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Strike Wing: Raptor Rising
** ATTENTION - TRIAL MODE **The game is offered in trial mode. This allows you to experiencethe first three story missions, play the tutorials and twochallenge missions for free before purchasing the full version.Additional story missions and challenges can be played afterwatching video ads.Take over the stars, blast through enemy fighter waves and destroycapital ships while piloting the most advanced fighters in thegalaxy.Strike Wing is a single player space combat simulator that combinessharp controls, beautiful graphics and adaptable missions to createan unique space combat experience for mobile devices.EPISODE 2 UPDATEThe Episode 2 update is now live adding more content, storymissions, ships to fly, challenges, achievements and fixes.** WARNING ** If you experience problems installing or running thegame please make sure you have at least 200 MB of free spaceavailable on the device before starting the installation.= BEAUTIFUL GRAPHICS =Fly beautifully designed ships in asteroid fields, around planetaryorbits or in deep space. Experience a colorful and vibrantrepresentation of space on your mobile device.= FLUID CONTROLS =Play with the accelerometer or with the on-screen virtual stick.Learn each ship’s flight characteristics and master themindividually.= WIDE ARRAY OF SHIPS =Choose from super-fast and nimble fighters to heavy torpedobombers, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and style ofplay. Progress through the levels to gain access to more ships andfeatures!= ADAPTABLE MISSIONS =Missions adapt to your style of play, to your skill and ship choiceto give you a consistent challenge every time you play. Need anextra challenge? You can make each mission more difficult at a flipof a switch and reap better rewards.Follow us for the latest info and game news!•••
EXILES Zero 2.53
A free version of EXILES! (ad supported)From the creators of the award winning Ravensword: Shadowlandscomes EXILES, a beautiful Sci-Fi 3D role playing game that takesplace on a distant world.In the near future, a colony on a distant planet has been drivento isolation and desolation, as a corrupt government tries toenslave it with a lethal virus.Become one of the Elite Enforcers, and go on various missionsthat will unravel the secrets behind the plot to enslave the world.Unleash a large arsenal of weapons and items against vicious aliensand mechanized enemies.Features:Explorer a huge and open world, full of alien hives, undergroundtemples, and cavesA large colony with various interior localesChoose from 3 different character classesChoose a Male or Female CharacterA large variety of weapons to use and upgradeHuge Alien creatures to fightMechs and Hoverbikes available to traverse the massivelandscapeA dark story of government plots and conspiracyNo IAP!Real-time ShadowsFull Night/Day SystemFollow us for the latest info and game news!•••
Slingshot Racing
Slingshot Racing is an original racing gamedeveloped exclusively for touchscreen devices. Behold a beautifulsteampunk environment with ice tracks, grappling hooks, snowmen andmore!Pro Tip: To deploy the hook try picking a corner of the screenand just keep pressing there. You do not need to press on thetowers to slingshot.REVIEWS★ Touch Arcade 4.5/5 'Mobile Racing Redefined'★ 148apps 4.5/5 'Snowbolt and Crescent Moon have absolutelynailed this game'★ Gamezebo 4/5 'Silky smooth one-touch racing gameplay.'★ TouchGen 4/5 'As multiplayer games on one device go I thinkSlingshot Racing is hard to beat.'★ App Advice: 'A New Genre Of Racing Emerges In SlingshotRacing'★ AppSpy 4/5★ App-Score 9/10 'Slingshot Racing is one of the most innovativegames we've playing in a long time'Use your grappling hook to slingshot around corners in this fastpaced arcade style racer. Hone your skills by learning on thetutorial tracks, then blast out of the snow onto more complextracks against other racers. Race around a selection of tracks instunning day and night settings.Career mode features 80 races with different objectives andsettings. Take part in a simple straight race to the top spot onthe podium. The pickups race pits you against the clock to collectall the cogs on the track as quickly as possible. The time trialsoffer you the chance to shave those all important seconds toachieve the perfect race. Alternatively prove your mettle by takingon the fearsome chomper as it hunts you around the track.With 4 way multiplayer you can race family or friends on asingle device. With just a few clicks you can create minitournaments the way you like or just mix it up with a quick randomselection.FEATURES★ Super addictive gameplay★ Revolutionary controls, easy to pickup and difficult tomaster★ Stunning graphics with gorgeous 3D effects, shadows, and particlesystems★ 4 player simultaneous play on one device! Play against your wholefamily!★ Tweet or post your high scores on Facebook★ Tablet and phone devices supportedLike @cm_games on Twitter for more great games and deals!
