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Fancy Word - Stylish Text 2.0
Do you want to try something special to yourWhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram states? Use Fคหcყ Wσɾɗ!● Write● Transform● Copy● Paste where you wantNo annoying ads on this app! Enjoy!
Lapse 2: Before Zero 1.0.7
Lapse 2: Before Zero is the official prequel to Lapse: AForgottenFuture. That you are here means, in some way, you weresuccessfulin your quest to save the world – or to destroy it.Doesn’t reallymatter which, since you’re about to travel from afuture world intothe ancient times. The one who once was Presidentis now Pharaoh,the one who once was a machine is now your mostprecious ally inthe challenge to come. When you open your eyes, theyear is 1750BC, and the place is ancient Egypt. For some unknownreason, thismysterious land needs your help. Proceed cautiously:what may seemlike ruling just another kingdom, may well be the keyto theworld’s survival. Lapse 2: Before Zero answers theplayers’questions, revealing the mysteries of the first chapter.Currentlysupported languages: English, Italian, Russian, Turkish,French,Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Portuguese,Polish,Hungarian, Indonesian, Czech, Arabian, Slovak, German,Greek,Finnish and Romanian. If you want to help translating Lapsein yourlanguage, feel free to contact me at:[email protected]
Lapse: A Forgotten Future 2.0.5
Lead an entire nation to salvation – or destruction – inapost-apocalyptic world set beyond the year 2075. With asimpleswipe of your finger, left or right, you’ll be able to decideofthis Nation’s destiny, taking hard decisions about differentquestsand problems, that will be brought to your presidentialattention.Be careful though: leading has never been easy and itwill be evenmore challenging in a similar world. Somethingmysterious hasthrown the whole future humanity in a deep confusion,causing acontinuous stream of events as wars, illness, famine. Noone seemsto recall what started this all, no one seems to knowanythingabout the odd events that keeps involving the planet, noone canexplain why you seem to rise every time someone tries tokeep youdown. So be careful, and think long and hard each andeverydecision, because nothing happens by chance. Every singleeventmight help you reach your final victory, but at the same timeitcould be the reason of your failure. Who will be your friend,andwho will be your enemy? Hard to say in such a complex worldfilledwith betrayals, aliens, bionic beings and ancient myths.What’sdone is done, and you can just play your cards as well as youcanin this inevitable race against time. In-App Purchases: The gameiscompletely for free. You can reach each and every endingwithoutbuying anything. Any purchase will be optional and, besideshelpingyou a little bit along the game, will be a sort of donationfor me.FAQs and suggestions: • How can you play? Press on the cardandswipe it slowly left or right, so you can read the twopossibleoptions. Decide what choice you want to make, minding thefourstatistics. Keep in mind: every choice you make will havefutureconsequences. • Do I have to get to a certain year to end thegame?No, you can reach an ending in any time! You just need to maketheright choices and have a little bit of luck. SupportedLanguages:English, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish,French,Finnish, Bengali, Traditional and Simplified Chinese,Czech,Afrikaans, Indonesian, German, Polish, Hungarian,Vietnamese,Japanese, Dutch, Hindi, Arabic, Slovak, Romanian, Greek,Romanian,Bulgarian, Malay, Slovenian. Wanna help? If you’re goodwithforeign languages and want to help translating Lapse, contactmeat: [email protected]