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English 2 Bangla Translator bengali to english translator
english to bangla translator is a translator app which you cantranslate any English word to bangla,you can also translate anybangla word to English write bangla word a bangla keyboardincluded. any sentence can be translate too. to learn pronunciationwe added voice with native American accent included for Englishword. you can learn now English language easily withpronunciationIt’s easy to use1) first choose bangla or English from dropdown to translate wordfrom.2) Then choose to translate from dropdown list.3) Press speaker button4) Wait and see the translated word5) Listen the pronunciation too6) NiceWhat are includes this english to bangla translator ?• English translaton support• English pronunciation• Bangla to English translation• To write bangla Bengali keyboard added.• Easy word meaning• Common word meaningLearn English with this translator app*******Enjoy********
English Voice Pronunciation voice pronunciation
This application for educational purpose.pronunciation problem is a global problem other than i made this app for a solution of this problem.this app can pronounce any english words or sentence.type any english word or sentence then press play willplay the words or sentencescorrect pronunciation.You can easily practice pronunciation ofenglish words by this application.any android mobile phone with minimum android 2.2(Froyo) can runthis application.if you like this app share it,rate it.Enjoy
Bangla To English Dictionary bengali to english dictionary
bangla to english dictionary is a dictionary app for banglawords.there are over 40000 bangla bengali words.every banglabengali word meaning is set in very easy english meanings that youcan understand easily with this bangla to english dictionary.commonmeaning of english that you use in your daily life so that you canlearn it easily in this bangla to english dictionary.if you areplanning to improve your english vocabulary knowledge than thisbangla to english dictionary will help this android banglato english dictionary app has a list of all of the words that youcan scroll from top to bottom. for fast scroll a scrollbar includedin this android bangla to english dictionary app . if you want tofind definition of a bangla word then you can find it easily inthis android bangla to english dictionary app .just type withbangla keyboard some alphabet in the search bar it will show yourelated word with meaning.this android bangla to english dictionary app includes* over 120000 words.* bangla keyboard added to search bangla word.* Common definition of word that you can learn easily.* Where needs multiple meanings added for a words.* parts of speech are included.* list of all words with meanings.* Nice user interface for the list and divider.* fast scrollbar to scroll from top to bottom* search bar to search word and meaning.learn and enjoy
English To French Translator english
english to french voice translator is a translator app for yourandroid mobile that can translate english words,sentence with nicelive voice and text to French words, can also translatefrench words,sentence with live voice and text to english.if youwant to learn french than this app will be very helpful for you.ormake fun with your friends with French words like “bonjour”.use of this android application is very easy.just three steps.1:launch the english to French voice translator.2:select your desire language to translate.3:write any words sentence and press microphone button.You are done, listen the accent,see the text and make fun andlearnThis app has simple but strong features that includes* English to French translation* French to English translation* nice live voice accent for translated words sentence* translated words,sentence in text format* share via facebook,twitter,pinterest,blutooth etcso make fun and learn together.
Bangladesh Train Schedule train
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Bangla Photo Comment 1
Bangla Photo Comment is photo comment app where you can type yourcomment on photo,make the photo more funny with cantake photo from gallery and type comment on it.also take a newpicture from camera and save it to make photo comment.initiallysome funny photo added where you can make comment to it.there aretwo option for comment one is top text another bottom text.textsize also you can change.different font style makephoto comment pick a photo from gallery or camera or imagelist.then first type top text then type bottom make banglacomment you should have any bangla keyboard.after type text save itand share it with Facebook,twitter,email or message ,whatsapp andmake more fun with photo.Enjoy
Rickshaw Race 2.0
Rickshaw Race TM is a Trade Mark Rickshaw racing game where youwill play as a Rickshaw puller.i am sure you never played arickshaw race game.this time this is a beta publication wait, wewill publish a nice 3D Rickshaw Race game.this time try this 2dgame.Intuitive game rules:* try to get target score* avoid collision with other vehicle if you collide with othervehicle then score will be reset to mind it* when other vehicle comes to close try decrees speed to avoidcollision.* to accelerate just tap the screen* to turn tilt left or rightso enjoy this brand new Rickshaw Race game experience.NOTE:THIS IS 2D VERSION 3D VERSION COMING SOON
English To Hindi Dictionary 1.0
English To Hindi Dictionary is a dictionary app for learningenglishwords,english language or it's a necessary app for studentswho wantto learn english this dictionary app there are120000words.every word has clear meanings in hindi.common hindimeaningadded so that you can understand very thisdictionary allof the idioms and phrases are that youcan learn idiomsand phrases easily along with the thisenglish to hindidictionary all of the words has a list so that youcan scroll andlearn words one by scroll bar added so thatyou can scrollvery fast from top to bottom easily.for fast searchsearch baradded.just type words in the search bar to find.itwillautomatically show related word.This English To Hindi Dictionary includes followingfeature*Over 120000 words added*All idioms and phrases included*Common and easy word meaning*All words added in list so that you can learn one by one*Fast scrolling bar added to go from top to bottom in asecond*Search bar included so that can search fast and easily*Synchronous text search added so that you find wordswhentypingIf you finding all of the features in free so why not try.Just try and Enjoy