Clementoni S.p.A. Apps

Planet Clementoni 1.0.6
Planet Clementoni is an application which allows you to remainconnected with your children and their Clempad* at all times.Download the app onto your mobile device and you can connect toyour child’s Clempad. For each existing profile you will be ableto:- Allow or block website and online games which your childrencan access, making sure they stay safe online- Monitor you children’s activity on the tablet: on apps, theinternet, or video- Manage and limit usage time on the device by setting playingtimes- Observe progress in 5 separate educational areas designed to forma cohesive whole- Chat safely to your child from your mobile device at anytime- Monitor the history of exchanges between two Clempad 4.4 tabletslinked to the same Planet Clementoni accountThe Planet Clementoni App will also allow people who don't yethave an account to create one and report problems by contactingCustomer Services direct.* Planet Clementoni is compatible with all Clempad 2014models.We are always delighted to hear from our customers. Pleasecontact us at:[email protected] on twitter: ClementoniToys
Cyber Robot
Cyber Robot is the first Clementoni RoboticsAPP for children aged 8 years and upward. This game has beenspecifically designed so you can control and play with your veryown robot."The free version of the Science&Play TechnoLogic APP will takeyou on a stimulating and exciting adventure with Cyber Robot,giving you an opportunity to study and learn how a robot worksfirst-hand. ""The APP allows you to control and play with Cyber Robot in 4 funand engaging game modes: Programming, Real Time, Gyro andSelf-Learning. "Thanks to Bluetooth® technology, you can programme your robot,control its movements in real-time and even guide it using yourgyroscope and teach it to understand your commands.To make the experience even more engaging, you can also access thecamera function, which will allow you to photograph and video therobot as it carries out your commands.What are you waiting for? Download the APP and start having funnow!With fun light and sound effects and adjustable, speed-controlledmovements, Cyber Robot will become an inseparable playmate, whoyou’ll be able to do lots of amazing activities with, as youdiscover the basic principles of programming!
Puzzle App Spiderman 1.8
“Spider-Man Web-Warriors Puzzle App” is an app in the ClementoniPuzzle App line which allows you to interact with your favouritecharacters!!! Once you have completed the Puzzle, just take aphotograph of it with your device to enter the magical world of“Spider-Man” and watch the characters come to life thanks toAugmented Reality. Move the characters, modify the dimensions andchange the background of the Puzzle to recreate the wonderful setsof the cartoon. With the “Spider-Man Web-Warriors Puzzle App” youcan also read the story of Spider-Man and the other characters. Trythe Puzzle mode for even more fun! The app includes 8 digitalpuzzles with 3 levels of difficulty. When you have completed theimage, you can decorate it with colourful stickers and save it inyour device's picture gallery.
Sapientino Primo Inglese
A fun app to give life to the boards of Sapientino!
Sapientino Parlante
A fun app to give life to the boards of Sapientino!
Sapientino Parole e Numeri
A fun app to learn and give life to the boards of Sapientino!
Sapientino Bambina
A fun app to learn and give life to the boards of Sapientino!
Baby Minnie Mia Amica Bambola
Enter the world of Minnie with 7 animated sections.
Sapientino Animali
Play and learn with Sapientino exploring the amazing world ofanimals!
Family System
Family System is the first social network created for children!
My Crazy Tattoo 1.1
Download the brand-new My Crazy Tattoo App for free and have funwatching the tattoos come alive before your eyes. The applicationwill only work with Crazy Tattoos: 46 tattoos with an augmentedreality function contained in a special box that you can take withyou everywhere, sharing your animations with your friends. How doesit work? 1.Apply the tattoo to any part of the body you want; 2.Usethe App to frame it in the viewfinder of your tablet or smartphone;3.Watch the tattoo magically come to life; 4. Make your own photosand videos and share them with your friends. The application letsyou: - Take a photo or selfie of the animation and personalise itwith text or stickers; - Shoot a video; - The Free mode functionwill let you capture the animation on screen and show it even whenyou move the device away from the tattoo for guaranteed endlessfun. WARNING The tattoo might not work properly on some skin types.If the tattoo is incomplete or has bits missing, the animationmight not work. Use the glitter and the pencil included in the kitto create special tattoos. Do not use them over or near thetemporary tattoo, otherwise the animation may not work. Afterprolonged use, the device might overheat because the applicationconsumes a great deal of energy. In this case, the tattoo detectionmode might stop working. We recommend exiting the App and allowingthe device to cool down before attempting to play again. If lightreflections are detected on the tattoo when the device frames theimage, the animation will not start. We recommend that youreposition the device or the tattooed part of the body beforetrying again.
