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BackCountry Navigator TOPO GPS
Download topo maps for an offline outdoornavigator! Use your phone or tablet as an offroad topo mappinghandheld GPS with the bestselling outdoor navigation app forAndroid! Explore beyond cell coverage for hiking and otherrecreation.Download topo maps for the US and many other countries in advance,so you won't need cell coverage for navigation. Use storage memoryfor maps.New: Android Wear support to see navigation at a glance onwristUse GPS waypoints from GPX or KML files, or enter your owncoordinates using longitude/latitude, UTM, MGRS, or grid reference.Using GOTO makes a waypoint a locus for navigation.This uses many publicly available map sources as free downloads.Some additional content available as an in app purchase:-Accuterra Topo Map Source for $19.99/year. This can be purchasedand used with or in instead of the free sources.- Boundary maps for 12 western states from the Bureau of LandManagement(BLM) Overlay for topo maps valued by hunters.-GMU boundaries in some states-Lake Contours in several states.-Content from US TrailMaps including:-ATV, Whitewater, and Equestrian Trail MapsSee the menu under More-> "Purchasing AddOns". They can be shownon top of topo maps.You may try the DEMO version to make sure you like the maps in yourcountry.About topo (topographic) maps: Topo maps show terrain through colorand contours, and are useful for navigation offroad. Topo maps andGPS can be used for hiking, hunting, kayaking, snowshoeing, &backpacker trails.You can create your own maps with Mobile Atlas Creator, or specifya custom tile server. Built in sources include:OpenStreetMaps from MapQuestOpenCycleMaps showing terrain worldwideUS Topo Maps from Caltopo and the USGSUSTopo: Aerial Photography with markup.Canada Topo Maps from ToporamaMarine maps: NOAA RNC Nautical Charts (coastal)USGS Color Aerial photographyTopographic Maps of Spain and ItalyTopo maps of New ZealandJapan GSI maps.Many of the above sources are generally free to use.Use offline topo maps and GPS on hiking trails without cellservice. The GPS in your Android phone can get its position fromGPS satellites, and you don’t have to rely on your data plan to getmaps. Have more fun and safe GPS navigation in thebackcountry.Use as a geocaching navigator by getting a pocket query asGPX.Besides geocaching, use GPS for recording tracks and GPS waypointson your trip, all the while tracking your GPS quest on topographicmaps. It may replace your Garmin handheld GPS.Here are some of the outdoor GPS activities BackCountry Navigatorhas been used for:As a hiking GPS both on hiking trails and off trail.Camping trips to find that perfect camping site or the way back tocamp with GPS.Hunting trips for hunting wild game in rugged areas.Doing recon for a hunt or as your hunting GPSFishing: make it your fishing GPS.Search and Rescue (SAR).Trekking the Pacific Crest trail or other long term hiking.Kayak and canoe treks on inland lakes and streams or marine,coastal waters.Backpacker trips: using topo maps of wilderness areas and nationalforests for navigation on trails with the GPS in your rucksack orbackpack.Find your own ways to have fun in the outdoors. Be a maverick byventuring beyond cell service boundaries with your GPS. Become apro at navigation with GPS for the outdoors.BackCountry Navigator has been on WM devices and preloaded on theTrimble Nomad outdoor rugged device. This Android version is moreflexible, featured, and fun. Create a memory with maps.For a one time fee, this a great addition to the outdoor gear youbought at Cabelas, REI, or another outdoor store. Many have foundthe Android GPS in a phone or tablet to substitute for a Garmin GPSor Magellan GPS, such as the Garmin GPS units Montana, Etrex, orOregon. Android can be your handheld GPS.
Air Hockey Penguin:Frozen Bird 1.7
Award winning frozen ice Air Hockey game with penguins, arcade gameaction and quick fun!Play on tablet or phone by yourself or against the person next toyou.Recommended by always ice age in Antarctica where flappy penguins playfrozen ice games among the snow and rocks. On ice and air, thesepenguins run, glide, and race for the puck. If you like to seepenguins racing, flying, or gliding, try this penguins game.Featuring graphics talent from Donna Marie L. Magadia!These frozen birds can be flappy birds, floppy birds, or clumsybirds. It all depends on how you play.-Includes three air hockey games:-Penguins play on frozen Antarctica ice with winter snow and rocks.Cute and fun for kids of any ice age.-Neon Glow: hockey in the dark with high speed glow effects. Newoutfits look like Tron birds.-Classic board: for a hockey game on deluxe hardwood.-Feel the air hockey action: Integrated with Immersion TactileEffects-Sound effects and arcade game style music.-Gameplay based on realistic physics-Sparks, snow, glow, and other particle effects-1 Player gameplay against the AI Penguin or mallet.-2 Player gameplay against someone on the same tablet or phone.You don't need an air hockey table. Play air hockey on tabletfree. Play air hockey free on your phone for the ultimate inportable play. Optimized for Intel processors as well, for a speedyair hockey tablet. Play at home or at a penguin diner.Winner of awards at Intel Codefest and AnDevCon.These penguins are not affiliated with the Pittsburg hockey teamor any other team from the NHL or Canadian Hockey League.Air Hockey Penguins can be fun in the frozen winter, the iceage, or any time of year. You don't have to get your own table orgo to an arcade for the ultimate frozen Air Hockey game. Playnow!
