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Cookingscapes: Tap Tap Restaurant 1.1.22
Cook delicious dishes of various cuisines as you build your foodempire in Cookingscapes: Tap Tap Restaurant! From juicy steak withgourmet French pastries to fun brunch pancakes with strawberriesand cream to Japanese summer festival delicacies, you can cookANYTHING in this exciting, fast-paced adventure cooking game!EXPERIENCE what it feels like to own and renovate restaurants fromall over the world! Featuring restaurants of all types, you get todesign steakhouses, diners, Japanese Izakayas, and much, much more!Best part is – YOU get to customize them to your liking! Classy andelegant? Warm and homely? Modern and hip? YOU get full control ofthe tables, walls, decorations, and everything else! EXPLORE avariety of cooking techniques as you test your ability through funyet challenging levels! Presenting dishes that involve frying,roasting, stewing, grilling, and baking - you really get to try itall! The faster you serve them, the more your customers will tipyou! And don’t forget to pair the right dishes with the righttoppings for even greater rewards! UPGRADE your kitchen to createthe most optimal environment to serve your customers! Ranging fromstove-top grills to juice-pressers to shaved-ice machines, yourkitchen has everything! By improving your appliances and youringredients, you improve your chances of achieving top ratings!What are you waiting for? Download NOW and play to start yourcooking adventure!
Chapters: Interactive Stories
Pick Your Story: Unlimited Romance, Drama, Love & VampireStories to Play Now
Spotlight: Choose Your Romance
Play the hottest stories, experience romance, and choose youroutcome.
Theater Tycoon 2.0.25
Theatre Tycoon offers features and content that give players theexperience of running a movie production company on mobile. Plentyof Characters to choose from! Over 250 characters are available tohelp make your movie a box office success Users can scout actorsfrom all over the world, and coach (upgrade) them to becometop-list stars Take them around the globe to meet fans and promoteyour movies Choose your lineups for the movies to get high boxoffice Plenty of Scripts! Over 900 scripts are available so you canfind exactly what you’re looking for Shoot movies to become boxoffice legend Different genres to choose from Collect scripts ofthe same theme to get collection rewards Screenwriters to furtheradapt high star scripts Business running simulation on mobile!Expand and upgrade your company building. Produce merchandise Dealwith business affairs Get stocks In game sponsorship deals Signcontracts Build relationships with other companies and theatersetc. Social features! Participate in movie awards and compete withother players Hall of fame (leaderboards) to let other players seeyou are on the top. Work with other players’ companies OverarchingStory! Includes a fascinating storyline to enjoy