Explore the fanciful world of Gears, agorgeous 3D ball-rolling platformer packed with imaginativechallenges. Pick up as many power-points as possible with either aswipe of the finger or through tilting your device. Beat the clockand collect cogs in 27 levels spanning 3 unique worlds!Features:3 unique worlds: The Brass Menagerie, Rivers of Magma, and theCavern of Omens27 obstacle-riddled levelsOne finger swipe or tilt controlsVivid high-definition graphicsLeaderboards for you and your friendsUnlockable achievementsSave game data to the cloud
Glow Monsters - Maze survival
Eat cubics, evade monsters, and survive in the glow maze! Funnestgame of 2015!
Siegecraft™ Defender
Touch Arcade - "It's not very often that agame manages to take standard tower defense mechanics andincorporate them into something greater." "This game rocks!" 4/4Build your own castle defense and protect the Knights from theevil Lizardmen!It’s Siegecraft built from the ground up for TD fans!After nearly 2 years of peace from the great wars of Siegecraft,the usually reclusive Lizardmen have risen up against the Knightsof Freemoi. What is the reason behind this uprising? Where are yourallies, the Vikings and Samurai of Freemoi? Discover the answers tothese questions and more in SIEGECRAFT DEFENDER!+ Classic TD game play set in the beautiful world ofSiegecraft.+ Over 1 Million people have enjoyed the world of Siegecraft todate!+ Dozens of enemies on screen at once, all rendered in amazing3D!+ Real-time shadows and pixel shaders for your visualpleasure!+ 15 unique towers+ 18 unique units+ Over 30 levels+ Over 10 hours of campaign mode+ Endless single player maps for infinite game play+ Multiplayer for fun combat against your friends in localhotseat+ Globally ranked multiplayer matches to prove you are the strategyMaster!Follow @cm_games on Twitter for news and updates!Also check out
Zen Training 1.03
Crescent Moon Games
The title combines puzzle dynamics with those of a rhythm-game. Ithas been designed to be the definitive pastime. The game is set ina classic Japanese Zen garden and is based on the concepts of Orderand Chaos. In the heart of the garden there is a maple tree aroundwhich are located 5 stones with 5 different colored symbols towhich correspond “mana stones” falling from the tree. The player'stask is to match symbols and colors in order to promote Order andHarmony, flowing trough an infinite series of standard and bonuslevels. FEATURES: High quality 3d Graphics Push your device to themax with fully 3d graphics and dynamic environments. IntuitiveControls: It can be played with just one finger. AddictiveGameplay: Challenge yourself and others to get the best score oninfinite game levels. Funny Bonus Levels: Five different bonuslevels to achieve more points and much more fun. CharmingSoundtrack: Live a totally immersive experience with zen music andsounds that change together with graphics and mood. SocialFeatures: Share your results and challenge your Facebook friends.Follow us for the latest info and game news! • • •
Evertales 1.13
Crescent Moon Games
Once upon time, there was a tale of mighty heroes, protectors ofthe realm, and the saviors of many damsels in distress. This…is notthat tale. This is a tale of unlikely Heroes. Embark on journeys ofnot-so-epic proportions with Sir Jorgin, the noble knight past hisprime; Arwick, the ladies man and elf rogue; and Taragon, wize,old, and somewhat senile wizard. Welcome….to Evertales. UNIQUEHEROES Quest with 3 unique heroes: • Sir Jorgin, the mighty knight,is a fierce melee fighter and can take a punch! • Arwick the Elfspecializes in ranged weapons, charm, and an attractive doublejump! • Taragorn the Senile wields tight spells a loose tongue, andthe power to levitate! CHOOSE YOUR WEAPONS Unlock 20+ weapons foryour heroes to better seek your glory, slay your foes, and saveyourself! Evertales has a diverse selection of weapons, rangingfrom a variety of swords, bows, staves, and even molotovs! ZANYSTORYLINE Do you fancy taking a stroll through the Fungi Forest? Orspelunking into the caverns of carnivorous creatures? Have a strongdesire to hunt down some Rodents of Unusual Stature? Or how aboutconfronting the devious Dark Lord of Darkness? Now you can as youembark into Evertales! CUSTOMIZABLE HEROES Unlock and equip adiverse selection of armor for your heroes. Want to play the gameas a Spartan or Drunkard? Go ahead. How about a lovely Christmasoutfit or less than lovely Hobo garb? Go ahead, suit yourself! EPICBOSS BATTLES Each chapter concludes with an epic confrontation withan epic boss fight! Defeat the Giant Dwarf, sink the ship of theDead Pirate Roberts, rock out with the dreaded Stone Golem, andmore in a quest to end all quests! AWESOME GRAPHICS Evertalesfeatures beautifully rendered 3D characters and environments alongwith masterfully created 2D interface. Allow your eyes to floodwith some of best graphics for the mobile generation. Follow us forthe latest info and game news! • • •