BackCountry Nav Topo Maps GPS
Use your Android as an offroad topo mappingGPS with the bestselling outdoor navigation app for Android! Trythis DEMO to see if it is right for you, then upgrade to the paidversion.Use offline topo maps and GPS on hike trails without cell service!The GPS in your Android phone can get its position from satellites,and you don’t have to rely on your data plan to get maps. Have morefun and safe GPS adventures in the backcountry.Preload FREE offline topo maps, aerial photos, and road maps onyour storage memory, so they are ready when you need them.Add custom GPS waypoints in longitude and latitude, UTM or MGRSgrid reference. Import GPS waypoints from GPX files. Choose iconsfor waypoints much like in MapSource. (This app uses the WGS84datum, NAD27 is available in settings).Use GPS for hunting a waypoint or geocache, for recording tracksand GPS waypoints on your trip, all the while tracking your queston topographic maps.About topo (topographic) maps: Topo maps show terrain through colorand contours, and are useful for navigation offroad. Topo maps andGPS can be used for hiking, hunting, kayaking, snowshoeing, &backpacker trails.The app has many built in map sources and allows you to create yourown maps with Mobile Atlas Creator. Built in sources include:OpenStreetMaps and NASA landsat data worldwide.OpenCyle Maps are topo maps that show terrain worldwide.USGS Color Aerial photography.Topographic Maps of Spain and Italy.Outdoor maps of Germany and AustriaTopo maps of New ZealandHere are some of the outdoor GPS activities BackCountry Navigatorhas been used for:Hiking both on hiking trails and off trail.Camping, to find the perfect camping site or the way back tocamp.Hunting trips for hunting wild game in rugged areas, includingrecon for the hunt.Bait fishing or fly fishing with a buddy.Search and Rescue (SAR) with GPS.Kayak and canoe trips on inland lakes and streams or marine,coastal waters.Backpacker trips: using topo maps of wilderness areas and nationalforests to navigate on trails with the GPS.Snow adventures including snowmobiling, skiing (alpine or crosscountry) and snowshoeing. Create a memory. Map it out.This a great addition to the outdoor gear you bought at Cabelas,REI, or another outdoor store. Your android phone could substitutefor a Garmin or Magellan outdoor handheld GPS! You storage hasmemory for maps.Find your own ways to have fun in the outdoors. Be a maverick byventuring into new territory beyond cell service boundaries. Becomea pro at navigation with GPS.BackCountry Navigator has been previously available on WM devicesand preloaded on the Trimble Nomad outdoor rugged device. ThisAndroid version is more flexible, featured, and fun.
