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Farm Tribe 3: Cooking Island 1.2.2
CrioGames Ltd
Help Annie build a farm tribe to become the Keeper of the Worlds.Help her rescue the local tribes from the onset of the Dark Forcesin new hay farm day game. You will choose what is your Island willlook a like, will it be a big farm or small village in the middleof the Ocean of Eternity. Like in hey day it is very easy to growand collect plants from beds, cook food and build your farm ville.- Play FREE ONLINE ( Internet connection required ! ) - CHAT withfriends while farming game; - Create your own CO-OP (CLAN) andinvite your friends, to chat and help each other; - Build and moveyour tribe between other Islands - Create your own Farm Tribe on amystery island, take care of it, decorate your village; - Feed andgrow up cute animals: chickens, cows, fishes and even crocodiles; -Trade with other farmers' tribes on the global market; - Invent andrealize individual design in this farm ville game; - Open mysterychests, receive daily bonuses and expand the territory of yourtribe; - The scenario and surprising characters, will lead you tothe unusual hay farm worlds - Perform quests to reveal secrets andmysteries of the Islands, follow unpredictable plot twists.