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Cuestudent 4.4.14
This is an app used by students in a Cuemath classroom. Visit to find a Cuemath centre near your house.Cuemath aims at creating a wholesome understanding of mathematics,unlike in schools where only a subset of the subject is coveredbecause of which most children become indifferent to math, or evenaverse to it. And the lack of a strong math learning foundationmeans that they lose out on achieving their full potential later inlife. The Cuemath Program focuses on true math learning, makingkids fall in love with the subject through an engaging,multi-format learning system, and a learn-by-doing approach. ===Concepts The math of concepts focusses on mathematical concepts,fundamentals, and ideas typically covered in school syllabus. Ourspecifically designed workbooks, used with Math box as amanipulative aid, introduce the child to this domain of math. Theseworkbooks employ the active learning methodology in which the childlearns by “doing” and “exploring”. Each workbook consists two tothree modules that focus on specific topics and objectives. Oncethe child completes a module, the teacher enables a moduleassessment for the child. This assessment is built to gauge thechild's understanding of the concept covered in the module.Aptitude The math of aptitude is designed to build mathematicalthinking in a child by improving his/her verbal, non-verbal,logical, and calculation skills. The skills are designed to enhancea child’s problem-solving aptitude with focus on both speed andaccuracy. This part of math is structured as a series of game-liketab based exercises that the child has to master. Mastering eachskill requires increasing level of proficiency. In every Cuemathsession, the child gets approximately 10 minutes on a tab topractice these skills. The skills have 3 distinct categories:Arithmetic Geometric Logical Reasoning The math of reasoningdevelops out-of-the-box thinking through mathematical puzzles.These puzzles also help the child in building connections betweendifferent domains of math & real-life. At the end of eachCuemath session, a puzzle card is assigned to the child. He/she isencouraged to work on it collaboratively with friends, parents, andsiblings. Depending on the solution presented by the child in thenext session, his/her attempt is marked by the teacher. The childthen receives the next assigned puzzle card. === If this soundsexciting, the next steps are simple. Find a Cuemath center nearyou, and take your child there for a free test, called the CuemathDiagnostic Test (CDT). The CDT will assess your child’s currentability, and place your child appropriately on one of the program’slevels. From then onward, Cuemath will ensure that your childprogresses towards a mastery of math!
Cueparent 2.0.19
We’re turning your child into a Math wiz the Cuemath way. Don’t youwant to know how this is happening? Now, with the all-new Cueparentapp, you can track their progress and get an insight into what theyare covering in their classes. Used by Cuemath parents across thenation, the app has been completely redesigned to keep you engagedwith your child’s Math learning. With the Cueparent app, you can: -Closely follow the topics your child is learning at their Cuemathsessions - Get an overview of these topics through the conceptnotes - Know the Learning Objectives of each of these topics -Follow your child’s progress in all domains of the program:Concepts, Aptitude & Reasoning - Pay fees conveniently - Getnotified well in advance when the next fee is due - Get feeacknowledgment - Easily provide feedback on the program, theteacher or the teaching methods - Help us add new students and earnCuemath Credit through our referral program - Track the progress ofmore than one child
A simple way for Cuemath teachers to manage and run their centreseffectively.
NCERT Solutions | JEE Maths - Cuemath Learning App 1.0.6
NCERT Solutions | JEE Maths is a user-friendly learning appwithhigh-quality video & text solutions for Class 7-12 preparedbyIITians. We have also collaborated with maths expertsfromCambridge University, with teaching experience to provide thebestto our students. It contains JEE maths problems witheasysolutions, tips & tricks for JEE aspirants to ace theirJEEexams. Unique Features BOOKMARK: To make a note ofspecificquestions for specific purposes CUSTOM LIST: To curate yourownlist for revision without hassle LIVE INTERACTION:Onlineinteraction of students with our Math experts for real-timedoubtsolving and clarification. NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Theappcontains NCERT maths solutions for class 12 Math along withJEEmaths problems that will help you clear competitive examsandsecure admissions in your respective dream colleges. 1:Relations& Functions 2: Inverse Trigonometric Functions 3:Matrices 4:Determinants 5: Continuity & Differentiability 6:Applicationof Derivatives 7: Integrals 8: Application of Integrals9:Differential Equations 10: Vector Algebra 11: ThreeDimensionalGeometry 12: Linear Programming 13: Probability NCERTSolutions forClass 11 This NCERT solutions app contains in-depthcoverage of thefollowing chapters in its class 11 maths module. 1:Sets 2:Relations & Functions 3: Trigonometric Functions 4:Principleof Mathematical Induction 5: Complex Numbers &QuadraticEquations 6: Linear Inequalities 7: Permutations &Combinations8: Binomial Theorem 9: Sequences & Series 10:Straight Lines11: Conic Sections 12: Introduction to ThreeDimensional Geometry13: Limits & Derivatives 14: MathematicalReasoning 15:Statistics 16: Probability NCERT Solutions for Class10 The appincludes content on all of the following chapters thatprovide easyto understand NCERT solutions of class 10 maths. 1:Real Numbers 2:Polynomials 3: Pair of Linear Equations in TwoVariables 4:Quadratic Equations 5: Arithmetic Progressions 6:Triangles 7:Coordinate Geometry 8: Introduction to Trigonometry 9:SomeApplications of Trigonometry 10: Circles 11: Constructions12:Areas Related to Circles 13: Surface Areas & Volumes14:Statistics 15: Probability NCERT Solutions for Class 9 1:NumberSystems 2: Polynomials 3: Coordinate Geometry 4: LinearEquationsin Two Variables 5: Introduction to Euclid's Geometry 6:Lines& Angles 7: Triangles 8: Quadrilaterals 9: AreasofParallelograms & Triangles 10: Circles 11: Constructions12:Heron’s Formula 13: Surface Areas & Volumes 14: Statistics15:Probability NCERT Solutions for Class 8 1: Rational Numbers2:Linear Equations in One Variable 3: Understanding Quadrilaterals4:Practical Geometry 5: Data Handling 6: Squares & SquareRoots7: Cubes & Cube Roots 8: Comparing Quantities 9:AlgebraicExpressions & Identities 10: Visualising Solid Shapes11:Mensuration 12: Exponents & Powers 13: Direct &InverseProportions 14: Factorisation 15: Introduction to Graphs16:Playing with Numbers NCERT Solutions for Class 7 1: Integers2:Fractions & Decimals 3: Data Handling 4: Simple Equations5:Lines & Angles 6: Triangle & Its Properties 7:Congruenceof Triangles 8: Comparing Quantities 9: Rational Numbers10:Practical Geometry 11: Perimeter & Area 12:AlgebraicExpressions 13: Exponents & Powers 14: Symmetry 15:VisualizingSolid Shapes Upcoming Services ICSE & Other StateBoardlearning videos Previous Years Solved Board Papers RD Sharma&RS Aggarwal Solutions Sample Papers JEE Concept Practice&Problem Solving Content JEE Main & JEE Advanced DailyPracticeProblems JEE Main & JEE Advanced Mock Papers JEE Main& JEEAdvanced Past Exams Solutions JEE & NCERT FlashcardsAbout UsCuemath is a math learning company funded by Google(Capital). Wetake pride in announcing that 9 out of 10 Cuemathstudents score90+ in school math exams. We have also beenconsistently helpingstudents achieve good marks in JEE foundationexams.
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