Red Lava Analog Watch Face
The Red Lava Analog Watch Face is aluminous stylish watch that glows with its elegantdesign.From the Pacific Ring of Fire, comes a simple tic toc watch with awarm, soft glow that reminds you of dark summer nights gatheredaround an active lava flow to keep warm. Decorate your mobile phonescreen with an awesome interactive clock face. If you like a coolsmartwatch face on your phone wall that tells you the exacttime, date & also work as a pedometer then you will bedefinitely amazed by this awesome luminous watch app.Download the amazing Red Lava Analog Watch Face on google playstore at 0.99USD only. Once installed, check Android Wear app onyour phone to find the Analog Stylish Clock and choose "Red Lava".Or long click on your watch to choose it from there.So simple to use, you may not need this description. You probablyknow all this information from looking at the picture already. Getit today & enjoy the analog tic toc watch.With amazing photo-realistic HD quality, Analog Clock Face willmake your eyes glare. Our stylish watch app will transform yourphone into envy-making item with Analog Smartwatch and LivePedometer within the Luminous Clock Collection.Features of Red Lava Analog Watch Face:*Round Smartwatch Face for watches like the Moto 360 or LG GWatch R*Square Interactive Clock Face for those like the Gear Live, LG G,Sony Smartwatch 3, Asus Zenwatch*Warm, soft red glow of lava on the perimeter of each LuminousClock*Day of Week*Day of Month*The Analog Clock Face shows the battery charge as apercentage*At low power, this specific Analog Smartwatch enters the Ambientmode for extended battery lifeTimeThis interactive clock face for Android Wear does what you've cometo expect your analog smartwatch to do: tell time. This is donewith an analog tic toc watch like those you have seen on the walland may have learned to read in grade school. It has an hour, aminute hand, and when in active mode, shows a second hand thatticks.DayThis smartwatch face gives you the day of the month. Notjust the day of the month, but also the day of the week inconvenient three letter format. Not stopping there, it tells youwhich day just ended and which one is coming next. So hurry up& download this awesome interactive clock face now.BatteryWant to know how the battery of your Android Wear Smartwatch isholding up without additional clicks? See the battery gauge righton the interactive clock face, including both a percentage and acircle for emphasis.More important than knowing your battery life is conserving yourbattery life. For this reason, the stylish luminous clock shows asimpler view in ambient mode, which your tic toc watch is in mostof the time you are not looking at it. This gives you the greatestchance of getting a full day or more of battery life from your RedLava Analog Watch Face.When looking for an analog clock face with a red accent color, lookno further.If you don't have an Red Lava Analog Watch Face, move along.Otherwise, get this stylish tic toc watch and bask in its glowtoday.
Material Analog Watch Face 1.2
Simple, Material Design themed analog watch face with choice ofcolorsThis is an analog watch face with a choice of colors for theminute and hour hand. Look at the position of these hands to findthe time of day.You can choose the color of the hands for this analog watch faceusing the config from the Android Wear App.Besides the hands, this contains bubbles to showinformation.The left bubble contains a symbol for the current weather. Theright bubble contains the expected temperature in degrees.In addition, two bubbles show the percentage of battery life forthe watch and the connected phone.The goal of Material Design, according to Google, is "Create avisual language that synthesizes classic principles of good designwith the innovation and possibility of technology and science."The benefit of the design is a simple, clean, flat look that issoft and pleasing to the eye.To save battery life, the watch will go into ambient mode at theproper time, using a simpler, darker design.Get this material, analog watch face for Android Wear today!
World Time Analog Watch Face 1.0
With this watch face for Android Wear, track your home time zoneand two others as you communicate with people around the world, allon your wrist.Using the configuration on Android Wear on the phone, you canchoose two time zones to track outside your own and even give thema four letter nickname.The outer, main clock shows your current time.It also includes:Day of week in three letter formatDay of monthAbbreviation for name of month.All in a rounded rectangle on the bottom half of the watch.Two smaller, round clocks are also on the face. These show thetimes of the places you specified in the phone configuration.You can tell morning from afternoon/evening by symbols of the sunrising (morning) or setting (afternoon/evening).At a glance, you can see if it is a good time to email, text, orotherwise message a friend or coworker somewhere around theworld.Get this analog world time watch face for Android Weartoday!
Dashboard Digital Watch Face 1.2
This Dashboard Digital Watch Face for AndroidWear has important information at your fingertips.Once installed, allow time to synchronize, and you can use theconfiguration on Android Wear app to choose color and celsius orfarenheit.The time is displayed in digital format in the centralwindow.Also in the central window is the date including the day of week,day of month, and month, also in digital format.Above this window are several portals of information.The first portal contains the two digit percentage of batteryremaining on watch. This saves you a finger scroll just to seebattery life.The other two portals contain current weather conditions You'll see a number and degree symbol, as wellas a symbol of a sun, cloud, or rain, to give you an idea ofweather conditions if you are not close to a window.Below the central window is a steps counter to rival the onesyou find at the dollar store. The number has a dial a lot like aseven digit combination lock for a bicycle. In case you forget whatthe number means, a symbol of footprints appears below the stepscounter.Get this Dashboard Digital Watch Face for your Android Wearwatch today!
Soft Glow Watch Face - Analog 1.3
With a gentle glow, this jewel of a watch facetells time without any numbers. Made for both square and roundwatch faces.Designed for Android Wear watches such as the Gear Live, Moto360, LG G Watch, LG G Watch R, LG Urbane, Sony Smartwatch 3, orAsus Zenwatch.Choose from up to 20 colors through phone side configuration.Choose the color that coordinates with your tastes or fashionchoices.Simple and minimalist, this tells the time without anydistracting icons or extra information. Bask in the glow of yourwatch as jewelry. Think of it as a jeweled bracelet, jeweledwristband, or maybe, a jeweled watch.Depending on the color, the jewels can be of whatever gem youwant.In ambient mode, the watch face reverts to a simple design thatsaves power, though it probably still uses more energy than yourusual jewelry.Get this Soft Glow Watch Face for your Android Wear Watchtoday!