Legendary Creatures 1.3
The “Legendary Creatures” APP provides a novel way of bringingmagnificent creatures back to life. Watch them move right in frontof you! You will explore the habitats in which they lived and youwill be astonished by special effects. Using some great animations,you will be able to create fun compositions and personalise themwith stickers, frames and texts.
VR Puzzle
Clementoni jigsaw puzzles come to life!
RoboMaker® START 1.3
The RoboMaker® kit was created to guide you on aneducationaljourney to introduce you to robotics, logical thinkingand coding.By using the 200 and more interchangeable componentspresent in thebox, you can build 3 different robots with growinglevels ofcomplexity and then programme them in a fun way throughthis freeapplication. The RoboMaker® START app communicates withthe robotsvia Bluetooth® Low Energy and contains 4 differentsections, eachwith their own specific and engaging functions: 1-BUILD In thissection the 3 robot models can be reconstructed in3D,piece-by-piece, in a dynamic and animated way. Whenever you addanew component, you can even enlarge/shrink it and rotate themodelby 360° to understand how to connect the various modules. 2-LEARNThe Learn section illustrates the basic programmingconceptsthrough 6 guided activities (2 for each robot model); whichcan becompleted by creating specific command sequences usingtheClementoni block-based programming. 3- CREATE Once you havelearntthe basic programming concepts and have familiarised withourblock-based programming, you can juggle around with the optionsinthe Create section. In this area, after building a robot ofanyshape, you can programme it as you prefer. In this case,theactivity is performed freely, therefore the app will notsignalwhether or not you have entered the sequence correctly, soyou willhave to realise by yourself whether the result meetsyourobjective. 4- CONTROL The Control mode does not entail the useofblock-based programming. Through this mode it is possibletocontrol and command in real time the 3 robot models proposed.Eachcommand you send will be executed instantly by the robot,withoutany delay. Given that the 3 robots are different in terms ofboththe electronic components used and their functions, there isaspecific control page for each one of them. So, what areyouwaiting for? Enter the RoboMaker® world, step in theprogrammer’sboots and start this engaging and formative adventure!
Mio, the Robot
With this app and with Mio, the Robot, you can discover roboticsand coding!
Sapientino Interactive Inglese 1.0
L’App Sapientino Interactive Inglese è un’applicazione dedicataaibambini dai 7 anni in su. Sapientino Interactive è lalineaClementoni per stimolare l’apprendimento delledisciplineaffrontate nel ciclo di studi della scuola primaria.L’AppSapientino Interactive Inglese, è un prezioso aiuto nellascopertadi questa lingua straniera, attraverso un ricchissimodizionarioricco di sostantivi, verbi, aggettivi e frasi, conascolto di tuttele pronunce. In questo modo, il gioco diventa uninvito allaricerca, allo studio e all’approfondimento. L’App è unabellaoccasione per ampliare la conoscenza degli argomenti presentinelprodotto “Inglese”. Inquadra le schede che trovi all’internodelgioco e divertiti ad ascoltare parole e frasi nellamodalitàEsplora, poi entra nella modalità Quiz e rispondi alledomande inlingua inglese. L’App ti propone cicli di 10 domande altermine deiquali compare il punteggio totalizzato. Ogni volta chedecidi digiocare nuovamente, l’App ti propone alcune delledomandeprecedenti insieme a domande nuove. Ricorda: l’errore è unostimoloa migliorarsi; la risposta esatta una conquista! AppSapientinoInteractive Inglese … per continuare a imparare giocando!
