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FIFA Football Kicks 1.0
Welcome to FIFA Football Kicks, yourfavoritenew soccer game or football kicks game, in which you canenjoyunlimited kicks. If you are a fan of soccer game or footballgamesthen this football game is a treat for you. This is thebestfootball kicks game.Want to challenge your soccer skills? Then this is the soccergamefor you. A game that is fun for all age groups.While there are so many football games or goalkeeper gamesoutthere, this is the one for you. Play now, if you wish to haveareal football experience. Experience the free-kick action withourgoalkeeper game.This is an ultimate fun football kicks game which is easy andsimpleto play. Start playing right away, keep making points andkeepkicking.It takes a lot of courage and of course, practice to be achampion.If you think you have in you what it takes to be Ronaldothen tryyour kicks now. Keep kicking and beating the goalie,however, tryto make sure that you don’t miss your goal. Play thismost amazingsoccer game and enjoy scoring lots of goals!Play our football kicks game now, and be a soccer hero whilekickingand scoring your way to goal.Features of FIFA Football Kicks:- Simple and easy to play- Amazing graphics and visuals- Realistic sound effects of crowd cheering for you- Keep practicing and keep improving your kicks- The last high score, always appears during the game- Set new records with highest scores- Make high scores and challenge your friend to beatthatscoreHow to play FIFA Football Kicks:- To kick, tap the football and swipe it- The ball will go towards the direction you swipe- The speed of your kick depends on your swipe speedWhat are you waiting for? You can enjoy our soccer game forFREE!Open Google Play Store and download this fun, challenging andfreefootball kicks game NOW!!! There are wonderful goals, waitingjustfor you to make.Note:Are you facing any problem while playing our game? Or you haveasuggestion for us to improve the game? In either case, let usknow.We would love to hear from you! We will try to fix the issueorconsider your suggestion, as soon as possible.So, do not forget to rate us. And do not leave without leavingareview for our encouragement.
Archery Master - Bow & Arrow 2.0
Archery Master - Bow & Arrow is ashootinggame which involves bows, arrows and a board for you to aimat;just aim and shoot. Your favorite bow and arrow game is heretochallenge your archery skills. If you are a fan of archery gamesorbow and arrow then you are in luck. So, are you ready to beanarchery master? Begin shooting today and enjoy playing our funandcrafty game.Are you a bow and arrow freak? Have you watched HungerGamestrilogy? Ever wondered, if you could be a better and moreskillfularchery master than Katniss Everdeen and Gale Hawthorne. Ifyesthen now it’s time for you to try your archery skills and seeityourself.Do you wish to become the next Archery Master then take ourword,this is the game for you. Get ready, download/install the gameonyour android device and get ready. Pick up your bow and arrow,aimand shoot, simple as that. The more accurate your aim hits,themore points you get.If you’re looking for free archery games then you are likely tofindmany out there. Unlike most free archery games, our game hasasimple and user-friendly interface. It doesn’t require youtofollow any complicated instructions. Just download, install andyouare good to go.With our Archery Master - Bow & Arrow start shooting rightaway.All people are welcomed to play this archery master game.Kids oradults, the game is suitable for all age groups. Come, playand tryyour skills to be an archery master NOW!!!Now you can play one of the most popular contemporary sports gameinthe Olympic, right on your android device and the good news isthatour Archery Master - Bow & Arrow is absolutely FREE!!That’sgreat, right?!Features of Archery Master - Bow & Arrow- Small download and installation size- Nice and exciting animation effects- Refined animations with high quality graphics- Free and entertaining archery game- User-friendly interface-How to Play Archery Master - Bow & Arrow- Download and install Archery Master – Bow & Arrow onyourandroid device- Open the game, when installed- Use your finger to calibrate for setting your aim- When you have set the aim, release finger to shoot thearrow- Keep an eye on arrow and see where it hits- You earn more points if your arrow hits closer to centerandmaximum points if it hits in centerDownload and play this amazing game NOW! We are sure you aregoingto love it. Also, rate us and leave your feedback toencourageus
Jigsaw puzzles - puzzle games
Play Magic Jigsaw Puzzles Game. Solve and Enjoy HD classic puzzlecollections.