Dragon Hockey:Age of Air&Fire 1.9
Saga of dragons battling on a hockey fieldinthe air, cave, or dungeon for fast action and quick fun.The action includes three playing fields.One player against an AI dragon opponent.Two player against a person nearby who wants to defeat yourdragonon your same phone or tablet.Immersion Haptics for the feel of the puck bouncing off wallsandmallets.Powered by Dolby® on supported devices for the best actionsoundexperience.Fire, flame and sparks accompany the dragons on their battleforsupremacy of the board.Share your dragon story through leaderboards and achievements.These dragons glide through air or across stone, battling forthepuck in the traditional game of air hockey.Note that these dragons are not a pet, are not trained inadragon school to play dragon ball, and you won't build adragoncity in a dragon world. The dragons, instead, will fight eachotherin a quick and exciting arcade game. Pick up and play atanytime.Realistic physics lets you challenge a dragon and have fun.Best air hockey game with dragons that you have likelyeverplayed.The game of air hockey is also known as finger hockey ortablehockey and is similar to ice hockey or floor hockey, butinvolvesat most two players with mallets.
Mini Sudoku 9X9- Genius 24/7 1.1.0
Mini Sudoku 9X9- Genius 24/7 is the best mind booster puzzlevariation game available in the era of live brainstorming games.Sudoku 2016 is all about logical problems & endlessbrainteasers so it will definitely help you to learn and improveyour skills in all vintage diagonal sudoku king puzzles. This newmind booster sudoku live 2016 has the awesome top quality gameplay,vintage graphics and easy interface that makes you never need apaper puzzle again! Sudoku king genius is a logical problems basednumber placement puzzle. The objective is to fill a 9×9 grid withdigits so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3×3sub-grids contains all of the digits from 1 to 9. Keep track ofyour time while solving each diagonal problem. Beat your ownrecord. Bring your friends & family and beat them to be theultimate brainstorming puzzle king. Mini Sudoku 9X9- Genius 24/7live board game has a easy hint system, it'll teach you all theskills you need to solve the brainstorming puzzle with every steps,and the instructions are very easy to understand, also with helpfulanimations and colorful visual effects. The fill in notes featureof this type of vintage games will not tell you the answer to thesudoku variation, but it will help you to understand why aparticular move is. In the easy mode it'll be with you whetheryou're completely new to this game, or the way to the expert inlogical problems. Free download the new Mini Sudoku 9X9- Genius24/7 on your android device. The best mind booster logical problemsof 2016 in one vintage diagonal sudoku live puzzle!!! You willnever need any other brainstorming number puzzle Games!!! Becausethis particular Sudoku king Genius game have provided you With morethan 1000 puzzles!!! Special Features of Mini Sudoku 9X9- Genius24/7: • Five different mind booster difficulty levels : Easy,Medium, hard, extreme and nightmare. • First time launch hints. •Fill in notes feature. • Over 1000 of logical problems to solve. •Auto save your game - Avoid missing your progress. • UnlimitedUndo/Redo. • Vintage interface and input system. • Cell first anddigit first input system. • Support play by eliminating value. •Diagonal logical variation checking. • Anytime restart feature forall mind booster 2016 puzzle games. Want a classic brainstormingteaser game? Play this. This standard diagonal board puzzle 2016offer you the best logical problem games. This particular sudokupuzzle has the desired variation in its gameplay unlike other oldgames. We tried to do something new other then same old triviatricks. You will find yourself highly addicted to this new advancedboard game. Finish all the puzzles, be the genius sudoku king. Ifyou like the Mini Sudoku 9X9- Genius 24/7 live puzzle variationgame please take a moment to rate it. Your honest reviews help usmaking better apps & games.
Digital World Time Watch Face 1.3
Have friends, coworkers, or family indifferenttime zones? With Digital World Time Watch Face forAndroid Wear, youcan see your own time and theirs with a glance atyour wrist.Use the phone configuration from Android Wear to configuretwotime zones you want to track. Give them each a short nickname ofafew letters.This watch will display-The local time for the two locations you specified.-Whether those locations are a day behind you (-1) or ahead ofyou(+1), if applicable.-The acronym or abbreviation you have chosen for those.In addition, this watch displays:-Time of day-Battery power remaining on watch.-Day of week-Month-Date-Current weather from the Digital World Time Watch Face today, and see timezonesaround the World.
