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Nize - Caller ID, Call Blocker 1.0.50
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Nize is an easy-to-use caller ID reader and free spam call blockerfor Android, which enables you to get contact info on who’s callingyou, block robocalls, screen calls from blocklisted numbers,customize the app UI based on your preferences by switching betweenthe Light & Dark theme, and more. Features: - Utilize “Whocalled me” functionality - Trap call spam using the smart spamshield & robocall blocker - Benefit from using the easy-to-usecall screener - Get offline access to a global call detectordatabase - Switch between the light and dark app themes Leveragingrobust reverse lookup features, Nize enables you to identify anunknown caller ID and determine a real caller name fast & easy,even if you missed the call itself. Using the app, you can getinstant alerts, identify and easily block spam, robocalls, pingcalls, aggressive advertising, annoying survey requests, harassmentcalls, etc. It’s also possible to create custom call block listsbased on your call log history. In such a way, you won’t even needto bother with getting unwanted calls, since the in-app screenerwill block numbers from the created list automatically. Moreimportantly, Nize enables you to identify unknown phone numberseven if you're offline - in a massive database, available for yourreverse phone lookup free. And last but not least, you can get yourspam call blocker free with Nize, hence accessing its advanced callprotect features without paying a dime. Nize requires the followingapp permissions: * Call log - enables app access to your call logand a caller's phone number. * Phone - allows identifying incomingand outgoing calls. * Contacts - enables the app to determine, ifyou already know a caller. Note! Nize does NOT collect, store, ordisclose your Phone contact list to any third parties! * Overlay(run over other apps) - enables the display of an incoming callerID on the call screen. How to get started? Nize enables you toconfigure a wide array of settings the first time you’re using theapp. Let’s see how it works. 1. Open Nize. 2. Sign up using yourphone number.* *An SMS with a 6-digit verification will be sent onyour device. 3. Enter the code you received to verify your phonenumber. 4. Grant the required permissions to the app. 5. Downloadthe up-to-date offline database for easier phone number lookup,whenever you like, even with no Internet connection. 6. Configurestability and usability features: * Disable battery optimization -switch on the feature to prevent Nize to ensure the proper calleridentification. * Block calls from low-rated numbers - switch onthis feature to stop spam calls from phone numbers with a two-starrating or less. 7. Personalize app settings (e.g. switch to theDark theme), if needed. Get yourself the free spam blocker forAndroid with Nize!
Call Recorder - Cube ACR
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Call recorder, Record phone calls, Signal, WhatsApp, Viber, Callrecording app
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