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Poke Fight 4.0.1
Ciklet Games
Are you ready for amazing fight game ? Choose the your strongestpoke GO monster in the Battle Arena and defeat your rivals. 19special pokemonster to each other stronger are waiting for you.Each character has different abilities, attack and special powers.The rules are too simple! Choose your favorite poké GO fightcharacter. Fight your rivals and defeat them. Become the strongestin the poke duel arena. And all poké GO monster characters are FREEand waiting for you. Poke balls consist of 5 special powers.Electric , Fire , Water , Stone and leaf! Each monster takes itscharacter attacks from these special and pocket forces. Discoverthe characters you love in poké GO arena ! Super Poke monsters arewaiting for you! Pixlef, Kaktus, Magma, Cino, Woden, Sandbo,Kloston, Ocpo, Ayce, Elektmas, Gowast, Gunlizer, Ciklet, Galfi,Xgeridho and many poke Characters. Try it and Enjoy ! ★★★ FEATURES★★★ .19 Awesome Poke Characters .Surprise Bonus poké Monster.Impressive Ultra HD Graphics .Excellent fight arena .SpecialAbilities and Powers .Hardcore gameplay. ★★★ JOIN US ★★★ ✔ Facebook: ✔ Twitter :
Subway Run Agents - Action Run 1.0.0
Ciklet Games
***THE BEST ACTION GAME EVER***During the war, in a world being dominated by the latesttechnologyrobot soldiers, are you ready to beat yourenemies?.The Red Skull Unity has invaded the world with the latesttecnologyweapons. It is stealing all the sources of energy of theplanet.You are the only hope, however to win the battle againsttheselatest technology robot soldiers will not be easy atall.Start immediately to fight the war to eliminate the Red SkullUnityand save the world.Run, jump, punch, throw fire, kick, fight... This is actiontime!*** GAME FEATURES ***✔ Start this fantastic action game that takes place in 7differentsites.✔ There are 10 amazing characters just waiting for you.Livetheactions and new phases of the game by trying each characterandtheir special weapons.✔ Thanks to the hundreds of mission modes available,you can playasmuch as you want without getting bored.✔ Compete with people from all over the world in thespecialmissions. Be among the best ones on the leaderboard.✔ You will be shocked by the awesome HD graphics and images ofthegame.✔ By using the “power cards” you can make your characterstrongerand increse his level.
Kart Racing Tour : Online Race 4.0
Ciklet Games
We are excited to announce Super Kart Racing : Online Race, oneofthe best and fun racing games of the year 2019. An amazingKartRacing Game with fast racing cars and fantastic racers. Andit's atotally FREE racing game. Fast and fantastic cars and racersarewaiting for you. Speed up, throw the rocket, make drift and gowithnitro with Next-Gen hd graphics on the amazing racingtracks...Defeat your rivals and win the race cups. Super KartRacing :Online Race is an exciting and amazing racing game for allages.Beach Racing, Buggy Forest, Funny Land, Mystic Egypt, CandyAsphaltWalley... And do more exciting battles on the racingcourses. Beking of the Asphalt. Collect new racing cars and thefastestracers. Upgrade the collections. Race the rivals with 3differentdifficulty levels on Grand Prix Cup mode!Complete the funandimpossible missions. Online Race coming soon on live...Raceanytime, anywhere! Super Kart Racing : Online Race • •GAMEFEATURES EXCITING KART RACING GAME Fast, funny and FREE. Racetowith hardly rivals racers in the exciting and contain actionsraceson fantastic courses. Show the drift skills. Come to thefinishline for the cups. Be a legendary racer on race areas. BurntheAsphalt . And it's a totally FREE racing game. AMAZINGPOWER-UPSShoot a powerful blow to the rival racers with yourpowers. Defeatother racers with 8 different awesome powers. Get theedge on thecompetition with these powerful items. Throw the rocket,do it icecubes, put dynamite, use nitro... And more power-ups arewaitingfor you. UPGRADE THE RACE CARS Choose your favorite racingcar.Paint the your car with your favorite colors. Change racetires. 25different vehicle colors and 4 different tire types awaityou.Create the your racing car as you wish. COLLECT THE AMAZINGRACERSThe racers are great in this game. Collect interesting,funny,speedy and super racing characters. RACE THE SUPERB PLACESRace onspecially designed racing tracks. Develop your fast drivingskillson asphalt and soil roads. Show the your drift skills. Defeatyourother racers. Be a legendary racer on racing tracks. BeachRacing,Buggy Forest, Funny Land, Mystic Egypt, Candy AsphaltWalley... Anddo more exciting battles on the racing tracks.COMPLETE THEIMPOSSIBLE MISSIONS Complete the hard and fun missions.Collectgold, Blow up balloons, Time attack, Crush youropponents...Complete missions and to be rich. Collect new racingcars andracers. PLAY WITH NEXT-GEN HD GRAPHICS Experience agorgeous andfun kart race game experience with high qualitygraphics. SENSITIVERACE CAR PHYSIC Make the perfect drift with tosensitive carphysic. ONLINE RACE Race with real racers in realracing games.Very soon...
