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Quick and Easy Recipes 3.2
Easy time-saving recipes for delicious meals.
Help Me Sleep (Relaxing Music) 1.13
Sleeping better is easy once you learn how to improve your sleep.
Old Phone Ringtones 2.1
Remember the days when phones sounded like phones? We remember.
Paleo Diet for Weight Loss 2.5.3
The complete guide to eating Paleo.
Jigsaw Puzzle: Cute Animals 1.1
Play a classic puzzle game repackaged in a beautiful app.
You Can Quit Smoking 2.53
A step by step guide to quit smoking.
Funny Short Jokes 2.0
Funniest and most hilarious short jokes! You’ll LOL like neverbefore!
Funny Notification Ringtones 3.0
Let the simple things make you smile! :)
Cool Human Voice Ringtones 2.0
Funny, interesting, awkward and emotional but kind of cool!
Science Fiction Ringtones 2.0
Turn your mobile to a lightsaber, laser canon, energy shield andmore!
Loud Alarms for Heavy Sleepers 2.0
Sweet or annoying - all of these sounds are LOUD!
Build Better Personal Habits 1.3
Helping you to form new and positive habits that will stick.
Stages of Pregnancy 1.4.3
Your essential guide to what’s happening with you and your baby -week by week.
Easy & Healthy Chicken Recipes 1.7.3
The tastiest chicken recipes in one app. Try one today.
Funny Video Clips 3.1
Comedy Clips: Hilarious and Entertaining Videos to Make You LaughOut Loud
Christian Music Ringtones 3.0
Enjoy in high quality instrumental Christian music. Uplifting &relaxing.
Bible Picture Quotes 2.0
Powerful words from the Bible on beautiful pictures.
Life Changing Bible Prayers 3.0
Prayerbook app for Christians, who know that God will answer theirprayers.
Complete Memory Training Game 2.5
Train all types of your memory with this all in one memory trainer.
Chocolate Cake Recipes 2.2
Probably the tastiest chocolate cake recipes on the planet!
Weight Loss Diet Plans 3.0.0
Find a weight loss plan that's right for you and healthy at thesame time.
Wake Up Alarm Clock Ringtones 2.3
Why not wake up to something pleasant?
Coolest Notification Sounds 2.1
Turn your mobile device to a fun machine!
Classic Catholic Prayers 1.94
Enrich your life and grow in love with God.
Fun Facts About Zodiac Signs 2.0
Learn more about yourself and your friends.
HD Motorcycle Sounds 3.1
Enjoy real motorcycle revving sounds in HD!
Simple Ways to Detox Your Body 3.0.0
Your full body detox guide - step by step.
63 Simple Weight Loss Tips 1.8.3
With the right information you can lose weight fast and safely.
Best Authentic Indian Recipes 1.7.3
If you’re looking for quality, instead of quantity, then this istheapp for you. We’ve handpicked only the best and most famousIndianrecipes. They’re all authentic, tested, and heavenlydelicious. Foodlovers, this is gourmet stuff only. In BestAuthentic Indian Recipesapp you get: - North Indian Recipes (Top10) - South Indian Recipes(Top 10) - Simple Indian Recipes (quickand easy, beginner friendly)- FREE cookbook (PDF) with over 150other various Indian recipes forbreakfasts, lunches and dinners(breads, appetizers, soups, salads,snacks, drinks, vegetarian onlyand much more) Traditional Indianfood is healthy, spicy, and fullof flavor and is considered as oneof the best cuisines in theworld. Get this app now and preparegreat meals for yourself, yourfamily and your friends. They’ll loveyou for it!
Hip Hop Beats and Ringtones 3.1
It’s loud, it’s popular and it’s unique! Enjoy these crazy beats(no lyrics)!
HD Car Sounds 3.1
How do your favorite sports or muscle cars sound like in HD? Findout now.
Best Smoothie Recipes 1.6.2
Smoothies for better health, detox, energy, faster weight loss andmore.
Scary Ringtones and Sounds 3.4
The fastest (and safest) way to get some adrenalin rush!
Weight Loss Foods 3.0.0
Eat and lose weight at the same time? With these foods, you can.
Healthy Foods for You 3.3
Learn what to eat to be healthy and feel energized.
Guess What! - Shadow Picture Q 1.0
Play the picture puzzle game and find the right object hidden inthe shadow.
Healthy Weight Loss Recipes 3.1
You are what you eat. Get healthy and lose weight with thesedelicious recipes.
Essential Guide for Galaxy S4 1.7.3
The complete guide for your Galaxy S4 smartphone.
Business Ringtones 2.1
The serious ringtones that every phone is missing!
Super Simple Ringtones 3.1
Simple and elegant sounds for the whole family.
50 Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes 1.54
Quick, easy and healthy recipes for the slow cooker.
Cool Facts About Human Body 1.9.2
Get to know your body - it's amazing!
Ludo League 1.3
Ludo Premier League : Cut longer sessions, Play on Mini boards!!
Picture Puzzle: Guess & Learn 1.3
Word Picture Trivia puzzles with different levels of difficulties.
Dog Training - Best Tricks 1.4.2
Teach your dog fun and easy tricks.
Fireworks Light Show Simulator 3.0
Amazing lightning effects with sounds and colors.
Guess The Country 1.0
Geography Photo Quiz for all ages.
Sky Clash: Fireworks Battle 1.01
Experience the thrill of a fireworks battle in the sky with SkyClash: Fireworks
Scratch & Color Jungle Animals 1.0.0
Join the fun with Scratch and Color: Jungle Adventure!
Block Puzzles – Match Block Ga 1.1
One of the best classic block puzzles where you match theblockswith the grids.