Find And Spot The Difference
Play Find The Difference Picture different Game & Guess FiveHidden Differences
Stone Blast 1.0.3
Are you looking something reliable like ball explode or blasterballfor unlimited fun? A series of free cannon shooting gamesareavailable to freshen up your mood. If you are getting borefromyour daily routine work then come here on balls shooter gameandsmash the ball to get rid of boring. Balls sky rush will beinfront of your gun, you just have to swipe left and right toshootand hit jumping ball. Shoot jumping ball, break intodifferentsmall balls and finally finish by shooting. To shootjumping stonesis not less than an adventure, having a craze ofknocking balls,start this stones shooter game, make a space ballblaster. Endlessarcade game is waiting for you to make a challengeof blockshooting. Play most addictive and classic stone blast gamesforfree. Each level tests your strategic extreme knockingballsskills. These skills involve making difficult funny and jumpyballsbreaking decisions. By playing this stone jumping game, youcanexperience its positive impacts on your brain and feel relaxinginreal time. One of the most interesting and addictive gamehaschallenging levels to complete by shooting arcade balls. Giveupyour daily time wasting games, just have a look on the newspaceball blaster game and forget daily boring games. Shootjumpingballs and stones, make fun by blasting stones and enjoy it.Solvethe fun challenges to level up and advance the cannon to shootmorestones. Blast stones in this kids ball hit game and exploremorethan hundreds overwhelming levels filled with amazingpower-ups,classic features, and boosts to cannon. Just like topfree arcadegames, you can change the cannon and theme as per yourpreferencein this shoot the ball game also. This block shooter gamefeatures17 beautiful skins and 16 interesting barrels. Afterpassing eachlevel, you will be able to claim a new cannon for free.Shoot happyballs and complete challenges against your family andfriends tosee who can reach the top score and get more coins forspace ballblaster. This stone blast game features beautifulgraphics. Youneed skills to direct cannon and blast each stone inthe balls skyrush. Instructions to Play Stone Blast: - Swipe yourfinger on thescreen to start playing and move cannon to shootstones - You haveto blast flying stones to pass each level - If youwant betterendless arcade game scores, try to finish each level ina few shots- Beautiful themes and attractive cannons to explore andupgrade -The stones jump and split into pieces fun - Shoot up withcannon todestroy flying rocks - Break the big stones into smalls bysmashingMagic stones contain different colors. With the decrease innumber,the stone changes colors. The red stone is strong andchanges togreen stone when it is ready to destroy or split intosmall balls.Discover complicate challenges for unlimited ballblasting fun.Download free stone blast games and start playing. Youwill not beable to stop yourself from playing it. Stone blast isfree from agelimit. You can play during travel if you have nothingto do. We betthat you will reach your destination before endingthis excitinggame. Each new level will increase your bonuses.
Space Jet Flying Adventure 1.2
Space jet flying adventure game is here with space jet to flyoverthe planet. If you love to fly jet in the sky then here is abigchance for you to have a galaxy flight. Fly jet over the earthandexplore the universe in different way. Like a jet pilotsimulatoryou just have to control the space jet and avoid it tostrike withthe boxes. Just amuse the sky flight and cross boxes inthe spaceto make more score. Endless jet flying game is developedfor everyaged person. Anyone can download, install and enjoy thissky boxcrossing game. It is one of the best arcade space jet flyinggame.It is very simple to play but challenging as the density ofcomingboxes towards your jet increased regularly. So Playcarefully,swipe your space jet left right and up down to avoidhittinginfinity strike of wooden boxes. Cross the boxes and reachuptomaximum at the planet. Along with the endless jet flying, skyboxcrossing is also very interesting and challenging. Itaddssomething more into your space race fun. Race your jet in thespacecarefully because you may be don’t have more chances toplaywithout watching the video. So don’t ignore the coming boxesandstones just avoid them to reach the destination. Differentsuperjets are available to fly in the sky at different planets. Youcanunlock all the flying jets and planets by just making morescoreand earning more coins. This galaxy get game is not likeothergalaxy shooter and space fighter games, in this game you arejustrelaxed and simply you have to focus on your jet flight. Instart,to control the space jet will be difficult for you but asyoupractice it more and more you will become jet flying masterexpertand become able to reach the destination of each planet.Smoothspace jet controls with simple and unique gameplay aredesigned.Just download this infinity strike game and become justlike jetpilot simulator. Having a craze of flying space jet overtheplanets, play this game for free. Take care of your jet, don’thitit with the boxes, otherwise it will happen a space blast andyourgame will be over. You have played multiple planet race andjetdriving games but this game is one the best games amongothers.Take a chance to have super universe visit and galaxy flightwithus. I am sure you will never forget it. Space Jet FlyingAdventureGame Features: - Different space jets to fly and race -All planetsare added to fly jets over them - Unlock all the planetsand jetsby earning coins - Smooth space jets controls are designed-Addictive and interesting gameplay - Unique endless jet flyingidea- Chance to explore universe - Totally free to visit theuniverseJust have a look on above listed features, install spacejet flyinggame into your android devices and become space jetpilot. Don’tignore this arcade space jet flying game it has beendeveloped foreveryone so play it and become jet flying master.