Brain Audio: Sleep Relax Focus 1.5.9
Brain Audio 🎶 Sleep, Relax, Meditate, and Study Brain Audioencourages certain brain states using brainwave entrainment. Thesound beats are isochronic tones and can be used with or withoutheadphones. Different brainwave frequencies, from beta to alpha,theta or delta. 🎶 No expensive subscriptions! Basic sessionsincluded and unlock only the advanced sessions you want throughpurchasing or earning tokens. Tune your brainwaves in the followingareas: • Sleeping - Sleep music sessions help adjust your mind forsleep. Beyond the use of relaxing sounds for sleeping, itencourages delta brain waves for a better sleep, in addition tosleep sounds and sleep music. Includes: • Power nap sessions to getrest in a short amount of time • Assisted Sleep Sessions to sleepfor a period of time. • Quick Sleep Sessions to wind down for sleepwith full length sleep music • Guided Meditation for a peacefulsleep or to fight sleep apnea. • Sleep Learning! Sometimes known assleep hypnosis or sleep meditation. Reprogram your brain while yousleep for greater success. Fight insomnia, sleepless nights, andrestless nights with sound sleep and deep sleep. insomnia mayaffect 30-50% of the population. It may not have to be you. •Relaxation - Relaxation sessions encourage alpha brainwaves throughrelaxation music combined with alpha wave sounds for relaxation.release stress and tension through relaxation melodies sessions.Includes guided sound healing and a Solfeggio Energy Tuneup. •Meditation - Meditation melodies give you time to think and ponderin a relaxed semi-conscious state. Have your own meditation studiosalways next to you. Includes unguided meditation and guidedmeditation for Confidence Building, Releasing Bad Habits, andMindfulness Meditation. • Focus - Focus includes Concentration formentally intensive tasks and Moderate Focus for light reading orsocial media. Includes Awakening session to wake up your brain.Several Sessions based on research that support improved academicperformance, reading skills, and cognitive enhancement. The bestkind of study music. Find Calm, Meditate, Sleep, Relax, and Studyin a better way now! 🎶 Main Features 👍 • Meditation Studio •Calming Stress • Managing Anxiety • Deep Sleep • Quick Sleep •Assisted Sleep • Daily Calm • Unguided or Guided Meditation • Focusand Concentration • Happiness • Walking Meditation Sessions 🎶 Thebest meditation music, sounds, and melodies for Android 🎶 DownloadIt Now !!
BackCountry Navigator XE: Topo 2.5.0
Download and use topo maps offline to explore the outdoors usingyour smartphone! Use the GPS in your smartphone to navigate, markyour path and record waypoints. Look at the advantages thatBackCountry Navigator XE brings to the table. Easy Grid BasedDownload of Maps You can try out a simpler approach for downloadingand organizing offline maps, choosing large squares at a time.Visualize what you have and what you need. We have a variety ofboth worldwide and country specific maps that can be downloaded foroffline use based on a yearly membership. Bronze membership to usemost maps. Silver membership to also use slope shaded topo maps ofthe US, plus US Forest Service maps. Gold membership to also useAccuterra Maps, with new, readable maps of the US and the World,plus BackRoads MapBook Basemap in Canada. Vector Topo Maps for theWorld The default map, BackCountry World map, is a set of Vectortopo maps for the world. Vector tiled maps hold the promise ofcrisp multilevel detail, with the ability to download large chunksof the earth's surface in a quick, compact operation. TheBackCountry topo map for the world can be viewed in this app and, with an easy process to install them in large blocks.GPS Navigation Using GPS in a modern day smartphone, see yourposition on a moving offline map. Find your way to waypoints youmark on the map or create from entering coordinates into the searchbar. Planning In The Cloud The website is the webinterface for BackCountry Navigator XE. With it you can plotpoints, routes, and boundaries for trips, and download them ondemand in the mobile app. You can push trips created in the mobileapp to the cloud as well for reviewing or sharing. Cross-PlatformBackCountry Navigator XE works on Android, has a beta app in iOS,and a web app to aid in planning at iOS app isavailable through TestFlight We are well known for our previousproduct BackCountry Navigator PRO which is still supported anddeveloped on a parallel track. see why you might want to upgrade to XE from PRO, see thiscomparison You can also subscribe to the XE List to get notified ofstatus, updates, and deals.
