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Simply Done (to-do list) 1.5
Chiral Code
Simply Done helps you remember about important tasks.Organize your tasks in categories and use colorful icons todecorate them. Prioritize your tasks or set due dates to make sureyou won't miss anything important.Simply Done provides six different color versions of widgetswhich you can use to display tasks for each category.Simply Done also recognizes tasks directly from the SMS andautomatically adds them to your to-do list!-----Visit our official site at http://chiralcode.comFollow us on Twitter at us on Facebook at
Forest Wallpaper 1.0
Chiral Code
See fireflies dancing in a forest. Watch sun rays breaking throughthe morning mist. "Forest Wallpaper" gives you possibility to watchbeautiful, relaxing, animated forest scenery directly on yourscreen. "Forest Wallpaper" contains unique selection of photos.Choose from several backgrounds and set the one you like the most.All the effects are rendered in real-time using OpenGL ES 2.0.Change mist size, density and color. Mist highlighted by the risingsun looks incredible. Adjust fireflies animation: change their sizeand speed. Live wallpaper can display up to 200 fireflies! Modify"Forest Wallpaper" appearance in the way you like. It's easy withhome screen widget which gives you direct access to wallpapersettings. Settings screen is semi-transparent, so you can instantlysee effects of your changes. Live wallpaper supports both portraitand landscape orientation. It works and looks great on any screensize. "Forest Wallpaper" is also battery friendly: animation stops,when screen is off. You can easily adjust animation quality bychanging frames-per-second settings. No ads! No permissionsrequired! 100% free! ----- Visit our official site at Give +1 on Google Plus at Like us on Facebookat Follow us on Twitter at
Underwater World 3D 1.1
Chiral Code
Underwater World 3D is a fresh approach tothefish world animation on your screen.TRY our picturesque live wallpaper - "Underwater world".DIVE into the magic world of the sea bottom.MEET the bright inhabitants of coral depth.WATCH the sunbeams overflowing mossy rocks and reflectingintransparent bubbles.And REMEMBER: all of this beauty is a drawing, not a photo!All pictures were drawn by Lenika.You can find more her artworks in her gallery our official site at http://chiralcode.comGive +1 on Google Plusat us on Facebook at us on Twitter at
Galaxy Wallpaper 1.3
Chiral Code
Explore the universe and admire the beauty of distantgalaxieslocated millions of light-years from the Sun. "GalaxyWallpaper" isa real time visualization of giant spiral disk ofstars, dust andglowing gases. See the exceptionally colorful galaxyas it's slowlyrotates on your screen. Touch the screen to changethe perspectiveand watch the galaxy from different angles. Seehundreds of starsorbiting around the galaxy core. "GalaxyWallpaper" can be quicklyand easily customized to your liking. Usehome screen widget toaccess wallpaper settings straight from yourhome screen. Settingsscreen is translucent, so you can make changesand see them takeeffect instantly. All effects are rendered in realtime usingOpenGL ES 2.0. Live wallpaper supports both portrait andlandscapeorientation. It works and looks great on any screen size."GalaxyWallpaper" is battery friendly: animation stops, when screenisoff. You can also adjust animation quality bychangingframes-per-second settings. No ads! No permissionsrequired! 100%free! ----- Visit our official site at Give+1 on Google Plus at us on Facebookat Follow us onTwitter at
Autumn Wallpaper 1.4
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"Autumn Wallpaper" gives you possibility to watchbeautiful,relaxing, animated autumn scenery directly on yourscreen. Seeleaves falling gently from the trees. Modify wallpaperappearancein the way you want it. Use home screen widget to accesswallpapersettings. "Autumn Wallpaper" contains unique selection ofautumnforest photos. Choose from several backgrounds. Modifyleavesanimation: change number of leaves, size and speed. Livewallpapersupports both portrait and landscape orientation. It worksandlooks great on any screen size. "Autumn Wallpaper" is alsobatteryfriendly: animation stops, when screen is off. You can alsoadjustanimation quality by changing frames-per-second settings. Noads!No permissions required! 100% free! ----- Visit our officialsiteat Give +1 on Google Plusat Like us onFacebookat Follow us on Twitterat