Fruit Chop Games 1.3
If you love fruits chop games or hammer games then it’s time toaddanother name in your favorites list of endless taping games.FruitsChop Games is a chopping game in which you are in control ofamighty axe or hammer, as you set out to successfully chop fruitandeverything that comes in your way. You will get to playdifferentroles. Want to be a woodcutter and cut wood? Bomb hittingup! Or bea miner, pick an axe and start splitting fruits. You caneven go ona beach, get a pineapple and chop it up. Sounds fun,right? Thinkfor a while and get ready to play an endless fruitschop slicinggame here for real fruits chopping experience. Thisfruits chopgames brings a lot of fruits to cut down, wood and bombsto cutwith a woodcutter simulator. You just have to select a hammeroraxe according to your own choice and start endless fruitcutting2019 with unlimited tap and become endless fruits cutter oftheyear 2019. Accept the fruit chop challenge, avoid cutting bombsandother restricted things which will come into your way andbecomethe fruits chopper. Take part in one of the best arcade gameandcut multiple fruits and wood to kill your time. Like otherbombsmash games this fruits cutting game will provide you a chancetobecome master fruit chop. Smooth and realistic hammer jumpcontrolswill lead you to clear all the challenging stages of fruitchopfun. If you like to become special fruit cutter and releaseyourstress by cutting fruits then this endless fruit chop gameiswaiting for you with full woodcutter simulator fun andenjoyment.You would have played multiple fruits cutting gamesavailable onthe Google play store like smash fruits game and fruitsslicing 3dgame but here is a best fruit chop master game with bombhitting upfor you to kill your leisure time. Just download andinstall thischop chop game once for me you will really like andlove it whenyou will play it. You will recommend this fruits chopgame to yourfamily members and friends. Catch the special cutter tocutunlimited fruits and for master slicing and time killing.Don’twaste your time by playing woodcutter simulator games butinstallthis new arcade game and enjoy the endless tap to cut fruitsandwood. Highlights of Fruit Chop Games: ⛏ High-quality andstunningendless slicing graphics ⛏ Free to download chop smash game⛏ Freeto play fruits slicing 3d ⛏ Simple and easy to play bombhitting upgame ⛏ Smooth and fun gameplay Endless Fruits Chop Games2019Instructions: ⛏ Avoid tapping on bomb explosives ⛏ Tap onclocks toslow down the game speed ⛏ Tap on hearts to gain extralives forfruits cutting ⛏ Tap on stars to earn points and unlockmore levels⛏ Keep an eye on the objects There are different scenesand levelsin this hammer jump game. So, you won’t get bored. Also,there arebonuses such as stars, hearts, and clocks. Slice the clockto slowdown the Fruits Chop game for some time. Found a heart? Chopit up!Hearts count as lives, collect as many hearts as you can formorescore. However, that’s not all. In addition to woods,stones,fruits, and bonuses, you may also come across things thatyou needNOT to chop chop. There will be many bomb explosives, whichyoumust not chop them. As soon as you tap a bomb, the game willbeover. Thank you for downloading fruit chop games, hope youwillenjoy playing it!
Sudoku – Free & Offline Sudoku Solver Games 1.4
Sudoku solver is the best daily Sudoku game to keep your mindsharp.Sudoku for android & daily Sudoku is the free Sudokupuzzlesgame which will give you a complete fun of Sudoku solvergames. ThisSudoku free game is offered for your android phones andtablets.Sudoku android provides 5000+ interesting Sudoku puzzlesdaily andadd 10 new puzzles every week. With our free Sudoku withanswers youcan learn Sudoku techniques from it. This interestingfree Sudokupuzzles game is based on logical combinations andnumbers placement.This Sudoku app is the best logical game forSudoku solvers thathelps to increase your brain power. Sudokuchallenges your brainwhich helps you to enhance your deliberationpower and consistency.You will experience an amazing improvementin your concentrationafter playing this master Sudoku game ondaily basis. This ClassicSudoku game is a fun hobby that exercisesyour brain and gives you afeeling of achieving your goals. Thereis no need of having somemathematical knowledge or any othercalculation skills to play thisSudoku puzzle games. Daily Sudokuoffers you various levels likeSudoku beginners, Brain Sudoku andExpert Sudoku and the best everSudoku solver games for any age. Weoffer you a best free Sudokupuzzle game that has many featureswhich will enhance your interestand concentration. • Our PuzzleSudoku game & Sudoku withanswers has: • A Pencil On/Off optionwhich can help you in takingnotes while playing this puzzle game.• Three hints can be taken ifyou get stuck at some point and needsome help. • Completestatistics of your performance to track yourwon or lost games. • Anadvanced learning tool of Sudoku forbeginners • Various perfectlyunprejudiced difficulty levels •Beautiful grid styles • Fourchallenging difficulty levels •Continuous set of accurately craftedpuzzles • Unlimited Undo/Redo• Auto-Fill Notes Option • Auto-ClearNotes Option • AutoError-Checking Option • Portrait and LandscapeViews • Advancedgame options and notes • Splendid themes • Puzzlegame app looksawesome on both phones and tablets • Right or lefthand optionMoreover, you can change the game settings according toyourcomfort. Our puzzle game has different setting options like,•Audio effects can be added to your moves. • Distraction canberemoved by hiding timer. • Notification can be taken aboutyourmistakes limit. • Pause the game if you get busy. How toplaySudoku • The main goal is to fill up a 9x9 grid so thateachcolumn, row, and each of the nine 3x3 blocks contains thedigitsfrom 1 to 9. • The smallest box in Sudoku is called cell. Acolumn,row and region consist of 9 cells and the entire game has 81cells.• Thicker lines are adjoining a region that makes easier toplaythis game. This app is for all Sudoku Solvers. If you arepuzzlesolver, download our Sudoku puzzle app right now, startplaying thegame and feel the difference from conventional Sudokugames Rate usand Don’t forget to leave a review.
