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Pixit 1.2.23795560
Texting with emoji is so 90s! Welcome to the new world of GIFcommunication!Adding GIFs to your messages is now so easy you can actuallyTALK IN GIF!Pixit shows awesome GIFs as you type your text. These arecustom-tailored to what you type, so you just need to pick the oneGIF you liked the most. You can also zoom-in on any word to getvery specific GIFs and add some hidden meaning to your texts.You can chat one on one, but it's even better to have fun in agroup chat. You can add as many people as you want to your Pixitgroup chats.*** Why people love Pixit ***"it's like if tumblr created a messenger app. so cool!!!""I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS APP FOR YEARS! THANK YOUGUYS!!!""I can't stop looking at these gifs, I'll never be boredagain!"***COOLER THAN TEXTING - Each of your messages can now come with anawesome GIF. Make your texts stand out!MORE FUN THAN EMOJI - Does your emoji pack have 72 different typesof cats? Pixit does! And so much more!BETTER THAN MESSAGING - Stop writing complex texts to expressyourself. A GIF is worth like a million words!***Get the app now! We'd love to hear your feedback!
Gift4u - Fun gifts and eCards 1.0.8
Gift4u is a handy tool that you can use to create your own uniquegifts. Find inspiration in your imagination to create wonderfulgifts and share them with your friends on Facebook, FB Messenger,Viber, WhatsApp, Instagram, Skype and other social media andmessengers.✧ Happy Birthday✦ Merry Christmas✧ Happy New Year✦ congratulate your darling and relatives with holidays
GIF Keyboard 1.0.23769331
The most advanced GIF keyboard now on Android. Express yourselfwith the best GIFs the Internet has to offer!Use GIFs in Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Twitter.Because a GIF is worth like 10,000 words!*** Highlights ***No watermarks or registration! Super-fast! Super easy search! Workseverywhere! Just pure GIF heaven!*** Features ***• Unique search feature which uses your existing inputs. All youneed to do is switch to the GIF keyboard after you've typed a text– the right GIF is already be there!• GIFs play inline! Unlike other keyboards our GIFs are neverstill, so you always know what you are sending!• Over 2 million GIFs! More GIFs than any other app. If a GIFexists – we have it!• Over 50 popular reaction categories built in! Express your mostelaborate emotions with a perfect reaction GIF!• Works everywhere! Paste links to GIFs in Hangouts or GMail, useshort GIF links on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and everywhereelse!NOTE: Keyboard needs full access to operate. Your privacy is ourfirst priority and your information will never be shared ordistributed.** Currently only a few apps support direct iMessage-like GIFpasting. All apps support links to GIFs.
Лимон – приколы и демотиваторы 1.1.0
🍋 Лимон – генератор мемов и демотиваторов.Создать мем - элементарно! Бесплатно. Без регистрации и смс.Ничоси!🍋 Смотри приколы и гифки, оценивай мемы совершенно анонимно. Аесли захочешь создать свой демотиватор или оставить комментарий –авторизуйся.🍋 Ставь лайк ❤ или отправляй картинки в трэш 💩. Твои голосаформируют категории: популярное, набирает обороты или полныйтрэш!🍋 Создавай свои приколы и демотиваторы, жди всеобщего одобрения,собирай лайки и дизлайки на свои картинки. Кто сегодня в тренде?ДиКаприо, Роберт Дауни младший, свинка Пеппа, Карл, Саша Грей,лабутены - все они могут стать героями твоих мемов!🍋 Скачивай мемы в телефон, отсылай прикольные картинки и гифки вВконтакте, Одноклассники и Фейсбук. И все это можно делатьанонимно.Не кисни, качай Лимон🍋! Юмор тут!Нашли ошибку, или есть идеи по улучшению? Узбагойя! Пишите намчерез форму обратной связи!🍋 Lemon - a generator ofmemes and demotivators. Create a meme - brainer! Is free. Withoutregistration and SMS. Nichosi!See 🍋 fun and SIFCO, memes are evaluated completely anonymously.And if you want to create your demotivator or leave a comment -log.Put 🍋 Like ❤ or send pictures to thrash 💩. Your voice formcategories: popular, gaining momentum and full trash!🍋 create their fun and demotivators, wait for universalapproval, collect huskies and dizlayki on pictures. Who today inthe trend? DiCaprio, Robert Downey Jr., Peppa Pig, Karl, SashaGrey, LaBute - they can become heroes of your memes!🍋 Download memes phone, send funny pictures and SIFCO inVkontakte, Odnoklassniki and Facebook. And all this can be doneanonymously.Not peroxidation, download Limon🍋! Humor here!Found a bug, or have ideas for improvement? Uzbagoyya! E-mail usvia the feedback form!