Virtual Reality
Explore incredible scenery between dinosaurs, sea creatures andwild animals!
Mind Designer 1.0.6
MIND awaits you for an adventure in the programming universe.Hoponto its starship and have fun exploring all the game areas.Theapp is completely free. Create geometrical images by sketchingthemon screen, enjoy clearing all the animal tangram levels andlearnto program by blocks and try your hand at laboratory coding.Withyour Clementoni MIND-DESIGNER robot purchase, you will be abletorelay your personalised creations to the robot who willreproducethem on paper. Guide MIND in the real time area.
Pixy® - The living robot
Play with Pixy® and create its expressions through the app andPixel Art!
Solar System by Clementoni 1.4
Climb on board a spaceship and travel towards the SolarSystem!Starting from the Sun, experience a fantastic adventurethroughspace to discover the planets and the various celestialbodies. Youwill be able to learn lots of interesting science factsand trivia,explore the surface of the planets and compare theirsize, mass andmain features. A quiz during the exploration willallow you to testwhat you have learned! If you already have theCLEMENTONI SOLARSYSTEM game, the app is completely free.
Cyber Talk
With this app, Cyber Talk will become your inseparable andeducational friend
RoboMaker®, a robot laboratory to understand block-basedprogramming.
Sapientino Interactive Enciclopedia
Have fun with the App of Sapientino Interactive Encyclopedia!
Exploraglobe Digital
The entire world at your fingertips!
Crazy Chic Make-up Artist
Have fun creating a perfectly made-up look for any occasion withMake-up artist!
Betta, Dolce Orsetta
Play along with Betta and discover the many activities designed forthe little ones
Pet Bits
Play with your small robot animals!
Puzzle App Frozen
“Puzzle App Frozen” allows you to interact with your favouritecharacters!
Puzzle App Minnie 1.6
“Minnie Puzzle App” is an app in the Clementoni Puzzle Applinewhich allows you to interact with your favourite characters!!!Onceyou have completed the Puzzle, just take a photograph of itwithyour device to enter the magical world of “Minnie Mouse” andwatchthe characters come to life thanks to Augmented Reality. Movethecharacters, modify the dimensions and change the background ofthePuzzle to recreate the wonderful sets of the cartoon. Withthe“Minnie Puzzle App” you can also read the story of MinnieMouse,Daisy Duck and all the other characters. Try the Puzzle modeforeven more fun! The app includes 8 digital puzzles with 3 levelsofdifficulty. When you have completed the image, you can decorateitwith colourful stickers and save it in your device'spicturegallery.
Explore the World
Learning geography has never been so much fun!
Mechanics Laboratory
Assemble the Mechanics Laboratory models with the interactive 3Dinstructions!
Mecha Dragon
Command your mechanical dragon!
Puzzle App Cars
“Puzzle App Cars” allows you to interact with your favouritecharacters!
Bubble Robot
Have fun creating your masterpieces and play with the Tangram!
Fun Fair
Help little Johnny Crash in an exciting and dangerous adventure!
Little Sea Wolf
Captain Little Sea Wolf will carry you into a world full ofadventures and fun!
Good "APPavventura"!
Hologram 1.0.3
Con “Ologrammi e Realtà Virtuale” di Clementoni potrai ammiraredavicino fantastici animali selvaggi e i pianeti del SistemaSolarecon la magia degli ologrammi! Compi un fantastico“viaggiospaziale” e apprendi in modo facile e divertentetantissimeinformazioni scientifiche e curiosità sui dinosauri, glianimaliselvaggi, le creature marine. Keywords: clementoni, scienzaegioco, ologrammi, dinosauri, savana, animali, pesci, mare,sistemasolare, Sole, stella, pianeti, Terra, Luna.