New Brand Logo Picture Quiz 1.8.4
Welcome to New Brand Logo Picture Quiz Game with all newbrands.Guess brand just by watching the picture on the mobilescreen.Guess logo in the given picture and increase your generalknowledgeabout all the new brands in the market. Enjoy the fun withguesslogo game and become brand logo finding expert. You haveplayedicon guessing games and icon name guessing games available ontheGoogle play store all those games have new brands quiz andpicturequiz in them but here in this brand logo picture quiz gameyou willlearn each type of brand’s logo by pictures and icon names.If youlove to have all types of new brands’ logos and names in yourmindthen this new brand logo picture quiz game will help youtomemorize all the brands easily. Be smart guess what you haveinfront of you and get all type of knowledge just by guessingbrandlogo or name. Start your quiz with simple new brands and enterintothe complex worldwide brands endless quiz. You will reallyenjoythis grand logo picture quiz game. You will earn points andrewardsby answering the question asked in this brand logo picturequizgame. Do you enjoy picture quiz games? If your answer is yesthentake a moment to download this logos quiz game and startguessingbrands and answering the pictures to earn points andrewards.Online quiz game free is waiting for you to have a chanceto playpicture quiz game 2019. There will be a multiple choice showtoguess the brand. Be the first brands names master just byplayingthis logo picture guessing game. Play all the famous brandlogosand endless guess what is in front of you. New brand LogopictureQuiz Game is an interesting free quiz game, which will bringyouendless quiz fun and excitement. If you are a fan of guessbrandand logo guessing games or food games then you will surelylovethis one as well. This is a fun and free logo quiz game. Weseecountless food or restaurant endless brand logos every day. Someofthem are easy to remember while some can be tricky. Some oftheseyou must have tasted, but how many of these you canactuallyrecall. Some foods or beverages we love so much thatguessing theirname is a piece of cake but others are not as easy,and so thereare hints for your help. New Brand Logo Picture QuizGame Features:- High-quality brand puzzle pictures and logos offood brands -Hundreds of new brands organized in different packs -Hints: Gethelp to guess the food and figure out the picture logo -Daily newbrands quiz Challenge every day to earn extra hints -Solve thebrand logos pictures pack or get hints as a reward - Anofflinegame, however internet is needed for a daily challenge ortodownload more packs Let’s see how many of these famous brandlogosyou can recognize! Download and install food quiz games freeonyour Android device now. New and exciting brand logos packsareregularly added, so you are advised to keep the game updated.Ifyou like playing this fun picture quiz game then don’t forgettorate and review us. Your ratings and reviews encourage ustoimprove our new brand logo picture quiz game and offer you abetterexperience. Thank you for downloading and playing LogopictureQuiz!
Go Climb 1.0
This innovated mountain climber game brings the mountainclimbingfeels in the palm of your hands. Mountaineering issomething thateverybody wanted to try, and today you can enjoy it,feel it, andplay it at any time anywhere you want. Go climb is foreveryone, soit isn’t the time to get bored or tired of somethingwhen you havethis rock climbing game in your cell phone. Go climbis a freeinnovative game where you are going to climb up the hillbut itisn’t that easy as you will be facing a bunch of stirringobstacleson your journey to the top. There are a lot of climbinggames outthere but what makes Go Climb unique is not the graphicsbut theexemplary gameplay. This hill climber or rock climbinggamesgraphics give you the feel of enjoying mountaineering in acoldweather by letting you ascend on a mountain covered with snow.GoClimb comes up with a bundle of distinctive features: •HDIllustrations, you always wanted to perceive and feel more. •Gaveit an icy look with a snowy weather to let you enjoy the mostofout of this season. • Unlockable characters by collectingrarediamonds in the game. • Music and sound effects to keepyourgameplay more soothing. Call it axe climber as in this gameyouwill be holding an axe in your hands. Not only it will help youinclimbing up the hill but to avoid hurdles in your way as well.Youwill be moving a character up against the slope by tapping onthescreen, the longer the tap, the farther you will go on thehill,but there is a limit to how far your axe can move in thismountainclimb game. So be calculative on your way up there as somesnowbeasts will try to stop you from becoming an ice climber. Waitnomore! Download your favorite axe climber game NOW!
