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World Beast War: idle merge game 2.200
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🔥🔥🔥Rampage through a destroyed world and create the ultimate teamof beasts!🔥🔥🔥 World Beast War is an idle RPG where your monstersare created, merged, evolved and sent to battle in a war to reclaimthe Earth. Merge monsters to build the ultimate rampaging team!Beasts rage and battle across the screen, including classicmonsters like King Gorilla, Lizard God and more! Tap your beast tosend it into battle or drag it onto another to combine them into anew, unique monster. Collect monsters and their lost articles toupgrade your beasts and defeat stronger foes. Idle RPG mechanicslet your beasts battle and level up even when you’re away, andauto-battle features allow you to manage the team while themonsters fight. Merge monsters to create powerful beasts, thenmerge those to create the ultimate monster! Pixel graphics create aretro gaming atmosphere with all new gameplay and clicker gamemechanics. Beast battles and apocalyptic action await in WorldBeast War! Download now! WORLD BEAST WAR FEATURES: 🔥Monster Game –Beasts Battle!🔥 - Battle monsters throughout the ruined city -Combine beasts into new, powerful monsters - Evolution Game of epicproportions! Evolve & upgrade to become more fearsome - Levelup your beasts by feeding them tasty meat (just don’t ask where itcomes from) - Collect monsters, including rare mutant beasts withspecial powers! 🔥Idle RPG with Monster Merge Mechanics🔥 - Level upyour beasts, even when you’re not rampaging - Destroy the city withyour beasts – you choose the formation, they do the smashing! -Idle clicker mechanics use simple drag-and-drop tools to create andupgrade your team of beasts - Merge dragons, krakens, robots &raccoons – has science gone too far?! 🔥Beastly Buffs – Powerups& Upgrades!🔥 Power up your beasts with diabolical inventions,epic equipment and rare relics! - Attack Activation Drinks -Mutated DNA - Iron Fists - Muscle Rebuilding Vitamins - Wreak havocto find more! 🔥Monster Simulator – Be the Beast!🔥 Beasts from filmand game history unite with unique creatures of carnage! - LizardGods - King Gorillas - Rampaging Robots - Battle Toads - MetalDragons - Boxing Werewolves - Flying Manta Rays - Locomotives ofDoom - And TONS more! 🔥Destroy the World, City by City!🔥 - Rampagethrough an apocalyptic world - Battle monsters and defeat your foes- Pulverize 8-bit cities across different landscapes into pixelpowder! - Beat em up with your Monster team and take back theEarth! Battle monsters, collect beasts and upgrade your team in anidle game of epic proportions. Download World Beast War today!Contact us
Random Defense : All star TD 2.1.0
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Build battle STRATEGIES, clash with ENEMIES, test your LIMITS inALL STAR RANDOM DEFENSE! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 GAME FEATURES: 🔥 Dozens of cuteHeroes and powerful Magic! 🔥 Unique traits for strategic use! 🧚‍♀️Hero Nicole: changes weapon and increases ATK speed at certainintervals ⚡ Reverse Magic: substitute all characters but keep theirlevels 🔥 Upgrade your Heroes to make them as strong as ever!EXCITING GAME MODES: 🎲 Party mode: match with an ally to fight offmonsters together! 🎲 Battle mode: defeat monsters before youropponent! 💎 More real-time battle modes coming soon! 💎 Compete withplayers from all over the world! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 TD, All star Random Defenseis a tower defense game based on random character draw! Focus onco-op party play mode with friends and PVP battle arena mode.Upgrade and level-up your heroes and magic cards for towerdefense(TD) from monster invaders! Merge cute characters to fightyour defense war. Develop and grow your heroes to create strongteam. Match with friends to destroy the level boss. Master thedestiny heroes and magic cards war to decide the final fate!*Application requires device permissions for operation NOTES: -Game requires internet connection for real-time player battles.Please use the game in a stable network for smooth operartion. -Game contains in-app purchases. Some items may incur additionalcharges and not all purchases are subject to refund. CUSTOMERSUPPORT: - Permission to read from external storage(READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE) - Permission to modify data in externalstorage (WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE) - Customer Center: - email:[email protected]
Zombie Hunter D-Day : Offline Shooting Game 1.0.828
Clegames Inc.