Evolution Robot 5.3
Evolution Robot is a Clementoni Robotics APP for children of 8yearsof age and upwards. It has been specifically created so youcan playwith your robot and also find out about coding. With thisfreeScience & Play TechnoLogic APP, you can have amazingadventureswith Evolution Robot and discover how it worksfirst-hand. The APPhas been specially developed so that you cancontrol your robot in 7different game modes: Programming, RealTime, Gyro, Touch Grid,Dancing, Self-Learning and Memo. Bluetooth®technology means you canprogramme your robot, control it inreal-time by simply tilting yoursmartphone or tablet, make itdance and even teach it to understandyour commands. What’s more,in Memo Mode, you can train your brainand test your observationskills, either on your own, or with yourfriends, and try to workout what the robot will do next. What makesEvolution Robot evenmore engaging is the fact you can access itscamera and takepictures and record videos of your robot as itcarries out yourcommands. What are you waiting for? Download theAPP start havingfun now! How long have you dreamt of having yourvery own robotthat can open and close its arms, grip objects, moveover difficultterrain, smile and talk? This APP means your wait isnow over… yourdream has finally come true! With Evolution Robot,technologicalevolution is in your hands!
Little Sea Wolf FREE 1.2
In this free version of the floating house of Captain LittleSeaWolf is the new amazing app for children up to 6 yearsold. Your kids will have fun with activities and mini gamesdesigned forthem and with different difficulty levels to suit thelittle andthe older ones. Children and parents willhelp Captain LittleSea Wolf to discover colors and shapes, tocook tasty recipes, toplant flowers in the garden, to watch thestars in the sky. In thisfree version you have 3 rooms and 9 of the25 games spread in the 8rooms of the full version. All theactivities will train kidsbrains: memory, puzzle, jigsaw, find it,numbers and manyothers.  Captain Little Sea Wolf and hisfriends will carrythe kids into a world full of adventures,surprises and able toteach with fun! Join the crew of the mostamazing ship of theworld!
Have a good "APPventure"!
Baby Mickey Mio Migliore Amico 1.0.6
Entra nel mondo di Baby Mickey Mio Migliore Amico, ilmorbidopeluche dalla linea di Prima Infanzia Baby Clementonistudiatoappositamente per accompagnare te e il tuo bambino neiprincipalimomenti della giornata, grazie alle tante modalità digioco concontenuti educativi dedicati per l’apprendimento, ilgioco, lapappa , la nanna e Baby Mickey è con voi anche nei giornispeciali!Scopri le 7 divertenti sezioni ricche di colori, suoni esimpaticipersonaggi animati: - IMPARA: Scopri i primi numeri e glianimalicon le carte di Baby Mickey; - GIORNO: Colora con il toccodelledita, scegli le matite per colorare e salva le tue creazioni;-PAPPA: Dai da mangiare a Baby Mickey e Baby Minnie; - PARTIDELCORPO: Trascina gli accessori sui personaggi Disney e salvaglioutfit più divertenti; - GIORNO SPECIALE: Festeggia igiornispeciali con i personaggi Disney, divertiti a gonfiare ipalloncinie a lanciare coriandoli! - NANNA: Ascolta le ninna nanneanimate,spegni tutte le lucine e… Buona Notte; - REALTA’ AUMENTATA:Giocacon il peluche e il suo magico mondo prenderà vita davanti aituoiocchi! Inquadra il Peluche e scopri le animazioni sullo schermodeltuo Smartphone o Tablet. Tanti contenuti educativi disponibiliperfavorire lo sviluppo sensoriale, cognitivo e la percezionedellarelazione causa-effetto. Buon divertimento con Baby MickeyMioMigliore Amico!
The Human Body
Have fun exploring human anatomy through the app The Human Body.
Alice My First Doll
Alice features lots of activities designed specifically for youngchildren
An app with lots of educational activities designed to levels ofincreasing difficulty.
Learn and have fun with Computer Kid with these 10 educationalgames!
Mystery English
Solve the mysteries of learning English!
My Clem Box
With My Clem Box, fun never ends!
Scorpion Robot
Your guardian scorpion