Looper - Dancing Line & Tiny Loops Relaxing Jump 1.0
Warning: This game is one altogether the toughest games insidetheworld! Carefully twist the ring and allow every single balltoinduce to the middle! don't go too fast or too slow or theballwill hit the ring and you wish to start all over again! Thisgameis getting ready to impossible, and it's absolutely free!Nowintroducing a novel "dark" theme to the game to fit yourvogue.Share your score beside your friends and see if you are themasterof Loophole.
Trivia Go- General Knowledge Question Games 0.2
Are you tired of playing boring question games that keep repeatingthe same level of questions and don’t build up interest? If yes,then you are at the right spot! Trivia Go is jam-packed withthrilling trivia games that boost your brain skills and enhanceyour IQ level. Check how much you know about your favorite genre byplaying the thinking games on this trivia games app. Our trivialpursuit app contains hundreds of thousands of quiz games questionsthat will test your common knowledge and general knowledge based onthe categories you have selected. The trivia quiz allows you toselect between 1 to 5 categories to answer the trivia gamesquestions. The one-on-one trivia games for free in this app willdouble the excitement as it will go beyond an ordinary guessinggame. You can play the word trivia against players from all acrossthe world. On winning each trivia questions game, you’ll be awardedwith xp that will enhance your level from beginner to intermediate,expert, and master. The best features of our trivia games app areas follows: User-friendly interface allowing users to enjoy thebest gameplay of trivial pursuit. Compete one-on-one with playersfrom all across the world in a single mode, deal/steal, orchallenge mode. Custom answer questions games setting lets youcompete and enjoy the quiz games battle with friends.High-definition sound effects. 35 categories covered in 6 genresfor enhancing the interest of users to play their favorite answerquestions games. The single mode on trivia games for free will scanthe player that matches one of your selected categories. Itinvolves ten trivia questions, and you are given 10 seconds toanswer each of them. The player answering more correct questionswins the trivia quiz and is awarded with 100 xp. You can also optto play deal/steal mode on this word trivia app that comes withgeneral knowledge and common knowledge questions from all thecategories you have selected. If both the players submit wronganswers, the game ends, and you have the chance to steal the xp ormake a deal with the opponent. With the deal option, the playergets 50% xp, while with the steal, the player gets 100% xp or afair share. The 35+ categories offered in this trivia games forfree app includes: Airlines and airports Animals 1990’s musicFootball premier league Art and literature Brad Pitt movies BritishSitcoms Cricket The challenging word trivia games app allows you tocreate a separate room and play the guessing game with yourfriends. You can also join a room without any hassle if it’screated by one of your friends. The thinking games in this triviaquiz will help you outshine your friends by competing with them inone-on-one mode. Trivia Go is an ultimate fun app that lets youtest your cognitive skills and compare the IQ level with friends byplaying against them. Download this app now to enter the worldfilled with mind-gobbling trivia games!
Jelly Jump - Best Jelly Crush & Candy Games 1.1
Can’t find a suitable game for kids? This is where your huntends!One of the fantastic puzzle games you have ever playedespeciallymade for kids who can enjoy it at any time of day. Wholikesignoring good graphics, excellent gameplay with sweeteffects?Well, Jelly Belly will give you all the feels you require.This funpuzzle game will take care of your free time and won’t letyou getbored at any time of the day. The jelly game is one of thebestjelly games out there, and it gives you: • HD graphicsgameplay. •Amazing sound effects to let you keep going. • Unlockmore jellystyles with the coins you get by passing levels. One ofthe bestarcade games out there, where you will be catching thedroppingjelly in a bar. Make sure to capture all of them. Thelevels getharder to keep your reflexes ready for the catch as youprogressthrough the levels. The addictive gameplay will take yourtirednessaway and make you feel fresh for the rest of the day.Count it inthe fun puzzle games, because if you can’t make a smallcatch thenhow are you going to clear the levels with higherdifficulty. Thebest way to complete the levels is by trusting yourreflexes. Thiswill not only help in exercising your reflexes butwill keep thekids engaging, so you can focus on other things. Inthis jelly gameyou will have to catch all the dropping jellies in abar, if failedto do so you won’t receive any coins and have tostart the levelagain. In order to unlock a new level, you have toclear theprevious level first. It is not like nailing jelly to awall sodon’t be anxious you can do it! If you can’t wait to play,thendownload Jelly Belly now! Also, rate and review us! 😊
Antistress - Relaxing games
Anxiety & Stress Relief Games, Anti Stress, Calming andSatisfying Games, relax
Brain Games: Puzzle for adults
Play Brain Trainer Thinking & Intelligent Mind Games To TrainYour Brain.
