Conceptis Ltd. Apps

Pic-a-Pix: Nonogram Color
Challenges of Picross puzzles
Cross-a-Pix: Pixel Crossing
Nonogram crossover puzzles
Tic-Tac-Logic: X or O?
Solitaire Tic Tac Toe puzzles
Block-a-Pix: Pixel Blocks
Tetris crossover puzzles
SumSudoku: Killer Sudoku
Crossovers with Kakuro flavor
Dot-a-Pix: Connect the Dots
Challenging Dot-to-Dot puzzles
Pix-o-Mania: Pixel Logic
Solve pixel-art puzzles and watch them morph into beautiful hi-resmasterpieces
SeaBattle: War Ship Puzzles
Solitaire naval strategy game
Hashi: Connect the Islands
Game of Island and Bridges
Sudoku: Classic and Variations
One game. Six variations.
MultiSudoku: Samurai Puzzles
Multi-grid Sudoku variations
Link-a-Pix: Enigma Links
Pixel-art logic puzzles