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Hindi Calendar 2023 (हिन्दी) 1.11
Hindu Calendar 2023 (हिन्दू कैलेंडर २०२२)For android High QualityMonthly Images
Gujarati Calendar 2023 ગુજરાતી 1.11
ગુજરાતી કેલેન્ડર ૨૦૨૩ (Gujarati Calendar 2023) For All holidaysInformation
Calendar 2023 & Holidays 1.10
Calendar 2023 Holy-days & Festival Information And Show ImagesFor Android
Internet Speed Meter Real 1.8
Internet Speed Meter Real Status Bar And Notification Bar 2G,3G,4GWiFi
Music Player - MP3 Player 1.5
"Music Player" has been built by a music lover to meet the needs ofall those who love music. It is the most beautiful and easy to useaudio player app with minimal design.You will fall in love with thedesign of the music player app. With the "Music Player" app, youcan customize the UI of the app as you need. You can use this audioplayer app to play all kinds of audio files such as music files,ringtones or other sounds. On this unique music player app, youwill find an elegant equalizer that includes seven bands and numberof presets to choose from. This is the best free Music Player appon Android. "Music Player APP FEATURES:-" The awesome Music Playerincludes a lot of features some of them are mentioned below. -Shake to go to the next song. - Choose from 5 different fonts tomake UI as you want. - Strips views in the songs list, you canenable disable as per your need. - Play your music in full screenmode. - Eight different scroll view for the layouts animationchange as per your need. - Sort music files in six different ways.- Search as per Song, Albums and Artists. - Share your favoritesongs with your friends directly from nowplaying or from anywherein the app. - Put songs as a ringtone directly from nowplaying orfrom any where in the app. - Play next and add to queue options. -Delete song if you don't like it. - Auto playlist recently addedand many would come soon. - Timer to stop the songs whenever youwant. - Browser and play music by Artists, Albums, Songs,Playlists, Genres. - Flick left/right to play next/previous songs.- Expanded notification bar. - Seven band equalizer. - Options forVirtualizer and Bass Boost in equalizer. - Select from 10 differentpresets. - Select from 7 different Reverbs. - Reset the soundequalizer. - Beautiful and minimalist design - Awesome design andUser Interface. - Manage now playing queue. - Create, save, renameyour song playlist. - Remove songs from playlist. - SupportLock-screen - Awesome player interface with all functionality likerepeat, shuffle etc. - Supports .mp3, .flac, .wav, .ogg formats andmany more. This Music Player doesn’t only make your music “sound”good with a powerful equalizer but the Glossy and transparentchanging background and changeable font style also makes it “look”good. We will keep adding many more feature in upcoming updatesstay tuned.
Internet Speed Meter RealSpeed 1.1
Internet Speed Meter New All NetworkSupportAnd Real-network Speed Show.Internet Speed Meter Is New And Fresh Application MaterialDesignAndroid And Material color AndroidThis Application Is All App To Deference This Application CreateNewAndroid Design.Speed Meter Features:-- This Application You Not Connect Internet To Notification BarAndStatus Bar Icon Is Automatically Close.- You Connect Internet Automatically Start Notification AndStatusBar Icon.- Enable And Disable Notification Internet Speed Icon.- Enable And Disable Status-bar Internet Speed Icon.- Publicly Visible And Invisible.- Show The Notification In The Lock-screen When The DeviceIsLocked.- Disable On Low Battery.- Disable The Notification and The Service When The Device'sBatteryIs Low Or When The Power Saving Mode Is Enabled.- Change Color Notification Icon And Connected Speed Name.- Enjoy And Download This Application Share Your FriendsAndFamily.
Internet Speed Meter Live 1.41
Live Internet Speed Dow. And Up. Speed In Screen Lock AndNotification Bar