Planet Combat: Space War Strategy Games 1.1
Welcome to planet combat: space war strategy game in which youwillshoot space jets with space robot shooter. Perform spacerobotattack on jets and crash them. You just have to control spacerobotby your finger swap and target space jets. Use your bestspaceshooting skills and become space hero. Planet combat is fullof funand adventure. You will get points on shooting space jets.Yourspace robot is filled with bullets so you don’t need to worryaboutthat just target space jets and shoot them. This is anadventurousspace game in which you have to make star strategy towin thebattle. You will find this one of the best space warstrategygames. It is an endless jets shooting with robot shootergame. Ifyou are free and getting bored then feel free to installthis spacewars game to get rid of your boring. Here is a freestrategy wargame with galaxy chicken and planet wars environment.Just make abest space war strategy and shoot planet jets as soon aspossiblebecause if you will not shoot jets quickly they will comenear yourrobot, blast will happen and your space robot will crashand youwill lose the space shooting and strategy war. Become themostpopular jet shooter by plying this planet combat space warstrategygame. You have played multiple spaceship battle and planetbattlesin the space but this space robot attack game is one of thebestgame among all others available on google play store. Plan aspacewar strategy and make your target clear on space jets. Thisthingwill lead you to win the space jets war. Smooth and realisticspacerobot controls has been designed for everyone to play enjoythespace battle. 2D environment with full space jetsshootingchallenge is designed to make the infinity galaxy robot wargamemore addictive, adventures and interesting. Different kindsspacejets with more shooting speed and different 2D environmentsareavailable to reduce the boring. You can unlock all the planetsandspace jets war environments by just collecting coins. Shootspacejets and earn coins for free. Win the space battle and becomehero.If you love space and galaxy shooting games then I willrecommendyou to play this spaceship battle game. You will reallyenjoy totarget and shoot the space jets. Planet Combat: Space WarStrategyGames Features: - Different space jets to shoot - Spacerobotshooter to destroy flying jets - Smooth and realistic spacerobotshooter controls - Different 2D space environment - Free funofgalaxy robot war - Coins earning by shooting space jets -Bigchallenge to shoot and crash jets - One of the best spacebattlegame Now, what are you waiting war?? Just download andinstall thisPlanet combat: space war strategy games and enjoyendless jetsshooting fun. Avoid from jets attack otherwise yourspace robotwill be destroyed by the enemy jets. Before they crashedyour spacerobot, shoot them by trying different war strategies, towin thebattle and to become champion in action games. Best of luck,gocrazy and save your space robot from the jets attack.
Block Shooting Game 1.0.4
Always wanted to be a shooter and work on your reflexes? Nowyoudon’t have to worry about your reaction times anymore this iswhereyou are going to improve your reflexes with action. Blockshootinggame is all about how quick you are in decision making andhow fastyou can choose your target, and shooting game fans canenjoy thisgame the most in their free time. Call it box hurdlesbecause youwill be facing boxes as your opponents who you need todestroy inorder to get some good points. It is one of the bestblock gamesout there which will give you various maps to play ineach time youstart swiping on the main screen; a random map will bechosen foryou to play in. Block shooting Gun gives you: Amazingshootingexperience, exploding blocks to provide you with amazinggraphics.Running hits and box breaks have fantastic soundeffects.Characters can be changed from select characters menu.Upgrades canbe purchased from the coins you get during thegameplay. This gamebrings you the features your kids cannot ignore.It is the best wayto spend your free time especially when you arestressed, shootingsome boxes might help. In this game, you will beplaying as ashooter who has different attack speed, power, andfirepower, ifyou don’t work on upgrading them the game getsdifficult. Upgradesare not easy to get every upgrade has a priceand to meet thatprice you need to collect as many points as youcan. The morepoints you get, the better the upgrades, withoutpowerful weaponsyou cannot be the best so take your time and enjoythis game at itsbest. This game is for every age so play it, swipeit, and shoot.