Sunrise Sunset Watch Face 1.6
CritterMap Software LLC
This Watch Face for Android Wear allows you to see the sunriseandsunset times for the day,as well as twilight periods. You canseeat a glance the daylight you have left and when to expectthesunrise or sunset. Sunlight Watch Face is meant for an Androidwearsmartwatch such as Asus ZenWatch, LG G, Sony Smartwatch 3,Moto360, Samsung Gear Live. To choose the new Watch Faces, chooseit inthe Wear app on your phone, or Long Click on the watch face onthewatch. You should see "Sunrise Sunset" as one of thechoices.Please allow some time after downloading for it to show upthere.It is not intended for those that are not Android Wearwatches,such as Gear 2 or Gear S or Pebble. It does not have anywidget forphone or tablet, but a similar watch, Sunlight Watch FaceandWidget, does. The daylight clock shown is calculated based onyourrough location, current time, and a great deal of math. No needforconstant retrieval from the internet or sunset calendar. Thinkofit as a sunrise and sunset calculator in graphical form.Thefollowing information is shown on the watch: -The time inanalogformat -The time in digital format -The Day of the week -TheDate-A battery symbol showing the battery life left on yourwatch.Color highlights around the edge of the dial illustrate thesolarday. It includes: -The daylight hours highlighted in lightblue-Civil Twilight Period - yellow preceding sunrise andorangefollowing sunset -Nautical Twilight Period - dark blue beforeorafter Civil Twilight -Astronomical Twilight - shown inpurple.-Nighttime hours- shown as dark. There are threecommonsubcategories of twilight, represented on the sunrise sunsetclock(summarized from Wikipedia): Civil Twilight is a time when thesunis below the horizon, but there is generally enough light tocarryout outdoor activities without artificial light. Thebrighteststars become visible as this ends. In Nautical Twilight,thehorizon is indistinct, and general outlines of land features canbeseen, It is considered to end when navigation by the horizon atseais no longer possible. Astronomical Twilight may appear to befullydark. Point sources of light such as stars are easilyobservable atits beginning, but dimmer sources, like distantgalaxies, are onlyvisible as it ends. Now that your Android Wearwatch tells yousunrise and sunset times, you can use thatinformation to supportyour outdoor activities. Use it to determinehunting times, fishingtimes, hiking times, or photography times.Any activity whichrelies on a certain amount of sunlight should beenhanced.Recommended for Landscape photography. Use to find thetime of agreat sunset or the time of a great sunrise. Take picturesorsimply enjoy the rising or setting of the sun. Watch the sunsetorsunrise. The watch face has an alternate face for dim/ambientmodeto save battery life. This is a 12 hour clock facedepictingsunrise in the morning and sunset in the evening. Beforenoon, itwill be a sunrise calculator, and after noon, a sunsetcalculator.Get this Sunrise Sunset Watch Face for Android Weartoday!
Sundial Solar Clock- Analemma 3.6
CritterMap Software LLC
The sunlight & lunar phase calendar is a schedule calculatorappfor sun or moon seeker people. It’s a day night watch thatindicatesthe next summer or winter solstice, the exact sunrise& sunsettimes of the day, moonrise & moonset times andtwilight periods.You can see at a glance how much sunlight timeyou have left andcheck out the solar lunar phase calendar. Its avaluable sunshinewatch for a professional photographer becausethis particular sunmoon calculator can indicate the golden hourfor photography.Download the Sundial Solar Clock- Analemma intoyour android wear oras a widget for your android device &calculate when dawn,sunrise, sunset and dusk occurs, depending onlocation and time ofyear. The solar calendar feature in this appcomputes astronomicaltimes as well as physical and ephemeris datafor the sun and themoon in real-time. Sundial Solar Clock-Analemma is meant for anAndroid wear smartwatch such as AsusZenWatch, LG G, Sony Smartwatch3, Moto 360, Samsung Gear Live. Itis not intended for those thatare not Android Wear watches, suchas Gear 2 or Gear S or Pebble.This sunlight & lunar phasecalendar app monitoring your daynight schedule can also work on aAndroid device without a watch.The following information is shownon the Sundial Solar Clock-Analemma: -Sunrise or sun schedule -yellow dot -Sunset schedule -red dot. -The lunar phase schedule.-Twilight times: times ofvarying degrees of sunlight beforesunrise or after sunset.