Demonrock: War of Ages 1.05
Demonrock: War of Ages is a reverse defense game with beautiful 3Dgraphics and intuitive game play! Lead your hero's soldiers tovictory against hordes of monsters. Features: - 40 levels across 4unique lands of environment : forest, dungeon, coffin chamber andwinter forest - 4 legendary heroes : barbarian, ranger, knight andsorceress, each hero has 5 skills - Over 30 kinds of enemies andBosses: goblins, orcs, skeletons, trolls, spiders, werewolves.. anda giant dragon - hire 13 kinds mercenaries to setup break throughenemies’ defence - Collect epic loot in battle and upgrade yourweapons and armor, each hero has 6 wagons and armors with 4 levelsof appearance upgrades - Intuitive controls and step-by-steptutorials for you to get started
Greedy Dwarf Free 1.0
Get ready for the seat of your pants wild rideof your life - on a minecart!You know, they called me stupid when I "borrowed" gold from theol' hag in the forest. They called me mad when I stole the bigCyclop´s gold pouch. They called me crazy when I grabbed thatgolden tooth from Cthulhu. I wonder what they'll call me when Ifind the Fat Dragon´s chest? You can call me greedy, I don't care.Are you ready for the ride of your life laddy?!Are you just as greedy? Will you risk your life to get that lastgold nugget? Greedy Dwarf features 32 challenging levels that willkeep you swearing under your thick dwarfish beard!Features:- 32 beautiful 3d levels- Different modes of play- Dynamic music- Two control schemes
Paper Monsters 3d platformer 1
At long last, a FREE version of Paper Monstersfor Google Play!Limited time - IAP Free! Get it while you can!A great 3d platformerSTUFF MagazineIf you’re looking for a gorgeous-looking platformer with that pickup and playability, you’ll find everything you need and more withPaper"The controls are masterfully crafted""a fresh, original soundtrack add those special touches to analready solid game"GAMEZEBO"For lack of a better word, it's perfect. Everyone should playthis"USA TODAY"From the gameplay to presentation to control, Paper Monsters is areal treat...""Paper Monsters Redefines The Boundaries Of Side ScrollingAdventures"Dive into the world of Paper Monsters and watch a living worldmade out of paper, cardboard, and a few cotton balls unfold rightbefore your eyes.Paper Monsters takes all of the classic 2d platforming elements,combines them with cutting edge graphics and then packs it ontoyour Android device.--FEATURES--•Classic 2d sidescrolling gameplay with gorgeous 3denvironments.•Original and adorable characters•Awesome original soundtrack - headphones recommended!•Fun under water and flying powerups.•Two touch scontrol types: "floating" Joystick or classic touchpad•28 Large Levels across 6 unique worlds•Tons of secret areas!•BONUS MODE - High score dash mode for endless replay value!•Fun for all ages
Leave Me Alone 1.03
Please note: Best played on Galaxy S4, Note 4and above.Somewhere between the 1980s and 1990s there exists a world thatnever was. A world of skatepunks, mutants, and madtastic ruffianswho roam the streets causing terror and havoc wherever they go. Aworld where its noblest boarded citizens have just one war cryagainst the world outside: LEAVE ME ALONE!Lucky for them, those citizens have brought more than a way cryto defend themselves. They have you.Leave Me Alone is a game of sidescrolling skateboarding combatthat has more in common with Mad Max than Tony Hawk. Playersperform tricks, drink soda, and kick ass across a variety ofpost-apocalyptic 2D environments. Grind over a park fountain filledwith toxic waste, then step off your board to bash some dirtymuties in the skull.You’re the ultimate bad ass from