D&V Apps

Bass Booster 3.2
Bass Booster will make your bass level stronger by 30-40% dependingon your device! Simply tap on the icon and let the app calibrateyour eQualizer settings! This app will increase the low frequencieson your device and will make it sound like a professional mediaplayer. For maximum results, please plug-in external speakers orheadsets. Disclaimer: This app will NOT damage your speakers.Listening music too loud is bad for your ears. This app doesn'thave viruses and will NOT damage your phone! Advertising PolicyDisclosure: We love creating apps, and want to keep them freeforever. In order to keep our development running, Bass Booster isad-supported to generate some revenue. When you click onadvertisements delivered by Bass Booster, you will typically bedirected to a third-party’s web page.
Speaker Booster 2.4
Speaker Booster will increase the sound of your device by 30-40%,depending on your device. Speaker Booster uses your built-inAndroid eQualizer to extract the maximum of your device'spotential. Simply tap on the icon and let the app calibrate yourvolume settings! This app will increase your overall sound qualityand make your Android phone sound like a professional media player.Features: * Media - Adjusting the volume level of your media. *Ringtone - Adjusting the volume level of your ringtone. * Alarm -Adjusting the volume level of your alarm. t works for both speakersand headphones. You will also discover a significant difference inyour system, notifications and voice call levels. Disclaimer: Thisapp will NOT damage your speakers. This app doesn't have virusesand will NOT damage your phone! Listening music too loud is bad foryour ears. You will find GDPR policies inside the app.
Photo Effects - Selfie Editor 1.2
Add amazing photo effects with a single tap. Choose from wide rangeof photo filters. Add funny stickers, frames and overlays to yourimages. Benefits: ★ One tap required ★ Adjustable filters density ★Undo/Redo to every effect with a single swipe ★ Quick share ★ Addeffects to your Facebook pictures Photo Effects - Selfie Editorcomes with all features enabled for free. Check out the full listbellow: ★ Enhance - Hi-Def - Illuminate - Color Fix ★ Filters ★Frames ★ Stickers ★ Overlays ★ Vignette ★ Crop ★ Focus ★Orientation - Circular shape - Rectangular shape ★ Lightning -Brightness - Contrast - Highlights - Shadows ★ Color - Saturation -Warmth - Tint - Fade ★ Sharpness ★ Splash - Free color - Magiccolor - Eraser ★ Draw ★ Text ★ Redeye ★ Blur ★ Blemish ★ Meme
Fake GPS with Joystick | Location Cheater 3.5
Fake GPS changes your current location with any place on the planetyou want to. Now you can trick your friends that you are in Hawaii,Caribbeans or anywhere else. You can now share your coordinates viaall social networks. Joystick is now available for free. Simply tapon the joystick icon and start using it, it is as simple as that.How to use it: - Enable the developer settings on your device. Toenable the developer settings go to Settings > About phone >Click on the Android version about 7 times. - You need to enableyour GPS location - You need to allow mock location for this app/shown in screenshots above/ - Simply tap on any place on the map,or use the search in the Toolbar. Features: * Joystick - Use thejoystick to change your location in real-time, simulating walking.* Favorite locations - You can book your favorite locations forfuture uses. * Search history - The app keeps your last 20 searchesfor your convenience. The best is yet to come. END USER LICENSEAGREEMENT This app is provided "as is" and we can not be heldresponsible for any usage by the end users of our app. Thisapplication is free with limited functionality and is for testingpurposes only.
Whistle to find your phone 1.1
We all had lost a phone in our own house, apartment, car and eveninour own pocket or purse. We all had to ask some other person togiveus a call to find it. Now you can simply whistle to find yourphone.Simply: 1. Enable the service. 2. Turn off your display. 3.Whistle.Settings: • choose your ringtone • adjust the sensitivityof theservice • pick the alert mode Your phone will start ringingand youwill find it even if it is in the other room of theapartment. Ifyou have any issues give a try with a differentfrequency, orcontact us via mail.
Volume Booster 5.0
Volume Booster will make your phone sound and overallvolumestronger by 30-40% depending on your device! Simply tap onthe iconand let the app calibrate your sound settings! This appwillincrease your overall sound quality and make your Androidphonesound like a professional media player. It works for bothspeakersand headphones. You will also discover a significantdifference inyour ringer, alarm and voice call level. Disclaimer:This app willNOT damage your speakers. Listening music too loud isbad for yourears. This app doesn't have viruses and will NOT damageyour phone!Advertising Policy Disclosure: We love creating apps,and want tokeep them free forever. In order to keep our developmentrunning,Volume Booster is ad-supported to generate some revenue.When youclick on advertisements delivered by Volume Booster, youwilltypically be directed to a third-party’s web page.