatar and get Perks to helpin the battle! • Unlock and equip cool army gear, includinghelmets, military uniforms, body armor, goggles, facemasks, gloves,boots, and more. • Get a fresh Kill Shot moment with every victory!This is a free online multiplayer fps sniper game with premiumcustomized content. * GOOGLE PLAY SERVICES LEADERBOARDS ANDACHIEVEMENTS* • Compete for high scores alone or with your Allianceagainst opposing Alliances. • Earn Achievements for showing offyour deadly sniper skills. OTHER FEATURES: • Free onlinemultiplayer games and offline single player experience Play theBest Fun free FPS Sniper 3D Shooting Game on Mobile for Free! Bydownloading this app you are agreeing to be bound by the terms andconditions of Decagames' Terms of Use( are subject to Decagames' Privacy Policy(©2021 Deca Live Operations GmbH, Decagames, and Hero Hunters aretrademarks or registered trademarks of Deca Live Operations GmbH,all rights reserved.
Hero Hunters 5.6
Deca Games
🥇 Google Play Most Innovative Game Award 🥇 Build a Powerful Team of100+ Heroes! Play the #1 in Third-Person Shooting RPG Games. Themost incredible free online multiplayer hero based battle royale onmobile. 100+ Heroes to recruit and go hunting with! Ally withfriends to ensure survival! Join epic games with friends in Co-opMissions and compete world-wide in Real-time multiplayer Online PvPBattles. Participate in Daily Events, Gauntlet Mode, Survival modeand Boss Raids! Wage war in stunning fun 3D battles with your armyof heroes; equipped with guns, sniper rifles, swords, energycannons and more! WORLD CLASS GUN PLAY ● Cover-based, third personshooter experience with amazing console-like graphics ● Quicklyswap from Hero to Hero during battle in real-time, team-basedcombat ● Modern and futuristic gear makes playing each hero adistinct experience; fire sniper rifles and hear the boom of energyguns ● Deploy jaw-dropping special abilities that can quickly turnthe tide of battle. ● Hone your skills by controlling your heroesor play idle when on the move ● ton of weapons and guns includingsniper guns, COMMAND YOUR HEROES ● Collect legendary heroes, eachwith their own unique weapons and special abilities. ● Assemble theright team to take on the enemy. Mix up your roster to find theperfect combination - keep your tanks and healers on overwatchwhile your assassins and assault classes take down the enemy. ●Choose sniper, assault, shotgun, magic, fantasy, warrior, robot,sniper assassins, and cyborg heroes ● Play as your favorite heroand dynamically switch between heroes at any time during gameplay.● Plunder loot after each battle, level up your heroes, upgradeyour abilities and perfect your loadout. ● Immerse yourself in thesingle-player campaign as you fight against raiders, bandits andworse in a post-apocalyptic cityscape. ● Engage in modern combatbecome the ultimate hunter ●The battle is never over. Watch yourhero squad dominate the battlefield. REAL-TIME PvP TACTICAL BATTLEMODE ●Challenge your skills against other players in real-timemultiplayer action-packed tactical PvP combat ●Craft a tacticalsquad of up to 5 heroes and dominate the leaderboards and leagues●Join forces with your friends to build an unstoppable modernmilitary alliance ●Beat your rivals in intense time-based eventcompetitions focused on both solo and strategic group play. ✔ Playone of the top online multiplayer RPG Shooting Games FREE! DownloadNow! ✔ ------------------------- By downloading this app you areagreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions of Decagames'Terms of Use( are subject to Decagames' Privacy Policy(©2021 Deca Live Operations GmbH, Decagames, and Hero Hunters aretrademarks or registered trademarks of Deca Live Operations GmbH,all rights reserved.