an alternate 1989. Enjoy everyminute of it.Features:Kickflip across 21 levels - From a city under siege to thesewers below and even the depths of hell, there’s nowhere yourskills aren’t needed.Unlock brutally powerful skills - You know what’s better thanskating over mutant punks? Creating a wall of fire in yourwake.Hop off your board, hit someone with it - If you get tired of popshove-its, pop off your board and shove it into the face of yourenemies. Lay the smack down.Hardcore mode - Remember how difficult a limited number of livescould be back in the NES days? We’re putting old school frustrationin the palm of your hand!Text your mom - She’s worried about you.Follow us for the latest info and game news!•••
Hammer Bomb - Creepy Dungeons! 1.12
Are you ready to enter dark mazes and dungeons - full of monsterhordes and traps? Then brave the dungeon, Sir Hammer Bomb. Rescueyour soldiers and find the treasure! Hammer Bomb is a new twist ondungeon style arcade games. Easy controls for anyone to play, butonly a few will master! Drop bombs to open secret areas to find thebest treasures! Go on quests looking for various types of treats.Cake, Pizza, Hot Dogs, Soda, and more! Level up and collect all 50perks to enhance your gameplaying abilities. Use various weapons,bows, swords, magic, and the almighty hammer! Battle Ginormousbosses in each of the biomes. Features: -An endless amount of mindbending mazes to escape -Great voxel style graphics -Easy to play,simple controls for anyone to play. -Various weapons to use andmaster -50 perks to upgrade your playing skills -Quests to find ineach maze - yummy treats! Follow us for the latest info and gamenews! • • •
Elvin: The Water Sphere 1.0.15
Run Elvin run! There's no time to waste. The future of GoomswoodForest and its inhabitants is in your hands! Elfrod the Goblin hassprung out from the depths of the Earth and has stolen the WaterSphere. Elvin must recover the Water Sphere before it runs out ofpower. Elfrod is a mischievous underground goblin. He is quick anddevious, with the power to travel through dreams! Elfrod hastricked Elvin into fleeing through strange worlds, forbidden to theForest Elves. That won’t stop Elvin, though. He'll follow Elfrodtil the end, even ignoring his sacred Elven laws - in order torecover the droplets left by the Water Sphere. The race hasbegun... Run Elvin, run! Don’t forget to share your score andchallenge all of your friends! Features: - Retro charm. Easy toplay, Hard to Beat! - 10 Fantastic pixel worlds to explore! -Awesome characters - great friends and scary enemies! - Ride on aflying cow or cruise the ocean on a penguin’s back! - Constantaction! A combination of runner and platformer with uniqueelements! - Quick pick up and play - play it anywhere, anytime!Follow us for the latest info and game news! • • •
Greedy Dwarf 1.0
Get ready for the seat of your pants wildrideof your life - on a minecart!You know, they called me stupid when I "borrowed" gold fromtheol' hag in the forest. They called me mad when I stole thebigCyclop´s gold pouch. They called me crazy when I grabbedthatgolden tooth from Cthulhu. I wonder what they'll call me whenIfind the Fat Dragon´s chest? You can call me greedy, I don'tcare.Are you ready for the ride of your life laddy?!Are you just as greedy? Will you risk your life to get thatlastgold nugget? Greedy Dwarf features 32 challenging levels thatwillkeep you swearing under your thick dwarfish beard!Features:- 32 beautiful 3d levels- Different modes of play- Dynamic music- Two control schemes
Sparkwave is a gorgeous hex styled twitch game. It is fast pacedand intense! The objective of the Sparkwave is to go the greatestdistance while avoiding obstacles, at the same time staying on the'track'. The Player can only survive being off-track for a limitedtime. Crystals are collected in order to unlock new 'sparks' andpurchase items, which can simplify or enhance gameplay. Simplecontrols: Just tap and hold left or right half of the screen to goleft or right respectively. Release to continue flying straight.Features: Gorgeous hex art style Variable tracks and obstaclesMultiple unlockable sparks to customize your ship Great originalmusic by Evan Gipson Follow us for the latest info and game news! • • •
Aralon: Forge and Flame RPG 2.32
