Chibig Apps

Algebra Bug Hunter 1.0.5
The Algebra secrets search has begun. JoinEmma, ​​Zack and Lim on an adventure through space in search ofprecious gems from the Bug planets. Catch all the bugs you canfind, avoid their traps and complete an extensive collection ofalien bugs.But it will not be easy, as Professor Unknow lurks about, tryingto foil your mission.Do you accept the challenge? In this exciting race against time,you will become a mathematical expert without even realizing it.Once you finish the game, no equation will stand in your way withyour swift and natural mastery of algebra.In this educational game, you will find:- Five planets to explore, where you will learn algebra progressiveand easily.- 100 levels which will provide a fun challenge for any child oradult eager to learn.- Simple game mechanics, that allow you to logically and naturallyunderstand algebra concepts such as: the equal sign, oppositenumbers, inverse numbers, simplifying equations and solving for"x".- 25 bugs to collect and five spaceships that will reward yourprogress.Available in a variety of languages ​​and suitable for allages.Bug Hunter brings gaming to education. Inspiring motivation instudents and raising their interest in mathematics and algebra.
WIF Soccer Battles 1.0.7
It all started with a bomb. The soldiers dragged it to the enemycastle and shoot it hard to shake its foundations. So they won andlost many battles. Welcome to WIF! A game in which soccer is adangerous game, but fun. CREATE THE BEST TEAM Get epic characters,true heroes with incredible powers. Train them and take them to thebattle of the Bomb with the lineup you choose. You can recruitknights, wizards, elves, barbarians and skeletons in soccer teams,4 against 4. EQUIP YOURSELF WITH MAGIC ITEMS Often you need alittle help to win the game. On WIF you will find many magicalitems that will be useful in difficult times. Potions, charms,traps and other special items that you can buy or win in the spinwheel. EXPLORE THE TERRITORIES AND CONQUER THEM You can face yourarmies in 4 territories: the Fortress, the Forest, the Desert andthe Cemetery. There you will find characters who will struggle tobeat you. You need to earn crowns to go forward and unlock alllands and characters. Can you beat them all? PROTECT YOURSELF WITHYOUR GUARDIAN If everything goes wrong there is always hope. Callon a guard with the protection shield and he will defend youagainst your enemies. But it is not easy to get to them all: Golem,Plant, Cactus and Ghost. Try them and stick with the one that bestsuits your playing style. WIF is a fun soccer game combined withelements of RPG and fantasy genre. CREDITS Design and GameDevelopment Abraham Cozar Characters, stadium and coverillustrations Miriam Barea Music Paco Mitos Enjoy the Soundtrack in
VR Fantasy 1.0.2
"Attention! To use this application you must have a VirtualRealityviewer like Cardboard or a similar one." Delve into thedungeons ofan ancient magical fortress. Take your sword and solveall thepuzzles to reach the exit Live the first-hand experiencewith theVirtual Reality. ★ EXPLORE EVERY CORNER OF THE DUNGEONReally youfeel like you're there! Wander between the walls, openthe doors,break the boxes. An amazing experience that you've nevertried. ★COMBAT DANGEROUS ENEMIES First, you hear it, then you willsee itappear, moving to you at high speed. This is a real-sizeslime!It's time to use your sword to defeat him. In this experienceyoumust defeat different types of enemies: slimes, carnivorousplants,giant spiders ... and get ready for the final battle againsta realdragon! ★ FIND INCREDIBLE WEAPONS How does it feel when youwieldyour sword for the first time? In Fantasy VR adventure youmustfind and equip weapons such as ax, an sword or a powerfulmagicstaff that lets you shoot fireballs. ★ VR CARDBOARD GAMEVERYSTABLE This game incorporates smooth improvements invirtualreality experience to provide a more comfortable andimmersiveexperience. Enjoy Virtual Reality at low cost. ★ THIS ISJUST THEBEGINNING Fantasy VR is an application constantly growingwhich isfrequently updated with new content. You can give supportto ourdevelopment team and we will continue expanding thisspectacularfantasy world. Be part of the experience VR Fantasy!Join to us in ★CREDITS GameDesign and Development Abraham Cozar Character design& coverillustration Miriam Barea
Anime Girl Pose 3D
Tool for drawing poses and to study the light of manga girlcharacters
Anime Pose 3D
Tool for drawing poses and to study the light of manga characters