Email App for Gmail & others
Beautiful design, Intuitive actions,Lightningspeed, Advanced security – In a new powerful email appfor Gmail& other email services!Quick and easy access to Gmail account on the go! Check email,read,reply, send photos, add and view attachments — stay in touchwithfriends, family and colleagues. Experience new features tomanageyour Google email on your phone, tablet, or smartwatch inthe mostefficient manner.Why choose us?– Timely custom push notifications for each individualemailaccount, e.g. 'Work' email address set to ‘Do not Disturb’modefrom 21:00 to 7:00– User-friendly design: you do not have to thinktwice,whether you want to Flag, Mark as spam, Delete just one ormultipleemails at once– Clean and tidy inbox with contact avatars and an optiontoenable email threads (all conversations displayedneatlytogether)– Convenient search by Date, Recipient, Subject, inUnread,Flagged messages or Attachments to help you find emails inaflash– Personalized filters to automatically move incomingemailsto specific folders or Mark them as read– Enhanced security to protect your mobile app againstunauthorizedaccess by setting up a PIN passwordThe application also supports all major email services that youcanadd to have all your mail in one place, whether it is aYahoo,Hotmail, Outlook, MSN Mail, Gmail, AOL, GMX or anyPOP/IMAP/ SMTP-enabled mailbox.If you encounter any problems, send us an [email protected] and we will try our best to help you in atimelymanner.IMPORTANT: We are a free unofficial Gmailemailapplication with a goal to provide an excellent mailmanagementproduct.
Stop Motion Animation, Time Lapse Video from Photo
Make Stop Motion Animation & Time Lapse videos from photos withmusic & effects
Mail.Ru for UA – Email for Hotmail, Outlook &
Gmail,, Yandex, Mail? Use all mailboxes withoutVPN!
DonationAlerts – Game Streams, Chat & Donations 1.3.2
Adore watching game streams? The app Donation Alerts makes iteasierthan before. Watch Twitch & soon Youtube livetranslations inone app. Communicate with streamer & hisaudience throughdonates allowing you to pop-up your messages tothe stream screen.Now you can be completely involved into thestreamers' game. Ouradvantages: ☆ Twitch TV support, and otherservices such as YoutubeGaming in future in one app ☆ Live Chatsupport ☆ "During-stream"notifications offered through sound &graphics actions on thestreamers' screen ☆ Notifications of thefavourite streams ☆ Donatein one tap ☆ Possibility to connect toseveral accounts at the sametime: Twitch, Youtube etc.
Efectum – Video Editor and Maker with Slow Motion
Pro video editor app with music, effects, slow motion, text andmore!
Email App for Any Mail
Quick and easy access to Outlook and Hotmail accounts on the go!
Pro Mail
Stay connected to your Outlook and Exchange accounts with apowerful app.
Email App for Android
Quick and easy access to Yahoo accounts on the go!
Reverse Video Player & Editor. Rewind a video
Edit Backwards Videos! Rewind or Shoot a Backward Video in ReverseVideo Editor!
Slow Motion Video Editor
Create awesome videos with Slow Motion Video Editor! Trim thevideo, adjust video speed, add amazing effects and filters and addcreative music! Your smooth slow-motion video masterpiece iscomplete! With Slow Motion Video Maker you can easily createstunning content and share it on social media like TikTok,Instagram Reels, Stories, YouTube and more! MAIN FEATURES: - EDITVIDEO SPEED: smooth slow motion, fast motion, time lapse and stopmotion effects - APPLY FILTERS: edit videos and add an epic filter:glitch, color, vintage and more - ADD MUSIC: select a track fromour own music library or add something of your own! Add sounds,music tracks and voice-over to your video. - CUT VIDEO, TRIM VIDEO:Edit like a real pro, cut and trim your clips, adjust length - EDITVIDEO ASPECT SIZE: Fit the right aspect ratio to createmasterpieces with the perfect size for your favorite social mediasuch as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and more! Creating smooth slowmotion, epic fast motion videos has never been easier! We want tomake video editing a quick fun process. We welcome feedback so ifyou have any suggestions or problems with our Slow Mo video editorapp, contact us at: [email protected]
Lite Mail: Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Email Client
Lite Mail is here to make your life a little simpler. Ittakeslittle space, yet provides all the necessary features youexpectfrom an email app. Email with Lite Mail is fast, lightandmobile-friendly. So what can fit into a Lite Mail App? - Supportofmultiple providers - Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Office365,Hotmail, GMX, IMAP/POP3 mail - Smartest custom pushnotificationsfor each individual email account - Beautiful design -Search byDate, Recipient, Subject, in Unread, Flagged messagesorAttachments to help you find emails in a flash - Spam management-Organize your mailbox by flagging, moving to spam or deletingyourmessages - Create smart filters by Unread email, Flagged oremailswith Attachments - ActiveSync protocol supported - View yourentireemail conversation on one screen with email threads. - Add,delete,label and manage folders - Protect your email appagainstunauthorized access by setting up a PIN password - …andmore! LiteEmail App – there to save you time and space! Thanks toeveryonewho rates us 5 stars or gives honest feedback. It motivatesourteam to create more cool features for you! If you haveandquestions or ideas, please send us an email [email protected]
Fast Motion: Speed up Videos with Fast Motion
Make your video faster or shoot a fast motion video! Video editorwith music 💨
Add Music & Sound to Videos
Video maker to add music & sound to your video! Backgroundmusic video editor
Great games in one place for free and without registration.
Universal Email App
Designed to support any mail box! Add all your mail accounts andenjoy the app!
Video & Photo Collage Maker
Make a collage from videos and photos! Video collage with music andeffects!
Story Maker – Video Templates
Edit stories, create reels, add music to clips – stunning photo,video templates