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Learn Chinese Pinyin Chart 1.9
Learn Mandarin Chinese pinyin withChineseSkill's Pinyin Chart will greatly improve your Chinesepronunciation (Chinese Zhuyin). It shows you the whole pinyintable/pinyin dictionary and teach you how to pronounce them one byone. It is a collection of quizzes for your Chinese pronunciation."Learn Mandarin Chinese Pinyin Chart" app can record yourpronunciation and compare it with the native Chinese speaker's foryou. With it, you can clearly find what the different pronunciationis by yourself.MOST IMPORTANT: "Learn Mandarin Chinese Pinyin Chart" isCOMPLETELY FREE!!!
Learn Chinese - ChineseSkill
Learn Chinese - ChineseSkill is the perfectapp for beginners learning Mandarin Chinese On-the-Go. The appcontains numerous fun and engaging bite-sized lessons that testyour listening, speaking, reading, and writing ability of MandarinChinese language.The Spaced Repetition System, Chinese automatic speechassessment, Chinese character handwriting and pinyintone animation technologies are applied in ChineseSkill app tomake language learning more fun, easy and effective. In the specialdiscover section, extra features of pinyin chart, pinyin tone andcharacter strokes order are provided in an interactive way to helpbeginners enhance Mandarin language foundation. Following this app,ChineseSkill will help the beginners learn Mandarin Chinese quicklyto a conversational level.IMPORTANT: THE MAIN CONTENT OF CHINESESKILL IS COMPLETELYFREE!!!Features:■ Game-based curriculum: optimized for the totally beginners;■ Multiple test modes: strengthen memorization and personalizelearning;■ Compartmentalized learning contents: designed for studying infragmented times;■ Spaced Repetition System: makes Chinese vocabulary memorizationfirm and efficient;■ Competing with friends: makes learning Chinese addictive andfun;■ Crystal voice with native speaker: the slow and normalpronunciation speeds covering all contents;■ Automatic speech assessment: making your Chinese speaking soeasy;■ Offline learning supported: No internet connection required byone-click downloading;■ Both simplified and traditional characters are supported;■ The option to display Chinese as pinyin, characters or both asyou like;■ Synchronization of learning progress across devices.What are you going to learn?■ 50+ Chinese skills■ 150+ grammar points■ 200+ sentence patterns■ 1000+ keywords and phrases■ 2000+ essential Chinese charactersChinese Skill supports learning Chinese from 8 languages:ENGLISH, SPANISH, KOREAN, JAPANESE, RUSSIAN, VIETNAMESE, PORTUGUESEAND THAI.Download “Learn Chinese - ChineseSkill” now and start your Chinesestudying anywhere on your own pace!
Learn Mandarin Chinese Tone 1.2
Learn Mandarin Chinese Tone is a FREE and easyuse Chinese learning app for those who are interested in improvingMandarin Chinese pronunciation, especially Chinese four TONES.In Mandarin Chinese, “wǒ wèn nǐ” means “I ask you” and “wǒ wěnnǐ” means “I kiss you”. The difference of the two sentences is justthe tone marker on “wen”. Mandarin Tones are very important inChinese cause it can distinguish words meaning. And that’s why wereleased the special and new app: Learn Mandarin ChineseTone!!!You can use fingers to draw the tone marker on the screen topresent every character’s tone. The app will give you an instantfeedback. The whole learning progress is game based. Challengingears with Gamification elements will make learning a lot of fun andefficient. It covers nearly 1000 words’ practice and will have morein the future.When you visit China next time, you friends will be shocked byyour elegant pronunciation.
Learn Mandarin Chinese Writing 1.0
Chinese character Stroke Order is an easy useand totally free app for those who want to learn Chinese characterwriting.Features:◉ You have full access to nearly 1000 Chinese Character's stokeorder for FREE;◉ Each of Chinese Character in the app has audio, pinyin,definition, formation explanation, writing animation andexercise.◉ With the SRS designed for Chinese character, you will reviewcharacters right before you forget them.The app remembers whichcharacters you’ve trouble with and will automatically loads newcharacters when you’re ready.◉ You can watch the automatic character drawing and practicedrawing with your fingers right away.The formation explanation for each character is highly recommended.It contains Chinese character’s formation rules and will makememorisation efficient and solid.◉ You can learn Chinese character writing by character’s academicdifficulty level, or its formation difficulty level.◉ You can adjust the drawing speed of the animation as youlike.◉ You can turn on or off the character’s audio according to yourpractice focus.