"That which once was, may yet be again. Fromash and sorrow, a hero shall arise, wreathed in shadow, forged inflame. . ." -The Chronicles of the 3rd AgeThe iOS classic role-playing series returns with an all-newadventure. Journey across three continents and diverse landscapesseeking a people once thought forever lost.The Throne of Aralon sits empty, and the noble families ofCallaheim struggle to control the future of the kingdom.Features:• Massive World to Explore!• Tons of items• Tons of weapons• 3 Races and 5 Classes with skill trees• Real time Shadows• First Person and 3rd person view• Day and Night CycleFollow us for the latest info and game news!•••
Monolithic 1.01
Build a tower of impossible shapes in Monolithic. A 3d puzzler witha gorgeous minimalistic 3d art style. Place your shapes, rotatethem into place, rotate around your tower and watch as it growsbigger. Towers need to be sturdy, so make sure you put your piecesin the right place! Features: -Soothing and relaxing gameplay-Great original soundtrack -Various Themes -Intuitive controls andoriginal gameplay
Tiny Empire - Epic Edition 2.0.6
Crescent Moon Games
Launch cannonballs and blow tiny orcs into thousands of pieces inthis fantasy puzzle shooter! Embark on an epic medieval journeythat will take you from the grasslands of the empire to themystical elven forest, facing ever stronger enemies under theleadership of your beloved king. FEATURES: • EXPLORE THE KINGDOM ona vast map filled with more than 100 levels! • DEFEAT SAVAGECREATURES such as beholders, stone golems, crow riders, and manymore! • PLAN YOUR ATTACKS carefully – each bomb works best on adifferent situation! • UNLOCK NEW AREAS by getting a perfect scoreon all the levels! • RECLAIM ABANDONED MINES to supply your empirewith an endless stream of diamonds! • COLLECT CANNONS AND HELMS toequip your troops with the best gear of the kingdom! • MORE THAN 20ACHIEVEMENTS for you to unlock! WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING: “Thecharming 16 bit pixel art visuals got me hooked from the very firstmoment.” “I was taken back to the days of the greatest 2D rpgs whenI listened to Tiny’s epic soundtrack. What an amazing score!”“Blowing up orcs is so fun and satisfying that I caught myselfplaying the same level over and over just to explode it all andwatch them fly again!” Note: this is the premium version of thegame, with absolutely no advertisements or in-app purchases. -----Follow us for the latest info and game news! • • •
Legend of the Skyfish
The Deer God - 3d Pixel Art 1.18
The Deer God is a breathtaking 3D pixelartadventure that will challenge your religion and yourplatformingskills.This is a free, ad supported version of The Deer God.It's a game about survival, reincarnation, and karma; all setina breathtaking and unique 3D pixelized world.Feast your eyes on the beautiful lighting, day and nightsystem,and vast landscapes.Become one of the most beautiful animals on planet earth.LIVE AS A DEER.SURVIVE AS A DEER.Features:Gorgeous 3d pixel art world to exploreVarious animals and characters to interact withNight and Day systemVarious questsTons of items to find and useReincarnate into other animalsUse the power of statues and level up your antlersFind secrets and solve ancient puzzlesFollow an interesting and dark storylineAmazing Original Soundtrack by Evan Gipson.Follow us for the latest info and game news!•••
Jewel Road - Fantasy Match 3 1.0.6
Rush into a colorful fantasy world! Join Traveling Bard in hisquest along the Jewel Road to find the Legendary Lands ofAwesomeness and try to pave your way in this beautiful fairyjourney! Match parts of a fantasy realm, play concerts in towns andcastles along the way, and help Traveling Bard along a journeythrough the beautiful fantasy world! This thrilling Match 3experience will keep you hooked for a long time. Key Features: -Simple and addictive gameplay - Eight different lands with diverseenvironments to travel through - Mischievous Imps opposing you onyour adventure - Collect rewards for your masterful flute playing!- Unique isometric gameboard with refreshing classic match-3gameplay - IAP only to remove ads Follow us for the latest info andgame news! • • •
Monkey Racing
The new racing game featuring crazy monkeys riding ludicrousvehicles!
Atomic Super Lander
Grab your nukes and put up your fists! It's time to blow up someasteroids!
