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Space Ride 1.1
Crafty Studio
An adventurous game of space running .Just go as long as you survive.Control the ball with a tap and run wildUnlock the whole new customization .
ASAP NEWS - News Headlines 1.1
Crafty Studio
Get top news headlines curated from topnewssources around the globe.News are categorized in differentsectionto easily navigate to your topic interest in a tap.Readnewsheadlines and short description to stay updated withcurrentscenario.Get Cricket and IPL news and score update on the go.Read full article with just a swipe up gesture.Get detailedcoverageof news in a swipe.All news headlines are categorized in different categories tosaveyour time and show you the news which matters to you .Get unaltered news headlines and description from top newssourcessuch as>The times of India>Bloomberg>The Verge>New Scientist>ESPN Cric InfoNavigate to different news headlines with just a right or leftswipe.Staying updated get more simpler and faster !
WallPaper splash - Daily walls 3.0
Crafty Studio
Get high quality wallpaper a pixel perfectlook.Get the best wallpaper app in market with features like* Timed wallpaper change* Save the wallpaper you love locally* Get wallpaper according to your device* Feature wallpaper* Radom wallpaper with just a tap on iconAll wallpaper are from unsplash with a high quality andspeciallycurated for your device"See a new wall everyday "Choose from a vast variety of selection and get the lookwhichcompliments your style .Get Wallpaper with same dimension as Your device dimension togetthat edge to edge look on every device .
Online Dictionary 2.0
Crafty Studio
Online Dictionary app for android is VeryLightand easy to use Online Dictionary with millions ofwords.It is handy for education, learning new word every day andOnlineDictionary also helps you to improve yourpronunciation.Online Dictionary app gives you the trusted refrence contextandalso includes more features like:* WORD OF THE DAY - Learn new word daily and expandyourvocabulary* RANDOM WORD - Everytime you open the app learn new andintersetingrandom words* AUDIO PRONUNCIATION - Speak confidently and never mispronounceanyword with the help of Online Dictionary app s* VOICE SEARCH - Online Dictionary app provides you toconvenientlyspeak a word to search without typing* Search a Word and get :* Multiple Meaning with Part of Speech* Multiple Examples* Multiple Antonym* Multiple Synonym* Multiple Similar WordsYou Can listen to the word pronunciation,provided that voicedatahas been installed in your phone (Text tp speech engine)Acknowledgements,comments and useful suggestion are welcomePermissions:This application requires permission ofINTERNET- to retrieve the meaning of words
Make Me Better :Motivating You 1.6.0
Crafty Studio
Your constant struggle to read something motivational and positiveis now over. The Make Me Better app brings to you a vast selectionof easy to read articles for uplifting your mood and improving yourpersonality. Our goal is simple: Provide the best quality andsummarized content for daily motivation, personality developmentand self care. Besides the article, you will also get mentalwellness videos, podcast, motivational quotes, life hacks andpositive affirmations. All the articles and videos are short (3 to5 min read) and summarized, which are easy to remember andpractical in real life too. It is like your digital coach forpersonality development, mental wellness & motivation. ★Articles on Self Improvement Our team writes super engaging andhighly effective articles on different topics. These articles areto the point, very precise and are actionable too. There arealready more than 500+ articles on leadership, time management,success, motivation, relationships, and psychology. And we alsopublish a new article every alternate day to keep you on your toesin the Self improvement journey. ★ Daily Motivational Quotes Quotesare a great tool for saying too much in too little words. Withdaily quotes, you get transformative and powerful quotes. You canscroll all day reading through best and unknown quotes here. Wehave inspirational quotes, love quotes, positivity quotes, sadquotes to name a few. We also have a daily quotes widget whichshows you a new inspiring quote every time you unlock your phone. ★Daily Positive Affirmations Saying a few positive words might soundinsignificant, but if done regularly, they have the power to changeyour mindset and rewire your brain. Affirmations are effective inboosting our confidence, changing our behavior and making usbelieve in our abilities. With these prompt positive affirmations,you will feel confident all day. ★ Actionable Daily Life Hacks Tomake the learning even more easy, enjoyable, and implementable, wehave life hacks that will help you ease your daily tasks. Here youcan browse our life hacks collection on topics like finance tips,relationship advice, health tips & much more. ★ Videos andPodcasts The Make me better app also comes with a growing libraryof podcasts and videos on various self care and self help topics.Many a time due to lack of time, we skip mental wellness goal,that’s why we have started the self improvement podcast &videos. ★ Live a calm worry free life We all come across difficultand stressful days in our life. To handle these days andsituations, we need a lot of motivation and positive intellect. Ourpodcast and videos can help you stay calm and develop a positiveintellect. ★ We will remind you The Make me Better app will notifyyou of all the new personality development articles, self help tipsand motivational quotes. Hence, you will never lose your track onself development. ★ Our take on Mental wellness and SelfImprovement We as a society care more about our physical wellbeingwhile ignoring our mental wellness. We think mental wellness isonly for intellect and decision maker. Mental wellness plays avital role in a happy and prosperous life and to achieve it we haveto improve our self constantly. ★ Learn Implement and improve Makeme better will help you in personality development and mentalwellness with easy to follow articles. In the app, you will getvideos and articles on different topics like:- ☞ Introspection ☞Self Motivation ☞ Communication Skills ☞ Goal Setting ☞ Lifestylechoices ☞ Habit building ☞ Career Growth ☞ Family &Relationships ☞ Mental Wellness By investing only 5 min daily inMake Me Better app, you can reap benefit which can significantlyimprove your Life. If you want to improve yourself and becomebetter than, you have arrived at the right app. Install the app nowand meet the new YOU.