Catch Phrase-Family Word Games 1.0.3
A trivia word game that is fun and addictive at the same timeCatchPhrase is a game that tests your word stocking skills, whereyoucan challenge your word recognition abilities. The aim is toletyou find missing letters and help you learn idioms and proverbsbyguessing words. There are hundreds of inspirational quotes tofillin your pursuit for trivia in this catch phrases game. Itfallsunder the category of words game where correctly guessingwordswill earn you a better score. The phrase party begins in thiscatchphrase idiom game, and it comes with the following features:•Hundreds of proverbs and idioms that you put to use ineverydaylife. • Two categories and a daily challenge to catch thephrasefor giving a kick start to your day. • The game comes withphrasesto describe the meaning of the idioms and proverbs in thegame. •Avoided all the red herrings to make the word gameeducational. Thewords game has a friendly interface, which makes iteasier for theuser to navigate. You can choose to catch the phrase,guess idiomsor proverbs or fill in your day with a daily challenge.Catchphrases is a combination of crossword style games and brainteasersthat challenges you to find missing letters. A specific agegroupis not required; anyone can play the word game in theirtime.People can catch phrases from the most cunning phrases listthatare being put to use in today’s time. Let your brainpower dothejob for you in this fill the words game because: • You will losealevel if you don’t guess proverbs and idioms correctly • Youarenot allowed to make more than three mistakes while guessingwordsin one level Playing the game will help improve yourconcentrationand vocabulary skills because it allows you to findmissingletters, guess idioms, guess proverbs, fill the words, andmuchmore. Catch Phrase will let you add craftiness to yourdailyconversations by guessing words that might not be commonlyused inverbal or written communication. The game is to download andplayand comes with an interesting piece of instrumental music, tomakeit even more fun and help you retain concentrationwhileidentifying any proverb or idiom. Download the game and getstartednow! Find missing letters and catch the phrase on this wordgame tomake your life a little more interesting. We will highlyappreciateyour feedback and suggestions regarding our catch phraseswordsgame.
Warplanes Modern Air Combat 1.4
Welcome to warplanes modern air combat game with full infiniteairwar and air force surgical strikes. Let the missile air attackfunbegin!!! If you like playing airplanes and rocket games thenyouare in luck because we are going to present modern air combatgamewith full air strike fun and gunship fighting. If you aregettingbore then come here at content arcade games and find one ofthemost adventure drone hunter game. You will just learnaircraftflying and practice it in simulation world on your mobiledevice.Become a part of member airplane fighters’ team andperformaircraft shooting fun. Different types of 3d fighter planesandwarplanes added to make you crazy about them to fly and attackonenemy jets. Warplanes Modern Air Combat is the latest additionwithmodern aircraft and drones. It is an exciting skill-based gamesothat you will be not just enjoying this airplane jet attackgamebut also enhancing your decision making and focus skills in thewaror combat. Start with a simple jet fighter and easy aircombat.Destroy the enemy aircrafts and collect coins to fight withmoreadvance jets and gunships. You can buy warplanes and jets andalsocan unlock those drone hunter by just watching videos. Use youraircombat skills and Perform missile air attack with full focus. Beasmart jet flyer and jet fighter , fly your modern warplanesusingyour jet flying skills and perform airplane jet attacks andbecomeairplane war hero. Smooth and realistic gunship andaircraftscontrols will give you real time infinite air war and airforcesurgical strike experience. You will perform gunship attack 3dinair and hunt the enemy drones to get coins. Modern andadvancewarplanes are waiting for your click on the install button.Justinstall and enjoy the planes air fight. Jelly plane attackwillamuse you more than other jets and drones. Modern air combatgamewill provide you unlimited and endless air fun and enjoyment.Kidslike to fly and air jets & modern warplanes to passtheirboring time. Warplanes Modern Air Combat Features: ✈ Fly andsaveyour airplane from missile attack ✈ Unlock various achievementsbycollecting coins ✈ Earn coins to unlock a new airplane jetfighter✈ Buy coins to unlock a new warplanes and drones ✈ Collectas manycoins as you can while flying ✈ Complete all levels in anarea tounlock next area To make it more interesting, there aredifferentareas in this warplanes modern air combat game. You havetocomplete all the aircraft shooting fun levels in an area tounlockthe next area. Enemy missiles will follow you to attack, andtheirdirection is unpredictable. Fly straight or take turns andtwiststo dodge the missile coming toward your direction. Yourobjectiveis to save your airplanes. It’s hard to quit, once youstartplaying this gunship attack 3d! ------------ Download themodernair combat game on your Android device and start playing theplanegames. We bet you would love the game, so don’t forget to rateandreview us.