It's been 80 days since the apocalypse. Your sole goal is tosurvive as long as you can. Defend yourself and your significantothers from the zombies! Make the right weapon combo to clear eachstage of nemesis. There will be several weapons to choose from.Choose the ones that will be the most efficient and robust to shootdown the zombies. Zombie Hunter can be the most addicting huntingand sniper game in the zombie theme offline games. Also, Free Fire,you will get into it right away! **Features:** - Graphic: Realistic3D zombies and cool shooting - Limitless Stages: Various types ofzombies and giant boss zombie appear in each stageWeaponCollection: many classic guns are waiting for you to unlock, mergeand upgrade. - Zombie Stage mode - Zombie defense mode, Boss raidmode, etc - Target the dead, pull trigger toward zombies, save myfamily - Offline Zombie shooting game (العاب حرب) - Device: Perfectoptimization even for slower devices. - Languages:EN/CN/FR/PT/ES/DE/IDIT/RU/TH/TR/VN/KR are supported. **Just now!Download the offline Zombie Hunter Game for free! fight thezombie** ◆ Access Information - For the game to play, we mustaccess the following controls. - READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE,WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
Civilization war : Reign of empire 2.6.7
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New server players can use the Promotion Code "newuser2021 (Valueof $100)" to unlock bonus rewards ① Copy the promotion code"newuser2021" ② Open Reign of Empires ③ Click “User Profile” on thetop left ④ Click “Environment Settings” button ⑤ Click “Gift Code”⑥ Enter User Gift Code ⑦ Check your email *This coupon can only beused by new users at the newest server Build your empire andconquer civilizations in Reign of Empires. This strategy war gamepits competing nations in a battle for domination throughouthistory, and only you can lead one to victory. Conquer kingdoms andbuild civilizations as one of eight great nations. Developcivilization, wage war against opposing nations and collectnational treasures from your civilization’s history. Build yourcivilization by growing and managing your resources. Conquerkingdoms and explore the world while building your nation’shistory, from the bronze age to the modern era. Battle kingdoms andlords in PvP matches, testing your army’s might against otherplayers. Conquer opposing armies and prove your nation is thegreatest, or build an alliance that can fend off any threat! Buildan army and conquer the world in Reign of Empires – download now!Reign of Empires Features: ▶ Lead Civilizations to Take Over theWorld! - 8 Civilizations to choose from - Korea, China, Japan,India, England, Rome, Egypt or others. - Build an empire - soldiertypes, national treasures and traits vary for each civilization. -Build a civilization from the Bronze Age to Middle Ages to theRenaissance! - Build your kingdom faster than your opponents andlaunch a war of domination! ▶ Strategy War Games - Conquer enemy’scities with fierce attack! Ally with neighboring forces to win. -Tactical war using infantry, archers, cavalry, artillery and otherof armed forces. - Army builder - use your civilization and armycharacteristics to enhance your military strategy. - Battle of 7Mysteries – fight for domination of the world’s wonders - Battle of8 Treasures – conquer the world’s greatest treasures ▶ Ally &Combine Forces with Great Leaders! - Civilization Leaders join thegame – ally with Cleopatra, Gandhi, King Sejong or even Qin ShiHuang! - Civilization Leaders each have special characteristic. -Rise and develop your Leaders to imprison other CivilizationsLeaders. ▶ Civilizations to Conquer - Build empires and explore theworld map full of enemies and magical adventures! - Battle othermatching civilizations and win trophies. - Conquer the never-endinghardships! - Build an empire with strategic resource management. ▶PvP - Battle against fellow players! - War games pit yourcivilization against those built by players worldwide. - Conquerother kingdoms and rise to the top! Build an empire, form allianceswith Civilization Leaders and conquer the world in Reign ofEmpires! Download now! ▶ Official page ※ Internet accessis necessary to play Reign of Empires. ※ With further updates,devices with lower specifications could be no longer supported. ※Please read the User Agreement before playing Reign of Empires.Accepting User Agreement conditions is mandatory for using all gameservices. ※ There is a chance of data loss when playing throughguest account. Please understand it is not always possible torestore data in such cases. ※ It is recommended to sync your gameaccount through “Environment Settings” -> “Associated Account”-> “Sync Account.”
Soul Seeker R with Avabel 2.5.3
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■ BIG EVENT to Celebrate 2.0 Update of Soul Seeker R! ■ Get anewuser gift worth $100! Coupon number: usd100gift + SelectiveSummonx 100 ★ So~ Cool RPG, SOUL SEEKER R Capturing the essenceoftraditional Hack & Slash action! An unmissable Epic ActionRPG★A wide variety of lovely designs & charactersConstantlyupdating new characters collaboration the Avabel OnlineWhat do youprefer? Looks or Power? The choice is yours to make!★100%evolution system! A completely different system from theoriginalgame! No more 'random' combinations. 'Evolution' is the newtrend!A strong visual shock that will boggle your mind! [GameFeatures] -More detailed characters + In-game balance. Create yourownstrategy!! Grow your own favorite hero. Create a winningstrategywith the that could maximize the powers of your characters!Heroeshave their own attributes and skills. Don't forget to findtheperfect synergy! Enhance and combine various equipment todevelopyour hero faster! -Show your control skills!- You can reachhigherdungeons with your 'skills' even when your heroes have lowlevel.Choose the right leader for your team and unleash yourskills!Skills + Strategy = Key to Victory! - Eye-popping action +Graphicsthat will make your heart pound! Amazing real-time action+Astonishing character design! Every moment will be filledwithexcitement and heart-pounding action that cannot be experiencedinturn-based games! ◆ Required access rights ◆READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE:Needed to check various game settings andcache memory;WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Needed to check various gamesettings andcache memory.
Match Block : Snowball 1.2.2
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Welcome to the Matching Puzzle game. Match adorable blocks! - it'safree and easy matching puzzle game. Fun to play for allages!Addictive pair matching puzzle game. The best time-killinggameFind matching 3D blocks on the playground and pop them all!Whenyou clear a level, more objects to pair will appear Match asmanyblocks as you can within a limited time. You can move on tothenext level once all the blocks are cleared. Become the blockmasterof all levels. Use effective search boost for an even fasterandexciting game! Large collections of blocks - from cuteanimals,fresh fruits, delicious sweets and cool cars to favoritekids toys!You will definitely find the blocks you adore. Just don'tget lostgazing at the beautiful objects soaring around in space!Features:● Easy & Fun to play ● Touch to CLEAR ALL 3D OBJECTS●Well-designed challenging levels 🏆 ● Cool toys, Cute animalsandSweet items ● Hint boosters 💡 ● Object collections 🦄 🦋🍎🍰🍔 ●Playthe game anytime, anywhere! 😃 Why play Match block : ●Improvesmemory, focus, attention and concentration ● Play Match 3Dblocks ●Train your brain ● Easy and satisfying!