Stellar Wanderer 10125
Stellar Wanderer is a beautiful space opera set in a vastopen-world universe, the same universe as our sister game: StrikeWing: Raptor Rising. Grow your skills and choose the best path thatsuits your play style. Become a FIGHTER, TRADER, TANK or ENGINEER,each with its own bonuses and special abilities. Follow the mainstoryline or choose the side missions you would like to play. Minefor resources or be the most dangerous pirate in the galaxy.Experience a variety of gorgeous space sets, each with severalinterest points. Earn credits for the ship of your choice or choosemultiple ships! Tune your ship with more than 100 items that arecurrently available in the game. • 10+ hours of gameplay tocomplete the story line • Use accelerometer or virtual joystick •Cockpit view for a more immersive feeling or third person view forbetter observation • Gorgeous visuals with unique atmosphere foreach space set. Follow us for the latest info and game news! • • • • •
Subdivision Infinity: 3D Space Shooter
Massive next-gen sci-fi 3D space shooter!
Runic Rampage - Hack and Slash RPG
Play as a raging dwarf and crush your enemies with mighty hammerblows!
Explore random worlds and follow an amazing storyline in a stylizeduniverse
Marginalia Hero 0.204
Discover the real medieval weirdness! You are about tofightcreatures and monsters, which were painted by real(!)medievalartists more than 5 centuries ago. Collect coins andupgrade yourequipment! Lots of weapons, shields, charms, outfits,quests,achievements and even companions! Key features: ⚜️ uniquelookinggraphics style ⚜️ addictive and challenging gameplay ⚜️100+itemsfor customization and upgrading ⚜️100 levels with strange andweirdcreatures and monsters ⚜️ endless tournament mode withleaderboards⚜️ one finger controls ⚜️ atmospheric medieval music ⚜️heroicchallenges, brave quests and bossfight levels ⚜️ 50achievementsfor every taste ⚜️ daily gifts, quests and rewards
Legend of the Skyfish Zero
A gorgeous hand-painted adventure with a unique weapon and tool: afishing pole!
JackQuest: The Tale of the Sword
One fateful night, when young Jack takes the beautiful Nara forawalk in the woods, his love is kidnapped by the villainousorcKorg. Forced to mount a rescue, Jack plunges intoKorg’sunderground base, where he happens upon a strange bladethatbecomes an unlikely ally. In JackQuest, players will explorethecavernous depths of Korg’s slime-ridden, labyrinthine lair.There,they will solve environmental puzzles, discover power-ups,collectweapons, and challenge subterranean foes, including massivebosses.Acquire many useful upgrades and power-ups by purchasingthem fromstrategically placed merchants. You'll want to spend yourcoinswisely and save for more expensive items that can prove to belifesavers later on. Gain many powerful weapons such as swords, bowandarrows, and jumping boots. Learn special abilities includingwalljumping, lightning speed boosts and using magic crystal powertoperform a devastating winding windmill attack! --- UPDATE!NEWCONTENT! A mysterious castle, dark creatures threaten ourheroagain, this time he will prevent the ancient one fromdestroyingeverything he knows. To defeat this terrible villain,Jack willagain count on the help of his sword. Enter Dracula'scastle, facezombies, ghosts and other terrible creatures. Fightagainst newbosses and acquire unique artifacts that will help youin the finalconfrontation, in a place that can be a real maze.Discover a newweapon that will help you break new ground into thisterriblevillain's quarters. The time has come to end this evil.
Ord. 1.2.16
Crescent Moon Games
Whether it is embarking on a quest to defeat an evil warlock orcreating your own world as a god, Ord. tells stories that emphasiseplayer choices and evocative fast-paced narratives. THREEadditional stories for a total of four. New visual polish and soundeffects. More achievements to hunt for!
Dead Eye Deputy 1.0.73
Dead Eye Deputy is an old fashion wild west shoot out! Be quickonthe draw, ride a horse, battle other outlaws and more.Features:Action packed wild west target shooting Horse riding Lookfor horseshoes and bottles Be quick on the draw Gatling gun
Morphite Premium - Sci Fi FPS Adventure Game
Explore random worlds and follow an amazing storyline in a stylizeduniverse
Path to Mnemosyne
Step into this hypnotic adventure on the quest for the lostmemories.
