Hidden City Adventure: Puzzles Around the World 4.0.4
Do you like hidden objects games? Then go on a journey and immerseyourself in the culture and traditions of different countries!You'll visit over 150 cities, find over 10,000 hidden objects, anddiscover amazing facts about world-famous landmarks and historicalplaces. Train your brain, compete with other players from all overthe world and win! Download the Hidden City Adventure puzzle gameright now! If during the game you have any problems or want to makeany suggestions, please contact: [email protected]
Hollywood Celebrity Story Life Simulator Game 1.9.1
Do you dream of becoming a Hollywood celebrity, recording aplatinum album, receiving an Academy Award? Or maybe you prefer tobe a popular blogger & launch your own clothing brand? ThenHollywood Story is the right game for you!🎬 Your character has justgraduated from high school & moved to Los Angeles to pursuetheir dream of great achievements in Hollywood. It doesn’t matterthat you have to start with life among the hobos in a trailer park.Fortune helps the willful, so you will certainly be able to makeyour dreams come true. Earn money, establish business contacts,maintain relationships with friends, & obtain your own home inthe Hollywood Hills, a life of luxury & worldwide recognition.💚GAME FEATURES💜 🎬THE STORY OF THE ASCENT FROM THE CLEANER TO THESUPERSTAR🎤 The game is the story of a naive newcomer who just cameto Los Angeles to become a star. Together with the hero, you willtry to climb to the very top of the Hollywood Olympus. Live in avirtual LA, make useful acquaintances, use any chance & becomea real shark of show business. 💼RANDOM EVENTS, THE RESULTS OF WHICHDEPEND ON YOUR ACTIONS👜 Like real life, our game is full ofcoincidences: today you received a bonus, & tomorrow you’lllose your wallet. Your character will fall into a huge number ofdifferent situations in which you have to choose what to do. 🏡AHUGE NUMBER OF HOUSES & CARS🚗 Do you want to live in a largecastle with land, in which hundreds of pets frolic, or preferprivacy on your own uninhabited island? Do you want to drive a jeepor a limousine? Or maybe you’ll choose a personal helicopter? Allthis is possible when your life is a Hollywood story. 👠RELATIONSWITH FRIENDS & MAKING BUSINESS CONTACTS👔 Your character issurrounded by many people: old friends, family that are alwaysready to help, & strangers who can become faithful allies, orconversely - irreconcilable rivals. Meet, chat with them &become friends. And maybe later your character will find love,start a family & find true happiness. 💙Meet the renewed reallife simulator! A completely new second life is waiting for you, soguide your character from zero to hero!❤️ If during the game youhave any problems or want to make any suggestions, please contact:[email protected]
Fox Fighters: Master of Coins 1.6.1
Join your Facebook friends and millions of players worldwide inattacks, dice games, and battles to bring wealth and prosperity toyour islands! Fight other foxes on the game board, earn coins, andbecome the next Fox Master! 💸THROW THE DICE TO EARN COINS!💸 Tryyour luck by rolling dice to earn coins, shields, or the chance togo raiding other players' villages or hunting hidden treasure. Earncoins to rebuild your islands and progress through the levels. Winshields to protect your islands from other foxes trying to attackyou. 🏠BUILD UP YOUR ISLANDS!🏠 Every coin you earn in the game ofdice, attacks or raids must be invested in rebuilding your village.As you build villages on islands, you progress through thestoryline and travel around the world. 💣ATTACK AND RAID YOURFRIENDS AND ENEMIES!💣 Playing dice isn't the only way to earn loot.Attack other foxes' islands and burn their villages to earn evenmore coins and loot! Prove yourself a true Fox Master! 💰SPIN THEWHEEL OF FORTUNE TO GET EXTRA COINS!💰 Other than rolling dice andraiding, you can spin the wheel of fortune for free extra coinsdaily! ⛏DIG & STEAL OTHER PLAYERS’ TREASURE!⛏ Invade otherplayers’ villages, dig and steal their coins! Find treasure andmake it yours! 🦊Play Fox Fighters! Become the most powerful foxwith the strongest islands and the biggest treasure hoard! 🦊FoxFighters is a free game! Invite your friends, it is more funplaying together! If you encounter any problems during the game оrwant to make any suggestions, please contact: [email protected]