-Ephemeris data on summer and wintersolstice. -This sun moon seekercalculator provides great deal offunction involving calculation ofGolden Hour. Details about thesun- The sunshine watch indicates thedawn, first appearance oflight in the sky before sunrise today. Itmarks at what time doesthe Sunrise starts and ends for the day. Itkeeps track of morningGolden Hour also know as the Magic Hour, itsthe best time to takePhotographs in the morning, a period shortlyafter sunrise andbefore sunset. The sunlight calendar &calculator provides youthe exact ephemeris data time at which thesunset starts and endsno matter what its a hot summer or coldwinter day or an regularsolstice. Details about the moon- This sunmoon schedule pluscalculator app is not just about daylight &sunshine at all.Its a day night watch, so it keeps a pretty goodtab on lunarschedule also. This app is of a great value for moonseekerindividuals who loves the lunar beauty. You can trackmoonrise andmoonset and moonphase time with this sunlight &lunar phasecalendar. Details about twilight hours- There are threecommonsubcategories of twilight, represented on our solar lunarphasecalendar (summarized from Wikipedia): Civil Twilight is a timewhenthe sun is below the horizon, but ephimeris data shows thereisenough day light to carry out outdoor activities. InNauticalTwilight, the horizon is indistinct, and general outlinesof landfeatures can be seen. Astronomical Twilight is alsoindicated byour sunshine day night watch. It may appear to be fullydark likeat night. Point sources of light such as stars areeasilyobservable at its beginning. Details about summer &wintersolstice(according to Wikipedia)- A solstice is anastronomicalevent that occurs twice each year (in June andDecember) as the Sunreaches its highest or lowest excursionrelative to the celestialequator on the celestial sphere. Oursunshine solar calendar watchindicates both summer & wintersolstice timely. Sundial SolarClock- Analemma is recommended forGolden Hour photography &Lunar Schedule for Moon SeekerSociety- Use the sun moon scheduleplus calculator app to find theexact time of golden hour orephimeris data of the moon. Takepictures or simply enjoy thebeauty of moonlight if you are a truenatural beauty seeker. If youlike the Sundial Solar Clock- Analemmaandroid wear sunlightcalendar then please take time to rate it.
Integral Scientific Calculator 1.5
This smart mini calc is an essential tool for students to useinclass. Integral calculation, trigonometric functions becomeeasywith advanced scientific calculator fx. This instantcalculatoralso has all the fundamental science constants &their valuesin addition to its core functions. Quickly look up andinsertvalues without leaving the app. This functionality can alsobe usedon an Android Wear Watch using voice search. To be cleartheAndroid Wear component is a reference search and not a fullWearcalculator. Free download Integral Scientific Calculator toyourandroid device & explore all the exciting mathemagicfeaturescomes with it. It provides all the essentialtrigonometricfunctions, physics constants & integral fractionconversionfacilities in your hand. You can also use it for everydaygeneralcalculation. You don't need to be a mathematician tounderstandthis pocket calc & it is designed to look like a realcomplexcalc. Do note that this mini scientific tool app willinstall twoicons: one called ScienceCal, the instant calculator.The other,Science Constants, brings up the reference for theFundamentalPhysics constants if you want it by itself. IntegralScientificCalculator uses data provided by the National InstituteofStandards and Technology, but is not endorsed or certified byNIST.This precision calculator Includes NIST SRD 122 and NIST SRD144.You can look up these constants quickly using the CNST,andinstantly put them right into your scientific calculations foryourscience class. This instant smart tool is designed to lookandoperate exactly like a real hand-held calc. It has all theadvancedscientific functions plus history, essential memories,unitcalculation, fraction conversion and science constants. Youcaneasily customize the number of maximum smart digits. Italsosupports binary, octal and hexadecimal precision calculationandhas an optional RPN mode. Integral Scientific Calculator fx isanessential pocket android tech that has real advancedmathemagic& all the essential perks of a mini complex sciencetool &it is easy to use, with full help included in the app.Trycalculation in class with an advanced pocket calc on yourandroiddevices. Works on three different modes - Float, FixedandScientific. A precision tool for a brilliant mathematiciantocalculate almost all types of calculations starting witheverydaygeneral procedures, trigonometric functions, fraction &unitconversion with option to find essential physics constantsandcalculate values with it. Download Integral ScientificCalculatoron your android device for free. Enjoy the mathemagic ofminipocket calc, calculate instant & complex mathematicseasily.Smart Fx features include- * Arithmetic functions to use inclassfor young mathematician & students. * Trigonometricfunctions,values & conversion facilities. * Log functions&conversion. * Advanced fraction conversion. * 9 customMemories tosave values. * Clipboard support to copy and pastevalues from thesmart display. * Scrollable display to see largevalues (for smallscreen phones). * Unlimited history of precisioncalculations forinstant peek. * Permutation and combinations. *Built in largenumber of fundamental physics constants from NTSIwith ready to usevalues in class. * Customizable number of maximumdigits. * Hapticfeedback to feel like pressing real keys. * Solvemultiplecalculations at once with precision. If you are looking foraadvanced scientific calculator that has all the mathemagicfeatureslike arithmetic and trigonometric functions, fractionconversion,calculate science constants & their values than thisnew minipocket fx is the right choice for your mathematician mind.If youlike the Integral Scientific Calculator fx app than pleasetake amoment & rate it. Your feedback help us in making greatapps.
Digital LED Watch Face 1.5
CritterMap Software LLC
Digital Watch face with a customizable color LED look.Supportssquare Android Wear watches such as the Gear Live, AsusZenwatch,Sony Smartwatch 3, or LG G. Support round Android Wearwatches suchas the LG G R, Moto 360, or LG Urbane. Configurationoptions areavailable on the Android Wear app on the phone. Features•Timeincluding Hour and Minute •Date inluding Month,Day, andYear•Seconds shown in interactive mode •Battery indicator•PhoneBattery Indicator •Daily Step Counter •Round Screen Support•SquareScreen Support Configuration •20 colors available •Chooseoutlinemode or solid, ie Color on Black or Black on Color • Choosetitleof watch, anything from "Waterproof LED" to "Not the AppleWatch"Configuration is done through. LED stands for light emittingdiode,and has been popular for years as the style for clock radiosandother numerical timepieces. A digital watch is often preferredforinformation at a glance. Get this Digital LED Watch FaceforAndroid Wear today.
Blue Carbon Analog Watch Face 1.3
This watch face will give you at least one of the things youexpectfrom a watch face: the time. The time is offered in bothanalog anddigital formats. It includes the month and day of monthfor greaterprecision about the moment in which you are standing. Tosee howmuch time you have before your watch can no longer telltimewithout being charged, it also features the battery life asapercentage of full. To preserve that battery life, we haveasimpler design in ambient mode that gives you theessentialinformation without wasting precious pixels or drops ofbatterylife. This works on both round and square screens. Do youpreferround screens or square screens for your Android Wear watch?Makethat decision when you buy your watch, and this watch facewillwork on either. Blue Carbon was named for the tint of blue youwilldiscover in the inner rim, and for the carbon that is containedinsteel that would be in the dial and hands if they weren't justmadefrom pixels. Looking for a way to reduce your carbonfootprint?Well, this watch face won't make any difference. We havenoaffiliation with the blue carbon project that attempts tooffsetcarbon emissions through oceanic vegetation. Enjoy themetallicglow of your Blue Carbon watch face today.
Adventure Analog Watch Face 1.2
CritterMap Software LLC
Use the analog watch face at home, in the office, or intheoutdoors. This watch has adventure written right on it. Atleastthe word adventure, in all capitol letters. For actualadventure,you need to have some adventures and take the watch withyou. Asyou can see with the screenshot, the highlight colorsarecustomizable. This is done on the phone side configuration,thatyou can find through the Android Wear app. Features: *RoundWatchFace for watches like the Moto 360 or LG G Watch R or LGUrbane*Square Watchface for those like the Gear Live, LG G,SonySmartwatch 3, Asus Zenwatch *Steps for the day as measured bywatch*Weather conditions including temperature, relative humidity,andcondition symbol. *Day of Week *Day of Month *Battery charge asapercentage *Low power, Ambient mode for extended battery lifeThiswatch tells time in analog format. As part of the adventure,youhave to decide if it is am or pm, if that is applicable toyourcountry. It has an hour and minute hand and in active mode,evenhas a second hand. The date is displayed including the month,dayof month, and an abbreviation for the day of week. A batterysymbolis available to show you the strength of your battery. Evenbetterthan knowing the strength of your battery is preservingyourbattery. For this, the watch face displays a simpler viewinambient mode. For some, the weather influences your enthusiasmforadventure. For this we give you a reading on the weather.Itincludes an estimate of the current temperature (within abouttwohours) in celsius or farenheit, according to your preference.Youwill also see a somewhat mysterious percentage. If you are thetypethat reads descriptions, you have read this far, and know thatthepercentage is relative humidity. You will see a small symbolabovethe temperature that tells you the general weather conditions.Somevariation of sun (or moon), a degree of cloudiness, showers,rain,storm, or snow. If you are truly an adventurous type, none ofthesethings will discourage you from going outside. We use, so the conditions are only as accurate asthatdata. If you want, you can set up your own weather station tohelpthem improve their results. Yeah, I know, that's starting tosoundlike work. You can hope one of your neighbors does itinstead.Using this watch face, you can track your steps taken withthewatch on, turning your Android Wear watch into a ratherexpensivepedometer. Steps are shown with a little gauge that turnsa dialfrom 0 to 10000 steps. It also has a number that tells youthenumber of steps in case you exceed the range of the dial. Inall,this analog watch face for Android Wear can be your companionforall your adentures. Get it today!