The Deep Paths
The Deep Paths: Labyrinth Of Andokost is a first-person, dungeoncrawling RPG
Crescent Moon Games
MECHANICS Easy to start playing, VERY HARD to master. Click toshoota projectile out of your sword at the enemy! BREAK THROUGHTHE CYCLEof rotating enemy protectors. BE FAST, BE PATIENT, BESMART and landthe final blow. SPELLS Every battle has a randomselection of mightskills to assist you. PAY THE PRICE and make thebest of what youcan unlock. ENEMIES LOOKING FOR A CHALLENGE? Fightyour way throughhordes of random enemies and locations. NOENCOUNTER IS LIKEANOTHER. Randomized, increasing difficulty,unique enemies andmechanics with random objects speed andorientation. TEST ANDIMPROVE your skills with every new opponent.STORY Unravel themystery of the shards and make the Pearl wholeagain... if you dare!SWORDSHOT is developed by Oleg Klaus
Beyond This Side 1.1.37
Crescent Moon Games
In Beyond this Side, you follow the adventures of Sam whose wifeismysteriously disappeared. The cops haven't found much. Samcan'thandle this tragedy. There are a million questions in hishead. Hekeeps searching until he finds out there are more to thisworldthan we know! The game is available in English, French, GermanandSpanish You can try a free demo of the gamehere:
FoxyLand 2 1.0.16
Crescent Moon Games
Foxy bought a house with Jenny and the little foxes, Tim andCindy.All was well until the evil Duke and his brother Jax attackedandtrashed everything in it... kidnapped the little foxes! FoxyandJenny are now forced to go on a dangerous and excitingadventurearound the island to prevent the Wolfie Brothers to carryout theirinsidious and evil plan. The brave Foxy can not do thisalone! Playtogether with a friend to collect as many coins andcherries on theway to the final battle with the Wolfie brothers.Explore newlands, defeat enemies, bypass cunning traps and meetnewinhabitants of the colorful world FoxyLand 2! Ready to hittheroad? Then let's go - towards adventure! Features of game: -NewFoxy Fox story! A Sequel to FoxyLand! - Same device multiplayeroniPad! - More than 40 handcrafted levels with serious challenge!-New locations: Dense forests, Hot deserts, Mushroom valleys-Dangerous traps and unique enemies! - Beautiful Pixel-Artgraphicsby Simon404 - Great soundtrack by HateBit. Turn it up!
Tomb Toad 2.2.0
Crescent Moon Games
Delve into dark dungeons, face fearsome foes, and ponder perilouspuzzles in this topsy-turvy adventure game! To explore, simplyrotate the world and let gravity do the rest. Marvelously simplegameplay featuring one-touch controls Large world with over 100levels filled with treasure, traps, puzzles, and monstersRetro-inspired pixel art graphics and chip tune soundtrack Leveleditor for designing and sharing your own devious dungeons
Corner Strike 1.0
What comes around the corner.... Can kill you! Stay on your feetandbattle in PvP quick FPS that is inspired by classic shooters.Choosevarious weapons, side arms, grenades
Knights of Tartarus
Experience a truly nostalgic 8-bit rpg.
Shadow Blade
Shadow Blade is a fast paced action platformer game for AndroidDevices
Ravensword: Shadowlands 3d RPG
Ravensword is a massive 3d Action RPG for Mobile Devices
Aralon: Forge and Flame 3d RPG
The classic role-playing series returns with an all-new adventure.
The Deer God
The Deer God is a breathtaking 3D pixel art adventure thatwillchallenge your religion and your platforming skills. It's agameabout survival, reincarnation, and karma; all set in abreathtakingand unique 3D pixelized world. Feast your eyes on thebeautifullighting, day and night system, and vast landscapes.Become one ofthe most beautiful animals on planet earth. LIVE AS ADEER. SURVIVEAS A DEER. Features: Gorgeous 3d pixel art world toexplore Variousanimals and characters to interact with Night andDay systemVarious quests Tons of items to find and use Reincarnateinto otheranimals Use the power of statues and level up yourantlers Findsecrets and solve ancient puzzles Follow an interestingand darkstoryline Amazing Original Soundtrack by Evan Gipson.Follow us forthe latest info and game news!•••
Almightree: The Last Dreamer
Find your way through a shattering world in a puzzling 3D world ofAlmightree!
A sharp and cunning platformer
Mines of Mars Scifi Mining RPG
Mines of Mars is a procedural atmospheric mining RPG game.
An Epic Sci-Fi RPG from the Creators of Ravensword: Shadowlands