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CM Backup - Safe,Cloud,Speedy
CM Backup is a Safe, Simple andFREE cloud backup & restore tool developed by CleanMaster's sister team: Cheetah Mobile, which can Free Up yourphone by archiving your stuff on Cloud. Download today foran instant 5GB of your own personal cloud storage.Why you need CM Backup:All your important and irreplaceable things like contacts, messagesand photos are at risk when they’re only kept on a single device.By backing them up to our secure servers, you can ensure thatthey're still available to you in the event that your device isever lost, stolen or damaged.Please don't worry, everything you have backed up in the cloud canbe only viewed by yourself and it's totally safe with us!★ FUNCTIONS:• Contacts backup & restore (Avatars, birthdays etc.)• Messages backup & restore (SMS, MMS, text messages andHangouts)• Call logs backup & restore (Phone only)• Photos backup & restore• Web Browser Bookmarks backup & restore• Calendars backup & restore• Alarms backup & restore• Dictionary backup & restore (Input methods)★ FEATURES:• Intelligent file transfer: super-fast backup and restorespeed!• Secure data transfer (SSL) and storage (256-AES) on Amazon S3servers• Photo slimming: Compress your photos and move the original onesto the cloud, saving phone space.• Scheduled backup: automatically backup important items everyday.• Task list view: Check the history of your activities.• View your backup items on the web: https:\\• Multilanguage support• No root or other authorities required★ What you can do with CM Backup:• Import all of your contacts and data to a new phone if your oldone is lost or you upgrade• One tap to move data to a new device and backup all files• Free up memory: extend your storage by saving your stuff in thecloud• View your stuff on the web by desktop: access• Easiest way to manage the cloud space of Clean Master• Best way to manage the cloud space of CM Security★ Requested permissions:Read & modify your contactsIt is used for Contacts backup feature, which allow our app tobackup/restore your contacts.Edit & read your text messagesIt is used for SMS backup feature, which allow our app tobackup/restore your messages (SMS/MMS/Hangouts)--Privacy Policy: of Use: our social accounts to get our latest news, and participate inthe funny contests!Facebook: Mobile: Email: [email protected] our translation volunteer team and help people use CM backupin your mother tongue :)
WhatsNow - Video Recorder
Real-time video recorder with the world'sfirst "Time&Location Dynamic Watermark"WhatsNow is a live video recording tool, created for you toupload, publish and share any first-hand news you have witnessed,fast and conveniently in real-time. We also feature the world’sfirst “Time/Location Dynamic Watermark”, designed to keep anaccurate record of the time and location of where your recordingshas happened, you’ll never know when it might come in use.Features:• Instant Recording - Committed to the optimization of ourstartup speed, WhatsNow’s fast launching sequence allows you toinstantly record whatever’s happening around you. Whether it’snews, a video blog of your travels, or even evidence of a crime!It’s always ready to capture them.• Dynamic Watermark - The world’s first time/location dynamicwatermark, displays the genuine time and location of your recordingduring playback.• Record & upload simultaneously - WhatsNow’s professionalvideo processing technology supports fast video uploads withouttranscoding. Record and upload your video simultaneously, toinstantly publish/share your videos.• Video editing - Our user friendly editor and built-in videoeffects allows you to enhance the quality of your videos in just afew simple steps.• Sharing - Supports multiple social media platforms, share yourvideos to your friends, family and the world with one tap!---Keep in touch:♥ Translation Volunteers:♥ Google+ Beta♥ Customer Service: [email protected]
2Face - Multi Accounts
Need sub-accounts for your games? Need keepseparate IM or social accounts for your work and personal life?Need avoid to log in again and again to check different accounts?Need web browser and photo privacy protect?2Face(CM AppClone) has made it simple for you! Developed byCleanMaster™ (NYSE:CMCM), 2Face(CM AppClone) is designed for usersto gain instant simultaneous access to two accounts on theirsocial, gaming and messaging platforms on a single device.☆ Add a sub-account in just one tap☆ Switch accounts instantly on the app or through the notificationbar☆ Simultaneous notifications from all accounts☆ Zero data conflict with independent storage for eachaccount☆ Locker for private app, protect privacy security☆ Have countless fun with one app on a single deviceCome give it a try! Don’t forget to give us a 5-Star (★★★★★)rating if you like us.Notes:1. Certain usage permissions requires by 2Face are for those appsrunning inside it. 2Face itself do not collect any personaldata.2. All memory, power and data traffic used by apps inside 2Face arelisted under 2Face by Android system. Rest assured that thisconsumption is not caused by 2Face itself.3. Any sub-accounts added may not function properly if 2Face isblocked, killed or uninstalled. So please add 2Face to your boosterapp's white list if you have.You are welcome to send us an email: [email protected] or usefeedback in 2Face to report any issue you meet.