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Smart Launcher(Best free launcher,no ads) v7.
Smart Launcher is a free and fast Interface for Android. We havenoads! It’s a tiny but strong launcher with all the basicfeaturesyou need , It can help to makes your phone faster and easyto use.Let’s Enjoy now ~ Key Features: ★ Beautiful UI InterfaceBeautifuland simple UI interface , make your phone looks good andprovidesyou the best visual experience. ★ Two home screen style Youcaneasily change the home screen style , with drawers or not.★Multi-sort way You can sort your apps in drawer in a lots ofways.Like by name ,by date , by frequency, and even by color ! It’sveryfun! ★ Easy search You can easily search your phone inAuroralauncher. Apps, files , contacts etc. Aurora Launcher willhelp youto find what your need. ★ Real-time Preview Wallpaper Haveyou everchanged the wallpapers and found it looks not that good inyourphone , and then you must go back to do all the set wallpaperthingagain? With the “Real-time Preview Wallpaper” feature inAuroraLauncher, you can see your wallpaper with your icons inthepreview! If you tend to change your wallpaper frequently,thisfeature is just design for you.
Gallery - Best & Ad free v8.4.0.0.G085.0
A simple, fast and light gallery for your Android Phone, youcanreview all your special moments in it. No ads, no networkusage.Key Features: - Explore (Face and Scene Album) With deeplearningand AI technology, we can recognize all faces and somespecificscenes taken by your camera and classify them by people andscenes.- Moments List all your happy moments by time, includingphotos andvideos share pictures to other apps: WhatsApp, Googlemaps, Gmail,Email, Keep, Google Drive, Facebook, etc. Set wallpaperPrint yourpictures/set favorite Photo Editor/video Editor/videoplay tools -Albums Management Manage your albums, you can add,modify anddelete your albums. - Collage Choose 2-9 photos, you canget asimple collage. We are committed to making gallery simple andeasy,Look forward to your download and use. If you have anyadvice,please send a mail to [email protected], thank you.
Simple Launcher ( Big Launcher v8.
A best simple Android interface! Make phones easier to use! No Ads!Free!