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CleanUI 2.0.2
CleanUI provides the best flat-style systemUIs for your Android devices. It provides not only the home screen(the launcher), but also the notification page, the lock screen,the control center, the contact and the dialer in flat-style.CleanUI DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY ADS.You can disable some components if this app running lagging on yourAndroid device.1) FLAT-STYLE* It brings clarity to the entire experience. Perfectimplementation the system UIs (the home screen, notification page,screen lock, control center, contacts and dialer) inflat-style.2) HOME SCREEN (LAUNCHER)* Dynamic clock and calendar icons, dynamic color of the titles andthe indicators based on the shade of wallpaper.* Flawless widget support; You can have multiple widget pages (upto eight).* Complete shortcuts management.* Dozens switches and options, which can help the app matches yourAndroid device perfectly: Use widget pages or not; Show all widgetsin one widget page; Show widget pages along with icon pages or showthe widget pages separately.* Powerful customization of icon layout, you can customize the iconsize, icon layout (columns and rows), the size of icon title, andthe color of the title.* Hide and/or Lock icons.* Design icon by yourself; you can apply one design to a specificcategory of icons, not only one icon.3) NOTIFICATION COMPONENT* You can select widgets in the size of 4*N or 5*N to show on theToday tab of the notification page.* You can customize of the color of the status bar for differentapps.* You can select three notification reminder styles: none, banner,or alert.* You can choose whether show the notifications from an app on lockscreen or Badge App Icon.4) LOCK SCREEN COMPONENT* Sliding to unlock and the simple password allows you toexperience the easy and secure lock screen.* You can quickly activate the camera to capture the beautifulscenery without unlock your devices.* Several customization options: you can customize the name of yourdevice, the text of “Slide to unlock”, the name of your operator,lock/unlock/charging sounds, wallpaper, and you can select a widget(4*1 or 5*1) to show on the lock screen.5) CONTROL CENTER COMPONENT* Rapidly control system functions, such as Airplane Mode, WiFi,Wireless, Bluetooth, and so on.* Quick launch the frequently used apps, such as flashlight, clock,calculator, and camera.* Control music player and sound volume by setting a 4x1 or 5x1widget.6) CONTACTS & DIALER* Alphabetical list of contacts helps you locate your contacteasily.* Favorites management helps you to manage your frequentcontacts.* Easily manage the call log ordered by all and missed.* Dial Pad provides support for intelligent matching.