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Bug Zap 1.1.3
Crash landing on an uncharted planet for Zaphas been a bad day. Help him out by gunning through all the wavesof enemy bugs coming at him. Purchase bullets for the manydifferent weapons to smash the insect invasion.Similar to asteroids you are placed in the middle of the areaand tap all over the screen to shoot the bugs before they reach thecenter. This fast paced one touch input game will get your heartpumping and fingers tapping. Included is amazing in game artwork bythe talented Paul Conway at• 21 Levels• 5 Different weapons• Unique enemy bugs• Great Art by Paul Conway• Ants, Beetles, Wasps, and more• New areas and upgrades coming soon.This game is still young many more levels, areas, purchases, andupdates will be coming soon. Rate it and leave a comment. Send usan e-mail with requests, ideas, or issues.
Virus Effect LITE 0.9.2
The only 2D RPG Platformer Shooter on theAndroid Market.BETA:Play the two episodes and shoot all the enemy viruses.Stats saved automatically. Full version coming soon.v0.9.2FC Fixv0.9All Screen Sizes workAdded Sounds1 New EpisodeOptimizedv0.8High Scores!E-mail issuesTry our other game Pac-Ball to fund us.
Pac-Ball Lite 4.2.3
Pac-Ball fuses labyrinth with arcadeclassics.Tilt Pac-Ball away from the Android bots and collect asmany dotsas you can! Use the red dots found in the maze to turn thetablesagainst them.★ Theme Music by Jared Anthony★ 3 Game Difficulties+ Easy+ Medium+ Hard★ 3 Game Modes+ Classic - collect all dots in the stage.+ Survival - avoid enemies for 45 secs.+ Gate - light up all gates in the stage.★ 30 Stages+ 4 Unlocked+ 26 Unlockable by Spending Earned In Game Points★ 2 Controls Tilt/Touch★ Local/Global High Scores★ Trophies★ Power Ups★ Bonus Fruits★ Variety of Environments* Ice* Brick* Racetrack* Halloween* Pyramids* Red Stone* Portals★ Over 20 Items You Can BuyBeach Ball* Soccer Ball* Baseball* Basketball* 5, 10, 20 Power Ups* 3, 7, 10 Extra Lives - One Use Per Game* Apple Enemies* Snowmen Enemies* Pumpkin Enemies* Sweets Enemies* 1, 3, 5, 10 Keys - Unlock New Stages* 100, 300, 500, 1000 Android CreditSend us an e-mail with the type of device you have if youhaveany issues.