Tap & Cross Line - Racing Game 1.0
Are you someone who likes to stay ahead of everyone in games?Thisline game is for the people who like to challenge themselvesandwant to break their very own record. This is where you testyourlimits by checking how good are you at focusing on objectsthatrequire maximum concentration. If you have never playedrocketgames then you must because it will not only enhance yourreflexesbut is quite fun. Break line is a game for everyone wholikes tospend their time breaking records of other players. Sharetheresults of this fantastic circuit breaker game with yourfriendsthrough social networks and acquaint them that you arebetter thanthem. This game is all about the break line where youhave to beprecise and stay alive for as long as you can if you wanttoperform better. Tap & Cross The Line – Most Addictive Gameisone of the rocket games that comes packed with: HD graphics toletyou enjoy the illustrations every time you tap Sounds FXofbreaking, crashing, lightening to thrill You can buy variousrocketships with the gems you collect in the game. In this huskyliner,you will be operating a rocket, and your every tap will movetheprojectile left or right. The speed of the crossing lineisconstant, and the only way to pass the other side is byrunningyour rocket through the yellow dash line. If you failed todo soand by a mere chance hit the red one you will have to startthegame all over again or if you are lucky you will get a chancetobegin where you last crashed. The black lines in this fun gamewillreflect you in case you run out of yellow ones to keep you onthetop, and if you don’t hit the black or pass through theyellowones, you will drown because the flying speed keeps ongettingslower. The only way to survive is by tapping at the righttime.So, Happy thrashing!
Word Search: Crossword Puzzle 1.7
Discover how good are you at recognizing words with the wordsearchpuzzle game. The beginning is always calm, and along the way,youcan improve your vocabulary with almost three thousandhiddenwords. Combining the letters will reveal the unknown words,and asyou progress, the challenge becomes energizing. In the wordsearchpuzzle app, you will be provided with words to find in themidst ofletters. Word puzzle game's levels start with the easycategory,but sometimes even the most comfortable part can becomedifficult.Formation of words from the letters will automaticallyerase thewords from the list you need to cover. If you are lookingforwardto earning some extra points then hunt for words whicharen’tlisted. The words will add extra points when you complete theleveland will result in providing you with more hints. The gamebecomesinteresting as you reach the difficult level. The stylechanges,the number of words increases, and if you are good atfindingsolving puzzles, then this game can become quite achallenge. Also,it can be a good exercise for your observationskills and reflexes.If you are out of hints and are unable tocomplete the words in thelist, then start looking for extra wordsbecause if you stop, thenyou won’t make it to the next level of theword search puzzle game.The cross word find game comes with thefollowing features: - Atbeginner difficulty swipe, connect and winthe level in less amountof alphabets. Exploring of extra words willget you some bonuspoints in the medium category. All the swipes tomatch words havedifferent color overlays to keep you informed. Foryou to enjoy oneof the interesting word search puzzle games, thetime limit hasbeen erased so you can continue where you left off. -No need forconstant internet connection, you can play the game inany part ofthe world. - Play the old levels of word search wheneveryou wantto without starting the whole game again. More than threethousandwords to keep the dictionary in your mind updated. Gainingextrapoints in the word find game will result in more hints, soprepareand keep them steady for the complex levels.
Charisma - Racing Game 1.0
Are you passionate about racing games? This is where yourracebegins! One of the 2D car games which you can’t lift your eyesoffbecause once you do that, you are in big trouble. Racing isallabout avoiding obstacles and making your way through the racersorheavy traffic to the finish line. So, are you someone wholikesavoiding obstacles? If yes, then download this car game rightaway.This traffic runner game will give you the racing experience,withfantastic music all you need to do is race and win. Thistrafficracer is packed with surprises so be prepared for everyhurdle thatis thrown your way. You can speed up the vehicle as muchas youwant but try to slow it down before colliding with anyobstacle. Ifyou’ve been on a hunt for car games for kids andadults, it’s over.In this 2D car game, you will get the graphicsyou can get in 2Dwith special crashing sound effects. Avoiding theobstacles is yourjob, and you can do that by tilting your deviceleft or right. Itis easy to play addictive and can be playedanywhere at any time ofthe day. Charisma the traffic racercontains: Advanced controlsallowing you to use the headlight to letthe cars ahead move asideto make you pass. Brakes to enable yourcar slowdown in case youare facing too many hurdles. The moredistance you cover, the morecoins you get as a reward. Collect goldcoins on your way tounlocking more awesome cars with differentspecs Charisma is allabout giving you the car game experience youever had, and it willkeep you occupied in your time. So, open theapp, choose yourfavorite car, start the engine and race.
 The amongcar racinggames, download, and addictive gameplay. Don’t wait anddownloadyour new favorite car game NOW! Like the game? Give us fivestarsand a review. 😊