Subway Scooters Free -Run Race 11.1.3
Ciklet Games
Rush you can pass the upcoming cars, bus and scooters insubwaycity. Delivery pizza with subway by scooter on time. Getyourspecial scooters on the subway and pass on the barriers inrunninggame. Become the fastest scooter on subway drivers. Show thebestscooter driver and show the fastest surfer drivers in racegames insub city. Collect more gold in mission mode. Get newcharacters andscooters with the gold you earned. Earn surprisegifts with daily.Use the special powers and pass the other racers.Subway scooterfree - run race is an endless running game in racinggames. Becomethe best scooter in subway city. Give more pizza. Mostlikedcharacters are waiting for you: Fire Dragon, Sweety girl,Rapper,Neon man... and more. Choose one now and start running onthesubway racing with all scooter drivers. Touch on right and left-swipe up and down. Control easily to your scooter. SuperiorHDGraphics - Mission modes with full of actions -Impressivecharacters - Special powers - Surprise bonuses. Performfastdrivings to extend your pizza shop. Obtain new charactersandscooters.Use new characters to unlock perfect power andspecialabilities.Complete different modes and mission actions toearnsurprise gifts. 9 Different Languages : English – German –Italian– Spanish – Russian – Chinese - Japanese - Korean SubwayScootersFree - run race Features: .sub themed game endless run andracegame .Best scooter race runner .Rush as fast as you can.ImpressiveHD Graphics .Excellent Places .7 Special Characters.Surprise BonusCharacters .Mission modes with full of actions.Developed SpecialAbilities and Powers .Surprise Bonus Gifts (ingame ) .Daily Tasksand Surprise Gifts .9 Different Languages ★★★JOIN US ★★★ Facebook: Twitter: PrivacyPolicy: Terms andConditions:
Sky Drift - Air Race Battle 1.3
Ciklet Games
Superior HD Graphics - Mission modes with full of actions-Impressive Planes - Special powers - Surprise bonuses....Completedifferent modes and mission actions to earn surprise gifts.★★★FEATURES ★★★ ✔ Impressive HD Graphics ✔ Excellent Places ✔SpecialPlanes ✔ Multiplayer Mode : Race & Dog Fight ✔ Missionmodeswith full of actions ✔ Developed Special Abilities and Powers✔Surprise Bonus Gifts ( ingame ) ★★★ JOIN US ★★★ ✔ Facebook: ✔ Twitter:
Subway Scooters 2 1.0.11
Ciklet Games
Subway Scooters 2 SELECT YOUR CHARACTER: Become the characterofyour choice: Rapper Yo! , Hero Funk, Joe, Pink Pixy andothers.SELECT YOUR SCOOTER: You can’t driver without the rightscooter!Unlock new environments and get amazing outfits. Eachscootergrants you points for each power-up you collect in thegame.Perform fast scooter drivings to upgrade your abilities.Obtain newcharacters and scooters. Use new characters to unlockperfect powerand special abilities. Complete different modes andmission actionsto earn surprise gifts. Wonderful city, subwaystation city andhalloween town are marvelous game graphics. SubwayScooters awonderful scooter game. Are you ready for the NextLevel?! FEATURES* 12 Special Characters * Excellent Places *Impressive HD Graphics* Surprise Bonus Characters * Mission modeswith full of actions *Upgrade Special Abilities and Powers * DailyTasks and SurpriseGifts * Word Collection