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Loading... - Food Battle 1.7.2
Survive in crazy battles inside food shops to see if you'retheworthy food! - 3 Game Modes - 3 Maps - Upgrades - Lots ofcosmetics- Challenges - And More Discord: - The Game 3D 2.1.3
The humans had they're chance! But they poluted the enviroment andnow is the time for you to fight back with the power of mothernature and destroy their city! - 3D Graphics - Perks - Skins -Explosions + More
Survival Virus 1.4.2
Survive as long as you can! And watch out for the viruses, as theyevolve over time. But don't worry you can evolve too! Buy upgradesand get stronger each level! - Level System - Loads of maps - Bigarsenal
Virus - The Game
Survive the virus horde that will attack you and end them with lotsof power ups
Fox Run - 3D
Run with Foxy, and jump the fences in a beautiful field!
Disease Simulator - OutBreak 1.2.5
This application was developed with the intention of helping tounderstand the effects of diseases in certain populations. However,it may not faithfully represent a real situation! The mainintention of this application is to show how preventive measurescan help in the contention of diseases and how not to take measurescan lead to disastrous situations! The application will be inconstant development to always improve the quality of thesimulations.
Face Roulette 1.1.2
Cansado da mesmice das redes sociais? Chame seus amigos e vamossedivertir um pouco com essa brincadeira, feita com o intuitodeanimar as redes sociais! O FaceRoulette irá escolher uma fraseeuma letra aleatória para você disputar com seus amigos paraverquem irá comenta-la no post da primeira pessoa, que aparecernofeed de suas redes sociais prediletas, cujo nome da pessoacomececom a letra escolhida.
Go, Water 1.1
- The water is rising, keep on jumping on this excitingexperience!- Customize your character and scenery as you collectcoins on thego!
Memory Game - Free 1.2.4
- A simple memory game that will challenge your brain! - Loadsoflevels - Calming soundtrack - Beat your records andchallengefriends to it
RGB Reflex 1.3.5
RGB Reflex is a game with minimalistic graphics, focused onthosewho are looking for a game that will challenge their reflexesandmotor coordination. Control three cubes while avoidingobstacles.And aquire new playingmodels by collecting coins. -Intuitivegameplay - 3 Game modes - Minimalist graphics - NightMode- 60 FPSGameplay
AutoCredCar - Pesquisas 2.0
O seu app de pesquisas relacionado a automóveis. 2 - The Game 3D
Bring a whole city into the air!
Zen Gems! 1.0.8
Sit back and relax with this match 3 game! Includes Game Modes: -Classic - Endless
Burger Mania - Idle Tycoon Burger Shop 1.4.1
Build your business and choose your investment path to buildyourempire! Attract all kinds of customers to your store, inthisrelaxing experience of being an entrepreneur! - Various typesofhamburgers - Skins - Investments - Ultra relaxing OurDiscord: