Criss Cross Games Apps

Tiny Empire 2.0.8
Launch bombs and blow tiny orcs into thousands of pieces in thispuzzle shooter!
Bubble Man Rises 1.20
The story of an awesome superhero who LOVES to eat burger and chill
Monsters Galaxy: Aliens Beasts 3
Explore a fantastic world, shooting fire bullet on giant magicalalien monsters!
Tiny Empire - Epic Edition 2.0.6
Launch bombs and blow tiny orcs into thousands of pieces in thispuzzle shooter!
Spot the Number
The most addictive number game for adults and kids. Challenging,fast and fun.
Bubble Man: Rolling 1.4
Bubble Man is Here Again! It’s insanely hard but incrediblyaddictive!
The Exorcists: Tower Defense 1.3.6
Tower Defense based on The Exorcists: 3D Action MMORPG
Blasty Bubs: Brick Breaker 1.5.1
Destroy the blocks and please the crowd!
Jumping Joe! - The Floor is La 1.3.1
Escape the lava and reach space in this portable square survivalhopper!
ALTER: Between Two Worlds 1.02.1
Explore the worlds by playing Puzzle Adventure Game
Persephone 3.5
Accompany Persephone during her trip to the Underworld.
World war 2 1945: ww2 games 4.2.9
Be the Master Art of War with ww2 1945: The Ultimate HistoricStrategy Games
TUB - Sandbox online
Large physics sandbox based on manipulating game objects
Zentris block puzzle 1.19.28
Rotate the board and place your shapes. Blocks are stacking up soplan ahead!
Knight War: Idle Defense Pro 1.1.9
Knight War: Idle Defense is fantastic roleplaying game
Escape the Mansion 3 1.0.7
Confounding puzzles and addictive minigames are coming out of thewalls.
Linn: Path of Orchards Valley 20
Start your brain teaser adventure now just like in monument valley
Random Dice Tower Defense 5.5.1
Play random dice games offline! Tower defense game with rush royalmode
Skater Race 2.5
Try your skating tricks now in skateboard games !
Spirit Sprint 1.0.10
Guide your spirit animal on its path to freedom therian.
Brawl Academy Superhero League 1.2
Gather Superheroes, build the Academy, vanquish the Evil!
Unit 404 1.3.5
Sci-fi puzzle platformer
Dream Walker 1.15.09
Guide Anna through fantastic dream world in this challenging puzzlerunner game.
Cubes and Hexa - Solve Puzzles 1.12
No color matching, no match 3! Just fill the grid with shapes toform a line.
AXE.IO - Survival Battleground 1.7.5
Fight against axe throwing knights, rogues and warriors on thebattleground!
Canyon Crash: Fall Down 1.3.5
Collect gems to beat your score!
Magibot 1.0.6
Magibot combines the principles of a platform game and those of astrategy game.
Pup - fluffy hero Alien Gem Ta 1.1
Pup - planet rider monster. Tap to move, flip and jump in best funrelaxing game
Knife Club Hit & Flippy Master 0.2.3
Throw axes, hit knives, stick swords. Be a master, build yourcollection!
Real Tractor Driving Game 2020 - Farming Simulator 1.0
The big trucks are ready for tractor farming in the vast lands.Keepyour farm upgraded and maintained and keep record of road andtrackto benefit yourself with this amazing free ride tractorpullinganimal farm game 2020. In this tractor farming game, youcan enjoythe free ride in animal farm by roaming on the road andtrack. Thisgame provides you with the perfect opportunity to learntractorfarming, tractor pulling, and driving in one go. In termsoffarming, you will how to grow crops and cultivate them properlysothat they don’t go to waste. You will also learn how much wateryouhave to give to the fields in order to grow perfect crops. Intermsof driving, you will learn how you can drive on off road andtrackand how to deal with big trucks. In this free ride game, youwillalso learn how to drive on tough terrains and drive in animalfarmto avoid damaging the crops. The controls of this big truckstractorfarming game are super easy. You can choose from differentsteeringcontrols like tilt, arrow button, or steering wheel. Forapplyingbrakes, you simply have to press the brake paddle. Toaccelerate thebig trucks, you have to press the acceleratorbutton. In this freeride tractor pulling game, you will also bedriving in animal farmto cultivate the crops so you also have tolook out for the animals.This road and track tractor farming gamehas a lot of fun objectivesto complete. Apart from tractorpulling, this free ride game willalso give you the most realisticviews of animal farm. This game hasdifferent farms to choose fromand different big trucks to handle.This game gives you choice toselect from different powered uptractor pulling vehicles andexquisitely designed animal farm andcrops farm. The levels in thistractor farming free ride game arechallenging yet easy if you gethold of road and track on your bigtrucks. The tractor pulling inanimal farm will prove as a challengeas your tractor may get stuckin muddy road and track. Enjoy thefree ride tractor farming andlearn some skills! Features: -Realistic Environment - Differenttractors to choose from -Beautifully designed farms - Challengingtasks to complete
Neon Blasters Multiplayer 1.0.13
Experience intense multiplayer combat with up to ten players online
Linn: Path of Orchards Premium 2
Take a leap of faith with this atmospheric and beautifulplatformer.
Hidden Cats Detective Agency 0.8
Solve cases and earn rewards by finding hidden cats before yourrival does!
Moon Raider 1.0.6
Moon Raider is a pixel platformer set in the dangerous underworldof the moon
War of Wizards: Magic RPG Game 1.19
Wizard Games with Powers and Spells. RPG Warriors for Battle WarSimulator Games
Mars Rocket Space Frontier 1.1
Mars Flop Rocket: Space Frontier — arcade game where you have tocontrol rocket
Shooting Legend: Bullet Puzzle Fun 1.0
Kill your enemies and clear different levels.
Hello Angry Farmer Neighbor - Rat a Tat Game 1.0.9
Hello Angry Farmer Neighbor! Hello Angry Neighbor is a funaddictive game with scary neighbors. Enjoy playing with yourfavorite neighbor characters in hiding and seeking free game.Become the intelligent neighbor and catch all the naughty kids inthis Hello Angry Neighbor-A Maze!!. Walk through the tiles andstand on the safe zones to avoid grasps of hello angry neighbors inthese scary neighbor games. You must pass all the tile puzzle andescape from door to win that scary maze fun game in neighbor newgames free. Welcome to the crazy world of the neighbor hide n seek.You are stuck with crazy angry neighbors in a maze from which hewon’t let you escape. Hello Angry Neighbor-AMaze!! offers you a versatile gameplay experience you neverhad before. You have the option to play as a NEIGHBOR or as aRUNNER in Hello Angry Neighbor Escape-Color A Maze Challenge.RUNNER GAMEPLAY  If you choose to play as a Runner, you mustpaint all the floor tiles. When you walk on a Green tile it ispainted as Red. You must paint all the floor tiles to Unlock theExit Doors. But it not easy the neighbor is trying to catch you& your AI mates. When all the tiles are colored GO THROUGH THEDOORS to win the game. NEIGHBOR GAMEPLAY Don’t like to run? You canplay as a neighbor to catch them. CATCH ALL RUNNERS before theypaint all the floor tiles. If anyone of them escape the door youhave lost your chance. Trick them from going away from safe zones& then catch them off guard. You win when all the runners arecaught. You can design your own gameplay i.e. select the NUMBER OFRUNNERS, ENVIRONMENT SIZE, DIFFICULTY etc. We have given you allthe control you need to test your skills in Hello Angry NeighborEscape-Color A Maze Challenge.  Hello Angry Neighbor-AMaze!! is a best tile puzzle game with multiple neighborhoods.Dodge your angry neighbors and complete your tile maze to win thathorror stealth game tasks. Hide in the corner of walls and reachedyour destination point in this new neighbor game. Hide & seekon amazed is fun with your angry neighbors. Don't give them achance to catch you in this scary neighbor free game. Hello AngryNeighbor-A Maze!! FEATURES: • Paint The Floor • Two Game Modes• Arcade Mode with Level Progression where you randomly play as aneighbor or a runner • Design Your Own Game • Multiple Player Roles(Neighbor & Runner) • Holes to Increase Difficulty • Easy SwipeControls • Multiple Characters • Infinite Levels • Unique MapGeneration • Funny Sounds  • Leaderboard to Compete withFriends Play prank with your new neighborhoods and complete yourtile puzzle to win that swiping games. We will give you multiplenew neighbor gameplay modes in angry neighbor games. You have tostand in a safe zone and complete your maze puzzles tiles and exitthe scary neighbor house by using the exit door in the neighborgames for kids 2019. Create your exit path by completing all themaze tiles in angry neighbor games free. Become the best runnerfill the puzzle tiles with colors and escape from the neighborgranny house in this best new trending game for kids. When you willplay as a neighbor than grasps the child and not allowed them toexit your home in scary neighbor new games. During a run on thetiles, avoid falling in the holes and complete your mazein Hello Angry Neighbor-A Maze!!. We will give you tutorialbefore starting your neighbor journey in angry neighbor games forkids. if neighbor caught you then level will be failed in theneighbor games free. Enjoy your neighbor adventure, horror,stealth, hide & seek secret missions on immersive amazedpuzzles in neighbor strange 3d. It's Depend on you, either you willplay as runner or as a neighbor in Hello Angry NeighborEscape-Color A Maze Challenge.
Hotel Mania 1.00.26
Take charge of the elevator and ride your patrons to the floor theywant to go.
Shootero: Galaxy Space Shooter 1.4.12
Find the perfect combo of shoot-up & smash hit in a galaxyattack space shooter.
Back to Bed 2.0.0
3D Indie puzzle game -Guide a sleepwalker through surreal beautifuldream worlds
Golden Farm Canyon
Take your hat and start your expedition to west frontier in searchof gold!
Toy Box Blast Adventure 200558
Make your toy story by playing matching games.Start block blastadventure master
Juice cube: Match 3 Fruit Game 1.85.17
Match, merge and blast! Climb up the level ladder in go cube fruitgames.
Vikings II 2.3
Archer, bowman viking shooter with amazon medusa & endlesslegion of monsters
Trito's Adventure Match 3 7.9
Help little Trito to save the world in the matching puzzle games
Diesel Challenge Truck Games 2.33
Let’s take the car racing challenge now in the diesel Truck drivingsimulator!
DifferenceLand Online
Find differences, complete challenges, decorate mansion!
Clash Of Robots- Ultimate Fighting Battle 3D 31.5
Fight against the best robots only in Clash of Robots! With Clashof Robots, Get ready for the action-packed real time multiplayercombat of the decade! Combine your human intelligence with thestrength, resilience and tactics of a robot in this futuristicrobotic game. Engage with the enemy, spot their weakness, formulatea strategy and dive into this fight and give your 100% forglittering rewards. Join epic PVP battles against rivals from allover the world! FUTURISTIC FIGHTS Enroll into Career Mode to fightone on one in 3 rounds to learn moves. Rule the robotic world toget maximum benefits in the Tournament Mode. Climb to theLeaderboards of Clash of Robots to be the most respected fighter ofthem all! You can also join a league to play with a singlecombatant one on one from all over the world! Win Challenges andexhibit your achievements in an all new Trophy Room. TOP THEFIGHTING PACK! Enjoy the seamless melee combat mechanism and teachyour robot some sick moves in this skill based fighting system.Throw your robot rivals off their game with hard hitting attacksand bewildering moves. Unleash your robot rage with deadly jabs,uppercuts & special moves against rivals to win worldchampionship belts, collect trophies & knockout all opponents!EYE CATCHING MOVES Want to win the fight with the smartest moves?Then unlock the unique knockout attack of your robot and use it forthe maximum impact! Each one of the 40 fighters are assignedgrappling attacks like Power Punch, Doom Attack and Mega Trample!This perfect balance of fiction and realism and the combat physicsis sure to spice up the match to put up an amazing show! Fill upyour power bar to unleash special fatal attacks to reign supreme incombat! MOUNTING DEFENSE Create a war machine to fit your own playstyle many possible combinations of robots and weapons. Unleashspecial powers like Aegis Defense and Magna Shield to dodge theattacks of your rivals. Put your best efforts and get ready to foran amazing combat experience. Prevent yourself from an untimelydefeat and show your nerves of steel by using the Health Kit inyour hour of need. TECHNO UPGRADES Choose from over 45 options, arobot that expresses your personality the best! Face your biggestrivals in your best avatar that has life like intricate details andimmaculate animations. When the biggest rivals clash, make sure youstand out of the rest! Join the ranks of the Metal Warriors!Unleash the champions, enter the ultimate contest! UNLOCK EXOTICBATTLEGROUNDS Take a step back and watch in awe as we take you tohauntingly realistic locales like Desert Safari, City SquareBridge, Tomb of the Kings, Doctor Dragan’s Labs, Mother Ship,Streets of Moscow, Amazonian Trenches and many more. Reign supremein huge battlefields that can barely contain these towering combatmachines. Prove yourself in each map and use different strategiesand tactics to emerge victorious from battle! Take control of yourobot and take it into the battleground where it'll face somereally strong opponents- so make sure your player is ready andknows some seriously damaging moves or else you won't be able toget through the challenging levels. Are you ready to get into thatfighting championship? Do you think you will be able to get thewinning title?? If your answer to these questions is yes, then goahead and download this game and prove yourself to be the realchampion. Do you hold back all those amazing moves that you know!Hit right at your opponent and make them suffer. If you everwondered what it's like to control a robot, or how does it feellike, then this game is perfect fit for you!! Dive right into thebattleground, and do some serious damage to the opponent robots.Will you play till the end or will you back out! Let us find outthrough the matches waiting for you. Share this game with yourfamily and friends and let them know what they're missing out on.Also, do not forget to rate us. Good Luck!!